Student Senate

Minutes 04.03.12


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dinning Room

Student Life and Technology Center


  1. Call to Order

Annie Slattery – Present              Neelam Vyas - Present

Delaney Roberts – Present            Graham Senor – Present

Zack Hausle – Absent                  Julia Cook – Present

Molly Elders – Present                  Lauren Wallis - Present

Blake Tierney – Present               Annie Vogt - Present

Adelia Shiffraw – Present             Anvesh Kompelli - Present

Rachel Head - Present                 Dylan Ashcraft – Proxy (Ethan Ake)

Ethan Ake – Present                    Kris Nickel - Present

Malena Outhay – Present              Peter Hanneman - Present

Kelley Lane – Present                            Drew Allen – Present

Erin Murchison – Present              Ethan Hill - Present

Jeremy Williams – Proxy (Max)     Sreesh Reddy - Present

Lauren Whitmore – Present          Jeremy Rowe – Present

                                                Cara Roadarmel - Proxy (Desh Deepak)


II. Special Business

  • Financial Committee with Adelia Shiffraw
    • Spring allocations start this Sunday!  
      • Sign-up sheet is up next to Senate office in the Student Organizations suite on the first floor of the SLTC
        • Make sure your club signs up!
    • MDC requested $1250 for movie remembering the Rwandan Genocide
      • Cast and crew are coming to speak afterwards
      • No conflict with the Maccabeats
      • Collaboration with Rwandan students on campus
      • PASSED – all in favor
    • Profile requested $153 for gas for driving to their new printer these last few prints
      • An appropriate exception to the “no retroactive funding” rule
      • PASSED – all in favor
    • TEDrix requested approximately $928 for a bowling retreat to Memphis
      • Why is this taking place in Memphis?
      • No student contribution
      • No rationale
      • REJECTED – all opposed
    • VAC requested $120 for T-shirts for 4th grade visit
      • Will only need about 20 shirts because of how many students will remain in VAC from last year
        • Also expect many to stay from this year to next year
      • For the children to be able to identify who are the not-too-scary college kids
      • PASSED – all in favor
    • Approximately $7500 left in budget through next fall (there is still also about $18000 to be rolled over)
  • Media Committee with Kelley Lane
    • Recommendations for Media Head Positions – APPROVED – all in favor  
      • KHDX
        • Kevin Theall – Station Manager
        • Lacey Laborde – Program Director
        • Neelam Vyas – Editor in Chief
        • Emily Deer – Associate Editor
      • PROFILE
        • Kim Lane – Editor in Chief
        • Harley White – Managing Editor
        • Filing for Profile Associate Editor will re-open in the Fall
      • AONIAN
        • Julia Lee McGill – Editor in Chief
        • Alli Dillard – Associate Editor

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • Annie – When will students on the waitlist for off-campus know if they can live off-campus?
    • When admissions knows about numbers
      • It shouldn’t be long after May 1 when incoming students must get in their deposit
        • Get students to come to Hendrix so more people can live off-campus!!!
      • Usually they try to get approvals out before the summer, but some do happen over the summer.
    • Based on draw number but...
      • Also depends on draw numbers of people you are living within that you might get approved but your roommate might not
        • They are working on holding your spot until your roommate gets approved.
      • About 10 rising seniors did not get approved
    • Is there a document outlining this policy?
    • Any other questions should be directed to John Omolo
  • Ethan – Graduation at Conway High (2600)
    • Talk to Lauren Whitmore about drafting a resolution to the Graduation Committee
      • Many seniors are currently working with her on it, but they would like as much help as people are willing to give
      • She wants to meet about graduation concerns this Sunday.  Email her with your proposals if you would like to participate!
  • Ethan – Pink slime meat in Hendrix cafeteria?
    • Question was put to the Cafeteria liaison (Cara Roadarmel)
  • Ethan – Storage key for Martin
    • Issue to be discussed with the Dean
  • Jeremy – Extend fencing for Front Street to prevent theft?
    • Question was put to the Facilities liaison (Graham Senor)


IV. Departmental Liaison Reports


V. Committee Reports


  • Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Jim Wiltgen
    • Dean’s Poker Night
      • Deal with the devil, I MEAN Campus Kitty.
        • Senator who beats him, 2 dollars toward CK
        • Student who beats him,1 dollar toward CK
        • Person who knocks him out of the tournament will get the shirt off his back.
      • Starts at 5 in Worsham on Easter Sunday night
    • One week left to enter the Red Brick Film Festival - Due date April 12, 5pm
      • Cash prizes!  Awards like Best Actor and Best Writer.
      • Judges will be revealed at the festival, April 24th.
      • Check the email from Robert O’Connor for more information


