Student Senate

Minutes 04.12.11


Tuesday April 12, 2010

6:30 p.m. Mills Library

Student Life and Technology Center

I. Call to Order


II. Special Business


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

Adelia: constituents are having trouble connecting to the wireless network with an ipad/kindle/etc. through their account? Is there a way they can connect?

Zack will ask IT

Hunter: is there a way to opt out of Senate emails?

Desh will ask

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

  • WAC Paddles
    • Anvesh talked to Karl Lenser at the WAC about getting additional paddles, Karl is already in the process of buying them!
  • Signage at the Village apartments
    • Dean Wiltgen looked into Taylor Kidd’s request for signs in the interior stairwells in the Village, new signage is in the process of being put up on each floor, in different colors!
  • Raney Bunk Beds
    • Dean Wiltgen looked into this and the actual cost would be closer to $15,000.
    • This is a request that should be put into the capital funding from the college.


V. Committee Reports


  • Financial Committee with Clay Christian
  • Motion to Pass the New Financial Committee
    • Senate Members (permanent):
      • Hunter Owen, Kate Moran, Weston Weeks, Lauren Whitmore, Zack Hausle
    • At Large Members (spring allocations only)
      • Daniel B. Williams, Hannah Hudspeth, Brad Martins, Hari Vasudevan, Susanna Sutherland,
        • One at large member will be added to the permanent FinCom after the Spring Allocations Process
    • Motion passed no objections or abstentions
    • ECC
      • ECC would like to add salaries to the vice co-chaired position on Senate. Exec recommended that this be tabled for the first official financial committee meeting.
      • Motion to Table, passed no objections/abstentions
    • Bike Revolution
      • $1,101.44 for 5 new bikes
      • Exec is all for the bikes (they are used all the time, we rarely see them freely available outside of the library), but does not recommend using discretionary funding for this proposal
        • Motion to not fund, but recommend to Bike Revolution to add it to their spring allocation budget, passed no abstentions or rejections
    • Martin Hall
      • $1722.66 bring DJ Developed to Toga
      • Motion to fund in full, passed, no objections or abstentions
    • Habitat for Humanity
      • $248.77  to reimburse for gas (gas prices rose unexpectedly during the trip) 
      •  Motion to fund in full, no objections or abstentions  
      • again, we do not condone retroactive funding, unless special circumstances arise 
    • Aonian
      • The Aonian presented a formal proposal to Exec this week regarding their need for funds to cover additional printing costs. The Aonian has grown extensively this year, they had 320 submissions from 140 students and the quality of the magazine is improving (awesome!) They originally went to the printer with these numbers, and their original quote was within their budget. However, at the last minute, the printer gave them a new, much higher quote.
      • The Aonian has had the same budget for 12 years and their staff is unpaid. They are due for a larger budget, however, this is something they should have brought up earlier (they should definitely consider applying for additional funding for next year’s issue! During spring allocations)
      • Aonian kept accepting submissions until their last meeting (Sunday of spring break), in the future they now know they need to have a cut off.
      • Difficult to democratically cut work at this point (panel of judges choose work to be published during each meeting, cannot have a meeting this late in the game—due to the publisher tomorrow to keep up with their deadline, cannot extend the deadline because the release is co-sponsored by the Murphy Foundation)
      • Rather have copies vs. pages? They really do not want to cut the amount of copies, it would be slightly easier to cut some of the work (although this too is a lot of work, and all of this has to be done tonight)
      • Senate: We realize this is a sticky situation, but it is irresponsible for us to fund all of this, considering how late the proposal came, and how much we have left in the discretionary budget. Although some of the additional funding was out of your hands, as heads of this organization it is up to you guys to make executive decisions, especially regarding when to stop accepting submissions.
      • Exec recommended funding $3,437.00 for 800 copies @ 160 pages
        • Motion to fund exec’s recommendation, rejected 
        • Kate: Motion to pass 900 copies @ 160 pgs (2nd Anvesh) and cut certain submissions from students that sent in multiples
          • Total funding of $3854.00
          • 1 objection, 3 abstentions
  • Committee on Everything Awesome:
    • Dean Jim Wiltgen and Dr. Karla Carney-Hall
    • HOUSING 
    • There has been a lot of frustration, especially amongst the junior class regarding this years housing process. In recent years most juniors have been able to get apartments, however, because the rising senior class is so large, increased amount of squatters (50% increase in squatters this year!), and decreased amount of front street apartments housing 3 residents (most will be housing 2) res life’s predictive model was thrown off, and the after getting to the 100th person in the junior class, there were no more spaces in on campus apartments.
      • Funny how things change… three years ago they could not pay people to live in some of the apartments…
    • Res Life/Housing is doing their best, there is no exact science, and there are only about 218 people left to house (due to the increased amount of squatters)
    • There will be drop outs, and we will end up with 100% housing, but we will have a better predictor towards the end of the year when the college has a much better idea about the size of the incoming class, as well as the number of drop outs.
    • Only 144 people are living off campus (less than usual) and few people are on the off campus waitlist (RES LIFE IS STILL ACCEPTING OFF-CAMPUS REQUESTS, in the past two years, these lists HAVE been exhausted during the summer, so if you are interested apply!)
    • The college is doing it’s best to accommodate everyone, and is looking for information to make the process better in the future: 
      • They will be looking into collecting information regarding how many upper classman have underclassman roommates so they can create a more fair process for the future for those who have seniority.
      • In the fall, the Dean and Dr. Carney-Hall will be asking senate to form a committee for feedback.


