Student Senate

Minutes 10.16.12

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
6:30 pm Campbell Dining Room, SLTC

Call to Order

• Annie Slattery– Present
• Delaney Roberts – Absent
• Zack Hausle – Present
• Joseph Stepina - Present
• Blake Tierney– Present
• Adelia Shiffraw – Present
• Rachel Head – Present
• Ethan Ake – Present
• Lauren Beck – Present
• Kelley Lane – Julia Lee McGill
• Erin Murchison– Present
• Jeremy Williams – Present
• Lance St. Laurent – Absent
• MiMi Spjut - Present
• Neelam Vyas – Present
• Graham Senor – Present
• Julia Cook – Present
• Lauren Wallis –Present
• Annie Vogt – Present
• Anvesh Kompelli – Present
• Jake Leffert – Present
• Zoe Barton - Present
• Peter Hanneman – Present
• Drew Allen – Present
• Ethan Hill – Present
• Sreesh Reddy – Present
• Jeremy Rowe – Absent
• Cara Roadarmel – Present

Special Business

Molly Elders’ announcement – resigning her position as Presidential Assistant due to personal and academic pressures
Linh Chuong - Arrive with 5 Initiative 

  • This election year we are asking students to turn out to vote and also bring 5 of their friends, family, or peers to the polls. Whether this be a call to a sister or brother at another university or a friend in the same dorm. 
  • Here is a short one minute video:
  • Here is the online link to ARRIVE WITH 5:
  • If they are interested in getting other people to ARRIVE WITH 5 they can check out
  • Forms will be around the SLTC tech clusters. Drop them off at box number 3235

Announcements and Constituent Concerns

MiMi: library lights 

  • On after-hours and there seems to be no point in having them. Could potentially save $1500 a semester if they were turned off (assuming certain qualities)
  • Annie Vogt discussed this with Britt Murphy and Physical Plant
    • Main library lights are on 2 circuits: half go off when the library closes and half stay on. The latter is so they can see students/randos who manage to stay/get in after hours.
    • Supposed to be enough to allow someone looking in to see people "skulking about" without walking right up to them in the dark. The original wiring was set up that way
  • Changing the circuits would mean significant electrical work and installing complex electronic switching. Considered other options (infrared and motion) but they are not effective in library
    • Part of HVAC project this year is to install devices that turn off more lights here and there based on the time of day. 
    • Library's A/C situation was adjusted this year to save $2000 in energy costs per month. So that's eco-friendly. Yay them! 


  • There is an “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the emails

Zoe and Graham: TurboVote/Linguistics responses from constituents 

  • TurboVote – makes it easy, handy, motivates registration and voting, may not be most efficient for particular students
  • Linguistics – LOTS of positive comments

Ads on Moodle 

  • Send all complaints to Anvesh so he can send them on to David Hinson

Facilities not warning students before entering residence 

  • Graham will talk to Facilities
  • Has been an issue at many residences and was a concern last semester
  • Whatever the reason needs to be addressed, whether that is on the side of the student or on the side of Facilities

Sports Team Study Hours 

  • When the area above the WAC info desk is full, then athletes go elsewhere (usually the library). There have been complaints about noise
  • Annie Vogt will ask the Library how they handle louder students
  • Approach the students making noise and approach library staff

Village Access

  • Not 24/7 access (through 10 on weekdays and 11 on weekends)
  • Ask Anvesh if you have further questions

OTC browsers and grunginess 

  • Julia got both of these yesterday and sent them to Trevor
  • You can download and use whatever browser you want as long as it is saved to your profile
  • Grunginess will be removed!

Departmental Liaison Reports

Annie Vogt (Library Liaison)

  • The 5 new awesome bikes that are more heavy-duty with kickstands, bells and baskets (soon)
  • Can we get a system for checking out and making sure people don’t re-check out
    • “Hold” or waiting list system
    • Shorter rental time (24 hours), mix of rental times
  • Dust jackets/cases from the library's video collection are on display over by the coffee machine. You can now take the cover up to the desk and check out the video for 3 days (used to be 24hrs)

