Student Senate

Minutes 09.11.12


Tuesday, September11, 2012

6:30pmCampbell Dining Room, SLTC


·                    Call to Order

Annie Slattery– Present                                Neelam Vyas - Present

Delaney Roberts – Present                  Graham Senor – Present

Zack Hausle – Present                          Julia Cook – Present

Molly Elders –Present                         Lauren Wallis-Present

Blake Tierney– Present                                Annie Vogt - Present

Adelia Shiffraw – Present                    Anvesh Kompelli - Present

Rachel Head – Connor Corley - Proxy               JakeLeffert – Present

Ethan Ake – Present                                   Zoe Barton - Present

Lauren Beck – Present                                 Peter Hanneman - Present

Kelley Lane – Present                                    Drew Allen – Present

Erin Murchison– Present                     Ethan Hill - Present

Jeremy Williams – Present                  SreeshReddy - Present

Lance St. Laurent – Present               Jeremy Rowe – Present

 MiMi Spjut -Present                               Cara Roadarmel – Present


·                    SpecialBusiness

·        JoshDaugherty (Lead Designer in Communication Office)

§ ShortiesContest

·        Unedited60 second video clips

o  Smartphone, etc.

o  Cantake a 60 second snippet out of a longer video

o  Doesnot have to be from this year

·        Getstudent view of campus to show prospective students

·        Staffcan only show so much

·        Onlyhave 5 submissions, there are only five prizes, only 3 submitters

o  Nook,gift cards

o  Getmore than 26 (more than the number of those

·        Anythingthat shows the Hendrix experience – cafeteria, meeting, Frisbee,

·        Takeit to the OTC and sign form to give it over to Hendrix College

o  LIKE,SHARE videos on Facebook and LIKE on Youtube to vote for them

§ Cangive 3 votes to one video

·        EndsOctober 15, but may extend it

·        Willshare with Kristi McKim


·        HendrixCollege channel on Youtube


Official Statement from Dr. Sutherland,Hendrix-Murphy Foundation Director:

*   Purpose: The purpose of the Hendrix Murphy Foundation is to enrichand enhance theprograms of Hendrix College in literature and language.The program hassupported great programs on and off campus for the pastseveral decades. Everyone involved is proud of that great history.However, it is time fora fresh look at what Murphy can accomplish oncampus in ways that may be verydifferent from the past structures insome ways while greatly increasing therole of the Murphy Programs oncampus.

*  Board:  The Murphy Board of Directors is alive and well. They meetfour times a year either on campus or by conference call. It is theProgramming Committee that has been disbanded during the processofre-visioning the programs.

*  Re-Visioning:  The Murphy Board of Directors is currentlystudyingways to revamp existing programs and expand into new areas that matchthestated purpose.  So, yes, there will be major changes and I amcertainthey will be exciting changes.  But the details have not yet beendecidedand the following year or two will be the "fallow years'' where wedecidehow to revamp existing programs and how to move forward in new ways.

*  Department Funding:  The traditional three departments(English,Foreign Languages, and Theatre Arts and Dance) will all threemostcertainly have continued funding although perhaps in different ways fromtherecent past.  Film and theatre have not been banned, but the issueofrelationship to the purpose will be asked more directly to any groupmaking aproposal.  Some existing programs will most likely not becontinued andsome existing programs will most likely be continued.However, the threedepartments will continue to be supported.

*  Themes:  Although the Board approved past themes, it istheprogramming committee that developed the themes and maderecommendationsconcerning which Murphy proposals to fund for a given year. There is aMurphy theme this year but there will most probably not be atheme nextyear.  In the future, themes may or may not be part of the programming.

*   Staffing: In the past few years, the Murphy Programs have been staffed by DirectorDavid Sutherland, Associate Director Shin Yu Pai, Program Manager Henryetta Vanaman,Office & Building Manager Sarah Engeler-Young, and Presidential FellowLauren Daly.  This past spring Ms.Pai resigned and during the summer AlexVernon became the Director ofStrategic Initiatives.  This is most likelymy final year as MurphyDirector and Lauren Daly's position ends after thisacademic year.  It isnot yet clear how the staff will be rearranged andchanged since the newstructures are still being planned.

*  Next Year:  Decisions will be made this semester aboutprograms thatwill continue into the "fallow years."  Dr. Vernonis gatheringinformation and will make recommendations to the MurphyAdministrative Committee (Provost Entzminger, Martha Murphy, David Sutherland,Andrea Duina and Tom Siebenmorgan), which will in turn make recommendations tothe Board.  Then Dr. Vernon will turn his attention back to gatheringandmaking recommendations for the new vision.

