Student Senate

Minutes 09.13.11


Tuesday September 13, 2011 

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dinning Room 

Student Life and Technology Center 

I. Call to Order 


II. Special Business 

o   THANK YOU IT & Media Services 

o   David Hinson (  

o   Exec VP and Chief Information Officer for the IT department 

§  Welcome to Hendrix David Hinson! Mr. Hinson will be filling the new position Chief information officer in the IT department. 

§  SAC will be serving as a our new Info-tech advisory committee 

§  Today IT has officially increased Hendrix’s internet speed by 20%! THANK YOU! 

o   Sunny Haynes (  

§  Events Production Manager 

§  Your contact for larger scale on-campus events! 

§  Things to keep in mind when planning an event 

·      Contact Sunny (and maybe Dylan-see below) ASAP when you initially start planning, or AT LEAST 2 WEEKS prior to the event 

o   Include location/size/ band input lists (if applicable) when initially contacting Sunny 

o   If Media Services is contacted too late, apart from being inconvenienced, they are unlikely to have the manpower/resources to run your event 

§  There are lots of questions/things to keep in mind when planning an event, such as: 

·      Where is the power coming from 

·      Will you need a generator 

·      Staging 

o   Dylan Ashcraft (  

o   Student Organizations Media Equipment Manager-ie The King of All Media 

§  Certain things Media Services cannot support but Dylan may be able 

o   If you are unsure about who to contact when you begin planning, CC both Sunny and Dylan in an email but: 

§  If your event will take place in: 

· Worsham/staples/venue: Contact Sunny/Media Services 

§  Party/all day set up/outdoors/Brick Pit: Contact Dylan 



III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns 

·      Audrey- Any progress regarding extra benches around the Hardin Gazebo? 

o   Dr. Carney-Hall: There are current conversations/willingness regarding additional benches, however, it is hard to make a case for new/additional resources when current resources are being damaged. 

§  The specific damage includes burn marks on the Hardin Gazebo benches, Stickers (the chalk is ok!), and the removal of signage.  

·      Adelia- Constituents are asking about their standing regarding credit class vs cohort (year, ie class of 2014) 

o   Dr. Carney-Hall 

o   Housing purposes: it has been decided that cohort class will be used   

o   Formal mail-outs: both cohort and credit class are often used 

o   Email/senate notes: credit class is often used (If you would like to be added to your cohort senate notes contact 

o   Voting: this issue often comes up and it is up to the senate to change (currently voting is on a credit basis), if we would like to change voting to cohort, we would have to motion/vote to make this change. 


IV. Departmental Liaison Reports 

No report 


V. Committee Reports 

o   Financial Committee with Clay Christian  

o   Troubador is giving us money back! 

o   Westphalian Society 

(The Student Activity is not meant to fund class related trips/activities, only student organization activities) 

§  Requested: $2,150 (see attached) 

§  Recommended: $130 

·      Motion to accept recommendation 

o   Motion passes no objections or abstentions 


o   Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Jim Wiltgen and Dr. Karla Carney-Hall 

o   Dean Wiltgen 

§  Things to keep in mind during Foam Party… 

·      Physical contact: history of unwanted contact at this party, if you see anything/anyone who is in an unhealthy or undesirable position, please LET THE DEAN OR A PSAFE OFFICER KNOW! (or SoCo monitors!)  

o   Sometimes, the contact is accidental, so keep in mind that some touches are accidental, and enter at your own risk! 

·      No backpacks, no cups,  

·      Rain location not yet set 

·      SHOES-avoid flip flops (likely to fall off), wear strappy shoes (ie chacos/tevas) 

·      *Every year after this party, there is a spike at the health center* 

·      Remember to keep the housekeeping staff, be mindful/clean on your return to the dorms! 


o   Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily Canon 

o   Congratulations to the new ECC officers. We had a lot of really great applicants this year! 

