Student Senate

Minutes 03.27.12


I. Call to Order

             Annie Slattery – Present               Neelam Vyas - Present

          Delaney Roberts – Present            Graham Senor – Present              

          Zack Hausle – Present                  Julia Cook – Present

            Molly Elders – Present                  Lauren Wallis - Present

          Blake Tierney – Present               Annie Vogt - Present

          Adelia Shiffraw – Present             Anvesh Kompelli - Present

          Rachel Head - Present                 Dylan Ashcraft – Present

          Ethan Ake – Present                    Kris Nickel - Present

            Malena Outhay – Present             Peter Hanneman - Present

          Kelley Lane – Present                  Drew Allen – Present

          Erin Murchison – Present            Ethan Hill - Present

          Jeremy Williams – Present            Sreesh Reddy - Present

          Lauren Whitmore – Present          Jeremy Rowe – Present

                                                              Cara Roadarmel - Present


II. Special Business

  • Tech Business with Molly Elders
      • Anybody on Senate can email this listserv, but purely for Senate to use
      • Just Senate Exec, which is for suggestions, concerns, etc.
    • Network folders
      • “CurrentSenate”
        • All senator notes will be saved to this folder every week
        • Blake will put in minutes
      • “SenateArchives”
        • Only editable by Exec
        • Hold contact information, documents for permanent committees on Senate, hold notes
    • Blake has access to all class and residence hall listservs
    • Class listservs re-organization
      • Currently organized by credits, but Annie and Molly talked to Sam about creating listservs by expected graduation year
      • Still in the works, but will hopefully solve all the problems
  • Liaison Adjustment
    • Molly Elders has worked closely with Sam Nichols from IT and SACC needs a clear commitment. Switch with Graham on IT Liaison. Graham will be Groundskeeper Liaison
    • Please contact your department and introduce yourself as their liaison


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • Graham – Class T-shirts?
    • We have had residence hall t-shirts, could we get these?
    • Not financially feasible, but we could try first year and make students pay for it.
  • Dylan – Martin Hall Council needs access to storage under stairs
    • Neelam – Galloway needs doorknob to get to their student
      • That’s a physical plant issue
    • Tried emailing since Winter Break, but heard very little and made very little progress
      • Not fair, Senate will see what we can do and talk to
    • Has to call person to call p-safe to let in, but p-safe hasn’t shown up the last couple of times.
  • Hunter Owen – Couldn’t get into 24 hour access carrels over Spring Break
    • Going to talk about changing rules for Spring and Thanksgiving Break so that they are like the regular access during school rather than over summer or winter break.

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

  • Anvesh (WAC) on Green Cart Deli
    • Agreement between Green Cart Deli and baseball team that funds get shared
    • Green Cart Deli is invited to all the outdoor sports events but not indoor


V. Committee Reports


  • Financial Committee with Adelia Shiffraw
    • Announcement of Financial Committee Members (Senators and At-Large) à APPROVED – all in favor
      • Senators
        • Graham Senor
        • Julia Cook
        • Jeremy Rowe
        • Peter Hanneman
        • Annie Vogt
      • Members at large
        • David Allen
        • Lindsey Wiggin
        • Jo Claire Robertson
        • Daniel Durbin
        • Kevin Theall
        • Emily Canon
      • Annie Slattery and Adelia Shiffraw have to be on it according to the FinCom document
    • Mandatory Budget Hearing/Spring Allocation Info Session for all clubs requesting Senate funding for '12-13 (Wednesday 3/28 at 4:15pm in Mills B)
      • If no Exec member from the organization can make it, then email Adelia in advance
    • Discretionary Proposals:
  • ACS (Cold Food Festival - requested $50)
    1. Good example of how food should be used as the main part of the activity
      1. Food should not be used to draw people to the activity
    2. Was sent in prior to Spring Break, but we missed it on accident – We apologize
    3. APPROVED – all in favor
  • Black Mesa (Hollis Proffit-requested $500)
    1. “Speaking fee” is said to help fund Black Mesa project
    2. She is already coming so this proposal is presupposing that Senate will fund.
    3. All opposed to funding
  • Hillel (Maccabeats Concert- requested $7635)
    1. Great event last year, great example of a proposal (attached the Master Calendar confirmation, detailed explanation
    2. $30000 in budget (once loan is returned from Ultimate)
      1. Want $15000-$20000 to rollover
    3. Martin won’t requesting much for Toga, possibly $500
    4. Need more of a diversity in the social events, don’t want to set a precedent for repeating
      1. However, group has already gotten hype around Hendrix for coming back and it’s been done already
    5. Did not ask for much money in Spring Allocations because they couldn’t plan this far in advance and because they get money from Crain-Maling and Jewish Federation of Arkansas. Using the rest of the money in their budget and also already asked Crain-Maling.
      1. Can they get SIP (Student Initiated Project) grant?
    6. Motion to amend to $3500 and $1500 from SoCo loan - PASSED – all in favor
    7. PASSED – all in favor


  • Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Jim Wiltgen
    • Off-Campus Approvals
      • How many students total - how many we can put in housing
      • Affected by the incoming freshman class
        • With conservative estimate of 400, only 75 students are able to go off campus for housing.
          • Each student in the freshman class over 400 will be another student allowed to live off-campus.
            • So make sure more people join the school and make sure to increase retention
          • Automatic housing first (married, over 23, those already living off-campus, living with family in town, etc.), then of those left will be chosen based on their draw number
            • Not likely if you already live off-campus and applied for off-campus that you will be asked to come back onto campus
          • Just over 100 students applied to live off campus. Many people currently living off-campus did not apply for off-campus, so they are not going to get it.
            • They were reminded multiple times.
      • If you are approved, then you don’t have to go through Housing Selection. If not approved to go off-campus, then you have to go through it.
      • Fewer people in the college, then apartments will stretch farther.
        • More apartments will be able to make triples too


  • Campus Kitty with Malena Outhay (Lauren Beck)
    • CK Week is almost here! It will be April 6 - 14.
    • Check out our website for more information on events, charities, and CK passes!
    • Tell your parents to buy a Campus Kitty pass for you! They should have received a letter over Spring Break. If not, tell them to go to our website and pay online.
    • We begin selling event passes and concert wristbands on Monday, April 2. Ghostland Observatory and Best Coast will be playing on Friday, April 6 at 8 PM in Worsham. Wristbands are $5 for students, $10 for guests.
    • If you would like to donate items/services to the Martin/VZ auction, please contact Paige Spivey ( or Amy Brame ( by April 9
      • One year swim team had a Speedo Party, one person auctioned off a section of his butt to be tattooed
      • Any male willing to be MC should talk to Paige or Amy


  • Social Committee with Will Phillips (Ethan Ake)
    • No report


  • Media Committee with Courtney Johnson (Kelley Lane)
    • If you have concern about this year, then talk to Courtney
    • If you have concern for next year, then talk to Kelley
    • Wristbands for Campus Kitty concert for public (not students and guests) will be made available Thursday April 5 and Friday April 6. Only a set number of these wristbands will be given out though.
      • Generic wristband is more expensive than the guest wristband
    • Currently doing interviews for Media Heads


  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily Canon (Rachel Head)
    • Dishes left in the Student Activity Conference Room
      • Easier to get access to key to get dishes than should be
      • Check out process through ECC Chair
    • Anybody talk about changing from black plastic to paper cups
      • Mike Flory said that they were a little tacky, but fear of student uprising
      • If eco-friendly option is available, then students will be okay with it, but they still want the option of having the small containers
        • Black cup option was brought out because the bowls were used for condiments and people put too many condiments in the bowls
        • ECC has decided to wait for a student push, but too expensive to find replacement
          • Possibly try to remove them over the summer so that there is a whole new class of students that will not be aware of the cups and eventually there will be no problem
      • Burrow cups are recyclable by the way


