Student Senate

Minutes 11.15.11


Tuesday November 15, 2011

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dinning Room

Student Life and Technology Center

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

Student Organizations Media EquipmentCommittee Constitution

Who’son the committee? Chair and two sub-chairs. Other interested students can sitin as non-voting members.

Why arethe sub-chairs getting funded for salaries? Because they’re providing atangible service.


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

V. Committee Reports

Communications Committee with Adelia Shiffraw

Senateat Lunch (Convocation period on Thursday 12/1) Senators: clear your calendars!

Shirtsare coming…

Social Committee with Will Phillips

o     SOCO 54!! Saturday November 19th!

o     Wristbands will be given out in the sunporch this week:

§     11am – 2pm Monday-Friday

§     5pm – 7pm Tuesday-Thursday

o     FRIDAY AT 2pm Wristbands will stop being given. All left overwristbands will be burned and the ashes will be burred in an undisclosedlocation. A.K.A you cannot get a wristband after this time.

o     T-shirts will be sold for $10

Guestwristbands will be $5 and each studnet may only get ONE! Students will pick upthe wristband at the entrance of SoCo 54 between 9pm-11pm. NO MORE GUESTWRISTBANDS WILL BE GIVEN OUT AFTER THIS TIME!!! To pick up your guest band youand your guest must both be present and both you and your guest must have avalid picture ID. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Guest wristband proceeds will bedonated to fund a suicide prevention organization.

Academic Policy with LaRonda Mitchell


LaR is looking at different

Financial Committee with Clay Christian


Requested: $5,951.37

Recommended: ($5,951.37 fund in full) -Approved


Requested: $1175

Recommended: $1175 (fund in full) - Approved

UltimateFrisbee (loan)

Requested: $1008

Recommended: $1008 (loan in full) - Approved

Heifer(3 requests)

Requested: $180 (Office T-Shirts)

Recommended: $120 – Approved, withobjections and 1 abstention

Requested: $55 (cheese)

Recommended: $55 (fund in full) - Approved

Requested: $1500 (100 Mile Meal)

Recommended: $0 (ask to be re-submitted) -Approved

Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Jim Wiltgen and Dr. Karla Carney-Hall

Staffupdates: Dean Wiltgen will become permanent Vice President for Student Affairsand Dean of Students . Danny Powell will move to Student Affairs. (NOT fornotes – a public announcement will made this week.)

Footballcoach: College is identifying a search firm to make sure that the rightcandidates can be found. Goal is to have football coach on board by end of nextsemester.

Women’slacrosse coach: Delayed a little bit compared to football, due to differingseasons.

Studentswill be involved in all hiring processes.

Media Committee with Courtney Johnson

Thanksto everyone who completed the KHDX survey. Offers are going to made in thecoming weeks.

Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily Canon

Multicultural Development Committee with Calvin Pun

Campus Kitty with Malena Outhay

Faculty/StaffVariety Show: December 1 at 8:00 in Worsham. $3

Volunteer Action Committee with Rachel Robbins

Thisweek's Service Saturday will be in collaboration with Heifer club. They will beworking at the Delta Garden Study garden in Little Rock from 10-1. Meet at thebell at 9. If you are interested in going or driving please e-mail Chengsi

Ourlast REACT to FILM event of the semester will be this Thursday at 7pm in MillsA. We will be showing the film The LastMountain, about coal mining and mountaintop removal.

We arestill collecting canned goods and other non-perishable items for the TurkeyProject. We will be collecting until Nov. 21. The list of needed items can befound in the Hendrix Today.

Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Daniel Williams and LaRonda Mitchell

Committee on Committees with Gabe Breshears

Filingopen for new SOMEM positions

Studentswho were not appointed to faculty committees will be getting an email to thateffect this week. Students who were should already know and should becommunicating regularly with CoC.

Executive Committee with Desh Deepak

Timelinefor new elections: Moving up elections to give more time for appointments andbudget allocations. SACC will make recommendations for relevant changes toElection Code, etc.

VII. New Business

VIII. Adjournment