Student Senate

Minutes 02.14.12


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dinning Room

Student Life and Technology Center

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

o     Website suggestion form:

o     Who do we go to if a clock in a classroom stops working…

o     notify facilities

o     The lighting at Clifton is “shady” can we do anything about it?

o     We can look into it, but this is something students should bring up during the annual light walk.

o     Students can rent bikes at the WAC but not helmets…

o     The WAC liason is on it.

o     Janina Eggensperger is hard to find through email…

o     Name has changed to Heird, her email is, but if Eggensperger is typed into the TO bar in the email, she will come up.

o     Can we do something about the shoes on the power lines at front street?

o     Looking into it

o     Can students who have classes from 10-2, or internships that conflict with hot lunches get to go boxes? (Currently they are only allowed for people who are sick-friends must bring the sick student’s ID to get them food)

o     Dean is looking into it

--microwave in the library

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

V. Committee Reports

o     Campus Kitty with Malena Outhay

o     10 Selected Charities:

Independent Living Services 
The Stewpot 
Conway Cradle Care 
Camp Aldersgate 
Make a Child Smile 
Conway Interfaith Clinic 
The  Safe Place 
Community Service Inc. 
Arkansas Justice for our Neighbors

o     Alternate Charities: 
Women's Shelter 
Faulkner County Day School

o     Social Committee with Will Phillips

o     SoCo Presents WINTER FORMAL!

§     February 25th 9pm-1am

§     At The Ford Theater(1020 Front St)

§     From Hendrix just walk Straight Down and you'll find it

§     Featuring: Five and a Dime & DJ King

§     $4 Well and $3 Beer (for those of age)

§     Wristbands will be given out next week (February 21-24) Tuesday through Thursday 11-2 and 5-7 on the sun porch as well as Friday from 11-2.

§     Guest Wristbands will be $10 and must be signed up in advance.

§     TO PICK  YOUR GUEST WRISTBAND: on Saturday February 25th between 12-5 YOU AND YOUR GUEST must come to the SOCO office to pick up the guest band. THEY WILL NOT BE GIVEN OUT AT THE DOOR! This is to alleviate any line build up at the entrance of the event. If there is a conflict other arrangements can be made to pick up a guest band if a SoCo executive member is notified WELL IN ADVANCE! Student wristbands will NOT be given out at this time!

o     Academic Policy with LaRonda Mitchell

o     Collegiate Center was discussed further (decided to change CC, will leave Explorations for now, however more specific changes/when changes will occur has yet to be decided)

o     APC has decided not to change the Add period

o     Financial Committee with Clay Christian

o     Newspapers in the Caf

§     Proposed:

§     Log Cabin Democrats

§     Democrat Gazettes

§     NYT total: 453.70

·     Motion to fund only the NYT and Democrat Gazette

o     (FinCom reasoned that most of the information found in the Log Cabin Democrat would be found in the Democrat Gazette, also the LCD seems to be going under…)

·     No abstentions, Blake opposes, motion passes

o     ECC/Amnesty

§     $2450 Speaker on Black Mesa

§     FinCom recommendation: Need more information before we can fund (ie. speaker’s credentials, alumni often speak for free, honorariums rarely this large before)

·     Motion to accept FinCom’s recommendation

o     Motion passes no abstentions or objections.

o     Westphalian Society

§     $164

§     FinCom recommendation: fund in full

·     When China Met Africa Documentary Screening and Dinner Panel

o     Motion passes no abstentions or objections.

o     Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Jim Wiltgen

o     Retired PSafe Officer, John Robert Paulette Jr. recently passed away

o     Smoking Policy

§     Board of Trustees meeting, Dean gave an update on implementation in the fall

§     One of the board members runs the Arkansas Health Agency

§     Some dissenting views, policy not as effective at night

§     The board is wondering why we didn’t go smokeless in the first place? Cigarette butts can be found all over campus, especially in front of Mills and Front Street, (facilities/housekeeping staff sees/reports evidence)

§     Must adhere to the policy or we will go smoke free!

o     Media Committee with Courtney Johnson

o     Computers!

o     The original alternative printer found wants to print 200 more newspapers than we need printed (wasteful). Trying to find another publishing house that will meet a lower quote, but this is proving problematic (our paper seems too big for most small publishing houses, to small for larger publishing houses. For now, The Profile will stick to the Log Cabin Democrat.

o     Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily Canon

o     VDay Free Store went VERY well, Heifer International/Chicken Club raised over $100 with their Bake Sale.

o     Multicultural Development Committee with Anna Roane (interim)

o     DAO week April 16th-24th

o     Ideas: Black Violin/Divided we fall/Salsa project Pericles

o     Asian American Awareness event

o     Cultural show and tell

o     International Week

o     Communications Committee with Adelia Shiffraw

o     No Report

o     Volunteer Action Committee with Rachel Robbins

o     Meet at the bell at 7:45am Saturday Faulkner County Day School

o     React to film Tomorrow 7pm

o     Thursday =Pericles Forum

o     Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Daniel Williams and LaRonda Mitchell

o     Election Code revisions (see attached revisions for more info)

§     Senator/Exec Elections Date—changed to be decided by Senate

§     To be more reflective of current practice, all MDC/SoCo elections  (and Freshman Senator) will be on the third Tuesday in the fall

§     Study abroad election eligibility

·     Still eligible, but must disclose this info to voters/to the election commission

·     Once in office issues regarding payment/proxies/etc will be addressed by the bylaws

§     Campaigning

·     Sidewalk chalk (discretion of election commission)

·     Social media (discretion of election commission)

·     Off Campus? (To what extent can senate govern off-campus behavior… unless

§     All campaign materials do not need to be approved (election commissioner will notify candidates of inappropriate materials)

§     Speeches and Debates, not for SoCo and MDC (up to discretion of the EC)

§     Online voting makes all campus a campaign area, so the time period during which candidates must take down materials has switched to 24 hours after voting.

§     Motion to approve the changes, passes no objections or abstentions

o     Committee on Committees with Gabe Breshears

o     Welcome Week/Shirttails will be announced next week

o     Unsung Heroes Award (Please send general feedback)

§     Support staff

§     Senator of the Year

§     Chair of the Year

o     Executive Committee with Desh Deepak

o     Open Filing for Senators and Senate Exec

§     Filing meeting will be next week, email Rachel Robbins for more info!

VII. New Business

VIII. Adjournment