  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily and Katherine
    • Meeting Thursday at 7, check out Hendrix Today for the Location
    • Earth day 3-6pm Friday April 22 (ACTUAL EARTH DAY!) at the Village.
      • Hoop Dreams (Hendrix band), Don’t Stop Please (UCA based band) will both be performing live!   
      • HOT DOGS!!!!
    • Eco justice week: There will be talks each day with diverse focuses (confirmed focuses include food justice, oil burning (with Amnesty)) there will also be tabling, petitions and videos. Be on the lookout for more info or email Katherine or Emily!
  • Media Committee with Courtney Johnson (Bruce Layman proxy)
    • Congrats to Bruce Layman, Jodyn Spenato, Ashley Scorsone, the new student at large members of the media committee
      • Issues with interviews
        • Applicants who applied for multiple positions 
        • Courtney is concerned because this made their application process difficult (had to bring in both interviewers to interview the applicant at once, which is awkward, and can lead to the interviewers having a poor reflection of the applicant (are the indecisive? Or do they really just want to be part of this committee, no matter what job they are doing?)
        • Options
          • Change the media constitution so that they can only apply for one position (must be brought to senate for approval)
          • Introduce a ranking system as part of the application, and then it is up to your discretion to decide which position you think is best for that applicant.
        • You can still email Courtney regarding applications for positions for next year


  • Multicultural Development Committee with Molly Miller
    • Overall DAO week went well (however, there was poor turn out for the movie night so that was canceled, and because we have the rights to the movie MDC can still show the film next year) Sassy Gay Friend was great, and had outstanding turn out (the entire bottom floor of staple was filled, no one was turned away)
    • Gospel Explosion was also a success!
    • There were some issues with checks for Forever Jones
      • A reminder to club exec’s


  • Campus Kitty with Malena
    • They will be distributing funds soon!


  • Social Committee with Will Phillips
    • Drive in movie is Saturday, parking starts at 8:30, True Grit at 9, followed by the King’s Speech
    • No drinking and driving! Remember, once you are on Harkrider driving over, you are NOT on Hendrix property, so you will have to answer to local police, not PSafe/Hendrix if anything goes wrong.
    • SoCo will be selling snacks!


  • Volunteer Action Committee with Michaela Fraser
    • Michaela is still looking for volunteers for the 21st to help out when the 4th graders come to visit! Email her ASAP if you are interested! 

             - Thursday, April 14 Lunchtime at the SLTC Technology Clusters:  Spotlight on Current Controversial Issues in the Education System.  Stop by Tech Cluster 3 or 4 between 11am-1pm to get informed.  Refreshments from Ed's Bakery will be served!
           - **Tuesday, April 19th at 6 pm in Mills A: Education In Arkansas: Panel Discussion.  Featuring Dr. Anne Goldberg, Dr. Dionne Jackson, Dr. James Jennings, Ida Burns Counselor Donna Wilchie, and Bob Courtway Principle Amy Jordan (Moderated by Dr. Jay Barth). The panel will focus on local issues and how we can work to improve the system. This event will be catered by La Princesa!
               -  Thursday, April 21st from 11am-1pm SLTC/Campus Wide: Ida Burns Elementary 4th Grade Campus Visit.  90 4th graders will be on campus for student/faculty demonstrations from 11-12 and lunch/campus tours from 12-1.   It's going to be an awesome day.
       **   - Please ATTEND The Lottery event (April 12) and the Panel Discussion(April 19)! We need all the support we can get, so bring your friends.  They will be low key and fun, but informative. 
              - Make sure to walk by the tech clusters during lunch on April 14
              - We NEED VOLUNTEERS for the Ida Burns Event (April 21)  - To sign up to volunteer, stop by the VAC Office (in the Miller Center/Religious Life Suite) in the SLTC.  The sign up sheets with all relevant information are posted on the door.  We are asking volunteers to sign up by THIS FRIDAY, April 8.


  • Academic Policy with LaRonda Mitchell


    • Chinese professor search will be finalized for the fall
    • 2 new philosophy professors for the fall
      • one of the candidates will be teaching in Dr. Ablondi’s class from 11-12pm in the Raney building tomorrow
    • The APC discussed this year’s spring break which was one week later than usual (to align with Arkansas public school breaks).
    • This proved difficult for the staff, and there is discussion of pushing for a long weekend early in the semester, or perhaps a longer break.
    • Please email LaRhonda with any feedback, if we are going to try to get a better break system during the spring term WE NEED FEEDBACK!


  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Emily and LaRonda
    • Looking into new ideas they have received regarding the rollover funds.


  • Communications Committee with Adelia Shiffraw
    • I want to form a committee by the next meeting, please email me if you would like to be on it.


  • Committee on Committees with Gabe Breshears


    • CoC motion recommend the following chair positions:
      • Malena Outhay, Campus Kitty
      • Will Phillips, Social Committee
      • Emily Cannon, Environment Concerns Committee
      • Calvin Pun, Multicultural Development Committee
    • Filing for Vice Chairs closes tonight


    • CoC is looking for students for the following committee’s (see attachment), SENATORS please RECOMMEND anyone you think would be good for the job and also include these in your notes, any interested students should email Gabe!



  • Executive Committee with Desh Deepak


VII. New Business

  • Please respond to Glenda’s email if you can go to dinner with the President, Dr. Cloyd (it will be in the Campbell dining room an hour before our meeting)
  • If you are interested in joining the IT committee email Desh!
  • Dean: Red Brick Film Festival Submissions due Friday, check out a camera at the OTC, only a 3 minute movie CASH MONAYYY PRIZES!
  • Shakespeare scurry Friday at the Village
  • This weekend is Alumni Weekend, BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR, know that there will be increased scrutiny regarding any damage which happens this weekend. 
  • There has been Galloway-light damage, consistently (each weekend for at least the past 3 weeks).
    • Thank you for those who have confronted students damaging the lights, or have provided any info to the dean.


VIII. Adjournment