Student Senate

Minutes 09.25.12


Tuesday,September 25, 2012

6:30pmCampbell Dining Room, SLTC


·                    Callto Order

·        Annie Slattery– Present                        Neelam Vyas - Present

·        Delaney Roberts – Present                     Graham Senor – Present

·        Zack Hausle – Present                            Julia Cook – Present

·        Molly Elders –Absent                            LaurenWallis -Present

·        Blake Tierney– Present                       AnnieVogt - Present

·        Adelia Shiffraw – Present                      AnveshKompelli - Present

·        Rachel Head - Present                         Jake Leffert - Present

·        Ethan Ake – Present                              Zoe Barton - Present

·        Lauren Beck – Present                          PeterHanneman - Present

·        Kelley Lane – Present                           DrewAllen – Present

·        Erin Murchison– Present                       Ethan Hill - Present

·        Jeremy Williams – Present                    SreeshReddy - Present

·        Lance St. Laurent – Present                  Jeremy Rowe – Present

·        MiMi Spjut - Present                             Cara Roadarmel – Present


·                    SpecialBusiness

o   Safety Concerns

§  ATownHall meeting will take place for the first 30 minutes of Senate on TuesdayOctober 2 for all safety concerns and ideas.

Ø  Cameras,Public Safety changes, fences, big dogs, intruder repellant, and all your otherideas and concerns across campus and off-campus will be discussed

Ø  CampbellDining Room at 6:30

§  FrontStreet

Ø  Fencerequested last year needs to be completed to create an enclosed space with agate

»   Need for communal space atFront Street

»   Intruders can walk up to theback of apartments easily and can escape easily

Ø  FrontStreet parking lots need more light

»   Non-Hendrix students can stayin their cars without being seen

Ø  Cameras

»   Need a camera pointing atparking lot

»   Front Street constituents feellike the little bit of privacy they lose is a valid trade for increased safety

§  Notgoing to stop crime though

·        But with a sign about thembeing on 24/7, then it can deter crime

§  Privacyinvasion is unethical

·        Dean: any cameras that will beinstalled on campus will operate the way the one does in the sunporch in theSLTC, which is active 24/7 but only viewed after a crime is reported

o   Unless we find reason that itneeds to change and then it would go before Senate and before Student LifeCommittee.

o   Would also have to weigh costoptions for the type of camera – streaming, rotating, etc.?

§  Communityenforcement?

·        There was an attempt atcommunity enforcement, but the guys had guns, so there is not much that can bedone

·                    Announcementsand Constituent Concerns

o   Fanin Trieschmann bathroom

§ Sendin a work order and if nothing happens with that, then come back to us

o   Parkingfor Caf workers

§ Nodesignated parking for any staff, but it is a grab-bag

o   Graham:food waste in the cafeteria?

§ Unfortunately, leftovers do indeed become waste.

Ø  Tried other options in the past with many issues, including analmost lawsuit and programs falling apart because of poor coordination on theother end.

Ø  He is not against ideas about reducing food waste

§  One option tried was giving leftovers to the cafeteria workers whoneeded them most, but students complained that it was what led to increasedcafeteria prices

Ø  Let us know if you have any objection to this being brought back

Ø  Let us know if you have any other ideas

§  ECC does National Food Day to weigh the amount of food wasted

Ø  Don’t put so much on your plate

Ø  Not a public shaming, but should be a personal and communityeducational experience

o   Pizza vending machine -

o   Concernabout campaigns and candidates for elected Hendrix student positions

§  Should they have to disclose their major academic and disciplinaryviolations?

Ø  Invasion of privacy?

»    Candidates are now public figures

Ø  How far will this go?

»    Release grades

»    Should we add something barring people from running if they havecertain violations?

§  What if they are barred if they are currently on probation?

·                    DepartmentalLiaison Reports

·                    CommitteeReports

o   Committee on Everything Awesomewith Dean Wiltgen and Tonya Hale

§  ArtsFestand Family Weekend

Ø  Hendrixstudents and faculty will be performing their art forms

o   Financial Committeewith Adelia Shiffraw

§  Sword Club has returned money from their shirtloan last year, so we now have $1000 more

§  Discretionary request from Couch Hall Councilfor food for Couch Acoustic Night

Ø  The proposal is for food that was considered byFinance Committee not a crucial component of the event and more of a draw (asper section 5BXI of the FinCom doc)

Ø  The proposal was sent in late on Friday and wassent in less than two weeks before the event.

Ø  REJECTED – Ethan abstains

§  Discretionaryrequest from the Social Committee

Ø  SoCosaved $3,362.11 on their last two events

Ø  Wantto use that money toward National Association of College Activities Conferencein Arlington, TX next weekend (October 4-7)

»   Been about 4-5 years sinceHendrix last attended

»   Received ideas for many of theevents we have hosted and we share some of our unique events

Ø  Sendthe 5 Exec members and two advisors

»   5 members is too many

»   All but one are seniors, sothere needs to be more underclassmen

Ø  Proposalturned in today rather than on Friday though Adelia discussed this with Ethan

»   Ethan called and emailed Adeliaand never received a response

»   Ethan was not sure how to makethis proposal because of changes to the FinCom document

§  Ethanhad no prior knowledge of this event and only recently found out where it wasgoing to be located and who would go

·        Adelia knew about thisconference even though she is not on SoCo anymore and Tonya has been before

Ø  Needsto comply with FinCom requirements

»   Hotel requirement is difficultfor conferences because there is a hotel that all the conference members stayin and getting a different hotel defeats some of the networking of theconferences

Ø  Arewe penalizing them for saving their money or are we being frugal givencircumstances or are we using hypothetical policies that have yet to beestablished?

