Student Senate

Minutes 08.30.11


Tuesday August 30, 2011

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dinning Room

Student Life and Technology Center

I. Call to Order

o   Thanks to all involved in activities welcoming everyone back to Hendrix especially: Lauren Beck and the Welcome Week Committee, Torey Hayward/Shelby Howlett and the Rest of the Orientation/Peer Leaders, Torey Hayward and Sairah Siddique and the Shirttails Committee, Knox Shelton & Kendall Lewellen and everyone involved with the Shirttails Concert, and Courtney Johnson and everyone involved with the Troubador.


II. Special Business

o   Intramural Athletics - Alex Schroller

o   The WAC/Intramural Athletics would like to re-introduce a Cup Championship for intramurals. The WAC will be doing a Harry-Potter stylized/themed intramural program this year, grouping different res. Halls/residences.

o   The winning teams will have something along the lines of a pizza party

§  Other ideas: Pool Pizza Party with Music, t-shirts, a cup/trophy that can go in the res-halls.


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

o   The Student Activities training sessions will be held 9/20 & 21 and are MANDATORY for ALL student org leaders. Please see the email Brent Owens (Assistant Director of StuAct) sent out Monday for more info.

o   Galloway-Missing a Table and Chairs—Dr. Carney Hall is on it.

o   Off Campus-What are the criteria to live off campus?

o   Criteria can be found on the form online

o   Dean- Hendrix waits to look at enrollment, start the process in February, review apps starting with financial info, following with other needs. Not a strict percentage, around 85 live on campus. Most people that sign up by the deadline for off-campus residency often are able to live off campus.



IV. Departmental Liaison Reports


V. Committee Reports

o   Financial Committee with Clay Christian

If You Are Starting A New Student Organization:

1.  Get approved by Student Life (see Tonya Hale)

2.  Get an account for your organization with the Business office

                        You: I need to set up an account for a new student organization

Awesome Business Office Person: Here is your paperwork!

Note: This requires a lot of signatures.  Tell the business office that I need to be emailed ( when the account is set up.

3.  Apply for discretionary money on an event-by-event basis.  If you did not participate in Spring Allocation, you do not get to be funded in one lump sum.

If You Did Not Participate in Spring Allocation or Were Not Given Funds During Spring Allocation:

1.  You can apply for discretionary money on an event-by-event basis.  If you did not participate in spring allocation, you do not get to be funded in one lump sum.

If You Need to Know How Much Money You Have:

1.  Go to the business office.

2.  Ask for the ledger report of your student organization.  Know your account number!  The business office is staffed by awesome people, but they really do not have time to look up every number for every organization that needs a report.

If You Need Me or Want To Ask A Question About Your Finances:

Do not email me with a vague statement/question about your funds.  Chances are, whatever is going on is complicated and difficult to communicate via email.  Instead, set up a meeting with me.  You can email me, call (901-603-9390), or even drop by Front Street 29 if it is at a reasonable time during the week.

All discretionary funding proposals/requests must be submitted to Clay BY 5PM FRIDAYS to be considered during the that week’s FinCom meeting

Attendance at these meetings are not mandatory for those sending proposals, but may help, ask Clay!


o   Committee on Everything Awesome with Dean Jim Wiltgen and Dr. Karla Carney-Hall

o   Great job everyone for doing such a great job welcoming back the Hendrix Community!

o   Dean Wiltgen-

o   Locks (for use on the storage racks on the Sun Porch) are now available. 150 FREE locks will be distributed Thursday and Friday  (Lunch and Dinner) at the Sun Porch. After this, Locks will be available for purchase at the Hendrix Bookstore.

o   Shirttails- WAS GREAT! But…

§  There was one transport due to alcohol poisoning

·      Reminder that our open cup policy is there to curtail binge-drinking, be careful.

§  2 Hendrix students were assaulted on Campus, by non-Hendrix students.

§  Fire Alarm pulled (thought to be by a non-Hendrix student), if you have any info about this, or if there are such events in the future, or any damage on party nights, please go to see the Dean.

o   9/11 remembrance event in the works, likely Sunday evening of the 11th, more info TBA.

o   Dr. Carney-Hall-

o   Would also like to recognize the awesome work that went into International Student Orientation too…

o   Designated Smoking Area Policy is going well so far!

