Student Senate

Minutes 03.29.11



Monday March 29, 2011 

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dining Room 

Student Life and Technology Center 

I. Call to Order 


II. Special Business 

  • Desh-Motion passed to elect Rachel Robbins new elections commissioner, no objections/abstentions. 
    • Rachel- motion passed for Katherine Hunter to serve on elections commission, no abstentions/objections. 


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns 

  • Weston- Would hanging tags in cars instead of using parking stickers be an option? (this would make lives easier for those that switch cars during the school year)  
    • Audrey will talk to Public Safety…  
  • Kate- Huntington constituents would like laundry facilities... 
    • Wiltgen- Because this would be considered a ‘commercial business’ the city of Conway has opposed several designs and even a laundry house (due to fiscal and fire code issues). The college is trying to figure out another option, but in the mean time we have added laundry to other housing areas.  


IV. Departmental Liaison Reports 



V. Committee Reports 


  • Financial Committee with Alexander Jones  
    • Ultimate Frisbee 
      • Tabled (need more info regarding dates/locations/gas/more realistic hotel) BUT 
        • Motion to amend to fund for $600 for the Tournament this weekend in St. Louis (even though the request was officially tabled, we brought it up because exec was not against funding for this weekend’s tournament, AND because we need to set a precedent against retroactive funding)  
          • Motion passed no objections or abstentions 


  •  Committee on Everything Awesome:  
    • Dean Jim Wiltgen  
      • Important dates: 
      • Housing Schedule 
        • Monday April 4th (Rising Seniors) 
        • Monday April 11th (Rising Juniors) 
        • Monday April 25th (Lowly Freshman) 
      • Spring Registration 
        • Pre registration OPEN until April 13th



    • Karla Carney-Hall 
      • Gender Neutral Housing (GNH) 
        • Unity approached student life regarding GNH this year, and the college responded positively and decided to try a 6-apt. pilot program! THANKS UNITY/HDX! 
        • Application didn’t require you to disclose your sexual preferences, instead to discuss your interest in participating 
        • Only 6 students ended up applying (one brother-sister team) 
        • Student frustrations 
          • how the media has portrayed GNH  
            • College is excited about this option/doesn’t agree with the media portrayal as “gay housing” 
          • Main student frustration seemed to be short notice regarding the option 
          • BUT generally the student body seems proud that Hendrix has decided to offer it! 
      • Profane 
        • Independent, non-college funded publication, SEPARATE FROM THE COLLEGE 
        • College supports peer satire, but does not support slander/attacks/hate/etc, this will not be acceptable,  
          • Cannot have articles without an attributed author, if the college finds un-authored articles, they will pick up the paper 
          • If editors are named and known, then articles CAN be anonymous, 
            • BOTTOM LINE, the college wants to create a ‘positive Hendrix experience’ and needs someone to be held accountable in case people have a ‘negative’ experience 
          • Good traditions/bad traditions 
            • College would like profane to evolve into something more satirical then slanderous 


  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily and Katherine 
    • Thursday Shale Gas meeting at 7pm in SLTC 105, and ECC General meeting at 9:00pm 
      • Daniel Williams will be leading a workshop on how to talk to effectively talk to the press (so that the media doesn’t portray Hendrix in a bad light…) 
      • Sign making 
    • Demonstration Friday 4-6pm along Harkrider across from Hendrix 
      • students, community and Nuns (YEA BABY) will present Southwestern with the following 5 demands 
        • 1. Disclose Chemical Properties of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid
          2. Respect the Constitutionally Protected Private Property Rights of Landowners
          3. Operate Shale Gas Equipment so that Quality of Life and Property Values are Maintained
          4. Comply with Federal Environmental Laws
          5. Cease Operation of Injection Wells  
      • Earthday! Friday April 22nd 
        • Live band The Root, and the Green Cart Deli will be selling hot dogs (HOT DOG!) 


  • Media Committee with Hannah Sintek 
    • Nothing to report, all is well 


  • Multicultural Development Committee with Molly Miller 
    • DAO WEEK 
  • Monday: Cookies and Conversation in SLTC 105 at 7:00 PM (Topic: Political Diversity on the Hendrix Campus)—Contact Molly if you are interested in baking for the event (MDC will help pay for costs) 
  • Tuesday: Divided We Fall Movie Screening and Discussion in the Campbell Dining Room at 7:00 PM (Molly is still trying to get someone from the Conway Islamic Center to come and speak, and will also talk to students that are of Middle Eastern descent…) 
  • Wednesday: Sassy Gay Friend LIVE in Staples at 8:00 PM 
  • Thursday: NO EVENT 
  • Friday: SBC presents Gospel Explosion featuring FOREVER JONES at 6:30 PM in Worsham 


  • Campus Kitty with Sabrina 
    • Next Tuesday will be the wrap up meeting to talk about criticisms/improvements, and things that went well 
        • 2 shows? Probably not…obvious reasons. 
        • A more efficient Martin/Veasey Auction with less Activia, on a different night (midterms) 
        • Outdoors club and homelessness?... Maybe involve a different club? 
        • Separate ‘VIP’ line for people that paid for the VIP pass? 


  • Social Committee with Will Phillips   
    • Drive in Movie Night April 16th 
      • True Grit (THE NEW ONE) and The Kings Speech 


  • Volunteer Action Committee with Michaela Fraser 
    • Interfaith clinic this weekend (time TBA), email Michaela with questions 


  • Academic Policy with LaRonda Mitchell 
    • Pre-registration until the 13th of April 
    • No meeting this week, any concerns email LaRonda or Desh 


  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Emily and LaRonda  
    • No report

  • Communications Committee with Adelia Shiffraw 


  • Committee on Committees with Gabe Breshears 


    • Senior Senator campaigning is this week (Lauren Whitmore, Jennifer Smith, Bruce Layman) 
    • Treasurer will be announced next week 
    • Open Filing for Committee chairs starts TODAY 
      • Lookout for an email from Gabe 
    • Congrats to the new Committee on Committees 
      • Anvesh Kompelli 
      • Audrey Morrow 
      • Megan Childress 
      • Ross Crocker (at large) 
      • Trey Kalbaugh 
      • Annie Slattery 


  • Executive Committee with Desh Deepak 
    • FinCom, SAC, Communications Committee will be formed as soon as Treasurer is decided 
      • Quidditch suggests $40k (or 5k..or more… or less…) to send the team and some lucky spectatos to the International Qudditch Association WORLD CUP in London! (TOTZ!) 
      • BETTER IDEAS?!?!?!?!?-email Emily, LaRonda, Desh 
        • Pirate Bikes 


VII. New Business 


VIII. Adjournment