Student Senate

Minutes 09.18.12


Tuesday, September18, 2012

6:30pmCampbell Dinning Room, SLTC


Callto Order

Annie Slattery– Present                             Neelam Vyas - Present

Delaney Roberts – Present               Graham Senor – Present

Zack Hausle – Present                                 Julia Cook – Present

Molly Elders –Present                                LaurenWallis -Present

Blake Tierney– Present                              Annie Vogt - Present

Adelia Shiffraw –         Present                      Anvesh Kompelli - Present

Rachel Head - Present                               JakeLeffert -

Ethan Ake – Present                            Zoe Barton -

Lauren Beck – Present                               Peter Hanneman - Present

Kelley Lane – Neelam Vyas - Proxy               Drew Allen – Present

Erin Murchison– Present                            Ethan Hill - Present

Jeremy Williams – Present                          SreeshReddy - Present

Lance St. Laurent – Present                       Jeremy Rowe – Present

MiMiSpjut - Present                                 Cara Roadarmel - Present




·        GuidingCoalition work continues

§ Ethan,Adelia, Neelam are representatives there

§ Othersubcommittees with student reps too

§ Canwe build living learning communities on our campus?

o  Chargedwith coming up with a plan

o  Housesand new building on Village quad (Market Square South)

o  Possiblyonly 2 floors for residential space

o  Spacesthat are residentially based but have an academic tie in it

o  Residentialprogram robust must be an immersion

o  Facultycould develop programs for

o  Pullresidential senators for comment

o  NextTuesday September 25th at 4:00 SLTC 106 anybody who wants to give input cancome

o  Focuson sophomore year

o  Sendemail to Adelia if you want the notes from the meeting today

Announcementsand Constituent Concerns

o  ECCdishes sitting in the dishwasher for a while

·        Othergroups cannot access dishwasher

·        Groupshave access to dishes that Rachel did not realize

o  NatalieSkinner is in charge of Dish Program

o  Stillmissing a lot of dishes continuously

o  Ifyou know that an organization is using the dishes, please let them know tocontact Natalie

o  Studentfelt P-Safe harassed him

·        Studentwas asleep on couches in SLTC and P-Safe tapped him on the head with anewspaper and cracked a joke with him

·        Studentfelt it was not fair because he has seen other students allowed to sleep

·        Deanwill talk to Rick

o  Ifpeople are having difficult getting into the Village, then please contactAnvesh

·        Yes,you should be able to use the elevators

o  GlassRecycling Rep for Houses cannot access Houses

o  Admissionswill place an ad in Hendrix Today when there is a large event

o  Laundryfor Huntington

·        Dowe own the house beside P-Safe

o  Yes,we do, but it would not be economical to make it a laundry house

o  Couldwe get rid of the fence and place picnic tables to have events and bring peopleto the Hendrix Organic Garden?

§ Deannodded his head in interest

o  Couldit be a theme house?

§ Notin great shape

·        Collegehad somewhat forgotten because they had considered several different plans

o  Allof them were rejected by city or not economical

o  Studentwondering if ASL (American Sign Language) would count as language credit

·        Doesnot want to take another language if she can avoid it

·        Provost– faculty does not find it a foreign language as it is considered elsewhere

·        Villomat– any language that is not at HDX you can ask him for credit

DepartmentalLiaison Reports

o  Grahamand Jeremy from Facilities

·        Sendwork order if sprinkler is spraying onto the sidewalk

·        Newersystems will recognize when it is raining, but older systems do not

·        Lightingby tennis courts cannot really be fixed because Mabee Center

o  Raisepine trees

·        2more recycling bins for Huntington and for Front Street

o  Recyclingbins on both sides of Front Street

·        Facilitieswill work on access to Raney building for Phil&Reli majors

·        Didnot ask about sprinklers on at peak traffic times

·        Someoneat Panel last week said that they felt ashamed that Hendrix had the sprinklersgoing during the drought and that HDX should have their stamp of environmentalawareness


o      Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Wiltgen and Tonya Hale

§ StudentOrganization Training on Wednesday and Thursday

§ Bravebeing shown on Friday night at 10:00

·        ApartmentHall Council and Student Activities

o      Financial Committee with Adelia Shiffraw

o   We finally have a number for the DiscretionaryAccount for the semester. It's $10, 127.09 (no, this is not a joke. Adelia willexplain at Senate. Next semester will be (RELATIVELY) better.)

·        Usually between $25,000-$30000

·        Estimate turned out not to be asconservative as we thought (lost 10K there), had bailouts of studentorganizations (some read their legers wrong and had to spend over the summer),ended up giving more in Spring Allocations process than normally we do (meansstudent organizations are doing a better job of organizing, but not lookinggood for new orgs and orgs not ready last semester)

·        Should have at least 18K next semesterin addition to whatever we might have left from this semester

·        Scary but not the end of the world

o  If you call Business Office, then theywill tell you that you get 50% first semester and then next semester; however,Adelia had to split it up based on the heaviness of events through the year.

