Student Senate

Minutes 11.01.11


Tuesday November 1, 2011

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dinning Room

Student Life and Technology Center

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

-Graham:why can’t we play KHDX asthe default station in the SLTC?

not all stations are suitable to be playedall the time (ie not family friendly…)

-Emily Canon: Can we have back upkeys made for the storage units upstairs in the SLTC? (A student borrowed a keywithout returning promptly/or providing ID)

-call PSAFE

-normally, students must leave their ID atthe info desk when they check the key out so we know who has it, and so theycan’t go far from the SLTC. (Info desk people will report to Liz Larson)

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

V. Committee Reports

Academic Policy with LaRonda Mitchell

Thereis a meeting this week, please email any comments regarding AP to LaRonda!

Financial Committee with Clay Christian

Habitatfor Humanity (one request)

Requested: $ 4,195.00 (see attached)

Recommended: $3,695.00

Habitatrequested more money for food than FinCom can allocate, FinCom’s recommendationis adjusted accordingly.

Motion toaccept FinCom’s recommendation: accepted no objections or abstentions

FinCom cannot retroactively fund gas.

Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Jim Wiltgen and Dr. Karla Carney-Hall

Lightwalk next week Tuesday 5:15, meet at the Burrow

SamCrocker will be celebrated as Volunteer of the Year for Big Brothesr BigSisters 8-9 at the United Methodist Church, contact the Dean for more info/to join and celebrate to Sam!


Went pretty well, only student’s guests hadto be transported (1/3 ended up actually being transported)

Positive feedback regarding the exteriorcheckpoints (hard for Student Affairs to staff)

Extended events in the Brick Pit will need agenerator

MANY positive comments from students

StudentAffairs staffs Ghost voluntarily—please extend thanks to them!

Somenegative comments—mostly regarding lack of IDs. Pay attention to expectationsof guests.


Media Committee with Courtney Johnson

2nd Profile out, send them anycomments and suggestions

Halloween Photo Extravaganza went well(raised over $150!)… will be doing another photo shoot in Worsham during SoCo54!

Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily Canon

NOSHAVE NOVEMBER event has started!

FreeStore on Tuesdays, always accepting donations (a box is located in the StudentActivities Suit, or you can bring donations to the Free Store).

Multicultural Development Committee with Calvin Pun

Multicultural Expo in conjunction with UCA andConway high in Worsham more info TBA

Campus Kitty with Malena Outhay

HauntedHouse was a great success! We raised ~$300 and x# cans for the Step Up to thePlate in the 501 Food Drive.


Bigthanks to the all the volunteers and participants! We had a blast!

Questionsor concerns? Let Malena know.

Social Committee with Will Phillips

Intensity!- Friday November 4th at 7pm in Worsham

Trivia with challenges

Comeout for a chance to win over $200 inprizes in a fast paced game show. Contestants answer trivia questions andcomplete challenges. Everyone gets a chance to compete.

Volunteer Action Committee with Rachel Robbins

Thisweek's Service Saturday is Arbor Day at Laurel Park from 9-12. Meet at the Bellat 8:45. E-mail Katherine at for more info!


Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Daniel Williams and LaRonda Mitchell

Communications Committee with Adelia Shiffraw

ImproveSenate transparency:

Monthly Senate lunch Tables

Senate Holiday Party

ImproveSenate and other student organizations' communications/marketing efforts

Meet with Frank Cox (Exe. Vice President/CCOin the Office of Marketing Communications)


Committee on Committees with Gabe Breshears

Executive Committee with Desh Deepak

VII. New Business

Confirm election results

VIII. Adjournment