  • Committee on Committees with Delaney Roberts
    • Recommendations for Chairs and Vice-Chairs – APPROVED – all in favor
      • ECC First Vice Chair: Connor Corley
      • ECC Second: Natalie Skinner
      • Campus Kitty First Vice Chair: Ashley Halbert
      • Campus Kitty Second Vice Chair: Katrina Griffin
      • SoCo Film and Special Events: Trey Kalbaugh
      • SoCo Music and Dance: Jack Finney
      • SoCo Publicity Chair: Lauren Nelson
      • SOMEC Chair: Lance St. Laurent
    • Filing for SOMEC Vice-Chairs will open soon


  • Campus Kitty with Malena Outhay (Lauren Beck)                                                                  
    • Circus Amok! = Queer Circus hosted by UNITY and SoCo
    • Bike-a-thon: Stationary bikes from the WAC
      • Each team represents a charity
        • Can purchase a sweatband if donate $5
    • Martin/VZ auction will include dates with Martin guys!
    • Game of Life = SUPERSIZED board game in Worsham emphasizing charities and raffling off fun stuff (like Ms. Hendrix tickets!)
      • Cutting is an evil terrible act
      • People can hold up to 3 student IDs in addition to your own
      • Can only buy for 1 guest
      • Tickets start going on sale Friday April 13 at 4:00
      • No stage seats this year, first 3 rows will be a higher price.






Zumba for Kitty

WAC/ 4:00 PM

$5 for Community members

Per donation for students


KHDX Concert – Best Coast and

Worsham/ 9:00 PM

        Ghostland Observatory

$5 students, $10 guests


Whiffle Ball Tournament

Front St. backyard/12:00 PM

$2/player (team of 5)

$1 food items


Bollywood Night ($1 per plate)

Galloway Parlor/5:00 PM


Dean’s Cup Poker Tourney

Worsham/5:00 PM

$5 to enter tournament

$1 extra chips


Philanthropy Awareness lecture

Worsham/12:15 PM

        by Charles Stewart



Circus Amok! (Entry is $3)

Brick Pit/8:00 PM


Game of Life (FREE)

Worsham/11 - 3 PM


Vagina Monologues (Entry is $3)

Reeves/6:00 PM


Bike-a-Thon (Per pledge)

Burrow/11 - 5 PM


Martin/VZ Auction

Worsham/7:00 PM

FREE for entrance

Per item for auction

$3 Henna


Red Light Revue (Entry is $3)

SLTC Porch/7:00 PM


Miss Hendrix

Staples Auditorium/8:00 PM

$20 students

$25 guests

$35, first 3 rows


Miss Hendrix After Party

Village/11:00 PM 


(near tennis courts)


 Social Committee with Ethan Ake

    • No report


  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Rachel Head
    • April: Peak Oil Month
      • A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crisis
      • Screening in DW 13 at 7 this Thursday
    • Bike Workshop/Ride with Bike Revolution
      • Sat, April 14 at 2:00pm
      • Meet at Bike Workshop
      • Location is behind Buhler
    • ECC emblem contest is underway!
      • Small, simple emblem design contact
      • Winners get $25 gift card to Zaza’s!!!!!!!!!
  • Multicultural Development Committee with Jeremy Williams
    • Executive positions will be announced next week because MDC Chair is at Model UN and needed to talk to Exec, etc.
    • DAO (Diversity, Awareness, Openness) Week schedule:


Monday April 16th:
Unity, MDC and Anthropology Club event 
 Time: Unknown
 Location: Unknown

Tuesday April 17th 
Guest speaker Dr. Ferrer on Religious Tolerance followed by discussion (food provided).
 Time: 7:00-8:30
 Location: Campbell Dining Room 

Wednesday April 18th
Cinco de Mayo Festival hosted with SLIC (coinciding with Student Activities Hump Night)
a. Mariachi band and catering
     Location: SLTC porch
Time: 3:00-6:00 (approximation)

Thursday April 19th 
Movie- “Vincent Who?”
The movie will be in conjunction with the Project Pericles discussion (4/19) on Asian American issues and awareness  
Time: 7:30 
Location: Undecided 

Salsa instruction and dancing

    Location: Worsham 

Friday April 20th 
Holi co-sponsored by International Club, Galloway Hall and Interfaith Group.  
Will include color, food, and music/dancing
Time: 8:00-12:00 (approximation)
Location: Grounds by the Houses

