Student Senate

Minutes 10.23.12

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
6:30pm Campbell Dining Room, SLTC

Call to Order
Annie Slattery– Present
Delaney Roberts – Present
Zack Hausle – Absent
Joseph Stepina - Present
Blake Tierney– Present
Adelia Shiffraw – Absent
Rachel Head – Present
Ethan Ake – Present
Lauren Beck – Present
Kelley Lane – Present
Erin Murchison– Present
Jeremy Williams – Present
Lance St. Laurent – Present
MiMi Spjut - Present
Neelam Vyas – Caroline Kelley
Graham Senor – Present
Julia Cook – Present
Lauren Wallis –Present
Annie Vogt – Present
Anvesh Kompelli – Present
Jake Leffert – Present
Zoe Barton - Present
Peter Hanneman – Present
Drew Allen – Present
Ethan Hill – PRESENT
Sreesh Reddy – Present
Jeremy Rowe – Present
Cara Roadarmel – Present

Special Business

  • Parliamentary procedure
    • Raise hands to talk so that we don’t talk over one another 
  • Send your reports and constituent concerns in on time please
    • As soon as you get constituent concerns, please send them in
    • Send all in before 11:59 pm on Sunday 

Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • Poster for recycling/trash bins and bags
    • Facilities takes care of recycling and not City in the Village
    • Graham will be asking about this 
  • If you cannot get into the Village (when you’re supposed to get in), then please let Anvesh know
  • Bike racks
    • Same bikes are blocking the racks and upperclassmen say they have left them there for years
      • Know that there is a policy about leaving bikes around, but could that be more strictly enforced? 
    • ECC working with Bike Revolution
      • Park bikes with back wheel in the rack to save room and to keep your bikes from falling over 
    • Have more bike racks been installed since the College grew?
      • Fairly expensive
      • Graham will ask
    • Bike registration?
      • Would be better if Dean had brought it up to Student Life Committee last time they met
          • Will be brought up next time
  • Security on Front Street
    • Fall Break was a lull in the decision-making
    •  P-Safe is working through concerns regarding the fence and the street access 
  • Provost Entzminger is retiring in July (10 years at Hendrix)
    • Will be part of the English department in Fall 2013, but then leave after that
    • Will help transition the new Provost 
  • Fog Machines for events will always set off the fire alarm, even if they say that they are alarm-proof
    • PLEASE don’t use them or at least warn Facilities/P-Safe 

Departmental Liaison Reports

  • Graham: have you talked with Facilities about our concerns from last week?
    • Meeting at the end of the week 
  • Annie: have you talked with the Library about our concerns from last week?
    • Concern about how to request new materials
      • Email Britt Murphy –she will be resaerching the materials 
    • Mentioned something in the AP report concerning the Humanities collection
      • Britt Murphy wants to talk to Zack about this, because she is confused 
    • Two librarians will be in OTC on Tuesdays and Thursdays handing out tips and resources, especially regarding the new E-Collection
    • Considering a dog to keep on campus for therapy purposes
      • Please provide feedback regarding this  
  • Moodle bugs should have been fixed; Sam Nichols sent out school-wide email
  • Please send any viruses or ads you spot to

Committee Reports

Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Wiltgen and Tonya Hale

  • Ghost Roast perimeter
    • Must have wristband and ID, must have ID for your guest
    • Bring your ID even if you are not going to the party
      • It’s for safety purposes, so be understanding 
    • Must pre-register your guest
    • If you want to help at the tables for wristbands, then please talk to the Dean
    • Have it for Ghost Roast because of the costumes
      • Really labor-intensive, so that’s why we don’t 
    • Will close off the Martin/Couch lot 
  • SLTC will closed on Friday at 9
  • Worsham is the rain location

Financial Committee with Adelia Shiffraw 

  • Discretionary Request from Filmmakers Club
    • Requesting $1,189.75 to bring Screenwriter Jeanne Bowerman to campus.
      • Family friend of Secretary of Club (Michelle Polacinski)
        • Normally the fee would be $1000, but it is $500 here
          • This speaking fee is very cheap actually
    • Jeanne Bowerman is currently adapting the fictional version of Doug Blackmon’s Slavery By Another Name
    • Film students do not get much of a look at film-making, so this would be great for them and for the other students interested in film
      • Especially important since Murphy is cutting funding
      • Filmmakers’ Club is fairly new so this would be a very important event for them 
    • Have around $8000 for this semester, which leaves about 4 weeks of discretionary requests for the semester, so we don’t expect many more requests.
      • Any money leftover will rollover into next semester and next semester already has more money next semester than this semester 
    • Expected turnout would be 25-40 students, but Rane believes that the estimate was very conservative
      • Similar event with Graham Gordy earlier in the semester which had a full house 
    • What are the plans for advertising?
      • Anything ... TableTalk, Hendrix Today, posters, distribution lists, etc.
      • Made sure that it doesn’t conflict with any events 
    • Event will be on November 7 at 7:00 pm
    • Feel like this would be a very rare opportunity
    • FinCom recommends full funding with the caveat that Filmmakers Club understand they likely will not receive more funding this semester, or the rest of the year.
    • APPROVED – Jake and Cara abstain 
  • Funding Advances
    • The Aonian publishers do not get paid until second semester, so we will be reallocating some of the funding the Aonian was allocated this semester to all those clubs who requested an advance via email last week
    • Adelia will notify all clubs who requested advances, when she has gotten word from the Business Office that these transfers have occurred. 
  • New FinCom System Updates
    • After the FinCom members answered a set of questions delineating how they thought a new FinCom system should look, Adelia compiled everyone’s answers and FinCom met for two hours Sunday to try to create a system together.
    • Adelia has sent out a summary of that meeting, and the main ideas of the new system. Please submit feedback to Adelia by Friday. Adelia will report to Exec, then Finance Committee will make changes to the existing FinCom Document and propose a new document to the Senate, hopefully, by next Tuesday. 