»   Long debate ensues over whosemoney it actually is and what Spring Allocations is about, over what willhappen to the money if it is not going to be used now, that this is a goodinvestment, and that we trust SoCo with large amount of money to use properly

Ø  Amendto meet FinCom standards

»   New cost = $1,896

»   APPROVED – Jeremy and Annieabstain

Ø  APPROVED– Jeremy and Annie abstain, Sreesh and Peter and Zoe oppose

§  50/50 Discretionary Split issues

Ø  Looking to see if we can get an advance on $$for next semester (not all clubs were able to receive all of the funding theyneeded this semester)

Ø  ***IF YOUR ORGANIZATION DID NOT RECEIVE ALL OFTHE FUNDING IT NEEDS (i.e. enough to make capital purchases this semester to beused for the year, etc) CONTACT ADELIA (ShiffrawAT) ASAP***

§  Finance Committee Cchhh-chhh-chhhangessss (turnto face the change)

Ø  Exploring the possibility of splitting theduties of Treasurer

»   Accountant- latter would require having taken Hendrix Accounting classes or equivalent,possible Odyssey credit.

§  Accountant would deal more with the BusinessOffice, Treasurer would deal more directly with organizations-but bothpositions would work together/be in constant contact)

»   Morespecific roles within the Committee itself

Ø  Fleshed out generalRequest/Expenditure/Auditing system

»    Hypotheticalpolicies on auditing, money left-over from events, etc.

»    Likely using Google technology

o   Campus Kittywith Lauren Beck

§  The Fun Run is this Saturday!  It startsat 3PM behind the WAC, and we'll have a table in the sun porch during lunchselling T-shirts and Tanks all this week.  Shirts are $10 and Tanks are$12 (for non-Hendrix people, the shirts are $15 and tanks are $17).  Ifyou are wanting to race, the cost is $10 and a shirt is included-- if you wanta tank, it's an extra $2.  For non-Hendrix people, the price is $15, shirtincluded.

§  Friday, we'll have a table in the Burrowselling old CK Shirts, and we'll be taking last-minute sign-ups on Saturday. Again, proceeds go to local Conway charities!  Hope to see you outthere! Any questions, contact Lauren Beck (BeckLM)

o   Social Committeewith Ethan Ake

§  NACAproposal

o   Media Committeewith Kelley Lane

§  Troubadour: Launch party & book signing.Contact Neelam (VyasNH) if you didn't go to the launch party (boo you!) andstill need to pick up a 2011-2012 yearbook.

§  The Profile: First Issue & Launch Partynext Monday, October, 1

o   Environmental ConcernsCommitteewith RachelHead

§  Outdoor Club & E.C.C. Pinnacle Clean-up: 35folks! 50+ garbage bags of trash! T-shirts were handed out! Hooray!

§  General E.C.C. meeting this Thursday at 7 inMills 304. Brainstorming ideas for a local food feast on campus.

§  Glass recycling still being worked out forMills, Front St., and the Village.

o   Multicultural DevelopmentCommitteewith Jeremy Williams

§  Phone drive, MyLine & InternationalClub: collecting cell phones to help save high-risk domestic violence victims. Donatedphones are loaded with texts and minutes as a lifeline out of abuser's control.

§  Cultural Candyland, moved from September 25thto October 5th

§  Saturday, September 29th, SBC at ConwayArtsFest at Simon Park. Step & Dance Teams, plus the Gospel group will beperforming.

§  Monday, October 1st, ACC's Mid Autumn Festival

§  Wednesday, October 3rd, AmnestyInternational panel. Email JillAnn for more info (MeunierJJ)

o   Volunteer Action Committee with Erin Murchison

§  Service Saturday! This week, we'll bebabysitting at Community Connections' monthly autism meeting from 9AM to 11AM.Meet at the Altus Bell at 8:30AM; if you can drive, please bring your car!Contact Mack (KroneMW) with questions or to RSVP.

§  Next week, October 6th, is theFaulkner County Library Book Sale! Get excited!

o   SOMEC with Lance St. Laurent

§  Noreport

o   Communications Committee with Blake Tierney

§  Notes– grammar check, BCC your distribution list, CC Blake, before Saturday at noon

o   Studentand Academic Concerns Committee à Committeeon Student and Academic Affairs (CSAA) with Molly Elders and Zack Hausle

§  Noreport… oh wait, a HUGE report… a DOCUMENT (see attachment)

Ø  Tabled– all in favor

o   Committee on Committees with Delaney Roberts

o   Academic Policywith Zack Hausle

§  Noreport

o   Executive Committeewith Annie Slattery

§  Bannersand T-shirts are in the works

§  Retreat:October 6

§  TurboVote,nearly 20% of the school has signed up!

·                    NewBusiness

·                    Adjournment