Student Senate

Minutes 04.25.12




Wednesday,April 25, 2012

6:30 p.m.Campbell Dining Room

Student Lifeand Technology Center

I. Call toOrder

Annie Slattery– Present              Neelam Vyas - Present

DelaneyRoberts – Present            GrahamSenor – Present

Zack Hausle – Present                  Julia Cook – Present

Molly Elders –Present                 LaurenWallis - Present

Blake Tierney– Present               Annie Vogt - Present

AdeliaShiffraw – Present             Anvesh Kompelli - Present

Rachel Head - Absent                  Dylan Ashcraft – Present

Ethan Ake – Absent                      KrisNickel -Present

Malena Outhay– Absent               Peter Hanneman - Present

Kelley Lane – Present                            DrewAllen – Present

Erin Murchison– Present              Ethan Hill - Present

JeremyWilliams – Present            Sreesh Reddy - Present

LaurenWhitmore – Present         

Jeremy Rowe – Present               Cara Roadarmel - Present

Report fromFinancial Committee withAdelia Shiffraw

Members ofFinance Committee ...


Jo ClaireRobertson ‘14

Emily Canon‘13

Lindsey Wiggin‘13

David Allan‘14

Daniel Durbin‘14

Kevin Theall‘13


Annie Vogt ‘15

Julia Cook ‘13

Graham Senor‘15

Peter Hanneman‘14

Jeremy Rowe‘13

SenatePresident (non-voting):

Annie Slattery‘14

Chair(votes only to create a majority):

AdeliaShiffraw ‘14

Rules FinCom2012-2013 operated - FinCom document ( and a few new rulesthey are hoping are added to the document

Wantedmore specificity for movie events

Many peoplerequesting money for movies

Fundingfood for movies was limited to $20 for popcorn

Popcornmachine can be borrowed from SoCo

Ifevent had an expected 150 or less, no funding for cups and plates

Must go to ECCfor those

Checkingup on organizations to properly advertise for events next year, since there werequestions about whether this money would actually go to the expected number ofstudents and whether

Cappedfunding for prizes at events to $100

May affectSenate Red Brick Film Festival award, but this change has not been made, so wewill discuss at a later date

Didnot end up funding Campus Kitty After Party

Wanted CK tocome up with a different way to have the event as discussed in Senate earlierthis month

Fundednew salary positions

ECC – programsdirectors (recycling, free store, etc.)

Culinary Club– important position, position that requires a lot of work, position pays foritself however


Didnot fund Young Democrats for Obama campaign because FinCom had strongreservations against openly supporting one candidate with student activitymoney


Throughthe beginning of 2012 until we receive the money from the Business Office fromthe Student Activity fee...

$21370(Total Amount as of 4/23)

    $970 (Salary Errors)

-$1110 (4/24 Discretionary Requests)


EstimatedDiscretionary Fund for 2012-2013 (given Financial Committee recommendations forSpring Allocations)

Senatetraditionally keeps $60,000-80,000 in the Student Activity Fee Fund forSeptember-February of the upcoming academic year.

FinanceCommittee advises to keep AT LEAST $70,000-75,000 in the Student Activity FeeFund for next year

Separatefrom the above calculated beginning of year Discretionary Fund amount

   1380                  (ConservativeEstimate of #HDX Students for ’12-’13)

X $350                  (Student Activity Fee)


+ 54,549                 (Approximate Rollover)

–  34,600                (SenateSalary Fund)


- 415,747.80           (Finance Committee Recommended Funding)

$87,202.20              (Estimateof funds in 2012-2013 Discretionary

fundgiven the recommendations from FinCom)


Therequests from student organizations added up to be $505,994.85, which is $3000 over the amountestimated to be in discretionary next year and is $50000 more than what wasrequested last year.

Reallystrong-looking budgets and calendars from all the organizations – Thank you!

“Senatediscussion and vote on Spring Allocation” below for more.

Budget Appeals

Each club had 3minutes to present their case and then 7 minutes of answering questions fromSenate. Decisions on amending the Spring Allocation budget proposal were madeafter all the appeals.


Anticipated being able to spend remaining funds in their accounton

Theconstruction of two tractors (mobile coops)

Areplacement pet carrier

Chickenfeed for this summer.

However, after beginning construction, they realized that theirestimated tractor costs are insufficient (Lowes is expensive).

