Student Senate

Minutes 08.28.12



Tuesday, August28, 2012

6:30 p.m.Campbell Dinning Room

Student Lifeand Technology Center


I. Call toOrder

Annie Slattery– Present                                Neelam Vyas - Present

Delaney Roberts – Present                  Graham Senor – Present

Zack Hausle – Present                          Julia Cook – Present

Molly Elders –Present                         Lauren Wallis-Present

Blake Tierney– Present                                Annie Vogt - Present

Adelia Shiffraw –                                Anvesh Kompelli - Present

Rachel Head - Present                                 MartinHall – noproxy yet - absent

Ethan Ake – Present                                   Raney Hall – proxy: Hannah Hill

Lauren Beck – Present                                 Peter Hanneman - Present

Kelley Lane – Present                                    Drew Allen – Present

Erin Murchison– Present                     Ethan Hill - Present

Jeremy Williams – Present                  SreeshReddy - Present

Lance St. Laurent – Present               Jeremy Rowe – Present

                                                               Cara Roadarmel - Present


II. SpecialBusiness


  Shirttails went well!  Our biggest worrywas the weather.  Traditionally, our rain location is the WAC's event gym,but it is being resurfaced.  Fortunately, the rain clouds miraculouslycleared away right in time for teasers and the big event, alleviating ourworries about having to postpone Shirttails.

  Of course, everyone did an amazing job! We were so impressed by this year's choreography, and so were our judges. But a special congratulation to Hardin Hall and Couch Women for takinghome the trophy (and Couch Men and Veasey Hall for winning the Spirit Awardplungers).


III.Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • People want the Burrow Bucks system reconsidered (Anvesh)
    • Removed from lower-meal plans to save money for students
      • Burrow Bucks adds $200 to the plan
        • Cost is based on meals that are being missed in the cafeteria.
      • However, you can still add them to your plan yourself
      • Many complaints that we were not informed about this
        • Email sent in February with updates about what is covered financially.
    • Still working on the other plans for dining that were addressed last year
    • Cara – people had the opposite complaint that they were getting 200 Burrow Bucks and weren’t using them or didn’t know that they even had them
    • Rollover? – not sure – can get Siebenmorgen or Flory to come in the next weeks to talk about plans
  • Contact with Panera for bread donations?  (Anvesh)
    • All go to Bethlehem House – Sarah Pullen

  • Extended dining hours in the cafeteria

o   Only atemporary thing to pilot the program for the future dining ideas

§  Not coming back this year, not budgeted for this year

  • Houses curious why they don’t have access to the other Houses

o  Each individual House has the feeling of safetythat they can leave their stuff out, have some privacy

§  This is counter to a desire for community among the houses

o  Surveyabout preferences could be sent

§  Cayla Thompsonwill be sending it out the survey for quiet hours, etc. so she can be asked toinclude questions about access preferences

·        Mostlikely if one person disagrees with open access, then that house will not haveopen access

o  Needto be sure that people are not feeling pressured to vote a certain way

o  Possibilityto consider - one house might have open access and another might not

·        24/7access, access not during quiet hours, access only during a certain time frame,and other options could be considered

o  Related– what about the Village?

§  Once AprylJackson sends out the survey about quiet hours and gets the data back, then decisionwill be made

  • Pool tables in state of disrepair

o  StudentActivities is looking into cost of resurfacing the pool table

§  Looking intosplitting cost with Senate

o  Stopdestroying them

  • Crosswalks

o  Therewas discussion last year about getting safer crosswalks and this year therehave already been incidents involving the Washington Street crosswalk

§  One of theseincidents involved a verbal altercation between Hendrix pedestrians andnon-Hendrix drivers who then pursued the Hendrix students to their apartmentsand returned several times that day

·        PublicSafety, Residence Life, and Conway Police reports were all filed and all washandled

·        Crosswalksafety would not help in this instance. Best practice: do not provoke drivers/strangersand if feeling threatened, then report it.

o  SenateExec wrote a letter that was sent to City Council, but there was no responsefrom City Council even with a follow-up email.