Saturday April 21st 
1. Cricket game 
Time: Unknown
Location: WAC turf 
2. Maccabeats with Hillel 
 Time: 9 pm
 Location: Worsham

Sunday April 22nd 
Black Violin
 Time: 7:00
 Location: Worsham


  • Volunteer Action Committee with Erin Murchison
    • Service Saturday, cleaning Habitat Re-Store, from 9-12, meet at bell at 9
    • 4th Grade Visit from Ida Burns Elementary School, April 19th, lots of fun, but lots of volunteers are needed
      • Here between 11am and 2 pm
        • Campus walks 11-12 (lunch provided by VAC)
        • Lunch and Faculty demonstrations 12-1:30 (NEED VOLUNTEERS) (lunch provided by VAC)
        • Recess at WAC 1:30-2 (NEED VOLUNTEERS) (lunch provided by VAC)
      • Email Erin Murchison by April 10th
      • Tuesday April 17th by 7:30 pm in SLTC 105


  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Molly Elders and Zack Hausle
    • Has anyone seen the Network Drives? -> no, okay – we will get that fixed
    • No update on Class ListServ
    • We’ll be in charge in some resolutions (not the graduation one, but the street one)


  • Communications Committee with Secretary Blake Tierney
    • What a great team I have! – Here are some tips for your notes and for being a good representative for your constituents
      • use a funny, inviting title, make a joke off a famous music/movie title, use a title that attracts your constituents' attention
      • at the beginning of the notes, provide a concise summary of what is included in the notes. After this summary, provide your full length notes. This way you will get people who want a short blurb or who might only see the beginning of the email
      • do NOT do an attachment (of your notes, but you should do it for these other documents)
      • include your comments during the meeting and how you voted - they should know what your opinion is and if it is representing them
      • be aware of what time you are sending the notes. Think about when you would read your Senate notes (like not during class time and not too late in the night with homework). In fact, think about why you would read (or not read) the Senate notes you received before you were a senator.
      • at bottom of your email, sign your email with your name, your position, your contact information - people want to know who this is that is sending it to understand why they are getting it
      • include information about other big events on campus, about things interesting to students (SUCH AS HOW OUR BASEBALL TEAM HAS A PERFECT RECORD AT HOME)
      • don't just ask for opinions and ideas from constituents but SEEK them --> make yourself known as the senator, make yourself open to opinions, listen to what people have to say in general conversations, ask what people think about such and such
      • place a suggestion box on the door of your room, apartment, etc. so that constituents can deliver suggestions and know you are a senator --> make it fun and make it eye-catching
      • tell your constituents that you will be at THIS place at THIS time on THIS day and that they should feel free to come talk to them about campus, school issues, etc. - kinda like unofficial office hours but without the title of "office hours"
      • make yourself seem fun and approachable, but at the same time a legitimate representative and voice of their interests and opinions --> this goes for in your notes and otherwise


  • Academic Policy with Zack Hausle
    • Bearings and Engaged Citizen (and Journeys 1.0) are the highest rated among the faculty
      • However, it was also somewhat of a straw poll because there was not a month between presentation of proposals and voting, which goes against what is common for faculty voting
      • Zack will be discussing student opinion about Bearings because it was the one that had the worst rating among students
      • Were talking about having two at the same time to test (Journeys and one alternative)
        • Annie and Zack disagreed about that because that would be opposite the common element of the freshman course
      • These are outlines and amendments will be made by the board
    • 77 people replied to the email about the Journeys alternatives
    • Faculty meetings are closed – faculty even had to vote to allow the Board of Trustees President to attend
    • Is there going to be a time for students to discuss these options?
      • What elements do you want in the common freshman course?
    • This is YOUR school!  Own it!


  • Executive Committee with Annie Slattery
    • The booth was great!
      • Those who won have already been
      • Someone guessed the exact number of Reeses!
        • Sorry for them being melty
    • Bylaws review
      • Salaries are re-evaluated every four years
        • They were already agreed upon by last Senate
        • The only changes were to the positions because those were never actually
      • All in favor – new bylaws!!
        • The new bylaws are on the website


VII. New Business


  • Aonian release party – Thursday April 26 4:30
    • Frame pictures, read writing
  • Profile is out!
  • SENIORS: pay $5 for shipping for Troubador
    • if you don’t pay, then you don’t get it
    • check out email from Neelam you received earlier
  • Senior Art Show (with free snacks) Thursday April 5 6-8 in Trieschmann


  • Halls can allow more people (within reason) to be allowed on the side with the dancers but TRADEOFF for no cups on that end

VIII. Adjournment