Committee Reports 

Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Wiltgen and Tonya Hale

Financial Committee with Adelia Shiffraw

  • ACS (Chemistry Club) requested $453.50 for movie rights to Dr. Strangelove 
    • Giant Periodic Table in Brick Pit each year
      • Expanded into the cafeteria last year with a full chemistry-themed day
        • Would like to expand even further with the movie
    • Chemistry elements, appeal to students, would like to add to National Chemistry Week events 
    • Plan to put it in Spring Allocation requests for next year 
    • Finance Committee recommendation = $0
      • Appreciate the expansion and work and all remember the successful events, but felt that the movie was not related enough to chemistry
        • People will be attracted, but will people be attracted to more chemistry-related events?
      • Difficult to get a film shown for free, so this cost is the common price 
      • Event is Sunday October 21
        •  Does not give a lot of time for advertising
          • Would start tonight on advertising
    • NOT APPROVED – 7 against, 3 abstained, 2 in favor
  • Ultimate Frisbee requested $421.80 for gas reimbursement for Harvest Moon tournament
    • Needed to take more cars for the increased number of people going
    • Tournaments are integral to club retention of new members
    • Impacts more than 30 people on campus, especially freshmen Frisbee players
    • Club is obviously successful, since they are winning enough tournaments to be invited to more
    • FinCom recommendation = full funding
      • Kudos for getting sponsor for jerseys
      • Paying back for asking money to be taken from this year's budget for the women's finals last semester
        • Though still not a complete reimbursement for that reallocation
      • Probably will not get any more funding this semester
    • APPROVED – Jake, Neelam, Julia, Anvesh, and Sreesh abstain
  • Heifer et al. requested $661.40 for Food Week events
    • Took out film that has been brought before and moved these events to a later date with more time for advertising 
    • Local Foods Fest and food from The Root Café
      • Exemplify sustainability and environmentalism for post-graduation
    • Food Slams from SLAMechanics
      • Good application of food
    • APPROVED – all in favor (organization members abstained)
  • ECC requested $303.06 for 3 members to attend C2C Conference
    • Invited by Conference/Bard College representative and three ECC members were accepted 
    • All ECC members had the opportunity to apply 
    • FinCom recommendation = fund in full
      • We think this conference will be productive for several reasons: 
      • Sustainability on HDX campus is important 
      • Rachel Head has obviously been seeking out opportunities to improve conditions of sustainability. 
      • The participants are all going to be here next year to implement the things they learn. 
      • Similar to NACA but for sustainability
        • Leadership development, networking
      • APPROVED – all in favor (those in ECC abstained)  
  • Split between semesters is still being fixed and organization leaders need to speak with Adelia about getting the appropriate split of money

Campus Kitty with Lauren Beck 

  • The Haunted House is THIS SATURDAY, 10/20!! It is from 8PM-12AM in the SLTC and the theme this year is.... Party Slashers. **Maniacal laugh**
    • So be sure to bring $2 or two canned goods (or one of each), and we'll see you there! 
  • Also, 11/3 is the Martin/VZ Auction! Start thinking about what you want to auction off, and email Lauren at or John at
    • Gives Miss Hendrix contestants/dancers the opportunity to participate and gives time for the service to be used
    • Silent Auction is still next semester
    • Students, faculty, and staff are invited to donate items and services to the auction – give whatever! 

Social Committee with Ethan Ake

  • Sit-In movie Friday 10/19 at 7PM (Worsham). Showing: Hocus Pocus and (8:30/9:00) Cabin in the Woods
    • Nacho bar hosted by Moe’s and other snacks and drinks
    • Res Life will be hosting a costume contest between the movies, so come dressed in your costumes for a fun-filled night

Media Committee with Kelley Lane

    • The staff is getting a lot of good training sessions in this semester before really getting to work next semester. The staff has already done one training session and Julia Lee has four more planned!
    • Will not be requesting funds from Senate because Art Department has kindly stepped in to fund the Art portion of the literary magazine
  • KHDX
    • Listen in at ! 
    • Dr. Maureen McClung is now going to act as an additional KHDX advisor for the station's booth. (She was very involved with the University of Arkansas' radio station and she has lots of good info... And she likes cool music so that's a plus)
    • Newspapers still available! Get 'em free at your newspaper stands by Mills and the SLTC! 
    • The Troubadour will be offering students the chance to retake their yearbook photos at the SLTC Info Desk from 5-8PM on Wednesday 10/17 and 6-9PM on Thursday 10/18. This will only be offered this week, so any interested students really need to take advantage of it now. 
      • Replaces only yearbook pictures and not ID pictures
      • Taken by Troubadour photographers 
    • Senior profile submissions are due this Wednesday, 10/17 at 11:59PM. Emails have been sent to the senior class through 

Environmental Concerns Committee with Rachel Head

  • Hendrix Food Week is coming up 10/28-11/3. Be on the lookout for the official schedule!!
  • ECC general meeting this Thursday, 10/18 at 7PM in Mills 303. We'll be discussing how to get involved with Food Day and other opportunities.
    • All are welcome! 

Multicultural Development Committee with Jeremy Williams

  • Coming Out Week:
    • Wednesday, 10/17 at 7 pm in the Worsham, Straight Answers to Gay Questions - awesome event where sex educators answer all the questions you've had about the queer community. They have an anonymous question box. It's super fun and interesting! 
    • Thursday, 10/18, Milk and Cookies at 7PM in the Worsham - eat cookies and watch the movie Milk with Unity.
  • Saturday, 10/20, Block Party, 4-6PM at IT Lawn. The HDX and Conway communities converge for food, music, and fun.
    • Smokehouse BBQ, Culinary Club cultural cuisines
  • Saturday, 10/20, in the Worsham at 9PM, Club Fuzion. Awesomeness ensues with DJ Maxi (of Foam Party fame) rocking Hip Hop and Latin Beats; Party Lounge; & Photo Booth.
    • Wristbands in the sun-porch

