Student Senate

Minutes 10.02.12


Tuesday, October 2, 2012
6:30 p.m., Campbell Dining Room, SLTC

Call to Order

  • Annie Slattery – Present
  • Neelam Vyas – Present
  • Delaney Roberts – Present
  • Graham Senor – Present
  • Zack Hausle – Present
  • Julia Cook – Present
  • Molly Elders – Absent
  • LaurenWallis – Present
  • Blake Tierney – Present
  • Annie Vogt – Present
  • Adelia Shiffraw – Present
  • Anvesh Kompelli – Present
  • Rachel Head – CONNOR CORLEY!!!
  • JakeLeffert – Present
  • Ethan Ake – Present
  • Zoe Barton – Present
  • Lauren Beck – Present
  • Peter Hanneman – Present
  • Kelley Lane – Present
  • Drew Allen – Present
  • Erin Murchison – Present
  • Ethan Hill – Present
  • Jeremy Williams – Present
  • Sreesh Reddy – Present
  • Lance St. Laurent – Present
  • Jeremy Rowe – Present
  • MiMi Spjut – Present
  • Cara Roadarmel – Present

Special Business: Town Hall Meeting for 30 minutes

Topic: Safety on Campus

  • Current fence is good for privacy but not for security or community
    • Spencer St. side definitely needs a solid fence enclosing the backyard
    • Immediate and feasible option
      • Only issue to students seems to be the dumpster
        • Could we relocate it?
        • Gate with keycard access?
          • Similar to gated communities
      • Security cameras are another option
        • Dummy cameras?
        • Insurance company frowns on real cameras without someone watching the video feed
      • Not cheap – several thousands ofdollars
        • Need to make good, smart decisions with money
    • Seen people walking into the parking lot pulling at car handles
    • People would have to walk all the way to the road and then come onto campus - Deters because more of a hassle for outside individuals
      • Makes it difficult for people toescape with property
    • For aesthetics and safety, it could be similar to the WAC fence
      • Still not tall or difficult enough to climb over,
        • Similar to Art Complex fence
        • Also problem at Art Complex is that B and C are unlocked
          • Personal property left in Art Complex
          • All doors propped open when student working late at night
      • P-Safe needs to be able to see into the backyard
    • Would fence actually help the issue?
      • The perpetrators did escape out of the front and back of the apartment, heading in the direction
    • Fire concerns would also need to be considered
  • Control the amount of people congregating at your apartment or the complex
    • Difficult to see who belongs and who does not
  • Signs or stickers to identify Hendrix College property
  • Emergency tower at Front Street
  • Need to report any crimes, no matter how small they may seem
    • Also be aware and responsible,
  • Partner with CrimeStoppers – lowered crime at schools in Houston and elsewhere
    • Call or text in tips to the hotline
    • No cost to Hendrix, but local businesses invest in it
      • Conway already has connections to the Central Arkansas
    • What makes CrimeStoppers works is that students then are responsible with their personal property
  • Lighting at Clifton (between EcoHouse, A-Frame, and Clifton) is poor
    • If porch lights are on, then it may not seem to be the case, but these lights are not always on
    • Near the tennis courts on the way to the Village also has poor lighting
      • Mabee Center is being demolished, so the path to the Village is
    • Get sensitized when an area becomes lit, because another area then seems dark
      • Light Walks are open to students, so what might look okay to the Dean may not to students
        • Senate needs to appoint many representatives
    • Do not break the lights – it takes a long time for lights to get fixed
  • African-American and Latino students have been asked more frequently for their IDs than Caucasian students – avoid racial profiling
  • Door chains will begin being installed soon, so if anyone is specifically concerned about safety then their apartment can be
  • Space in which Conwegians and UCA students are more welcome, so they know that we are cool and they know the norms
    • Make breaking the norm even more of an issue
    • Used to do this, but people have broken the norms
    • Damage seems to be from guest of a guest
    • What about Hendrix students?
    • Each year, we host the MDC Block Party as a way to reach out to the community
    • There are other victims of crime that are close neighbors to us that we can help
    • Those that are committing the crimes are taking what they can get, to take advantage of what there is
    • No allegiance to our community, maybe some sympathy, but not much more than that
    • We create a perimeter around campus for Ghost Roast to keep people out that do not belong, but we are understaffed
    • 200 people at an apartment starts getting into problems
  • Discussion with Senior Leadership about cameras
    • Several steps that are involved in getting them

Announcements and Constituent Concerns

Julie Wagner: Elections

  • Policy violations - invasion of privacy and too much work for Commission

Julia Cook: TurboVote

  • Issues we had as Exec when we considered this
  • States do have this for free, so why are we paying?
  • We do not have the manpower to geteveryone to register to vote or to get every requirement that every state and district
  • Difficult enough to get students to register on TurboVote
  • Project Pericles table has received positive comments from students
  • Current address is home address (where you want to vote?) and later TurboVote asks for mailing address
  • It is an issue with TurboVote unfortunately
  • As this constituent asked, please request for student opinion on TurboVote

Room Selection Process

  • Residence Senators will be meeting in 2 weeks to discuss this
  • Anychanges made will come back to Senate to be approved

Departmental Liaison Reports


Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Wiltgen and Tonya Hale

  • Bill O’Reilly & John Stewart Debate – Saturday at 7:00 pm in Worsham
  • ArtsFest went great!

