Student Senate

Minutes 03.13.12



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dinning Room

Student Life and Technology Center


I. Call to Order


           Annie Slattery – Present                      Neelam Vyas - Present

          Delaney Roberts – Present                   Graham Senor – Present           

          Zack Hausle – Present                             Julia Cook – Present

          Molly Elders – Present                         Lauren Wallis - Present

          Blake Tierney – Present                      Annie Vogt - Present

          Clay Christian – Present                      Anvesh Kompelli - Present

          Emily Canon - Present                        Dylan Ashcraft – Present

          Will Phillips – Present                         Kris Nickel - Present

           Malena Outhay – Present                     Peter Hanneman - Present

          Courtney Johnson – Present                Drew Allen – Present

          Rachel Robbins – Present                    Ethan Hill - Present

          Anna Roane – Present                         Sreesh Reddy - Present

          Lauren Whitmore – Present                 Jeremy Rowe – Present

                                                                             Cara Roadarmel - Present


II. Special Business

  • Appointment of Treasurer- Delaney Roberts
    • Committee on Committees recommends Adelia Shiffraw for Treasurer
    • Appoint Adelia Shiffraw as Treasurer - Passed -1 abstention (Jeremy Rowe)
  • Appointment of Committee Chairs– Delaney Roberts
    • Committee on Committees recommends
      • ECC - Rachel Head
      • Media - Kelley Lane
      • MDC - Jeremy Williams
      • Campus Kitty - Lauren Beck
      • SoCo – Ethan Ake
      • Appoint above positions as recommended - Passed - All in favor


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • (1) Sword Club Storage Space Request
  • was emailed - yay!!!
  • Main student organizations locker in attic ß lots of room
    • They will be allowed to use it.
    • If space is needed to hold any equipment for student organizations, then contact Senate.
  • Peter Hanneman  
    • Deadline for notes on Saturday at noon seems too late  
      • Would have to change the bylaws  
        • If constituents want it, then consider doing it  
          • Homework over Spring Break is to send in recommended revisions to the bylaws and constitution   
      • Safety net for the Senators to get them out in case there is a terrible week or just a lapse of memory
      • Two senators representing everyone, so everyone should have them earlier in the week
        • But what if both senators are late on a regular basis
          • Secretary will definitely be hounding Senators to continue to get them out earlier than Friday even, especially when groups of constituents have received nothing from either Senator.
  • Dylan Ashcraft  
    • Nondairy options for dessert?  
      • Lactose intolerant and vegans
        • Sorbet???
        • Cara will talk to Mike Flory about it
  • Courtney Johnson
    • Visible crosswalks? à Conway apparently says that they won’t do anything about the crosswalks until someone gets hit by a car...
      • Well, someone crossing at Front St. got hit by a car...  
        • By hit, we mean bumped, because the person wasn’t hurt, but ... maybe we should pressure city of Conway.
          • It was not reported, so it may not be convincing to the City of Conway
        • Could we get enough students to pressure the city?  
          • Dean: Student Senate should draft a formal resolution to send to the city  
            • We will try this after Spring Break  
  • Neelam Vyas
    • Opinion on Green Cart Deli and concessions at sporting events  
      • Concessions seem to be more for convenience than funds
      • Anvesh will check in again with Karl Lenser. Karl said he would get information on it.  
        • He will also check in with someone affiliated with Green Cart Deli  
  • Julia
    • Revisit the graduation constituent concern  
      • Someone would be willing to go to Little Rock even for graduation event
      • Someone has threatened to continue sending emails about this again and again until a satisfactory decision is made
        • Senate encourages student participation and student opinions, especially if you are not satisfied with something about the school
      • Students with stepfamilies
      • Resolution from Senate?  
        • Constituent concerned with this may have fun helping to draft this up  
  • Neelam Vyas
    • Can we know the agenda before the meeting?
      • We are going to do this after Spring Break. We may not do this for the first meeting, but once we have Communications Committee established and able to start on our social media and website initiatives, then we will be taking care of this. We will also start posting banners and announcements and the agenda on the doors to Campbell and entrance to the cafeteria, so that students will be aware that they are welcome to join and are informed on what we are doing.
      • Reason this hasn’t happened yet is because we wanted to allow the new Senate to get transitioned and more comfortable in their new positions and with the changes this Exec has been initiating.
  • Dylan Ashcraft  
    • Can Senators be allowed to sit in on Exec meetings?
      • Might raise interest in Exec positions
        • Get people to know what the positions are about
        • More experienced senators
      • Will be considered with discussion about the bylaws

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

  • Murphy House is requesting a departmental liaison
  • They requested nominations from whom they will decide
    • Julia Cook
    • Jeremy Rowe
    • Peter Hanneman  
      • Yes, you may be liaison for two departments
    • Zack Hausle
  • What makes Murphy special to have the opportunity to make their own decisions about liaisons, whereas these others were not?
    • If any of the other departments approached with a request to be allowed to choose, then we would allow them to do so.