Volunteer Action Committee with Erin Murchison

  • We're going to the Elephant Sanctuary this Saturday (10/20)! Meet at the Altus Bell at 9AM and plan on being back on campus by 1:30PM. The sanctuary is about 40 minutes away from Hendrix, so we will carpool - if you are interested in going and have a car, please consider driving! FULL!
  • Our next React to Film screening is Invisible War on Wednesday 10/24 (7:00pm) in Worsham. For more information about the film, check out the trailer at Questions? Email Maia at YangMM.
  • Harvest Fest is drawing near and we still need your help! VAC is still looking for volunteers to help run activities during the event (4:30PM-6PM on Tuesday, 10/30). The event will be held at the Boys and Girls Club on Deer Street and we will help arrange carpools to get to the event and back. Please email Erin at MurchisonEE ASAP if you are interested in volunteering!
    • Club Leaders – VAC needs to know your booth idea by tomorrow
  • Can't volunteer but still want to help? VAC's annual candy drive is in full swing! We are asking for donations of individually wrapped candy (like the big bags at Walmart or Kroger) to give to the kids during Harvest Fest. There are donation boxes in each academic building, the Miller Center, and on the sunporch until Friday, October 26th.
  • Fall Break trip to Heifer Ranch was fantastic!

SOMEC with Lance St. Laurent
Communications Committee with Blake Tierney

  • Note Misses Report – no excuses (even computer/network failure, but feel free to give all of these at a re-evaluation if it comes to that point), you have 90+ hours to send the notes, four people have been given another chance but another miss will send them to re-evaluation before all of Senate
  • Include Committee Blurb in Notes
    • Small blurb about each of the Senate committees in your notes as can be found on the Senate websites or by talking to the Committee chairs
    • Constituents are not aware that Hendrix feeds and takes care of a Campus Kitty or what all these acronyms and letter jumbles mean (ECCSoCoMDCCSAACoC)
  • CommComm Meeting at 6PM on Thursday in Bates 

Committee on Student and Academic Affairs (CSAA) with Joseph Stepina and Zack Hausle

  • New Document
    • Changed to “unofficial and official student organizations” from more vague terminology of grievances between students
    • Changed grammar
    • Many suggestions for what CSAA can approach and handle (Town Hall suggestions, longer term constituent concerns, etc.)
    • Suspend rules for Senators who are on the committee because those required by the document would put some Senators with 3 committee assignments and others with 0 assignments
    • APPROVED – all in favor
  •   Dean's List Task Force/ad hoc working group/etc.
    • Something more Hendrix-y and comprehensive and qualitative for students rather than the quantitative 4.0
    • This committee is not deciding on anything or putting anything into action but must discuss with Marketing/Communications, Provost, and Academic Policy groups
      • Need to get their opinion since it will be affecting them and may want to consider how other departments/offices are affected and ask them
    • Will convene to create a general proposal or suggestions for what this will look like (what criterion will be judged) and how it will be communicated (replacement or supplement or something else for Dean’s List)
    • Recruit people!
  • Security Task Force/ad hoc working group/etc.
    • Expand on the security/safety Town Hall with proposals and ideas for the whole campus. Will follow-up on them as well
  • Have many committee members who have already said “yes”, but will need Senate approval

Academic Policy with Zack Hausle

  • Linguistics Department proposal (Nigel and Garrett visited)
    • Fits with the Hendrix philosophy and mission
    • Very liberal arts, improves communication, ensures lasting knowledge of languages and cultures
    • Very attractive to students (as seen by the very positive responses since two weeks ago when it was suggested)
    • Many liberal arts colleges topping the US Today rankings have linguistics departments
      • Concern that rhetoric is not effective, specifically using these rankings
        • Understood, but this is just to deliver a point and any media attention might look good to the administration
    • Special attention to Carleton College who started their program 3 years ago with only one professor they hired and cross-coded other classes they already had
      • We could do this with some philosophy courses and some language courses (such as the phonics course in the French department)
    • Zack has been talking with Alex Vernon regarding this in relation to the Murphy Foundation changes
    • Wants to start a Linguistics Task Force/ad hoc working group/etc.
      • Recruit people!  

Executive Committee with Annie Slattery

  • Presidential Assistant appointment: Joseph Stepina
    • APPROVED - all in favor
  • Harvest Fest booth ideas? Send ‘em my way by tomorrow!
  • Use the anonymous Senate suggestions box for comments on the retreat so that we can pass it on during transition
  • Salvation Army volunteering, thoughts? Send ‘em my way! 


New Business 


  • November 17 Student Senate Highway Clean-Up
    • HIGHLY suggested/STRONGLY encouraged that you attend
    • Will have clean-up vests.
    • Bonus points for finding Adelia’s phone from last year
  • Need to find a good way of handling constituent concerns for meeting efficiency, receiving Senator opinion and creating recommendations for liaisons, and getting accurate information
    • May have gone too far (or just because we accidentally skipped some constituent concerns and departmental liaison reports it seemed to go too far) with handling the concerns
    • Discussion resumed on concerns and reports as detailed above
  • Neelam mentioned the Yearbook photo retakes as detailed above