Student Senate

Minutes 2.6.07

Tuesday February 6, 2007
6:30 p.m. Mills Library

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

• Divestment Proposal – Brock Carpenter asked Senate to accept a “Proposal For Targeted Divestment From Sudan” to show the Board of Trustees the will of the student body.  The document came from Several Academic Institutions have accepted the same proposal, and you can check it out on-line.  In summary, the divestment would withdrawal all Hendrix investments in businesses in Sudan to “boycott” the Sudanese government for its human rights violations.  The proposal was unanimously accepted.
III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

● Russ Montgomery – Elections will be held March 1st (3 weeks). Filing opens February 15th (next week) and there'll be a week to campaign (Feb 22nd – March 1st).  February 25th there'll be a Presidential Debate in the Burrow.
● Andrew Vogler – asked who was responsible for the 80's party – Will Green answered that it was a Spirit Week event.
● Check your Hendrix Today for Spirit Week events!

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports
● Amy Robinson – Physical Plant is already trying to figure out the parking situation – Dr. Hardin said they're bringing someone in to help.

V. Committee Reports

• Multicultural Development Committee with James Tyus
• Erase Hate Embrace Tolerance (EHET) Week coming up next week! Monday: Multicultural Music from around the world will play throughout the day in the Burrow
Tuesday: Pledge your room hate free!
Thursday: “The Circle” - a film about the lives of Iranian women - “It'll show how nice American women got it.” - James
Friday: NWC in Staples
• Social Committee with Valerie Kimbrough
• Live Band Karaoke Saturday 9 PM Burrow (
• Hendrix Formal next Saturday (Feb. 17th). Shuttles will be provided to and from the Convention Center – here's the schedule: 7:30 & 8:30 Going
12:30 & 1:30 Returning
• Media Committee with Mandy Munoz
• Aonian deadline extended to next week – don't forget about the cash rewards!
• Troubadour facebook group to upload your pictures to!
• In conjunction with the Business Office, Media committee is preparing a document/plan to prevent groups from going into debt by alerting them when they're actually in debt.
• The Profile has made a $3,000 dollar comeback already, so if you have an ad to sell, perform your civic duty and put it in the Profile.
• Council on Residence Life with Harper Zielonko
• Working with John Omolo to possibly use the College Boxes business next year – College Boxes brings boxes to campus, that you put your stuff in, and then they take your stuff away, and bring it back! It's relatively cheap according to Harper
• Campus Kitty Committee with Harper Zielonko
• Environmental Concerns Committee with Allison Hammons and Bonnie Garrigan
• Academic Policy with Holly Robbins
• Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Lee Ann Grogan and Holly Robbins
• Finance Committee with Jacob Williams
• Budget Proposal from Anthropology/Sociology Club, MDC, & ECC to request funding ($3,670) for Inga Muscio to come speak at Hendrix.  There was a possible conflict between MDC and Campus Kitty scheduling, so the proposal was “accepted” pending scheduling... Sarah Hughes added that Inga is the author of “Cunt” and would be a very neat and relevant speaker to have- and there'd be a book club!
• Communications Committee with Chad Sardashti
• Committee on Committees with Will Green
• Filing Closes Friday 5 PM for Welcome Week Chair
• Executive Committee with Russ Montgomery
o Judicial Changes – Russ challenged the empty alcohol bottle violations at the Student Life meeting and the committee agreed, so students facing charges for empty alcohol containers face no Judicial Charges.
The next Student Life meeting Dean Bailey is going to propose some minor, yet important policy and organizational changes to the handbook, and Russ will continue to update us.
o Tent – Nothing new, but pretty soon we need to let the student body let us know how they feel about spending their money on a tent.  One sweet way is to use a simple online poll.  Included on the poll could be questions about a Pipe/Drape curtain for Hulen as an option as well.  Jacob Williams explained how the Tent ($16,000) could pay for itself in 4 years (conservative estimate) by renting it to the Alumni Association for $4,000 a pop. Don't worry, the Tent would be free for student use.  Valerie Kimbrough is researching the Pipe/Drape option.

VI. Unfinished Business

VII. New Business

• CJC Appointment – Town Crier! The Town Cryer announces weekend activities (no Hendrix Today on weekends) every Friday at Noon from the DW Reynolds balcony with a megaphone.  Senate unanimously approved Sara Williams (Junior) as the new Town Crier!

*Entered Executive Session*

VIII. Adjournment until February 12, 2007 @ 7:01