Chicken Club now requires additional funding, and must re-evaluatetheir rollover amount.

FinCommade a mistake

Missed thatChicken Club was going to use the rollover, so the amount for the rollover wasnot funded

Friends ofIndia

BecauseFriends of India was denied $330 for food for their film screening, on thegrounds that it was not central to the event, they would like to appeal for $20for popcorn funding.


FinCom WANTS to fund Spring Allocation salaried positions for TheProfile, but overall felt the proposed salaries were too high and needed tobetter reflect the new Constitutional changes to The Profile’s Editor-in-Chiefand two Associate Editor’s Salaries

Although The Troubadour and The Profile are differentorganizations, they both have large staffs funded by the Spring AllocationProcess, and there exists great disparity between these sets of salaries.

Is it fair tocompare the budget for the Troubador staff and for the Profile staff, sincethey require different commitments and workforces?

FinCom felt they did not have the expertise necessary to judge howto adjust the proposed salaries

AskedThe Profile to re-evaluate them and to come back during the Appeals Processwith new figures.

The Profile made many cuts to their budget

Manystaff are absorbing duties of other staff members

$2,500 less than what original requested

Editor-in-Chiefand Associate Editor already cut and absorbed the duties of other positions

Initially Proposed Salaries


Proposed Salaries for Appeals Process


Troubadour Salaries (for reference)

Layout Editor (x2) = $700 each = $1400


Layout Editor (x2) = $540 each = $1080


Social Section Editor = $400

Copy Editor (x2) = $700 each = $1400


Copy Editor (x2) = $540 each = $1080


Acad/Fac/Org Section Editor = $400

Photo Editor = $700


Photo Editor = $540


Athletics Section Editor = $400

Web Editor = $350


Web Editor = $300


Res Life Section Co-Editors (x2) = $400 each = $800

Staff Writers (x7) = $350 each = $2450


Staff Writers (x7) = $210 each = $1470


Assistant Editors (x2) = $100 each = $200

Photographers (x3) = $350 each = $1050


Photographers (x3) = $210 each = $630


Head Photographers (x2) = $450 each = $900

Columnists (x5) = $140 each = $700


Columnists (x5) = $90 each = $450


Assistant Photographers (x2) = $100 each = $200







Oneco-president will be abroad during the Fall and the other during the Springnext year - will not be able to request discretionary funding as effectively

Emergencycaused neither Exec member to be able to come to the budget hearing nor warnthe Treasurer that they were unable to attend

FinanceCommittee originally felt it inappropriate to recommend funding (for more thana co-sponsored event), since no member was present to defend SLIC’s budget(FinCom adhered to the same policy for the two other organizations, Amnesty andSEXplorations)

MISS(Multicultural andInternational Student Services) Office does hold the dinner at thebeginning of the year (which all students are invited to), but this Welcomedinner is just for Spanish-speaking students

Theycan hold it with the Spanish House next year, which will be a strategic move

Estimatefor Cinco de Mayo Festival is how much was spent this year

Leftovermoney this year was used for the stage/tent

Expectthat costs for band will rise (may not rise as much, which means this moneywill be put toward tent or stage)

Shouldwe go with that group if the cost is rising?


Exceptionally large budget for a student organization,particularly in light of other cutbacks we have made this year.

Wouldmake this one of the most funded organizations and more so than some mediaorganizations.

KinseySicks is not brought in every year – comparing it to other budgets is odd giventhis

Onlya one-time event and we have to ask whether its benefit to the student body isworth this large amount of money

Lookingtoo much at coming out of organization budget and not coming out of studentmoney

Itis reaching many students, important to these students, especially being inWelcome Week.

Probablyhave higher attendance at this event than some organizations’ events for theentire year.

After all of the budget hearings were complete, FinCom went backand through much deliberation decided that although the Kinsey Sicks would bepopular, they are too expensive for the time being.

Exacerbated by the event’s scheduling during Welcome Week, whichis already densely programmed.

Butit is full so that groups can get people to come to the meetings

The Kinsey Sicks came three years ago and they filled up the centersection of Staples, and at that time they weren't even a Welcome Weekevent. 

Paid roughly if not exactly the same amount for them then. 

Feel that this event will be more than worth the money consideringthe number of people who attend Welcome Week events and the amount of publicityit gets. 

