Student Senate

Minutes 10.04.11



Tuesday October 4, 2011

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dinning Room

Student Life and Technology Center

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

Hammocks(Anvesh and Graham)

We can’t have them on campus; it’s a safetyissue.


Must hold people accountable (peerpressure!) Can report vandalism.

Parkingtickets (Kate)

Constituents are getting parking ticketsfrom P-Safe in Huntington, but there’s no signage saying they can’t park there.Can we get some signage?

Dr. Karney- Hall

Publicstreet-what jurisdiction do we have?

Parkingon the grass-how much causes damage?

We’lllook into signage, but you cannot park on the grass.

Can weget Bowls or cups for take-out in the cafeteria? We can’t get our sick friendssoup! (Megan)

Cara will look into it.

Willthe Village be re-furnished?

Can Hendrix provide better service tostudents in the apartments?

Can wefully furnish the village?

Lookinginto it… would advantageous/easier to/for students and the school.

Mightbe too expensive, Hendrix is investigating. If furnishing comes to apartments,it would likely come in stages with the Village first (can use for summerconferences).

Wouldthis effect costs for students in apartments?

Notsure yet, but the costs would likely go up. Don’t know if that would be justfor apartments, or a furniture fee for all students (everyone would pay, andbenefit over time).

Optionto choose your own cable package would probably not be as flexible.

EmailCarney-Hall with feedback

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

V. Committee Reports

Academic Policy with LaRonda Mitchell

Financial Committee with Clay Christian


Requested: $480.00

Recommended: $480 (fund in full)

Motionto accept passed, no objections or abstentions.

HealthSciences and Kinesiology Society

Requested: $160 (see attached)

Recommended: $0

Theproposal lacks detail and does not abide by FinCom’s food rule (food is not thecore purpose of the event)

Motionto accept recommendation passed, no objections or abstentions.

Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Jim Wiltgen and Dr. Karla Carney-Hall

Personalmessage from Dr. Carney-Hall

We willbe receiving a survey to complete from National College Health Survey, pleasefill it out! (Used to guide our education about health: awareness of sex,alcohol, drugs, etc.)

Propertydamage at Front Street this weekend

Last weekend someone willfully took apartthe grill behind Front Street to make a bonfire.

Paymentfrom damages comes from us

Facilitiesforced to clean/repair damage, which brings down their moral and makes theschool less inclined to buy us “nice things” (ie new broken benches at theHardin Gazebo).

Facilitiesworks hard and despite all the damage, stays student centered. SO…

Thereis some information about who was responsible, but the Dean asks that studentswho know more information come forward and/or…

 say something to those responsibleYOURSELF. (PEER PRESSURE/TAKE PUBLIC OWNERSHIP…)

Media Committee with Courtney Johnson

ProfileLaunch Party was a success, PICK UP A PROFILE!

If youdon’t see papers where they should be, email an editor to replace them!

MediaCommittee meeting this weekend, email Courtney with any comments/concerns.

Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily Canon

FreeStore is so successful that they are running out of stock. PLEASE BRINGDONATIONS (box in student activities suite, or bring things straight to thestore)

Housesneed a new student recycling rep, otherwise there will not be recycling there.

Multicultural Development Committee with Calvin Pun

MDC BlockParty, Spencer Lot, 3-5 p.m. Saturday, October 8th.

Campus Kitty with Malena Outhay

No report

Social Committee with Will Phillips

DRIVEIN MOVIE Saturday October 8th, Starting at 8 beside the baseball field. ShowingThe Goonies and Horrible Bosses! The Goonies will start at 8 and Horrible Bosseswill start 10 minutes after it is finished. Concessions available!  Carpool!

Volunteer Action Committee with Rachel Robbins

Thisweek's Service Saturday will be helping with the Faulkner County Library booksale from 1-3:30. Meet at the bell at 12:30 to walk to the library. Anyquestions e-mail Peter Hanneman at

Thesecond REACT to FILM event will be Monday, October 10 at 8 in Worsham. Themovie is Miss Representation. Itdeals with the way women are portrayed in the media. Any questions e-mail me

Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Daniel Williams and LaRonda Mitchell

Nowaccepting Troubadour money proposals (proposals should be for long terminvestments).

Deadlinefor proposals for Troubadour money is the same as FinCom – email them toDaniel, SACC will review and then forward to FinCom with a recommendation.

EmailDaniel with any questions.

Communications Committee with Adelia Shiffraw


Committee on Committees with Gabe Breshears

VAC SWOdyssey credit by doing 30 VAC hours!

Congratsto Will for being on the front of

Executive Committee with Desh Deepak

Votingfor MDC reps has just closed.

NextMonday 2-4, DPZ planner for athletics will be here Monday (focus on new facilitiesMabee Center- football and women’s lax starting in 2013-focus on facilities).If you have questions/comments/suggestions please email Desh before themeeting.

VII. New Business

VIII. Adjournment