Student Senate

Request for Discretionary Funds


  1. Please copy and paste the 16 questions below onto a blank Word Document, then fill in the fields as appropriate (check out the Request for Discretionary Funds Example).  
  2. All Requests for Discretionary Funds are due to by 3pm on Friday. Requestssubmitted Friday will be considered by Finance Committee that weekend, then funding will be voted upon by Senate on Tuesday. 
  3. Read over the Finance Committee Document before submitting! (keep in mind that a representative is required to present the Request to Finance Committee, also keep in mind general funding rules delineated in the Finance Committee Documents regarding food, trips, t-shirt loans, etc.)   

Contact Information  

  1. Name of Student Organization(s)submitting request: 
  2. Name of Student Organization’s advisor(s): 
  3. Name of primary representative(s) to Student Organization(s) presenting request: 
  4. Cell phone number(s) of Student Organization’s representative(s): 

Request Details   

  1. Request Title (name of project,event, etc.): 
  2. Date (of project, event, etc.): 
  3. Date by which funding is needed: 
  4. Start time (if applicable): 
  5. End time (if applicable): 
  6. Location (attach or forward Master Calendar Confirmation via email, if applicable):  
  7. Amount of expected students directly affected, expected turnout (etc.): 
  8. Purpose of event (what will your audience/attendees gain or learn from this project/event/etc.) and eventdescription (at least one paragraph, but not more than a page): 
  9.  How will this be marketed? (Flyers, E-mail,TableTalk, Hendrix Today, Facebook, Twitter, if others--please list):  

 Monetary Details  

  1. Line item budget: 
  2. Total Amount Requesting: 
  3. List of websites or contact information of business (Etc.) where projected costs can be looked up/verified: