Student Senate

Minutes 09.04.12



Tuesday,September 4, 2012

6:30 p.m.Campbell Dinning Room

Student Lifeand Technology Center


I. Call toOrder

Annie Slattery– Present                                             NeelamVyas - Present

Delaney Roberts – Present                                         Graham Senor – Present

Zack Hausle – Present                                                 JuliaCook – Present

Molly Elders –Present                                                 Lauren Wallis -Present

Blake Tierney– Present                                              AnnieVogt - Present

Adelia Shiffraw – Present                                            Anvesh Kompelli - Present

Rachel Head - Present                                               Martin Hall – no proxy yet - absent

Ethan Ake – Present                                                  Raney Hall – proxy: Hannah Hill

Lauren Beck – Present                                               PeterHanneman - Present

Kelley Lane – Present                                                 DrewAllen – Present

Erin Murchison– proxy: Peter Hanneman                      EthanHill - Present

Jeremy Williams – Present                                          Sreesh Reddy - Present

Lance St. Laurent – Present                                       JeremyRowe – Present

                                                                                CaraRoadarmel - Present


II. SpecialBusiness


ElectionsCommission with Julie Wagner

SoCo                                                                 Winner

Galloway                                                           SophieKnorek

            Raney                                                               KateHendricks

            Veasey                                                              Bayley Krell

            Hardin                                                               JohnWeirich

            Martin                                                               RickyTelchi

            Couch                                                               ElizabethKaspet

            Houses                                                              Laura Wagner

            Hendrix Corner                                                  Molly Elders

            Village C                                                           CarolineKelley

            Village D                                                           MillieUnser

            Front Street                                                       Don Geders

            Clifton                                                               AllisonHelm

            Huntington                                                         Brandi Gist

            Off-Campus                                                       KathrynBurchfield

            Freshmen                                                          Will James

            Sophomore                                                        Annie Vogt

            Junior                                                               KellyJones

            Senior                                                               JeremyRowe


            Senate                                                             Winner

            Raney (special election)                                      Zoe Barton

            Martin (special election)                          Jake Leffert

            Freshmen                                                          MiMi Spjut


            MDC                                                                  Winner

            North Side                                                          HumnaMeer

            South Side                                                          SaraWeinberg

            Apartments                                                        ChristineCole

            Off-Campus                                                       StaceySvendsen


-      APPROVED– Jeremy Rowe and Annie Vogt abstain

-      Congratulationsto everyone!

o   Thankyou all for your interest! Thank you all for voting!

-      Thankyou to Julie Wagner for her hard work and for her organized report




III.Announcements and Constituent Concerns

Glassat Front St.

-      Dumpsteris really far away at Apartment 1

o   Wouldit be possible to get normal sized trashcans over near higher number apartmentsand also get recycling cans by the lower number apartments

§  They would beable to move them to a more central location on weekends (secure them ofcourse)

§  People do notwant to travel as far to recycle or trash

§  Graham is schedulinga meeting with Facilities

·        JeremyRowe will join the conversation

·        Willalso talk to them about sprinklers, follow-up on lights at the tennis court(see below),

Settlersof Catan

-      Canwe get it in the info desk

-      Willbe “ballin” and would not cost a lot

-      Tonyawill look into it

Sketchypeople at the tennis courts

-      Morelights/fix lights – Facilities is on it

-      P-Safewas called, but the people were gone by the time P-Safe arrived

Nobodyknows the birthday song anymore

-      Nobodycan hear in the SLTC as they could in Hulen

-      Fearthat the tradition is going to die once this year graduates

-      Willbe printed in Table Talk a few times throughout the year

-      Anysuggestions on other methods to make it more known would be greatly appreciated

Positivefeedback about the bike registration program

-      Canwe do anything to help move things along?

o   Deanis moving forward with it

§  Facultymeeting on third Wednesday of the month

NewSenate Committee?

-      TEDrix,Westphalian, Debate, etc. - Intellectual Organizations?

o   Execwill discuss and get further information


-      Onlywant it up temporarily for parties etc.

-      Mr.Loyd called the Dean about kiddie pool issues at Front St.

o   Insurancecompany doesn’t want open pools on campus

§  Only take somuch for a kid to drown, doesn’t happen much but kids do walk around campus

§  Drunk peoplealso can be in danger

o   Don’twant them at all, even temporarily and for parties

§  Easier to saywe just won’t permit them at all instead of allowing it for etc.

o   Can’tspeak to inconsistency with the fountain


-      Neelamand Graham both have had issues with sending and receiving emails by listservs

-      Mollyand Blake will tag-team in order to get it resolved


IV.Departmental Liaison Reports

  • Murphy Foundation changes
    • Established in 1978 under Charles Murphy
      • Murphy Board took over when he passed away
        • Mostly sons and daughters started overseeing
      • Since 1978, the structure has changed
        • Provost, Dr. Sutherland (programming committee), director, and manager
          • Programming Committee would work on theme and faculty members would send in ideas for programs
          • Would accept programs, within reason, that had to do with the theme. Essentially, the Board played a less active role in recent years, than they did last year.
          • Mission was to provide programs and resources to students to enhance their learning of literature and language
      • Board is now coming back to say that the current definition of “Literature and Language” is too broad
        • The Murphy definition of Literature and Language refers strictly to "literature and language". To the Board, this does not include the arts, which is why most film and musical theatre funding will be dropped. Another area that will be impacted other than film, musical theatre, and "arts"-related scholarship is the Aonian: Murphy will no longer be funding the person who normally judges the art competition, or anything else related to the art competitions
          • However, if a program has to do with literature or language *adaptation* (ie. a foreign film series, a Shakespeare adaptation, etc) these types of programs MIGHT be possible.
        • Board’s decision and not the decision of the college – Dr. Sutherland and others have tried to convince them to change their mind
      • Director of Murphy and programming committee are no more
    • The next two “fallow” years
      • Dr. Vernon is in charge of exploring different options for what Murphy could be. Will be giving a presentation in February
        • Visiting other schools (Tulane’s Murphy Institute)
          • One idea is to look for a new space somewhat like the Raney Building that may facilitate more intellectual conversation about literature and language
        • Any questions or ideas need to be sent to Dr. Vernon or Henryetta Vanaman (the Program Director) ASAP (,
      • This will be the last year for a theme
      • May no longer get scholarships for Academmia del Arte and other such programs
      • The Film Department is very thankful to have received an over 50% departmental budget increase (before was around $400, now over $1000), HOWEVER, you can imagine how big of a blow it is for a new department, to suddenly receive MUCH less support, especially when they already receive so little departmental funding.
        • Unsure of the situation in the theatre department, but musicals and other trips/projects not directly related to "Literature and Language" are not likely to receive funding.
      • Talk to Lance about film groups on campus
        • Distressing because film major is new and is currently being thrown to the ground
        • “LIKE” Film Society and Filmmakers Club on Facebook


Official Statementfrom Dr. Sutherland, Hendrix-Murphy Foundation Director:

*   Purpose:  The purpose of the Hendrix MurphyFoundation is to enrich and enhance the programs of Hendrix College inliterature and language. The program has supported great programs on and offcampus for the past several decades.  Everyone involved is proud of thatgreat history. However, it is time for a fresh look at what Murphy canaccomplish on campus in ways that may be very different from the paststructures in some ways while greatly increasing the role of the MurphyPrograms on campus.

*   Board:  The Murphy Board of Directors is aliveand well.  They meet four times a year either on campus or by conferencecall.  It is the Programming Committee that has been disbanded during theprocess of re-visioning the programs.

*   Re-Visioning:  The Murphy Board of Directors iscurrently studying ways to revamp existing programs and expand into new areasthat match the stated purpose.  So, yes, there will be major changes and Iam certain they will be exciting changes.  But the details have not yetbeen decided and the following year or two will be the "fallow years''where we decide how to revamp existing programs and how to move forward in new ways.

*   Department Funding:  The traditional threedepartments (English, Foreign Languages, and Theatre Arts and Dance) will allthree most certainly have continued funding although perhaps in different waysfrom the recent past.  Film and theatre have not been banned, but theissue of relationship to the purpose will be asked more directly to any groupmaking a proposal.  Some existing programs will most likely not becontinued and some existing programs will most likely be continued. However,the three departments will continue to be supported.

*   Themes:  Although the Board approved pastthemes, it is the programming committee that developed the themes and maderecommendations concerning which Murphy proposals to fund for a given year. There is a Murphy theme this year but there will most probably not be atheme next year.  In the future, themes may or may not be part of theprogramming.

*   Staffing:  In the past few years, the MurphyPrograms have been staffed by Director David Sutherland, Associate Director ShinYu Pai, Program Manager Henryetta Manager, Office & Building Manager SarahEngeler-Young, and Presidential Fellow Lauren Daly.  This past spring Ms.Pai resigned and during the summer Alex Vernon became the Director of StrategicInitiatives.  This is most likely my final year as Murphy Director andLauren Daly's position ends after this academic year.  It is not yet clearhow the staff will be rearranged and changed since the new structures are stillbeing planned.

*   Next Year:  Decisions will be made thissemester about programs that will continue into the "fallow years." Dr. Vernon is gathering information and will make recommendations to theMurphy Administrative Committee (Provost Entzminger, Martha Murphy, DavidSutherland, Andrea Duina and Tom Siebenmorgan), which will in turn makerecommendations to the Board.  Then Dr. Vernon will turn his attentionback to gathering and making recommendations for the new vision.


V. CommitteeReports


  • Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Jim Wiltgen

   Overthe weekend, Art Building sign was dug up

§ Peoplewent to some effort to pull it up since it is placed in there with concrete

·        Mr.Loyd is concerned with this very intentional vandalism

o   Costsa lot for us

o   Makesit hard for Dean to fight for us as responsible so we can have kiddie pools

o   Inconsiderate,no sense of community, and so on

§ Anyinformation about the persons responsible should be sent to Dean. The sign hasbeen recovered though

   Siebenmorgenand Flory could not come this week due to people being off work

   Facilitieswaits 6-12 months before they donate the bikes

§ Worriedabout re-opening it to the campus

·        8-9months later when they are sold to another student and the original studentspots it

o   Maygive a “last-chance” offer

§ Willinclude the Bike Revolution individuals in this discussion

   Pooltables are being resurfaced on Thursday with swanky red

   Chickenand Waffles at lunch on Wednesday


  • Financial Committee with Adelia Shiffraw

   OutdoorRecreation from Andrew Thames

§ Requesting$3,115 for new “essential” items to strengthen Outdoor Recreation at Hendrix

§ Waitingto hear from Business Office about what funds are in our account

·        Littleless than $15000 in our account currently

·        Shouldfind out before

·        Uncomfortableto fund right now without knowing exact numbers

§ Willsend out the proposals to everyone (please give us questions and comments sothat Adelia can ask Andrew)

§ $350is very cheap for brand new canoes, so they might want to jump on it

·        Don’tknow how many resources they have right now, so we will figure that out whenAdelia talks to Andrew

§ Andrewis working on a contract (sign out) system) so that we can make peopleaccountable when they fail to care for their tents, etc.

·        Losta lot of the old resources to mold and insects

o   Anyorganization and department should make an effort to take care of theirresources (outdoor related or not)

§ Tableduntil the figure is known – ALL IN FAVOR

   HendrixCollege Sugar Gliders (Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team)

§ Requesting$902.40 for the 2012 USAU South Central Club Sectionals Tournament

·        Onlywomen’s team because most male players are committed Little Rock club teamsduring for this tournament and there are no women’s club teams in central AR

·        Theteam qualified last year for to the USAU Division III College Championship (afirst in Hendrix Ultimate history)

o   Requested$1,194.40 and the money granted came out of this year’s budget (cut twotournaments this year)

§ FinComsuggests that they use other funds for this tournament (not the best practiceand not the practice normally encouraged, but this is a special circumstance)and asks that they come back later in the semester/year to request funding.

§ Alsouncomfortable to fund right now without knowing exact numbers

§ Lodgingand gas limits need to be met

§ FAILED(not funded) – Anvesh and Sreesh abstained


  • Campus Kitty with Lauren Beck

   GeneralCommittee Applications due tomorrow (5th of September)

§ AshleyHalbert’s mailbox or email (on the application)


  • Social Committee with Ethan Ake

    • Faux Rush Week:
      • Tuesday:  Movie Night: 8 PM – Animal House
      • Wednesday:  Lip Sync Off: 7:30-10 PM
      • Thursday:  Inflatable Games: 5-8 PM
      • Friday:  Relay: 4:30 PM
        • Atomic Wing Eating Contest
        • Tricycle Race
        • Word Find (in pool of glitter)
        • Trash Pong
        • Brain Teaser Questionnaire
      • Saturday:  Foam Party: 10 PM-1 AM
    • No bossaball L


  • Media Committee with Kelley Lane

   Applicationsdue today for Profile

   Allother media organizations are currently interviewing


  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Rachel Head

    • Clean Energy Town Hall Meeting: September 11th, 7:00 pm, Mills C
    • Officer Applications due by Friday, Sep. 7th, at midnight. Contact for an application!
      • 40-50 people were at the last meeting
      • Filling up really fast
    • Meeting NEXT Thursday, September 13th, at 7:00 pm in Mills A
      • Meetings every other week
    • Visit to the Conway Recycling Center coming soon!
      • Date TBD
      • Will give Cara their phone number so that off-campus people can call to have the trucks stop by


  • Multicultural Development Committee with Jeremy Williams



  • Volunteer Action Committee with Erin Murchison (Peter Hanneman)

1.Fall Break Trip to Heifer! There's still time to get an application in -they are available in the Miller Center and are due this Friday, September 7th,by noon.

2.Ecofest is this Saturday! We're still working with the volunteer coordinator,but email Ella at if you are interested involunteering and as soon as we know specifics, we'll send out an email.

3.If you didn't sign up to be on VAC's email list but you want to be on it, emailVAC@hendrix.eduand you'll get our weekly notes (Freshman: VAC is a great way to get your Mini-Odysseyproject done...)

4.Harvest Fest is help with Boys & Girls Club of Faulkner County

      • Volunteered at this event for the past several years
      • Senate will have a booth so brainstorm
      • Currently discussing the location of the event


  • SOMEC with Lance St. Laurent

   Tonyaand Lance have talked so now they will have their necessary access

§ SoCoand SOMEC shares space in the attic


  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Molly Elders and Zack Hausle



  • Communications Committee with Secretary Blake Tierney


   Studentorganization training?

§ Trainingin marketing, budgeting, proposing events, programming, etc.

·        Discusspossibility of small training sessions

o   MicrosoftPublisher, etc.

§ Twodifferent sessions (tentatively Sept. 19-20)

§ Mustsend one representative from organization to one of the sessions. If you do not, then your discretionaryrequests will not be approved by Senate

·        Thisincludes committees on Senate, all student organizations, Hall Councils, etc.

o   Ifyou expect to get money from Senate, then you should attend.

·        Preferablythe treasurer or Exec from the organization should attend


§ QRscanner maybe? Molly is looking into it

§ Periclesis doing a voter drive every Friday from 11-2

·        Senatorsshould send times they are available to work

§ VoterRegistration Day is September 25th

§ Bannerin the cafeteria, since it is so easy to use from your phone

§ Anyonewho is already registered should also sign-up for TurboVote so you can takeadvantage of their services


  • Committee on Committees with Delaney Roberts


   LaurenWallis expressed interest in being on the Committee on Committees since MartinHall Senator left

§ Approved- Lauren abstains


  • Academic Policy with Zack Hausle

   September6 – if you or your constituents have any concerns, ideas, etc., then email

§ Thisincludes anything about the smoking policy

   SmokingPolicy update: Last Board meeting on May 6 (Only meets 3 times a year)

§ OneBoard member presented at the end of the meeting during New Business a proposalthat would take effect in 2013-2014 to make Hendrix a tobacco-free campus

·        TheBoard approved

o   ManyBoard members agreed that not being tobacco-free made us look negative becauseall state schools are now tobacco free because of a recently enacted law

§ OneSenator expressed concern as to why we were being compared to commuter campusessince a large majority of our students live on campus

o   ManyBoard members also had moral objections to having tobacco allowed on campus

·        Enforcementhas been left to the College, Dean and Exec will be working together

o   Pleasesend us any comments

o   Therewas one comment last year that there should be lower fines

·        Wasthere any consideration for individuals who were going to smoke and want tosmoke at night but would then have to go off-campus

o   TheBoard included in the proposal that the College will also be in charge of assistingand educating smokers (helping them toward cessation, providing them resources,etc.)

o   Whereis it allowed for us to smoke? (what is considered “on-campus?)

·        Wewill express any concerns, ideas, etc. expressed to us to the Committee onStudent Life and to Academic Policy Committee


  • Executive Committee with Annie Slattery (Delaney Roberts)

   Electioncode changes tabled to next week – all in favor


VII. NewBusiness