·        Will try to make it easier fororganizations to understand

·        Will inform organizations at trainingwhat their accounts are like and how to work with Business Office

·        Will work to help organizations in theirtransitions


3 proposals to discuss:(attached)

o  Civil Rights Trip request for $2,658.00, FinComrecommendation: $0 (unfortunately, considering the amount leftin the Discretionary Budget for this semester, this would be an inappropriateuse of remaining funds, especially considering the amount of money going toanother Fall Break trip for 20…see below. However, if the CR group can manageto find funding from other sources, FinCom agreed that Senate could afford acontribution of no more than $500)

o  Started 3 years ago by Dean to get organizations to obtain ashared multicultural experience

§  Senatefunded it then

o  Happens on Fall Break each year

o  Odyssey doesn’t generally like to fund trips that reoccur, fundedit a few years back

o  Talked to Maia and Dean about getting funding from other sources –may be able to do so if shorten it to two days

§  Alreadyfound $1000

§  Studentsprovide $30 outside of food

§  Will stayonly one night in a cheap hotel rather than two nights

·        Will save $900

§  Videographernecessary?

·        Had good one last year and not so good one the first year. Shuaihas experience and was nominated for it

·        Last year’s video included clips from Douglas Blackmon

o  Will be about student experience of the trip

o  Premiered the film from two years ago at MLK Chapel Service

o  Still getting last year’s proposal together

·        Taking out the videographer will only be a nominal cost-saving

o  Should we have a separate student for videographer though orshould this go to another student committed to an organization?

§  We canoffer a suggestion, but we should not give money and a stipulation

§  Are therefunding options outside of us? Not on this short notice

§  Therehave been meetings already and there has been work outside

§  Amend to$500 - 2 abstentions

§  We needmore clarity though because we cannot estimate the cost now

·        They won’t spend frivolously

·        Should they have an extra $5 student contribution?

§  APPROVED– 8 for, 5 against, 2 abstain

o  VAC Trip additional funding request for $1,013.14, FinComrecommendation: fund in full (we've already made a $1,400.00commitment-remember the safety deposit we funded last semester?

-     Had more non-VAC students apply than VAC students

-     Felt we don’t utilize Heifer enough

-     Each student paying $30

-     Amend to remove $50 for supplies

o  Peter abstains

-     APPROVED – Peter abstains

Previously tabled Outdoor Rec. request for $3,115.00:FinCom recommendation: $0 (unfortunately, considering theamount left in the Discretionary Budget for this semester, this would be aninappropriate use of remaining funds)

-     Canoes are no longer on sale, he can send a new request

-     After funding VAC and Civil Rights Trip, we have $8600 indiscretionary

-     NOT FUNDED – all opposed

Discuss/Vote on Finance Committee Document changes/new Request forDiscretionary Funds (attached)

Noteworthy changes:

4b)"Retreat"-->"Orientation" (theretreat tradition was ended long ago, the Treasurer generally just holds ameeting with the entirety of FinCom prior to the Spring Allocation process)

4c)  StudentOrganization **Spring(?)** Finance Workshop, previously confusedlytitled "Orientation"-this is where the Treasurer explains the SpringAllocation process. A major change we made here is that ALL active studentorganizations are required to attend in order to get additional funding for thenext year. Previously, any organizations that didn't show up, could keep anyrollover money and do whatever they wanted with it. This is poor practice, asFinCom/Senate have no means of keeping organizations accountable to suchrollover funds (which turns out amounts to several thousand dollars). This alsohelps us get a better idea of which organizations are "active".

4f) StudentOrganization Training Session (hosted by the Office of Student Activities): theTreasurer takes part in this every year, now it is officially part of the jobdescription, and organizations are required to attend in order to understandthe discretionary process, and subsequently receive allocated funding.

4g) Notification and Review —herewe added a clause about organizations that seriously deviate from theirproposed budget. If the Treasurer finds that an organization is engaging inunauthorized spending practices, and continues to do so after the Treasurerdiscusses this with the exec of the organization, FinCom meets about it, makesa recommendation to Senate, then senate votes on a course of action (ie,freezing the account, deducting illegal spending amounts from the remainingbudget, etc.). Previously, the only penalty for unauthorized spending was thatthe activities would be noted and considered when the club next proposedadditional funding.

4i) Inactive Accounts changedfrom 5 years to 2 (if all active accounts are checked on a yearlybasis, then inactive accounts, without resurgence, should have accounts closedin a more timely fashion).

5b) Discretionary fund: Duetime for discretionary requests changed from 5pm to 3pm (this way they can bebrought up in exec meetings, that now take place at 4pm on Fridays).

5Viii) TShirts: weset a maximum cap for the amount of shirts we're willing to loan money for at200. TOO MANY EXTRA SHIRTTAILS AND SOCO SHIRTS. 