§  Blake talkedto Tom Siebenmorgen and Rick Sublett about the letter and about crosswalks andsteps we can take

·        Usethe crosswalks that exist even if it’s not as convenient

·        Besafe when using those crosswalks, especially those not at intersections becausedrivers are not used to pedestrians crossing in the middle of the street

o  Thisis why City of Conway Transportation Department (not City Council) does notwant to put in crosswalks in the middle of the streets (like across Clifton tothe Huntington Apartments)

§  If they could,then they would remove the crosswalk across Washington

§  City Councilis very cooperative with the school and does a lot for the school. TheTransportation Department has been fairly good about keeping paint and signs upto date when asked. However, they are not willing to bend the rules for us,because then other groups will want the rules bent for them.

·        Discussedgetting signs to inform students of nearest crosswalks and best practices whenapproaching some of the more dangerous crosswalks (Washington and FrontStreet).

·        Discussedgetting reflective signs, tape, paint, getting flashing blue lights orreflective blue posts that resemble police flashers (especially for the curveon Front Street), getting lights installed so that the crosswalks areilluminated at night

o  Allof these cost money though and some of them require electricity that is noteasy to access out there.

o  Lookslike something to add to SACC once SACC is formed hopefully soon

  • Bike thefts

o  Therewere bike locks on them, but people used chain cutters

§  One thing isto buy better locks

o  Peoplealso jump on unlocked bikes,

o  Noteverybody on campus is as trusting and this is an open campus

o  DoesCity of Conway have a bike registration?

§  Since thebikes will most likely be off-campus it would be best to report it to PublicSafety and the Conway Police

§  Bike Clubcould help with bike registration on campus and in city

·        Theyalso have a lot of bikes for rent

·        StudentLife Committee looked into getting this

o  Ifwe can move on it and get it approved by faculty, then it might get done byFall Break


·        Fees?– no fees attached to it

o  Onlynegative side to it is that the student can be identified if they park a bikenot in a bike rack

o  Facilitiesconfiscates bikes that are not being locked, being left not on the and arebeing left over summer

§  What happensto these bikes? – donate, auction, etc.

·        Hendrixbike auction especially for new students

§  Going back tothe bike registration

§  Illegal placesare anywhere that are not the bike racks

o  Bikecages? – need to look into costs

  • Broken glass at Front Street

o  Justput pressure on people to not do it


IV.Departmental Liaison Reports


V. CommitteeReports


  • Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Dean Dean

  Reorganizationof Student Affairs:

§ TonyaHale as second advisor to Senate

§ KeshaBaoua – Assistant VP, Director of Rights and Responsibilities

·        Backgroundin sociology and criminology

·        SuperviseMISS

o  DeshDeepak hired as Odyssey Post-Graduate Fellow to take over the MISS Office

§ DannyPowell – Associate VP, Director of Career Services

·        DevelopmentOffice, Athletic Director

o  Workingwith businesses gives him expertise in partnering with employers

o  Workingwith the holistic advising model

§ ChristyCoker – Director of Student Outreach

·        Catch-allposition. Provides services, resources, programs, networks, and interventionsto any student in order to create a more positive Hendrix experience.

·        Officeyou come to when you have had unanticipated experiences or moments at Hendrixand you are left with questions that have no quick or obvious answers.

·        Continueto give SII for career guidance

o  Continuesgiving all other assessments she is qualified to administer.

·        Continuewith the distinguished scholarships (Rhodes, Watson, etc.)

  Greatwork on Neelam and Logan’s part as well as KHDX on the concert

§ Bandsare much louder than our other events

·        Ifpolice get more than 2 complaints, then they give warning. After that, anothercomplaint = shut down

§ Talkedto Mayor’s Office and told them that it would end at 11:00pm

·        Thatwas before the debacle with the delayed flight which resulted in the 4 planesthat Chiddy Bang used to get here

·        Therewas nowhere else to take the set-up for the concert in order to avoid noiseviolations, so Chiddy Bang started around 11:45 and played for 30 minutes

o  Onlyat the end of the 30 minutes did the complaints begin rolling in

§ Workon contracts to ask bands and other guests to arrive by a certain time


  • Financial Committee with Adelia Shiffraw

  Discretionary Requests

§ BethlehemHouse Community Group ($900.00)