·                    Announcementsand Constituent Concerns

o  Sendconcerns in early, unless unavoidable

o  Ifone Senator brings a concern, then most likely there are many students withthat concern

o  Willhave a page for committees, departmental liaisons on the website. Also willhave a frequently asked concerns on the website

o  ArtBuilding Hours

§ Backtwo buildings (Art B, Art C), people can hop over the fence and get into thebuildings because there is open access

·        Studentdesires to have key access during the day

o  Recentlyupheaval in burglaries, art supplies are expensive

·        After5 pm you have to be signed up for a course in order to have key access (samefor in the Art Buildings)

o  Allacademic buildings have open access during the day, but the labs do not.

o  Dothese buildings have lockers? Is there a lock for the lockers?

§ Lookinginto it

o  Arcadeor Pinball Machine

§ Talkto Marvin McClennon and Brent Owens about their proposal; they have done theresearch and are finishing it up

o   Unaware of the Arkansas Articulation Workshop

§ LastFriday, there was a College Articulation Workshop, but none of the studentsknew about it ahead of time

·        Wouldlike to know about outside groups being on campus?

o  Postedon Admissions Facebook page, but students were not made aware

§ Feltlike there was an invasion of our space or at least it disrupted plans

o  Therewas also at least one theft that day made easier because the culprit couldblend in with the crowd.

§ Knowledgeof strangers on campus may have heightened the precautions people took withtheir belongings

§ Mightalso be helpful if P-Safe was more active for these events

o   Blue Recycling bins at Huntington

§ Grahamwill talk to Facilities about getting more

o  Wallat Huntington

§ Tomake people aware that it is Hendrix property

§ Willtalk to Dean and Facilities

o  Lockedout of room in Houses

§ RAin another room, no cell phone

§ HeadRA is working on getting every house without an RA access to the other houseswith RAs

·        Willalso work on the survey mentioned at an earlier meeting

o  Philosophyand Religion majors want access to Raney Building after hours

§ Grahamwill talk to Facilities

·                    DepartmentalLiaison Reports

o  MikeFlory – birthday song

§ Essentially,he said we could do whatever we want to spread it

§ Willtry to do a placard on each table in the cafeteria

·                    CommitteeReports

o      Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Wiltgen and Tonya Hale

§ StudentOrganization Training

·        Sendchair and treasurer (as many exec members as you can)

·        EmailBrent or Tonya (

·        Checkfor email from Brent

§ ConwayArtsFest

·        Sponsoredby Alliance for the Arts

·        September21-29

o  Celebrationwith music and activities

·        ConwayFilm Festival too

o  Sendsubmissions like you would for Red Brick Film Festival

·        VACwill be helping next weekend (September 21)

o      Financial Committee with AdeliaShiffraw

§ Stillnot an exact number on discretionary

§ TurboVote

·        TurboVotebills each month according to the number of students that are signed up (theirprinting fees, credit card fees, etc.)

o  FinComrecommends to fund $1000 so that there is not a request each month

·        Howeffective has TurboVote been?

o  Steadilygetting more and more people registered, but need more definitely

·        PASSED– All in Favor

o      Campus Kitty withLauren Beck

§ The Campus Kitty Fun Run is coming up on FamilyFall Weekend (the 29th of Sept.), and we'd like to see everyone out there! We'll also be selling T-shirts and tank-tops (if running is not yourthing).  

§ The entry fee is $10 for students, $15 fornon-students, and the T-shirt is included.  The tanks are an additional$2.  

§ We'll be in the Sun Porch starting Monday,Sept. 24th, at lunch.  You can also sign-up online and pay by card.

o      Social Committee withEthan Ake

§ FauxRush Week is coming up! The activities:

o  Representyour residence halls

·        Tuesday:Movie Night (Animal House)

·        Wednesday:Lip-sync off—A lot of points will be made here!

·        Thursday:Inflatable gladiatorial games

o  First-Downbungie, bungie run, jousting, mechanical bull,

o  BaileyLawn from 5-8

·        Friday:Relay—Atomic wings, brain teasers, scooter race, confetti and glitter pool, andtrash pong

o  Aroundthe Brick Pit

·        Saturday:FOAM PARTY—no explanation or hype needed

o  Cannotattest that foam is anti-microbial. In fact, it definitely won’t help stop thespread of infection


o      Media CommitteewithKelley Lane

§ ProfileAssociate Editor

·        AnnaKumpuris

o  Allapproved

§ FirstProfile is out Oct. 1. Kick-off party will be October 1 in Worsham at 7pm.