5xv) Interclub*interorganization** loans: Interclub *interorganization*loans are not permitted, unless in extreme circumstances and approved of by theTreasurer. This happened without my knowledge over the summer, and thelending party happened to already owe money. Not ok.


-     2 weeks before event discretionary requests

-     Does the appeal process need to be in the document?

o  No need for talking about it now since we have so long untilSpring Allocation

-     FinCom document approved – all in favor

o      Campus Kitty with Lauren Beck

§ Tanks(12 for students, 17 for non-students) and t-shirts (10) are for sale for lunchhours all this week and nextweek

·        Canregister for FunRun and pay for tanks or t-shirts online

§ 29th,next Saturday is FunRun

o      Social Committee with Ethan Ake

§ FauxRush Week

·        Noevents had poor attendance

·        Tanksto sell Wednesday-Friday 11-2 ($10)

o  Willhave them for years to come, no year on it

·        500wristbands (around 750) given out

o      Media Committee with Kelley Lane

§ 24thnot 25th for Troubadour release party

o      Environmental Concerns Committee with RachelHead

-Clean Energy Town HallMeeting went well!

65 people at heightof event, about 20-30 were community members

Will keep those onECC list updated on Energy Bill

-Faulkner County Urban Farm workdays:Sundays and Wednesdays at 6 pm behind the Faulkner County Library on Tyler

-Hendrix Organic Garden workday onFridays at 4 pm

-Outdoor Club and ECC's Great ArkansasClean-up at Pinnacle Mountain! This Saturday (22nd) from 9-11. E-mail or to get yourname on the list to go!

-Dorm/area reps have been appointed!

-Still looking for aMills/Front Street rep and a Village rep (or two)

- glass recycling onthese are in process because still trying to figure out pick-up times for trashand recycling

- glass recyclingbeing dropped off at EcoHouse and 3 bins for Huntington

                        -picked up on Sunday along with trash – place bin at least 5 feet from trashbins

o      Multicultural Development Committee with Jeremy Williams


-Phone drive, MyLine &International Club: collecting cell phones to help save domestic violencevictims



Tuesday, Sept 25th:

"The MISS office wouldlike to invite you to the event, 'Cultural CandyLand!'


Worsham will betransformed into a life-size version of the childhood game with amulticultural twist.


Each organization will havea booth in the game where they will have candy and information about theirorganization. For example, as president of SBC, my booth will have some sort ofchocolate candy (cliché - I know!) and information about our gospel choir,step/dance team, and our monthly service projects.


The event is scheduled for Tuesday,September 25th at 7 pm in Worsham" D.Holmes.


Saturday, Sept 29th:

-SBC's monthly service event cancelled– will instead do event at ArtsFest


Monday, Oct 1st:

-Asian Cultures Club Mid AutumnFestival


Wednesday, Oct 3rd:

-Amnesty International is hosting apanel regarding the Death Penalty. Email MeunierJJ


Saturday, Oct 20th:

-SLIC & SBC'sClub Fuzion is back.

-Block Party. Great food. Good people.


o      Volunteer Action Committee with Erin Murchison

1.   Service Saturday: It'sArtsfest! We'll be helping out with booths and activities for kids from10AM-2PM. Meet at the Altus Bell at 9:45AM and we'll walk to the event. Withquestions or to RSVP, email Madison at

a.   Will get new information aboutthis soon

2. Our first React to Film screening is Wednesday inWorsham at 8PM. The film is "Escape Fire" and is about the healthcare system in the United States. The Project Pericles this week will also beon health care reform with Peter Gess facilitating. There will be freesmoothies donated by Smoothie King at the screening! 

3. Adopt-a-grandparent and Ida Burns are full. Ifyou are interested in being a buddy to an adult with special needs, the forms aredue by Friday to the Miller Center. Email Katie at KirkpatrickKA@hendrix.eduwith questions.

o      SOMECwith Lance St. Laurent

Setup and tear down for foam party was kind of a nightmare, buteverything ended up fine.
          -No elevator access after midnight?! Elevator broke before setup

-     Tonya already talked to Zackabout this


o      Communications Committee with Blake Tierney


o      Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Molly Elders and Zack Hausle

§ TechUpdate from Molly

o      Committee on Committees with Delaney Roberts

§ Noreport

o      Academic Policy with Zack Hausle

§ Noreport

o      Executive Committee with Annie Slattery

§ Highest percapita rate of TurboVote registration of all schools they are partnered with

§ Highestproportional rate of producing Psych Ph.Ds in nation

§ In December,students will have to claim their graduation date

§ Network driveswill be used for archival purposes

§ for IT issues

§ OTC printer isgood to go for double-sided

§ Election Codechanges approved by acclamation

§ Banners andyard signs!

·                    New Business

·                    Adjournment