V. Committee Reports


  • Campus Kitty with Malena Outhay
    • Parent mail-outs for Campus Kitty Week à tell parents to be looking out for those so they can send money for fundraising fun!
  • Social Committee with Will Phillips
    • Walk-in movie: Everything packed up the moment that the rain stopped, great showing
  • Academic Policy with Zack Hausle
    • What does the AP Rep do:
      • Liaison for Academic policy committee, faculty committee, student voice for academic life at Hendrix, talks about things like collegiate center, add/drop periods, making process clearer about contesting grades. Representative to Board of Trustees subcommittee on retention, etc.
      • Examples of questions:
        • Clarification questions, ideas, etc.
    • First AP meeting this Thursday
  • Financial Committee with Clay Christian
    • Discretionary Request (1) MDC
      • SBC was recalcitrant about giving $1000 to MDC for DAO week. Says that their plans were in Spring allocations and paid for. Process to tell them to check would take too long and we would lose Black Violin. Any leftover money from SBC would just rollover. Also say that Business Office is not accurately showing.
      • $8500 in Senate account
        • Treasurer is comfortable with $1000
      • Funded in full - 9 in favor, 4 opposed (Peter, Ethan, Julia, Neelam), 3 abstentions (Dylan, Graham, ____)
    • Discretionary Request (2) Couch
      • $1600 for DJ Charlie White for Pirate Party
        • This cost is not what is usual for DJ fees
          • high-cost DJ will not be a draw to the party
          • DJs were free for SoCo 54, $800 for Toga
        • Advertising only two weeks in advance with one week of no students on campus is not going to attract as many people
        • SOMEC chair had the necessary two-week notice, but will be in New York during this event and is unsure about leaving responsibility in hands of others
        • Couch Hall has funds for DJ in account, but has at least one more plan for the year and would only have $300 left.
          • Is still planning to get DJ?
          • Possible to send in proposal for this next event hosted by Couch
        • Reject funding -- 1 abstention (Peter Hanneman)
    • Discretionary Request (3) Amnesty
      • $1900 for Hollis Proffitt to come speak about Black Mesa
        • Honorariums are usually set by the institution, speaker’s fees are set by the speaker
          • Most alumni (such as Hollis) usually waive these fees
            • Most of the fees are also much lower than $1500 for people with only a bachelor’s degree
        • 2 of the Odyssey students supposedly a part of the event are abroad and 1 didn’t know anything about this event
        • Friday night, it is a busy night too à Gospel Explosion, pirate party
        • An important event ... but took 2-3 weeks to come back to Senate with this idea
          • Organization is not good whatsoever.
          • Proposal rejected – no abstentions
    • Discretionary Request (4) Ultimate Frisbee
      • Women’s team wants $399.60 & Men’s team wants $402.08
        • Two different qualifying events so they needed two different requests
        • We are basically funding a sports team, so new Senate may need to think of new system
        • Frisbee does a LOT of its own money-earning
        • Both trips funded in full - 2 abstentions (Julia, Cara)
    • Discretionary Request (5) Asian Culture Club
      • $100 to show a movie during DAO Week
      • Suggestion to move the event to a better location ß President of ACC was there to hear this suggestion
      • Funded in full -- All in favor
    • Mandatory budget meeting for student organizations will be during the week we get back from Spring Break (Wednesday March 29)


  • Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Jim Wiltgen
    • No report
  • Media Committee with Courtney Johnson
    • Courtney will continue to sit in on these transitional meetings (as in bylaws) until new chair is comfortable
    • Send concerns to Courtney or Kelley
    • Will send in discretionary request for gas money for Profile
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily Canon
    • Earth Day, Friday April 20th à couple of days before Earth Day
      • Thematic approach à pique oil
  • Multicultural Development Committee with Anna Roane (interim)
    • Budget breakdown will be available at the next Senate meeting
  • DAO Week Schedule...