Bringingthem later in the year would cost us $3000 more in discretionary requests(because of a block speaking fee deal only available now)

Was approving funding of the Rupp and Taylor event and other drag events,and would like to encourage UNITY to diversify its programming into other areasof LBGTQ awareness.

Drag is an art, and we cannot do it justice ourselves.  Tocelebrate drag, we have to bring in professional drag queens (and maybe one daykings!) who are often expensive.  

Band,comedy event, activism event – hour long performance

Themembers of the quartet have had strong positions in gay activism

Theyhave come a long way with their performance since going to Broadway with it andbuilding it into more of a dramatic performance

Bringstudents on stage – an event that is very important in the lives of thesestudents

UNITYhas a good reputation with the group that runs publicity for the Kinsey Sicks –they were the ones who recommended Circus Amok!

Gaveus parts of the budget on which they would make concessions

KinseySicks says “Here is the community” and the Mixer is a social event that says“Let’s build that community”

In the past it has been a highly successful event, and two of theprevious FinComs have deemed it a valuable use of the student body'smoney. 

SenateDiscussion and Vote on Spring Allocations

Much of thediscussion on specific appeals was moved into these sections above

Ifwe are going to cut money, then we should look at Spring and late Fall.

Ifwe are going to cut money some places, then add it elsewhere, then are we doingmuch of anything?

Willplanning now help the efforts for next year?

Ifthey come back in the Fall for requests and fall through, then we can say no,because they are supposed to plan ahead.

Discretionaryrequests are mostly for incidental costs and for new student organizations

Therewas a concern that new organizations would be left out if we alloweddiscretionary fund to be depleted.

Ifan event was going to be held, then it should have been planned for in theSpring Allocations budget

Senatewill be stricter this year on discretionary requests by looking at ...

Plansof organizations for Spring Allocations

Theamount they received in Spring Allocations

Whetherthat money is being used appropriately and efficiently

Oneof the ways to efficiently use funds is to improve event marketing

Amend SpringAllocation budget to add $20 for Friends of India

Totalamount given would then be $270

PASSED– Sreesh and Neelam abstain from the discussion

Amend SpringAllocation budget to add $340 for Chicken Club

Totalamount given would then be $1406

PASSED– all in favor

Amend SpringAllocation budget to add $5550 for the Profile

Totalamount given would then be $16,490

PASSED– Peter abstains

Amend SpringAllocation budget for SLIC to $5776

Cut$100 for Welcome Baskets

Cut$3000 for Tango band for Hispanic Heritage Month

Notenough information and specificity – come back with discretionary request, ifnecessary

Cut$300 for cups for advertising for Club FuZion

Havingfree cups skews the number of people signing up for a wristband, which means anoverestimate of the number of people to the event

Cut$1000 for a ballet group for Cinco de Mayo

Notenough specificity – come back with discretionary request, if necessary

Cut$40 for food from SLIC Movie Night

Fundedall other requests

PASSED– all in favor

Amend SpringAllocation budget for Unity to $17,012.35

FundedKinsey Sicks for Welcome Week

$1000will be paid by Student Activities

$2000cut because of a block speaking fee for that time

Cut$50 for decorations for Welcome Week mixer

Cut$1410 for speaking fee for preacher during Faith and Sexuality Week

Wasa high estimate and is assumed by Delaney to not be as high next year. Asked tocome back through a discretionary request, if necessary

Cut$30 for the reading of “8”


Delaneyabstained from the discussion


Dylan,Graham, Peter, Julia, and Cara abstain.

Fund $431,773.80 for Spring Allocations as documented(Spring Allocations)

PASSED – allin favor

$71,175.20estimated in discretionary for 2012-2013

VII. NewBusiness

Zack willwrite the letter to the City of Conway regarding the crosswalks

Dylan– will we be asking for lit crosswalk?

Annie– No, we need to stay within reasonable requests for this first step, so wewill just be asking for re-painting of the crosswalks

Dylan– but if we are at the point of writing a letter, is it not a point to bear ourteeth?

UCAhas the lights, but UCA is funded by the state

Sendsuggestions and comments to or directlyto Zack Hausle at

Get your biosand photos in to Blake or Annie will write your bio for you and Blake will findthe most ridiculous photo of you on Facebook.