Financial Committeewith Adelia Shiffraw

  • German Club Proposal:
    • One question was discrepancy in total amount they asked for and the amount at the bottom
    • Recommended funding in full (minus amount currently in account - TBA after talking to Dr.Oudekerk)
    • Seemslike they have $300 in account, so they need only $377.75
    • AMEND to $377.75 – all in favor
    • APPROVED – all in favor
  • More updates on changes in FinanceCommittee/what to tell constituents/organizations
    • All Hall Councils should have their money from dorm dues
    • Lauren and Jeremy came to Exec – yay!
      • We like receiving comments, concerns, ideas, etc. – negative, positive, funny, whatever
      • Not something that only FinCom should have a say in
    • FinCom needs to be a more transparent body
      • Julia will be Secretary and the notes will be posted online
    • Apologies for the chaos last week
    • Taking all the money back after each event would be a hassle for FinCom and for the student organizations
      • Hoping to audit the organizationsbefore Spring Allocations
      • Alot of organizations have a lot of money left over that other organizations canuse toward new events
      • Moving toward a process thatorganizations get first priority on any money that is saved
      • Want to reward saving money
      • Any new use of the money still needs a proposal
    • 50/50split of organization funds, though that does not work on FinCom end
      • Now have names of all organizationleaders, so Adelia will message them regarding their needs
    • The Two-Week rule has been in the document for a long time
      • If it doesn’t abide by the two-weekrule, then it is up to the discretion of Senate to approve or not approve
      • Sometimes cool things are just happened upon
    • Money left over rollover for next year so Spring Allocations funding is not huge
      • Some organizations get a lot offunding and some organizations do not
      • When we are re-absorbing the money isbeing considered
      • Twoaudits a year can be onerous and we do not want a
      • Should send in a proposal forre-allocation of funds
      • Notsure the rules for these proposals
      • If we use all the money up this yearand there is no money left for next year, then events may suffer
      • About efficient spending rather than
    • FinComwill be discussed at the Retreat this weekend

Campus Kitty with Lauren Beck

  • The Fun Run was amazing! We had a big turnout(over 60, approximately 75)
    • Thanks to everyone that came out and ran withus!
    • Seems to be the largest number of participantsas far as Lauren knows

Social Committee with Ethan Ake

200 people at Musical Showcase

Media Committee with Kelley Lane

  • The Profile: First issue is out! Launch party success! New newspaper boxes in frontof Mills and SLTC.
    • Glad that FinCom took a risk
    • The Profile is free (don’t try to use quarterslike certain members of Senate Exec)
  • Troubadour: If you still need your yearbook, goby the Troubadour office. Office hours are posted and yearbooks can be pickedup at those times.
  • KHDX: Check out the new DJs and shows at

Environmental Concerns Committee with Rachel Head

  • Hendrix Food Week is October 14-21stincludes a movie showing, hikes, local food feast, a hike, and garden tours! Beon the lookout for the itinerary!
    • Tomorrow at 5am Outdoor Club is hosting a hike

Multicultural Development Committee with Jeremy Williams

  • ACC'sMid-Autumn Festival went really well!
  • From Death Row to Freedom: Amnesty Internationalis bringing Ray Krone to campus to share his story of wrongful convictionand exoneration on Wednesday, Oct 3rd,at 7:45pm, in Mills B.
  • The next day, Amnesty will be tabling a petition about capitalpunishment. Erroneously convicted ofmurder in 1992, Krone was exonerated with DNA evidence in 2002, becomingthe 100th person to've been exonerated from the death penalty since 1973.
  • Cultural Candyland: The MISS Office istransforming Worsham into a life-size version of the childhoodboard game. Come for candies and goodies, and to learn about your campusMulticultural Organizations. Friday,Oct 5th, at 5:30pm, in Worsham.
    • Learn about the different organizations
  • Save old cell phones to donate and savepotential domestic violence victims!
    • We will let you know when this starts

Volunteer Action Committee with Erin Murchison

  • On Saturday, 10/6, we will be going to theFaulkner County Library to volunteer at their book sale! We'll be consolidatingand reorganizing books, breaking down boxes, and working the cashier table.Meet at the Altus Bell at 11:45AM and, weather permitting, we will walk to thelibrary. Contact Jasmine at WelchBeardsleyJR withquestions or to RSVP.
  • If you or constituents are not on the VAC emaillist, email to get our weekly updates.
  • Post-Grad and Summer Service Fair from 11:30-1:00in Campbell

SOMEC with Lance St. Laurent

  • Extremely busy weekend
    • Both Vice-Chairs worked very hard at Musical Showcase and ArtsFest and more

Communications Committee with Blake Tierney

  • Need to talk to CommComm after the meeting
  • Senators & their notes
    • Positive tone
      • Yes,our meeting went long, but you are committed to Senate and committed tocommunicating the information from Senatd
    • On time, before Saturday
    • Grammar
    • Relevant information for ALL constituents andrelevant from meeting
      • Be detailed
    • Don’t put half your energy into your noteswhether in detail or tone
    • Liaisonfrom Senate to constituents and from constituents to Senate
      • Communication, communication,communication

Committee on Student and Academic Affairs (CSAA) with Molly Elders and Zack Hausle

  • CSAA subcommittee on the Cottage next to Public Safety
    • Claim for an administrative office (programmers for IT)
      • Never mind, no subcommittee right now
  • No report, document tabled until next week

Committee on Committees with Delaney Roberts

  • Person to go to if you have questions, requests, etc. about Campus and SenateCommittees
  • Doingcheck-ins with Committee Chairs, never happened before

Academic Policy with Zack Hausle

  • Linguisticsdepartment
    • Wantstudent commentary on it
    • Maybe a direction for Murphy moving forward
    • A lot of people really liked the Etymology course offered ONCE a few years back

Executive Committee with Annie Slattery

  • Retreat:THIS SATURDAY October 6th
    • RSVPto Annie, send your car info (# of passengers)
    • 9:30at the Altus Bell for clean-up, on your own for lunch, 1:30 for afternoonsession and dinner will be offered
      • 9:30 until finished cleaning up,1:30-5:30 for afternoon session, break, dinner, and then home free

New Business