·        Twice a month with the Adopt-a-Meal program atBethlehem House.

o  Go out with students to buy, cook, serve foodand then eat food with residents

o  Theme of being not materialistic – limit to $90

§ 10 times per year

·        FinCom was fairly impressed that the groupcould spend only $90 for a meal for 45 people

o  Exec expressed concern about number of studentsbeing served (same argument is always brought up when concerning giving moneyfrom the Student Activity fee for groups that do charity work for off-campusgroups)

§ 5 different students did Odyssey Projectsthrough the group

·        Students who want service opportunity (3 hoursof working and building bridges)

§ 5-7 students do the serving while the otherseat with and interact with the residents at Bethlehem House

§ 35 students regular

·        Some once or twice, some every time

·        Others also help with Bethlehem House BurrowBuck drive

·        Group is open to any student

o  Expanded group to be more service-oriented(used to have Bible group but not anymore)

§ Sarah was at the student involvement fair andmany people had the desire to learn more

·        Senate wants more of a push to promote thegroup; Sarah said she would look into ways to do so

§ Were initially associated with VAC when theyfirst started and were told that they could no longer be supported

·        Could partner with VAC and Miller Center tospread the word

o  Many haven’t heard about this group

o  Sarah and Erin are going to talk

o  Do we need to fund all of it right now or dosemester-by-semester?

§ The organization works with Bethlehem Housesemester by semester, but this was done out of convenience for Senate

§ Could the group look into Odyssey funding?

·        Odyssey typically does not fund continuousorganizations, etc.

o  Bethlehem House hasn’t been comfortable workingwith Campus Kitty because of the nature of some of the events used to raisemoney more recently and in the past

§ Lauren Beck offered to work with the group, soSarah will look into it.

o  Amended the proposal such that Senate gives$450 this semester and will give $450 next semester once FinCom has the 5 datesfor next semester.

o  APPROVED – all in favor

§ Elections Commission  - BigPulse ($1,720.00)

·        The previous Elections Commissioner, RachelRobbins, sid that once she figured it out, then it was a really easy program touse

o  However, figuring it out was the difficult part

·        Our current Elections Commissioner, JulieWagner, feels confident that she knows how to use BigPulse. Rachel will also beon call.

·        If we do not fund this, then ElectionsCommission will have to find something else.

o  We would rather not do paper ballots

§ Time commitment is insane

§ Fraud and inaccuracy are more possible

§ Not eco-friendly

·        APPROVED – Julia Cook abstains

§ Overhaul FinCom document

·        Good and bad examples

·        Retreat for how to work with FinCom in order toreceive funding

·        Be on the lookout for it

§ FinCom at-large member

·        FinCom and Exec agree - David Allan

  • Campus Kitty

  Generalapplications are due Sept 5

  Applicationsfor Publicity Chair were due today


  • Social Committee with Ethan Ake

  FauxRush Week is September 9th-16th

§ TuesdaySeptember 11th

·        MovieNight in the Brick Pit at 8:00 pm

·        “AnimalHouse”

§ WednesdaySeptember 12th

·        LipSync Off

§ ThursdaySeptember 13th

·        InflatableGames

o  Mechanicalbull

o  Bossaball

§ Inflatablevolleyball course with trampolines

·        BigEuropean thing so they are having trouble finding anything at the moment

§ FridaySeptember 14th

·        CampusWide relay

o  Tricyclerace

o  Poolfilled with glitter and water

§ SaturdaySeptember 15th

·        FoamParty


  • Media Committee with Kelley Lane

  TheProfile, The Aonian, The Troubador, and KHDX are currently hiring

§ DueSeptember 4th or 5th

  TheProfile Associate Editor position is now open. The Associate Editor isresponsible for marketing The Profile in the community through advertisingsales and visits to local businesses. Filing for this position will close Tuesday,September 4 at 5:00 p.m. Contact Kelley Lane at lanekk@hendrix.eduwith questions or to receive an application.

  Firstedition of the Profile will come out on October 1st


§ Waitingfor them to be delivered, finalizing the printing


  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Rachel Head

  Green Team Orientation went wonderfully!