  • Multicultural Development Committee with Anna Roane (interim) (Jeremy Williams)
    • Genocide Movie-Kinyarwanda
      • Part of Genocide Remembrance Week.
      • The Rwandan students have arranged for a cast member to come for the screening
      • Location: Campbell dining room
      • Time: 6-7
    • Subcommittee heads have been chosen
    • Talk to Jeremy Williams about MDC things


  • Volunteer Action Committee with Rachel Robbins (Erin Murchison)
    • The Service Saturday this week will be a joint project with VAC and Heifer Club. They will be working at Dunbar Gardens in Little Rock. Meet at the bell at 9:20AM.
    • “Living for 32” about the Virginia Tech shooting. Follows a student who is working
      • Livestream chat with the student after the film
      • Will be in one half of Worsham, Monday April 2 at 7:00 pm.
    • Anyone interested should e-mail Brie at


  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Molly Elders and Zack Hausle
    • No Report


  • Communications Committee with Secretary Blake Tierney
    • Communications Committee Document – APPROVED – all in favor
    • Communications Committee members – APPROVED -  all in favor
    • Office hours
      • Senate Exec hours are posted online and outside the Senate Office. They start next Monday at April 2.
        • Annie Slattery: Monday 3:00-4:00, Wednesday 7:00-8:30
        • Delaney Roberts: Wednesday 3:00-4:00, Thursday 7:00-8:30
        • Molly Elders: Tuesday 2:30-4:00, Friday 3:00-4:00
        • Blake Tierney: Tuesday 4:00-5:30, Friday 4:00-5:00
        • Zack Hausle: Monday 4:00-5:30,
        • Adelia Shiffraw: Thursday 2:30-5:00
      • Senators will be starting office hours – more on this later
    • Posted agenda on the front page of the Senate Website, outside the doors to Campbell and at the check-in to the cafeteria.


  • Committee on Committees with Delaney Roberts
    • Shirttails Serenade Committee members – APPROVED – all in favor
      • Assistants to the Chairs: Don Geders and Laura Wagner
      • Vice Chairs of Contracts: Payton Lea and Mauren Kennedy
      • Vice Chairs of Music and Choreography: Kristen Foster and Jill Nguyen
    • Interviewing this week for ...
      • SOMEC Chair
      • ECC - First Vice Chair and Second Vice Chair
      • Campus Kitty -  First Vice Chair and Second Vice Chair
      • SoCo - Film and Special Events, Music and Dance, Publicity


  • Academic Policy with Zack Hausle
    • Journeys proposals
      • Will be sent out to students through surveymonkey to be voted upon
        • Cara - The actual proposals are vague and formal as faculty proposals are expected to be
          • These proposals are informal and short so that students will read, understand, and vote
      • Final decision will be Academic Policy and then Entzminger
        • Students will have a voice though through this survey
        • Faculty have a lot of say because what they put into it is what we get out of it.
      • Delaney – liked the Engaged citizen... not anymore because students choose and there is less of an exposure to different areas
      • Julia – liked Journeys for common experience. Doesn’t like the rotating professors option (intersections). Like the Departures class because it has history and relevance for today for different philosophical thoughts
      • Peter – doesn’t like the Bearings because that eliminates the common experience  and doesn’t like that you are randomly given a professor and thus given a random experience
        • Jeremy doesn’t like this either because the grading style is so different
      • Dylan – wish people could talk through lyle to connect to Area II classes from AGS


  • Executive Committee with Annie Slattery
    • Constitution and Bylaws revision
      • Don’t need to vote on grammatical and updating revisions to the Constitution
      • If wasn’t read by Senators, then this should be tabled.
        • Tabled  - all in favor
    • Senate theme – Disney
      • Copyright laws? – legal principle of fair use states that as long as you are not making a profit off
        • Senator has had experience with t-shirt company censoring similar theme on t-shirt
      • Come back with some new ones so we can make a decision soon
    • Hardin Hardstock Senate booth
      • Guess the Amount - 4 jars filled candy
        • Each guess is 25 cents
        • Prize is that they win the jar of candy
        • JollyRanchers, Hershey kisses, starburst jellybeans, Reeses


VII. New Business


VIII. Adjournment