Student Senate

Minutes 10.11.11


Tuesday October 4, 2011

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dinning Room

Student Life and Technology Center

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

    • Librariers-Dan Gibbens Rickman
      • Reminder: you are being charged fifty cents for every hour every book/DVD/media device (info desk too) you have borrowed is past due.
    • Hendrix-Murphy Foundation (Sarah Engeler-Young and Dan Gibbens-Rickman)
      • Kitchen: The Hendrix-Murphy Foundation is now implementing a scaled-down beverage service that does not include brewed coffee (although coffee “singles” are available.) The goal of the beverage service has always been to serve students who are visiting the building to study, attend HMF events, or learn what our programs have to offer; it is not feasible for our staff to provide the entire campus with coffee. All hot beverages—cocoa, tea, coffee singles—continue to be free and subsidized entirely by the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation. (Student fees do not apply to anything that we provide.) We would also like to encourage folks to bring their own mugs in lieu of using disposable cups.

      • Library: Locking glass doors have been installed on the bookshelves as a necessary loss-prevention measure. If you ever want to look at a book, please visit the office and ask—we’d be happy to retrieve it for you, and you’re welcome to peruse it while on the premises. Although most literary journals have moved to Bailey Library where the entire campus community can enjoy them, we continue to carry a number of periodicals in the Murphy library: Focus, El Latino, Paris Match, Atlantic Monthly, Harper’s, The Oxford American, and The New York Times. If there is one item that the Student Senate would like to see in our library, let us know and we will start a subscription.

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

    • Checkout for Breaks (Annie)
      • Not feasible to let everyone stay longer before breaks (require staff/RAs/etc to stay longer), individuals can ask for an extension in advance on a case-by-case basis (usually granted).
    • Facilities: Notice Before Coming In (Anvesh)
      • Facilities doesn’t have the staff/resources to give a ton of advance notice, but will tell you the day they are coming ahead of time (which usually happens to be that day), They knock before coming in.
    • Giant Rocks in the Village (LaRonda)
      • Dean is looking into it…

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

V. Committee Reports

  • Academic Policy with LaRonda Mitchell
    • Desh and LaRonda will be attending the Faculty Meeting on October 19th to give feedback on the Collegiate Center. They will be asking for student feedback to present at the meeting.

  • Financial Committee with Clay Christian
    • Outdoor Recreation-
      • The WAC has spent $1000 of the originally allocated troubadour funds, but Alex Schroller (WAC Coordinator) has reassessed what is needed and resubmitted a proposal to buy different things, using the rest of the originally allocated funds.
        • Motion to approve resubmitted proposal accepted, no objections or abstentions.
    • SOMEM (three requests)
      • Requested: $16883.41 (see attached)
      • Recommended: $16883.41 (fund in full) ($15000 from Troubadour; $1883.41 from Discretionary)
      • Requested: $800 (see attached)
      • Recommended: $800 (fund in full)
      • Requested: $257 (see attached)
      • Recommended: $257 (fund in full)
        • SOMEM needs to revamp the media equipment. Dylan Ashcraft has worked closely with Sunny Haynes from Media about what REALLY needs to be purchased, and formed a general proposal. SOMEM also requested $800 for a lighting control box that has gone missing, and $257 for equipment that was damaged last year (since then lighting equipment has been jury rigged…NOT SAFE, COULD CAUSE EVEN MORE DAMAGE). To avoid more “missing” and “damaged” items SOMEM is working with Sunny to explore options to keep equipment better organized and maintained. New organizational equipment is being researched now.
        • Motions to accept all of fincom’s recommendations
          • All motions pass no objections or abstentions