§  Smoking designated signs have been stolen… please return to info desk, no questions will be asked. (If the thefts continue, and those guilty are caught, they will be penalized)

§  Wes—Martin wasn’t happy about the amount of damage from Saturday, how do we control uninvited guests in the future? After hours option to avoid chaos at Martin? Indoors?...


o   Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily Canon

o   ECC had a very successful green team for freshman move-in. Two large green dumpsters were filled with recyclables.

o   The first ECC meeting will be on Thurs. Sep. 1 at 8 in the Campbell Dining Room.

o   Glass recycling and Free Store specifics are TBD until officers are elected.
Officer Elections will take place


o   Media Committee with Courtney Johnson

o   Aonian is hiring staff. Email Hanna Al-Jibouri for an application.

o   Profile hopes to have a launch party this year – it’s in the works.

o   Profile is hiring the following positions. Email Emily Smith ( for an

§  Issues will be dropping at the beginning of the month

o   application:

§  News Section Editor

§  Opinion Section Editor

§  Sports Section Editor

§  Arts Section Editor (title may change)

§  Business Manager

§  Photography Editor

o   Troubadour

§   is hiring an associate editor; email Courtney Johnson for an application.

§  Also, hiring internal positions; email Neelam Vyas for those applications.

§  Troubadours continue to be available at lunch and dinner – they’re going fast, or come to the Office

§  If any errors are found please email Courtney

·      Will be drafting a letter to seniors to explain what happened with the Senior section

§  The Troubador will be printed in full color this year, due to finding a cheaper publisher. The new publisher issued a signing bonus that will be used to purchase hard drives, etc.

§  Can International Students get Yearbook? Yes but it is not financially feasible for the organization. Students must fund shipping themselves.


o   Email Courtney if you are interested in Media Committee

o   Senators-please email Courney if you run into problems with constituents don’t get year books so the Troubadour can adjust their numbers

o   KHDX,

o   Concert was successful! THANKS KHDX!

§  If you get a wristband, please show up on time!

§  267 guest wristbands, unsure of school wristbands        

§  Why Super Mash Bros? By the time the survey results were compiled, artists had already made previous commitments (turned down by 9 acts on the list!)

§  Local dubstep artist preformed first, not much attendance, but he is interested in coming back!

o   Currently broadcasting

§  Lookout for an email if you would like a radio show

§  StuAct interested in a show publicizing upcoming activities,  contact Knox if your organization is interested.

§  Faculty may start some shows! (Dean on the Radio…OMG)

o   DEAN

§  Despite the 2 week waiting period between talking to different bands, KHDX still managed to hire a great act.

§  Great job Knox and Kendal!


o   Multicultural Development Committee with Calvin Pun

o   Congrats to the new officers!

§  Anna Roane-Vice Chair

§  Desire Brown- Publicity Chair

§  Asli Ahmed- Secretary

§  Jack Finney-Treasurer


o   Campus Kitty with Malena Outhay

o   CK applications are out! E-mail Malena Outhay for an application or pick one up on the bulletin board across from the mailboxes.

o   100 apps already out!

§  Congrats to the Campus Kitty Executive Committee

·      1st Vice Chair-Avery Roller, 2nd Vice Chair Hannah Hudspeth, Secretary Robin Brown, Treasurer Collin Sitler, Also Shelby Howlett/Emily Jones, Karyn Kuan/Gillian Rossi


o   Social Committee with Will Phillips

o   Faux Rush week in 2 weeks!

o   Run for SoCo !


o   Volunteer Action Committee with Rachel Robbins

o   First Service Saturday: EcoFest, Saturday, September 10th

§  3rd EcoFest, Run by Conway in Laurel Park, kites, FREE FOOD

§  Dean builds a giant cardboard maze!

o   Intro meeting tonight


o   Academic Policy with LaRonda Mitchell

o   Faculty member on board of trustees, voting position?

o   Bid Point System being reevaluated

o   Would like feedback on how to increase student participation on convocation/honors day… email Desh/LaRonda

o   Faculty Travel Grants

§  Awarded 45 faculty avg $900 for going on trips, not necessarily enough

·      Receiving less money than students for conferences/etc

o   Freshman sophomore retention rate at 85%, trying to increase AR financial aid packages 

o   Talking to a donor for Hendrix Oxford program….


o   Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Daniel Williams and LaRonda Mitchell

o   Communications Committee with Adelia Shiffraw

o   The Student Suggestion box will be out this week! Feel free to drop suggestions in the box by the mailboxes, on top of the recycling center.


o   Committee on Committees with Gabe Breshears


o   If students need sound equiptment/ set up for outdoor events contact Dylan Ashcraft.

o   Senate cookout…thanks guysss.

§  Waste Free event (nearly) (extra food to Bethlehem house, recycling etc… thanks ECC)

o   Committee info will be out THIS WEEK


o   Executive Committee with Desh Deepak

o   Open Filling for SoCo, MDC, and freshman rep begins tonight

o   Senate Retreat, tentative date October 1st


VII. New Business


VIII. Adjournment