Student Senate

Minutes 09.27.11


Tuesday September 27, 2011 

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dinning Room 

Student Life and Technology Center 


I. Call to Order 


II. Special Business 


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns 

Lauren (Sr)-The Bailey custodial staff is throwing the contents of the recycling cans into trash bins…  

ECC will look into this. 

Kate (Huntington)-Bailey water tastes like chlorine… 

Annie (Galloway)-Why isn’t there a soda machine in the library? 

Cafeteria liaison will check up on this 

Audrey (Soph.)- uninvited guest suggestion… 

Wristbands at smaller, regular parties? 

Can’t do wristbands at martin, because they aren’t official events/logistically problematic (too many entrances/etc) 

P-Safe can ask people to leave 

YOU can ask people to leave 

Kate (Huntington)-Parking at Huntington 

Not enough space, can we not ticket people who park by the space by the garden (Tire marks on the grass upsets facilities/P-Safe)? 

Those with temporary disabilities can contact P-Safe about getting temporary handicap tags. 

Graham (Fresh.)-The new walkways in front of the SLTC are getting pretty muddy can we get a new layer of pecans? 

Facilities liaison is on it 

Megan (Jr.)- What’s going on with the Troubadour money?  

SAC is working on it, now that we have a freshman Senator; their committee is fully formed and can meet. They are working on putting together proposal forms that will soon be on the website 

Hunter (Front/Mills)- Why is the left door downstairs always locked? …it’s aesthetically displeasing and inefficient. 

Dr. Carney-Hall: It has to do with the magnetic reader itself, the mechanism for a double door function costs an additional $5,000, they could only afford one last year. 

Courtney (Media)- Broken Glass in Art Complex parking lot 

Please be mindful of cars/tires and not throw glass in that area. 


IV. Departmental Liaison Reports 


V. Committee Reports 


Financial Committee with Clay Christian  

Galloway Hall Council 

Requested: $161.22  

The request is for Additional funding for food for the Galloway Hoedown on Saturday. The original caterers increased their price quote from last year, Galloway Hall Council sought a cheaper caterer/food options and their new and they need more money to cover the expenses. 

Recommended: $161.22 (fund in full) 

Motion to pass FinCom’s recommendation, no objections or abstentions. 

The Profile 

Requested: $310 

The request is for funding for catering by Culinary Club for food for The Profile’s launch party. The Profile is changing things up this year and is trying to attract a larger audience; their previous launch parties have been similar and successful.   

Recommended: $310 (fund in full) 

Motion: Motion to pass FinCom’s recommendation; passed, no objections or abstentions 

Quidditch Team 

Requested: $1300  

The request is for funding to send 8 members to the Quidditch World Cup in NYC in November. The proposal asks for funding for hotel and gas fees. The proposal exceeds the $80/room/night hotel cap that FinCom (and many Hendrix institutions- ie Odyssey) abides by. This request also only impacts 8 students. Overall this proposal reflects a lack of planning, and FinCom also feels that it doesn’t impact a large enough part of the Hendrix community to justify awarding such a large sum of funds. FinCom had discussed other fundraising options during the spring allocation process and is willing to continue this conversation. Senate is willing to support Quidditch, but feels this proposal is for too much.  

Recommended: $0 

Motion: Motion to pass FinCom’s recommendation; passed, no objections, one abstention (Anvesh-Village) 

Martin Hall Council 

Requested: $2487.78 (see attached) 

The request is for funding to bring DJ D.VELOPED to Ghost Roast. Recently, Martin has been trying to bring more established artists to campus events. This additional funding covers typical DJ costs (ie travel, food, lodging, etc). DJ D.VELOPED came to Toga last year and was well received by students, and has great interest in performing. (Local DJ’s had been sought out, but Martin has encountered problems with them, and bringing in a larger/familiar act has proved a better investment/guaranteed success) 

Recommended: $2487.78 (fund in full) 

Motion: Motion passed, no objections or abstentions 

NOTE TO ANY ORGANIZATION APPLYING FOR FUNDING, contacting Clay PRIOR to sending in your proposal with questions/for advice is in your favor, it will help FinCom (and likely positively effect the outcome of FinCom’s recommendation)  


Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Jim Wiltgen and Dr. Karla Carney-Hall 

Campus security/Uninvited guests (ie The Rando Situation) 


Yesterday there were two separate incidents of theft; a backpack and a laptop were stolen. 


The backpack was stolen from the Sun Porch, and the theft was caught on videotape (instituted last year following several thefts). The videotape is proving helpful in the process, however the thief has yet to be identified. 

Looks like a Hendrix student, we don’t think it is one. 

Galloway Incident 

Following last weekend’s Werewolf man break in…. 

Annie- Can we get new locks on the Parlor doors?  

Dr. Carney-Hall, Facilities will be double-checking the locks! 

Everyone should have P-Safe’s number in your phone! (501-450-7711) 

Uninvited Guests 

Front Street/other gatherings 

If you have a smaller party/event/gathering with 40ish or more people, you can’t expect not to draw people, sometimes uninvited guests 

BUT know that you always have the right to ask people to leave (tactfully/reasonably) and if you feel uncomfortable doing so, or if they uninvited guests are not responsive, call P-Safe or the RA’s to ask for help. 

Ghost Roast 

Will be a wristband event with perimeter checks 


Aware of the situation/brought it up this weekend 


Media Committee with Courtney Johnson 

Profile launch party on Monday from 6:30-7:30, catered by Culinary Club. 

The first issues of the Profile (new look!) will be passed out. lookout for the Dean… 



Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily Canon 

First Free Store was a success! The Free Store will be open every Tuesday from 3:30 to 5:30 in Worsham, bring donations to the box in the Student Activities Suite or straight to the free store! 

There will be a General Meeting Thursday. 


Multicultural Development Committee with Calvin Pun 

Come to Block Party! Saturday, October 8th from 3-5 in the lot next to the IT building/near Front Street. 

Members of MDC affinity groups will be cooking international foods, and Smokehouse will be catering BBQ…IT’S FREE! 


Campus Kitty with Malena Outhay 

Fun Run was such a success that CK ran out of numbers for participants! Thank you to all who participated! 


Social Committee with Will Phillips  

Musical Showcase was a success! Thanks to all who came out!  

Drive in Movie will be on October 8th (after block party) more info TBA 


Volunteer Action Committee with Rachel Robbins 

Helping out with ArtFest, meet at the Bell at 8:40 to walk over. Email for more info 


Academic Policy with LaRonda Mitchell 

There will be an AP meeting next week, email LaRonda with any concerns/suggestions. 


Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Daniel Williams and LaRonda Mitchell 

Working on Troubadour money stuff…will soon have a form to apply for funding. 

Will be forming another IT committee, if you know of any tech-savvy students who would be good for an at large position, email Daniel or LaRonda.

Communications Committee with Adelia Shiffraw 

No report 

Committee on Committees with Gabe Breshears 

New Academic Integrity appointment 


Executive Committee with Desh Deepak 


VII. New Business 


VIII. Adjournment