§  Recycled the weight of 3 large adult elephants

  E.C.C. will be selling unused dishes all this weekin the SunPorch (Monday the 27th-Friday the 31st). Super cheap--5 plates for$1!

§  Lauren Nelson sold today and ECC now has $50 and almost no dishes left

§  Money raised supports the Faulkner County Urban Farming Project, whichis the garden behind the Faulkner County Library supported by UCA and Hendrix

  No Free Store this week due to Worsham beingbooked, back in action next week.

  E.C.C. Dish Program

§  200 plates, 150 cups, lots of silverware for events of this size

·        Don’t buy paper versions of these products

§  Sign-in and sign-out policy

·        You use it, you wash it! You lose it, you lose!

  Check out our display board for contact info andpictures!

§  Upcoming events will be there

  Clean Energy Town Hall Meeting on September 11th,7:00 pm in Mills C. The purpose is to gain grassroots support for GovernorBeebe's new Clean Energy Plan that he is currently writing. Let your voice beheard!

§  First draft coming out at the end of Sept. Partnering with localorganizations across the state to spread knowledge

·        Record what audience says and sends it to Beebe

·        Will be spanning 3-5 years

·        Lots of cool panelist

·        Free pizza

  FIRST OFFICIAL MEETING is this Thursday, August 30th, at 7:00 pm in Mills B. We'll be talkingabout ECC campaigns, upcoming events, officer/representative positions, and ofcourse, how to get into one of those glorious green jumpsuits.

§ Glass recycling starting once we have reps

·        Conway is taking glass recycling (separately) –with lids with labels

o  7 minute drive

·        Might start coming to apartments to pick it up

§ Conway still sorts out recycling so we don’t haveto

·        Had a big movement right before Orientation

·        Facilities wants us to keep cardboard separate inthe residence halls

o  If city picks it up, then don’t worry about it

·        Plasticbottles – you can recycle lids too


  • Multicultural Development Committee with Jeremy Williams

  Meetingthis Thursday, August 30th, at 6:30 inCampbell Dining Room


  • Volunteer Action Committee with Erin Murchison

  VolunteerFair Wednesday August 29th, from 11:00 -1:30 in Campbell

§ Lotsof internship and volunteer opportunities, door prizes

  BigBuddy  kickoff on Tuesday September 4that 7:00 in SLTC 105

§ EmailErin if you want info ahead of time or if you can’t make the meeting

  HeiferRanch Fall Break trip Oct 11-13 (Thursday at 5 to Saturday at 5)

§ Firsttime VAC is doing it

§ Takeadvantage of the 45 minute drive

§ Dayand night in Global Village experiencing poverty

§ Dayand night eating locally grown food, learning about Heifer, doing serviceprojects around campus

§ BrentOwens and Michaela Fraser are going

§ Applicationsin SLTC 133, due September 7 Friday at noon

§ with any questions


  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Molly Elders and Zack Hausle


§ Metwith Sam Nichols and the new listservs are officially finished

·        Nolonger by credits, expected graduation date

·        Secondarylistservs for FYS, SYS, etc.

  Senatenetwork drives/portals

§ Noidea what has happened with those

§ Willmeet with Sam

  Workingon getting SACC document ready


  • Communications Committee with Secretary Blake Tierney

  Getyour notes out, tell Blake about listserv issues


  • Committee on Committees with Delaney Roberts

    • No report


  • Academic Policy with Zack Hausle

    • First meeting is September 6
      • Email concerns to Zack or Annie


  • Executive Committee with Annie Slattery

    • TurboVote results: 86 people have filled it out, 13 haven’t completed it
      • Everyone please register to vote and encourage others to register to vote
      • Pericles is starting a voter drive on Sept 25
        • National voter registration drive
        • Easier for us to do physical voter registrations from Faulkner County
    • Committee reports need to be in by Sunday by midnight
      • Bring her chocolates if you send it late
      • Send her an email even if you have no report
      • Consti-cons before Friday. If you cannot get them in by Friday, then by Sunday at midnight.
    • Film screening for class next Tuesday, so Annie will not be here and Delaney will take over.
    • September 22nd is Senate Retreat


VII. NewBusiness