Student Senate

Minutes 09.20.11


Tuesday September 20, 2011 

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dinning Room 

Student Life and Technology Center 


I. Call to Order 


II. Special Business 

Election Results with Rachel Robbins 

Congrats too… 

 Social Committee: 

Freshman Representative- Keegan Whicker 

Sophomore Representative- Brandon McNew 

Junior Representative- Marvin McLennon 

Senior Representative- Sara Prince 

Martin Representative- Ethan Ake 

Hardin Representative- John Weirich 

Couch Representative- Clayton Jacobs 

Veasey Representative- Paige Spivey 

Raney Representative- Kaki Pipes 

Galloway Representative- Adelia Shiffraw 

Houses Representative- Kaitlin McGrail 

Clifton Apts. Representative- Allison Helm 

Huntington Apts. Representative- Millie Unser 

Front Street Apts. Representative- Jack Finney 

Village C Apts. Representative- Jeffrey Schmidt 

Off Campus Representative- Ashley Scorsone 


Multicultural Development Committee: 

Freshman Representative- Jill Nguyen 

Junior Representative- Caroline Craig 

Senior Representative- Anna Ragni 

Veasey Representative- Liz Cosenza 

Houses Representative- Maya Bastille 

Off Campus Representative- Brie Ross 


Student Senate 

Freshman Senator- Graham Senor 


Filing opens tonight for: 

Soco-Village D 

MDC- Sophomore, Martin, Hardin, Couch, Raney, Galloway, Clifton, Huntington, Front Street, Village C, Village D 


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns 

Hunter- many students are concerned about Safety/Thefts (particularly at Front Street)/increasing amount of non-Hendrix students on campus… 

Idea-put campus style lighting around Front Street? 

Dean Wiltgen  


Will re-evaluate/look into putting additional lighting around Front St. during the Light Walk in early November. 

Need to always lock doors/valuables. 

Hendrix reports all thefts, except, if a door is left open, it is not counted as a threat!  


What do we do about the Increasing number of Non-Hendrix Students? 

More registered social events! 

Harder when it gets colder, but easier to keep secure 

“underground” events are going to be more difficult to control (no deputies/less security) 

SoCo-Congrats on a successful foam party, 1112 wristbands (374 guests)… but, about 1/3 of students were not Hendrix students 

Good job Martin Hall for trying to keep things under control on Friday! 

Martin not always treated with respect (by non-Hendrix and Hendrix students), remind people to be respectful/responsible.  

Wes- keep Parties on the DL, don’t spread on facebook/twitter/etc, Hall Council is trying hard to publicize events to ONLY the Hendrix Community.   

Zack- Can we have a discourse with UCA/Conway High? 

Dean will try to talk to the Dean/Housing at UCA 

High school students shouldn’t be here (only registered visitors) let psafe/res life/etc know if younger “randos” show up.  

Don’t claim guests that aren’t yours. 

Ghost Roast will have perimeter checks/wrist bands! 

Ask constituents for ideas/response regarding this… 

Anvesh- can more students have key card access to the village? 

Dean will look into it.  

Kate- cross walk situation around Huntington isn’t safe, can we get signage? 


City has not supported a cross walk, but Dean will look into other options.  


IV. Departmental Liaison Reports 


V. Committee Reports 

Media Committee with Courtney Johnson 


The Troubadour recommends Emily Deer for Associate Editor 

Motion to accept recommendation 

Motion accepted no objections or abstentions 

Senior Quotes/Pictures due October 16th 


DJ Schedule for KHDX on the radio booth door, and is streaming online (check out their fb group) 

Launch party next week, details TBA- check out Communications 


Financial Committee with Clay Christian  


Bethlehem House Community Group- money to cover food (that Bethlehem House doesn’t normally receive) for Hendrix participants to make 11 meals @ $80, each feeding 20-40 people, this year. 

Requested: $890 (see attached) 

Recommended: $890 (fund in full) 

Motion accept passes, no objections or abstentions 

Motion to add Freshman Rep Graham Senor to FinCom, 

Motion passes no objections or abstentions 


Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Jim Wiltgen and Dr. Karla Carney-Hall 

(see safety/security discussion in Constituent Concerns) 


Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily Canon 


Glass Recycling is here! The bins are located as follows: 

Dorm kitchens 

Ecohouse porch 

Huntington (by other recycling bins) 

Front Street #12 (back door step) 

Monday, October 24 is national Food Day
The ECC will have a love food, hate waste demonstration in the caf 

Kelly Conelly is the new Village Rep 


Multicultural Development Committee with Calvin Pun 

Bloc party will be on October 8th 

Different food, and a lot of events 

More Hendrix participation 

But will bring in community members (most advertising through community churches, with a lot of help from SBC) 

Re-Opening filing for members! 


Campus Kitty with Malena Outhay 

Interview/committee selections last week 

First committee with new members this week! 

Fun Run Saturday during Family weekend 

Can color shoes for $1 instead of buying a shirt. 


Social Committee with Will Phillips  

Musical Showcase (Family Weekend) 

Do you have talent? Do you want to show it off to the campus and your folks?? Duh. Of course you do! Your very own SOCO will be hosting a Musical Showcase next Saturday, September 24th at 7:00 pm, but we NEED you, and all of your talent and beautifulness! IF you would like to be a part of this night of musical, in the shape of a performer, please contact Emily Jones @ by Thursday midnight! There will be a screening process Friday afternoon. So warm your voices, tune your guitars, and lets have a night under the stars! 

Foam Party 

All lost house keys/IDs have been returned 

Car keys at the info desk 

Shoes-send an email if you want them back 


Volunteer Action Committee with Rachel Robbins 

The React to Film screening of Hell and Back Again is this Thursday at 7p.m. in Worsham! 

The Service Saturday will be helping with a benefit for the Bethlehem House at Simon Park. The time is still TBD. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at 


Academic Policy with LaRonda Mitchell  

Meeting Thursday at 4, send any AP questions/concerns to Desh or LaRonda! 


Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Daniel Williams and LaRonda Mitchell

Communications Committee with Adelia Shiffraw 


Committee on Committees with Gabe Breshears 

SOMEM- (Dylan) meeting 

Sunny/Dylan have assessed the state of the SoCo equipment, and there is a serious need for new stuff. Dylan will soon be putting in  a request…  

Dylan- deadlines about informing SOMEM/MEDIA about events 

2 weeks preferred, there may be a penalty if organizations give less notice. 


Academic Integrity Committee 

Will be replacing one committee member.  


Executive Committee with Desh Deepak 

Senate Retreat on October 1st/Highway Cleanup/Dinner with Dr. Carney-Hall (hopefully an appearance by Dean Wiltgen) 

Talked about SOMEM 


VII. New Business 

         Dean- Next Wednesday first Humpday event, Worsham 8pm Sing-Off 

         Next Friday- Hoop Dreams performing at Art Fest 

Next Saturday- Kids art parade/ kid zone, if interested in volunteering,  Email the Dean! 


VIII. Adjournment