§  Housing Reps: 

·      Veasey- Susie Burton 

·      Galloway- Meghan Mcfadden 

·      Raney- Mary Conner 

·      Couch- Max Incháurregui 

·      Hardin- Dakota Puncey 

·      Huntington/Clifton/Frame- Liz Elmore 

·      Front Street/Mills/Language House- Michael Cavez 

·      Off Campus- Amanda Spolec 

·      New Houses- Charlie Myers  

§  Executive: 

·      Historian- Rachel Head 

·      Media Liason- Jared King 

·      Secretary- Anna Nyseth 

o   Glass recycling will start ASAP 

§  contact Emily if you would like to be involved (currently Mills/Front St. recycling is combined due to lack of volunteers…) 

§  bin locations TBA 

o   Free store will start next week, date/time is TBA 


o   Media Committee with Courtney Johnson 

o   The Profile and The Troubador have hired internal staff and have begun. 

§  If you applied, you should have heard back by now 

o   Choosing Trouabdor associate editor, filing ends at 5pm tomorrow 

o   Working on contracts/constitutions that need to be revised 

o   Printing account for Media Committee 


o   Multicultural Development Committee with Calvin Pun 

Block Party is coming up in October! 


o   Campus Kitty with Malena Outhay (Proxy Avery Roller) 

o   We are interviewing candidates this week for committee positions and will select the committee by the end of the week. 

o   Fun Run 

o   - CK fun run is on September 24 at 3:00 PM behind the WAC. The course this year includes a run through the tunnel--get excited! 

o   - $10 for students/faculty 

o   - $15 for family members/community 

o   - We will be in the Sun Porch during lunch and dinner next week to sell shirts and register people. Also, people can register at our cool website: 


o   Social Committee with Will Phillips   

Faux Rush Week 

o   Wednesday, September 14th 

§  Lip Sync Off  8:00pm-10:00pm, Worsham: Gather a group of your res hall mates (or fly solo) and perform to see who has what it takes to win the prize. Don't live in a residence hall? No problem! Make your group and earn points for the hall of your choice as well as attain a sweet trophy. Props and costumes are, of course, encouraged. To sign up, please send an e-mail to Abbey Koon at (be sure to include your song choice!) 

§  Thursday, September 15th: Relay Race 6:00pm, Brick Pit: Make a team of 5 to compete in an eating contest, puzzle solving, and giant trash can water pong! Trophy and cash prize for the winners!  (Come dressed to get messy). To sign up, please send an e-mail to Will Phillips 

§  Saturday, September 17th: EPIC FOAM PARTY  9:00pm, Brick Pit. This event needs no description!. Wristbands will be handed out Tuesday (Sept 13th) through Friday (Sept 16th) from 11-2 in front of the caf. They will also be handed out Tuesday-Thursday from 5-7pm.  Friday at 2pm will be the last time you can get a wristband – don’t forget! 

·      Guest wristbands will also be available.  You must pre-register your guest before the night of the event.  Guest wristbands can be picked up Saturday night starting at 8:30pm until 10:30pm.  Bring your pre-registered guest to the table before 10:30pm to get their wristband.  No guest wristbands will be handed out after 10:30pm!!! 


o   Volunteer Action Committee with Rachel Robbins 

o   VAC's Service Saturday is cleaning Faulkner County Day School from 10-12.  

o   Our first React to Film Event is Sept. 22 at 7 in Worsham. React to Film is a non-profit organization that showcases the best documentary films to activate young people around critical social issues. The first film is Hell and Back Again. 


o   Academic Policy with LaRonda Mitchell 


o   Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Daniel Williams and LaRonda Mitchell  


o   Will serve as an advisory committee for IT 

o   Committee will be full with election of freshman


o   Communications Committee with Adelia Shiffraw 

o   NOTES 


o   Committee on Committees with Gabe Breshears 

o   Committee on Engaged Learning 

§  Met September 1stto discuss: 

·      2 student Odyssey applications 

·      recoding of an Environmental Studies class/UR credit for Classics 490 

·      The fate of Hendrix Propylea program 

o   Replace Propylea with the new Hendrix Immersion Project (instead of offering course credit, would offer Odyssey credit) 

o   Hearst Grant now provides $100,000 over the next three years for faculty research and travel  



o   Executive Committee with Desh Deepak 

o   October 1st will be our Senate Retreat, clear your calendar! 


VII. New Business 


VIII. Adjournment