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Salary Review Explanation

Salary Review Explanation

Financial Committee 2011-2012




Financial Committee first sought to establish what the purpose of the Senate Constitutional salaries is.  Financial Committee established that the purpose of the salaries is not to provide minimum wage per-hour compensation to the recipients.  Rather, the salaries serve as a recognition and honorarium to those whose role in the Senate and its committees is vital to the life of the school as a whole.  Further, they are assurances that those in such positions can be held accountable for their actions if necessary.  Salaries were also adjusted to more round numbers and for lower positions number that worked neatly on the Senate’s seven-month pay period.

Financial Committee attempted to establish salary constancy based on level and number of responsibilities, overall essentialness to the functioning of the Senate and student life, number of hours required, and presence of subordinates who were also salaried by the Senate.  Financial Committee sought to apply this within the division of the Student Senate and its committees as well as among them.


Student Senate Executive Positions


President: $1900.00 from $1912.49

            The President of the Senate served as the benchmark of Financial Committee as the highest paid position, equaled only the chair of Social Committee.  Financial Committee lowered the salary to a flat $1900.00, as Financial Committee was informed that the last salary adjustment was put at this level to be deliberately random.


Vice President: $1700.00 from $1650.00

            The Vice President of the Senate was given a small raise as a nod to the uptrend in their responsibilities over the last four years.


Academic Policy Representative: $1600.00 from $1500.00

            Financial Committee raised the salary of the Academic Policy Representative in recognition that their job has gradually taken on more responsibilities, including appearances at faculty meetings when called upon.  Further, Financial Committee felt that this recognized the fact that this elected position is in fact extremely important to the academic well being of all students, as they are the direct link to faculty.


Treasurer: $1700.00 from $1600.00

            Financial Committee raised this salary in recognition of the manifold weekly responsibilities of the Treasurer as well as the trend over the past four years in an explosion of Student Organizations and discretionary requests of increasing complexity.



Social Committee


Chair: $1900.00 from $1925.00

            The salary of the Chair of Social Committee was equalized with that of the President, reflecting Financial Committee’s view that both exemplify the highest levels of what justifies a Student Senate salary, albeit in different ways.


Film and Special Events/Music and Dance: $1400.00 from $1425.00

            Based on the report given by the Social Committee Chair to Financial Committee, Financial Committee agreed that both of these positions have relatively the same amount of work.  The small adjustment was made for the sake of the seven-month pay period.


Secretary-Treasurer/Publicity: $1300.00 from $1450.00

            Based on the report given by the Social Committee Chair to Financial Committee, Financial Committee agreed that both of these positions have relatively the same amount of work.  However, Financial Committee felt that these two positions had less total responsibility than Film and Special Events/Music and Dance, thus the greater reduction.





Chair of Media Committee: $1700.00 from $1500.00

            This raise is in acknowledgement that this position is responsible for the general oversight of KHDX, the Profile, the Troubadour, and the Aonian.  Financial Committee recognized that as the school has grown, so have these entities and the task of managing them.


Profile Editor: $1200.00 from $1900.00

            Following the report of the Media Chair, Financial Committee determined that given the number of papers put out per year, their length, and the fact that there are two paid Associate Editors, this reduction was justified.


Profile Associate Editors (2): $600.00 from $1400.00

            Given that there are two of these positions as well as the reasons listed for the above Profile editor, Financial Committee feels that this reduction is necessary.


Troubadour Editor: $1500.00

            Financial Committee found the Troubadour Editor’s salary to be appropriate.


Troubadour Associate Editor: $800.00 from $700.00

            This raise is in recognition of the increased quality and work that the Troubadour has necessitated over the last four years.


Aonian Editor: $1300.00 from $1300.00

            Financial Committee found this salary to be appropriate.


Aonian Associate Editor: $700.00 from $650.00

            This salary raise is in recognition that the work required for the Aonian has taken a leap over the last four years, both in quality and quantity.


KHDX Station Manager: $1300.00 from $1500.00

            This salary change was done due to perceived overlap in the responsibilities in thetwo paid positions as well as to equalize the salary with the rest of theSenate.

Amendment: Keep station manager salary at $1500. (This salary better reflects the work the position involves)KHDX Program Director: $900.00 from $1100.00

            This salary change was done due to perceived overlap in the responsibilities in the two paid positions as well as to equalize the salary with the rest of the Senate.




Student Organization Media Equipment Committee


Chair: $1400.00 from $1425

            This was based off of reasoning for Social Committee Adjustments, as this was formerly a part of Social Committee.


Workers (2): $700.00

            These two new positions are to be salaried at $100.00 per month for seven months.



Environmental Concerns Committee


Chair: $1200.00 from $1300.00

            This adjustment was done for the sake of consistency within the Senate based on aforementioned criteria.  Further, Financial Committee has elected not to fund any other Environmental Concerns Committee positions as requested.  Financial Committee feels that in their first year these positions did not fully demonstrate that they rose to the level of Senate salary in regards to the aforementioned criteria.




Multi-Cultural Development Committee


Chair: $1000.00 from $1300.00

            Financial Committee found that this position has in recent years been weak.  Further, Financial Committee found that many of the organizations which were once under the umbrella of the Committee have become fully independent organizations.  Financial Committee has kept the salary at this level because it recognizes the importance of this position in theory.  However, Financial Committee strongly suggests that this Committee undergo dramatic restructuring to increase its viability and presence on campus.



Campus Kitty


Chair: $1400.00 from $1000.00

            Financial Committee recognizes that over the past few years the responsibilities of the Campus Kitty chair have experienced logarithmic growth.  While Financial Committee is cognizant of the fact that Campus Kitty is a charity organization, Financial Committee also recognizes the extraordinary amount of work it takes to successfully do this job as well as how much it contributes to the College, both in events and prestige.  While Financial Committee did also look favorably on providing small honorariums to the 1st and 2nd Vice Chairs, Financial Committee felt that to spread such small amounts over seven months before the completion of Campus Kitty week would be illogical.  Therefore, Financial Committee recommends that the Chair request these honorariums during Spring Allocation, to be paid to the Vice Chairs at the end of the year following Campus Kitty Week




Ranking Overview: The following describes all the Senate Salaries in tiers:


-President, Social Committee Chair


-Vice President, Treasurer, Media Chair


-Academic Policy Representative, Presidential Assistant, Secretary


-Troubadour Editor


-Social Committee Film and Special Events, Social Committee Music and Dance, Student Organization Media Equipment Chair, Campus Kitty Chair


-Aonian Editor, Social Committee Secretary-Treasurer, Social Committee Publicity, KHDX Station Manager


-Profile Editor, Environmental Concerns Committee Chair


-Multi-Cultural Development Committee Chair


-KHDX Program Director


-Troubadour Associate Editor


-Aonian Associate Editor, Student Organization Media Equipment Management Workers


-Profile Associate Editor

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