§ KHDXstarted their shows on Sunday ("sunday night slow jams")

·        Goingto get rid of the FM station so that it is only online now (

o  Polledthe DJs before doing so

o  FMstation did not even reach the edge of our campus, but online streaming can

o  Thereis a cost benefit -

o  Fewerguidelines for online streaming than for radio

§ Swearingis a benefit

o  Onceyou stream it once on your computer, then you can go to I-Tunes and stream fromthere

§ TheTroubadour: is looking for two positions. 1) Social Assistant Editor 2)Athletics Assistant Editor.

§ The2011-2012 Yearbook update: Kick-off/book signing party will be October 25 inWorsham! Yay yearbooks!

o      Environmental Concerns Committeewith Rachel Head

§ Secondmeeting Thursday at 7pm in Mills A

·        Officerand committeeappointments

·        Programs& Exciting events

§ Glassrecycling begins next week

·        Forall you hoarders…

·        Feelfree to take to the Conway Recycling facility

o  CallConnor for a road trip

·        It's a10-minute drive, and will save the 10-ish people that take care of glassrecycling for the WHOLE CAMPUS lots of time and heartache.

§ UrbanFarm Fest Saturday 5:30 behind Faulkner County Library

·        Hostedby the Faulkner County Urban FarmingProject

·        Games,speakers, drum circle

·        Freefood

§ ECC& Outdoor Club

·        PinnacleMountain Great Arkansas Clean-Up

o  SaturdaySeptember 22 from 9:30-11:30

o  Afterthe clean-up…

§ Cornholetournament

·        Deanis coming?

§ BBQafter the cleanup

·        EmailConnor ( or Rachel ( for more info

o      Multicultural Development Committeewith Jeremy Williams

§ Octoberis Domestic Violence Awareness Month

·        Phonedrive

o  Collectingphones to benefit potential high-risk victims

o  Willbe loaded with minutes and communication capabilities – there is not a way

o  EmailBrenna Lodge to volunteer

§ MyLine

·        Startedin 2010, volunteers are trained and follow strict confidentiality, listen to alarge range of concerns from students (campus resources to serious issues suchas discrimination and harassment)

·        501-514-3273

·        Friday 9:00pm-2:00am; Saturday 2:00pm-2:00am;and Sunday 2:00pm-12:00am

·        ScreeningTelling Amy’s Story soon

§ SBCand Bethlehem House — Monthly Service

·        September29th

·        EmailDesirae Holmes ( for moreinformation

o      Volunteer Action Committee with Erin Murchison

§ This week's Service Saturday will be helpingout at the Conway Fall Classic Bicycle Tournament. Meet at the Altus Bell at10:30AM on Saturday to walk over to FUMC Conway. We will be back on campus by1PM. Email Robin at BrownRM@hendrix.eduwith questions or to RSVP.

§ VAC is looking for New Student Representatives!If any new student is interested in learning the ropes of VAC and being afuture leader, grab an application in the Miller Center. They are due by 5PM tomorrow(Wednesday).

§ Buddy Programs are filling up really fast - IdaBurns and Adopt-A-Grandparent are almost at capacity but there is still spaceat Independent Living Services (services provided to handicapped individuals.Volunteers can be assigned to a class or to an individual). VAC will be in theSun Porch on Tuesday and Thursday if you want more information or to pick upforms!

§ Harvest Fest is coming! The annual fallfestival for the Boys and Girls Club will be on Tuesday 10/30 – (start at 4:00or 4:30) we will be done by 6PM. It looks like we will be holding it in thepractice gym at the WAC instead of at the Boys and Girls Club. We will need alot of students and student groups to have booths and activities, so be on thelookout for sign ups!

·        Send us an idea for booth

o      SOMECwith Lance St. Laurent

§ I'm like CNN at 3 AM. (Nothing to report)

o      Communications Committeewith Blake Tierney

§ Bringa Friend initiative

o      Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Molly Elders & Zack Hausle

§ Meetingwith Sam Nichols on Thursday

§ Constitutionfor SACC will be finalized on September 28

o      Committee on Committees with Delaney Roberts

§ NoReport

o      Academic Policywith Zack Hausle

§ Ifstudents are in Introduction to Academic Writing (ENGL 118 or ENGL 119), thenthey can have extended time for their exams the semester they are taking thatcourse. Students need to let their professors know ASAP.

§ Ifyou fail Engaged Citizen or if you are a transfer, then we still have to figureout what to do

§ Noinformation about departmental budgets (regarding Murphy changes), but will findout about them

§ Ifanyone is taking a study abroad and LoA, then we are working to get you addedto currentstudents.

o      Executive Committeewith Annie Slattery

§ Retreaton Saturday September 22 starting at 8:00 am and running through that night

·        Conflictswith Campus Kitty Retreat – that’s okay for those on Senate who are on CKbecause CK Retreat starts in the afternoon

·                    New Business

·                    Adjournment