    • Hendrix Bike Revolution
      • Requested: $5009.52 (see attached)
      • Recommended: $1555.12 (partially fund)
        • Because the Troubadour funds were depleted by SOMEM equipment, we now must take directly from the discretionary. FinCom would like to see more bikes, but would rather buy 5 at a time instead of 20. Because we are buying less bikes and because maintenance fees/equipment weren’t addressed in the new proposal, the senate feel the proposal should be tabled, and that Bike Revolution should submit a revised one.
          • Motion to table the proposal
            • Motion accepted no objections or abstentions.
    • Kinesiology Society
      • Requested: $122.48
      • Recommended: $122.48 (fund in full)
        • Fincom doesn’t normally fund food, but Kinesiology Society made a unique case for it (first meeting, during convocation, etc)
        • Motion passed to accept Fincoms recommendation no objections or abstentions
    • Committee Membership
      • One fincom member resigned, in need of a res hall senator to fill the spot
      • Motion to accept Annie Slattery as the new FinCom rep.
        • Motion accepted no objections or abstentions.

  • Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Jim Wiltgen and Dr. Karla Carney-Hall
    • DPZ: athletic facilities planning
      • DPZ is at Hendrix to explore options for athletics/the athletics facilities/Hendrix in general in the future. They are sharing their ideas with the Hendrix community.
      • These ideas are long term (30 years, $7 milion) planning for 2013 sports and sports facilities on campus… check out their website to look into some of the ideas floating around
      • -ie what to do with the Mabee center, the Village possibly less parking directly on campus to be replaced by courtyards/those types of facilities, with more parking on the outer rims of campus,…etc
      • Their intention is to make Hendrix and Conway more modern in its design however, most of these projects are “dreamy”/idealistic, nothing is set in stone.

  • Media Committee with Courtney Johnson
    • Aonian
      • Fall submission deadline is Nov. 30th. Limit is 5 submissions per person per genre. Electronic submissions only! Specific e-mail address will be announced soon, so for now just send it to the editor.
      • All electronic submissions/UP TO THE ARTIST TO PHOTOGRAPH YOUR ARTWORK, some facilities are open to students in the art building (for smaller pieces)
    • KHDX
      • Sending out a band survey week after fall break. Will only be open a week, so do it!
    • Profile
      • Writers’ workshop with Rob O’Conner (Marketing Communications) after fall break.
      • Some sort of writers’ orientation will now be required for anyone wanting to write for The Profile
      • Issues will drop first business day of each month
      • If you want your event in the Profile calendar, send information to Must submit information by October 27 and event must take place after Nov 1.
    • Troubadour
      • FINAL WEEK for senior profile submission to yearbook!!! If you do not submit this information, you will forever be remembered in your senior yearbook by your freshman year ID photo. How sad would that be?
        • Seniors, if you want your own senior profile included in the 2012 yearbook… send the following items to the Troubadour full name, major, hometown, favorite quote, and photograph. All requested items must be submitted for your profile to be included in the book. The deadline to submit these items is Sunday, Oct. 16.

  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily Canon
  •           ECC Fall campout- 20 student cap (first come first serve)
    • Love Food/Hate Waste Oct. 24th- showing how much food is wasted in caf.

  • Multicultural Development Committee with Calvin Pun

    • MDC was a success! Thanks to all who came out.

  • Campus Kitty with Malena Outhay
    • CK retreat this weekend was a success!

  • Social Committee with Will Phillips
    • Drive in movie was a success!

  • Volunteer Action Committee with Rachel Robbins
    • Harvest Fest will be coming up on October 26 from 4-7 at the Boy's and Girl's Club. For more info contact Rachel at


  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Daniel Williams and LaRonda Mitchell
    • Printing/library
      • IT and MEDIA are separate entities! PLEASE do not hassle the Media guys in the OTC about printer troubles… CONTACT IT!
      • Remember DW/MC/Mills/Library (outer library and computer lab) ALSO have printers
      • Poster Printer (there will be a charge) is up and will be running soon

  • Communications Committee with Adelia Shiffraw

  • Committee on Committees with Gabe Breshears

  • Executive Committee with Desh Deepak

VII. New Business

  • Revising Election Code with Rachel Robbins and Desh Deepak
    • Has not been update since 2005
      • Nothing in it about Facebook, a lot of things are no longer relevant
      • If you are interested in helping to review the election code, let Rachel/Desh know

VIII. Adjournment