Monday April 16th:
Unity, MDC and Anthropology Club event 
 Time: Unknown
 Location: Unknown

Tuesday April 17th 
Guest speaker Dr. Ferrer on Religious Tolerance followed by discussion (food provided).
 Time: 7:00-8:30
 Location: Campbell Dining Room 

Wednesday April 18th
Cinco de Mayo Festival hosted with SLIC (coinciding with Student Activities Hump Night)
a. Mariachi band and catering
     Location: SLTC porch
b. Salsa instruction and dancing

    Location: Worsham 
Time: 6:00-11:00 (approximation)

Thursday April 19th 
Movie- “Vincent Who?”
The movie will be in conjunction with the Project Pericles discussion (4/19) on Asian American issues and awareness  
Time: 7:30 
Location: Undecided 

Friday April 20th 
Holi co-sponsored by International Club, Galloway Hall and Interfaith Group.  
Will include color, food, and music/dancing
Time: 8:00-12:00 (approximation)
Location: Grounds by the Houses

Saturday April 21st 
1. Cricket game 
Time: Unknown
Location: WAC turf 
2. Maccabeats  with Hillel 
 Time: Unknown
 Location: Worsham

Sunday April 22nd 
Black Violin
 Time: 8:00
 Location: Cabe Theater

  • Communications Committee with Secretary Blake Tierney
    • ListServ Issues have been solved mostly ß thank you for working with me. You are all wonderful people.
    • Congratulations on a great first round of Senate notes. I only expect them to get better from here.


  • Volunteer Action Committee with Rachel Robbins
    • No Service Saturday – SPRING BREAK


  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Molly Elders and Zack Hausle
    • Suggestions for the SACC job
      • Ideas from Constituents or senators that SACC can do would be nice
        • Is there overlap with Academic Policy?
          • No defined purview right now, so no idea
      • Class senators must be on it
      • Will take on IT challenges, liaison-ness
        • Any problems, concerns, suggestions, idea, questions, etc. about IT
      • Annie has meeting with Sam Nichols at 3:30 tomorrow night
        • One of the many things to talk about is class/cohort email listserv issues


  • Committee on Committees with Delaney Roberts
    • SOMEC chair reopened
      • Closes on Friday at 5:00 pm
      • Interviews after spring break
    • Open filing for committee sub/vice chair positions
      • Filing will officially close at 5 pm on Friday, March 23. 
        • Please email all application materials to me or the appropriate chair (Jeremy or Kelley) by that time. Nothing through campus mail.
      • Media committee positions, please email the new Media committee chair, Kelley Lane (  Kelley will send you the applications or answer any questions you have about the positions. 
        • Troubadour Editor-in-chief
        • Troubadour Associate Editor
        • Profile Editor-in-Chief
        • Profile Managing Editor
        • Profile Associate Editor
        • Aonian Editor-in-Chief
        • Aonian Associate Editor
        • KHDX Station Manager
        • KHDX Program Director
      • MDC positions, please email the new MDC chair, Jeremy Williams ( 
        • Vice Chair
        • Secretary
        • Public Relations Representative
        • Treasurer
      • To file for SoCo, ECC, or Campus Kitty positions, then email Delaney Roberts (
        • SoCo
          • Music and Dance Chair
          • Publicity Chair
          • Film and Special Events Chair
        • ECC
          • First Vice Chair
          • Second Vice Chair
        • Campus Kitty
          • First Vice Chair
          • Second Vice Chair
  • Executive Committee with Annie Slattery
    • Academic Advising Committee
      • Students need to check and deal with holds on their financial accounts (that you have debts to pay) on campus web, otherwise students are not going to be able to schedule classes for next year
      • If there is a hold on your account, then currently you don’t get notified
        • Spoke with the committee about getting this changed so that students will be informed
    • Booth at Hardstock (Hardin and Apartment Hall Council)
      • Syria benefit concert with restaurant Layla’s
        • Approached Senate for booth
          • We need ideas for things we can do ß showing off talents, bobbing for apples, etc
  • Senate Drive for next year is in the works
      • Discussed having flashdrives, but decided to have a communal Senate drive on all Hendrix computers
        • Will have a folder for each Senator for each year
    • Will have binders once back from Spring Break
  • Constitution and Bylaws, hello HOMEWORK!
      • Read Constitution and Bylaws and EDIT it, ALL of it.
        • Send suggestions to Exec by Monday March 26
      • Also open for constituent participation
    • Senate lunch with President Cloyd on Tuesday March 27
      • Annie is making sure everyone gets an email about it.


VII. New Business

  • Discretionary requests will be out sooner with the agenda from now on
  • Shirttails document
    • Any changes to this document must be made through Student Life Committee (April 18, 3rd Wednesday) ß email Dean about any changes desired
      • Faculty was upset four years ago about how Shirttails was being handled. Document set up then, agreed upon by SLC, so any changes need to go through them

VIII. Adjournment