Student Senate

Minutes 11.29.11




Tuesday November 15, 2011

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dinning Room

Student Life and TechnologyCenter


I. Call to Order


II. Special Business

  • Welcome Tom Siebenmorgen (EVP/CFO Business and Finance)
    • New Recommendations for the college
      • Expanding meal hours—Trying to make a schedule that meets the “student clock”
        • Pushing meals back to midnightàmore of a social destination space on campus/contribute more to the college community
        • Possibility of more event planning
        • Later will be made to order type foods (The Borrow will be restructured
        • Focus on unlimited accessàthis means no 15 meal plan for students on campus (this would likely include the Houses) (compensate for added staff and longer hours) off campus will still have other options
        • Addition of high boutique items (ie Starbucks, Jamba Juice etc.)
        • More staff
        • 7am-midnight Sun-Thurs, with extensions on Friday/Sat
        • Overall: more service/more things offered
        • Would start Jan 2013
        • What would happen with the bag rule?
        • May have to rethink access to the dining hall?
        • What about people who don’t have a meal plan at all?
        • Work Study?
        • What kinds of events? Cooking classes?
        • Library options?
        • More vegetarian options?
        • Higher pay and raises/more hours
        • Borrow/a la carte optionàgive people the option of NOT going unlimited
        • Why don’t we have a block meal plan (ie rollover)
        • What would Distinguished Scholars do? Still talking about it.
        • Thinking about additional dollars and ‘guest passes’



III. Announcements andConstituent Concerns

  • Adelia: When do ovens/stoves in apartments get replaced?
    • On an as needed basis, send in those work orders!
  • Adelia: Is there a place on campus where students can use a fax machine?
    • If it’s for applications, contact career services.
  • Hunter: Front Street: safety of apartments over Christmas Break?
    • Need more info, possibility of an extra presence…
      • Home Alone approach is always an option, Contact Hunter for details
  • Jonathan Howard (Wes/Martin proxy): Aesthetic concern: Galloway lights? Can they be white?
    • Ambiance will be affected…
  • Emily Canon: Apartments are sprayed for bugs, what kind of bug spray is being used?
    • Can we be informed of what is being used?
      • Yes, looking into it…
    • Can this be an opt-out option?
      • No, those apartments that opt out may then be infested.
  • Megan: Several Houses constituents had their rooms keyed into by RA’s without notice, bottles were confiscated.
      • Everyone’s rooms are checked during break, BUT RA’s are supposed to let you know…
      • What is the rule regarding alcohol bottles that are empty/used for aesthetic purposes? 
      • àtalk to your RA’s, you should have the ability to reclaim them.


IV. Departmental LiaisonReports


V. Committee Reports


  • Communications Committee with Adelia Shiffraw
    • Thank you everyone who helped decorate the Tech Cluster! Check it out and remind constituents that the suggestions box has moved to the cluster next to Campbell for the time being.
    • Lunch re-scheduled for January.
    • Holiday party also re-scheduled.


  • Social Committee with Will Phillips
    • SoCo54 was a success, thanks to everyone who came out and thanks to SoCo for their hard work!


  • Academic Policy with LaRonda Mitchell
    • Took our input regarding the add period…
    • Proposals are still in the process
    • New classes coming
    • Send LaR any concerns


  • Financial Committee with Clay Christian
    • ECC
      • Requested: $750
      • Recommended: $540
        • Retroactively/proactively funding gas for driving
          • Reworked for only proactive funding
          • Motion to fund the FinCom’s recommended amount, passed no objections or abstentions.
    • Heifer
      • Requested: $2500
      • Recommended: $0
        • Asked for more detail 3 weeks ago, gave the wrong kind of detail, still need more detail. FinCom has given Heifer specific questions and recommends for Senate to wait to fund until they have resubmitted.
        • Motion to accept FinComs proposal passed no objections or abstentions.
    • SBC
      • Requested: $ 3,006
      • Recommended: send back
        • Asked for funding to attend a leadership conference, needs work Fincom recommends for SBC to resubmit.
        • Motion to accept FinCom’s proposal passed no objections or abstentions.


  • Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Jim Wiltgen and Dr. Karla Carney-Hall
    • New caf options (see above)
    • Elf Roast
      • Check out the Dean’s Note
    • Saturday Event
      • Sponsored in Chris Allen’s name, songwriting contest for Black Bird Academy
        • We have 6 passes, email Desh if interested


  • Media Committee with Courtney Johnson
    • Aonian Deadline: 11/30 – There will be another deadline next semester.
    • New Mediums! Each individual can submit 5 submissions of each medium.


  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily Canon
    • No Shave November ends tomorrow. After pictures will be taken Wednesday and Thursday
    • Glass recycling ends Dec 5


  • Multicultural Development Committee with Calvin Pun
    • MDC will be hiring a new chair for the next semester.



  • Campus Kitty with Malena Outhay


  •  CK Faculty/Staff Variety Show on Thursday, Dec 1
    • $3 Admission
    • Come see your favorite faculty members perform! We have Dr. Capek, Dr. McKenna, Dr. Mark Sutherland, and others in the line-up for this fun show!
    • Holiday Bazaar: next Tuesday,


  • Volunteer Action Committee with Rachel Robbins
    • Babysitting for the faculty party from 6-8 WAC on Reading Day


  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Daniel Williams and LaRonda Mitchell
    • No report
  • Committee on Committees with Gabe Breshears


    • Deadline for SOMEC extended until Tuesday


  • Executive Committee with Desh Deepak
    • No Report


VII. New Business


VIII. Adjournment