Campus Kitty with Lauren Beck

  • Thanks to everyone that came out to the Haunted House Saturday night! 
    • SOMEC did not have access to the elevator for Club Fuzion, so they would appreciate warning for all such events in the future 
  • Coming up: Martin/VZ Auction is next Saturday, Nov. 3, and it starts at 7PM in the Nanny Worsham Performance Hall. At the auction, you have the opportunity to bid on something a fellow student or a staff or faculty member has donated, and all of the proceeds go to charity. Included in this auction will be some tickets to Miss Hendrix! There is still time to donate, and you can email Joseph at KorkamesJP or McKinley at SparlingEM for more information.
  • If you are a student organization leader and have sent information to Campus Kitty, then information will be sent out to you on October 30

Social Committee with Ethan Ake

  • Spooky Double Feature with ResLife on Friday: around 100 people attended.
  • Gearing up for SoCo54 (November 17)
    • Informational meeting on Thursday at 6 for people interested in being a SoCo54 Cage Dancer 

Media Committee with Kelley Lane

  • Listen in at
  • Profiles still available
    • New issue November 1st! 

Environmental Concerns Committee with Rachel Head

  • Hendrix Food Week begins next Monday, October 29
    • Monday, Oct. 29: Movie showing about cafeteria lunches with a short discussion to follow; Mills A; 7-9PM
    • Tuesday, Oct. 30: Let's Talk Food: The Role of Food in Central Arkansas; Mills B; 5-7PM
    • Mike Flory, dietician of Conway Public Schools, Cody of Falling Sky Farms and Conway Locally Grown
    • Wednesday, Oct. 31: Garden Tours; starting at the Hendrix Organic Garden behind P-Safe, then to the Faulkner County Urban Farming Project; 5PM (meet at the Garden)
    • Thursday, Nov. 1st: Movie showing on sustainable agriculture and short discussion to follow; Mills A; 7-9PM
    • Friday, Nov. 2nd: Local Food Feast; Burrow; 6-8PM
    • Saturday, Nov. 3rd: Heifer Hike for Hunger; Pinnacle Mountain, meet at Altus Bell to carpool; 11:30AM (if you can drive, you will be loved)
    • Sunday, Nov. 4th: EcoHouse Open House and Discussion of Locals vs. Organic Foods; EcoHouse (on Clifton); 4PM 
  • ECC's Water Conservation Month begins Nov. 1st, kicking off with our No Shave November competition, beginning next week. "Before" pictures will be taken in the Sunporch Oct. 30-Nov. 1 (Tuesday-Thursday) next week, so come clean-shaven and ready. Hairiest individual by the end of the month wins boo-coos of cool prizes!!
    • For No Shave November last year, there were issues on the fault of ECC, but this year, ECC will be on it

Multicultural Development Committee with Jeremy Williams

  • Coming Out Week went great; Block Party rocked; Club Fuzion was a blast; a huge thanks to all that participated.

Volunteer Action Committee with Erin Murchison

  • Service Saturday 10/27 - Halloween Party at Independent Living Services. We will meet at the bell at 2:45PM on Saturday and head over to ILS for an afternoon of Halloween fun! Contact Lauren at DelanoLK by Friday to RSVP.
  • We will also be going to a local retirement home next week (Friday, 11/2, 4-7) to assist with their annual dinner for their residents. More details will come, but if you are interested contact Ella at CarawayED.
  • Harvest Fest will be next Tuesday October 30, 4:30-6:00 pm
    • 1313 Deer Street at Boys & Girls Club
    • Volunteers need to email Erin Murchison
    • Volunteers need to set up (4:00-4:15) or any time during the day) and clean up too 
  • If you are doing Senior SW this year for Odyssey graduation, then talk to Erin about a service project this weekend

SOMEC with Lance St. Laurent 

  • Needs to talk about proper procedure for acquiring SOMEC equipment and possibly send the info out to organizations.
    • SOMEC needs two business days ahead of time and a week for larger events
    • What do organizations go through Bobby for and what about SOMEC?
    • Equipment is never there without SOMEC workers and SOMEC does outdoor events
    • Go ahead and email someone and they can get it to the right person 
  • New trusk in time for Ghost Roast
  • SOMEC and Media Center share some equipment
    • This weekend a piece of equipment broke due to overload due to miscommunication
      • The piece will need to replaced – expect a discretionary request

Communications Committee with Blake Tierney

  • No report

Committee on Student and Academic Affairs (CSAA) with Joseph Stepina and Zack Hausle

  • No report

Committee on Committees with Delaney Roberts

  • No report

Academic Policy with Zack Hausle

  • No report 

Executive Committee with Annie Slattery

  • Volunteers for Harvest Fest? 
    • Let Annie know ASAP (like right after this meeting) 
  • Neelam and Adelia will be meeting for the Living Learning Communities
    • Anybody can come and bring their ideas, especially Residence Hall/Apartment Leaders
    • Thursday at 4:10 in SLTC 105 
  • Next Town Hall ideas?
    • Lots of people did not come because they did not know what was going to happen and how they would be helpful
    • Ideas: cafeteria …
    • Ask constituents for their ideas 
  • Include in your emails and please feel free to use it yourselves (such as for Retreat opinions and suggestions)

New Business