Student Senate

Minutes 02.01.2011


Tuesday February 1, 2011
6:30 p.m. Campbell Dining Room
Student Life and Technology Center

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

  • Comments: Naming the “not a tunnel”
    • Karla talks: The underpass between here and the wac, starting around feb 11th, an artist will be putting in an interactive sound, music art piece. The formal name for the art is : THE SUBTERRAIN RAINBOWS! We gathered a group for the naming of the underpass: TOP THREE will be voted on to what we want to call it: The Dash, The Tube, and The Gerado. PLEASE STUDENTS VOTE VOTE VOTE! And the name unveiling will be when the art is done.

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • Student parking lot has a gate??? It is behind village C. We believe it is for construction. WE are trying to keep cars safe. You can exit another way.

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

V. Committee Reports

  • Financial Committee with Alexander Jones
    • -KHDX: $500. It is a fine from FCC for running a pirate radio, 5 years back.
    • FIncom supported on this because of precedent for bailing them out. And money is money. Motion to accept: ACCEPTED!!!!
    • -Frisbee: Fund 135 jerseys. With printing with numbers and names. That number is for a home jersey and away jersey. 69 students would be receiving jerseys. Fincom recommended to reject the requests. The ultimate committee definitely has some issue with this rejection.
    • Motion to regret: approve to reject.
  • Committee on Everything Awesome:
    • Dean Jim Wiltgen and
    • Karla Carney-Hall
      • Update on progress on smoking discussion. Faculty accepted proposal without discussion.
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily and Katherine
    • First Meeting Thursday at 7 SLTC 105!!!!!! COME COME COME!!!!!!
    • Meeting over the weekend with Sam Nichols. This is a student campaign, they are change it to a double sided printing system and there will be an opt out situation. As of Friday for the semester we have printed 60,000 pages. PLEASE TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!
    • First free store today and it was awesome. EVERY TUESDAY from 3:30 to 5:30
    • Glass recycling is up and running! YAY! Front street 12 has a recycle bin. Mills laundry room has one. Eco house has another. All dorms has one.
    • Village doesn’t have recycling, but they will be working on it.
    • Glass center is behind Hulen! YAY!
  • Media Committee with Hannah Sintek
    • The Troubadour had some computer failure over break. They are having to rebuild everything.
    • People who were abroad last semester and didn’t get it, please email them and come get it.
  • Multicultural Development Committee with Molly Miller
    • Hunger Banquet for campus kitty week.
  • Campus Kitty with Sabrina
KHDX Concert - Big Boi and Yelawolf Friday 3/4 8 pm Worsham $5 students, $10 guests
Wiffleball Tournament and BBQ Saturday 3/5 1-4 pm Front St. Backyard $10 per team of 5, $2 to watch
Dean's Cup Casino Night Sunday 3/6 7 pm Worsham $5 (more chips if you pay more)
Homeless Vigil Monday 3/7 - Tuesday 3/8 11 - 11 In front of SLTC Free
Martin/VZ Auction Wednesday 3/9 7 pm Worsham Free to get in
Vagina Monologues Thursday 3/10 6 pm Cabe Theatre $3
Red Light Revue Friday 3/11 8 pm SLTC Porch $3
Miss Hendrix Saturday 3/12 8 pm Staples Auditorium $15 students, $18 guests
Miss Hendrix After Party Saturday 3/12 TBD TBD Free

  • Social Committee with Will Phillips
  • Volunteer Action Committee with Michaela Fraser
    • Saturday: organizing and gardening woark.
    • Black History Month Carnival: February 21st at boys and girls club.
  • Academic Policy with Ruanda McFerren
    • Meeting Thursday so send me stuff to say.
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Taylor and Ruanda
    • Meeting with sam Nichols.
  • Communications Committee with Emily Jones
  • Committee on Committees with Torey Hayward
    • Extending filing for welcome week and shirttail chairs.
  • Executive Committee with Lydia Nash
    • Feed back from students about the smoking policy. Paul’s kids like it. Jenny’s positive.
    • The exec board of trustees and they voted to support it so they the trustees still need to vote.
    • Smoking policy: WE VOTE TO SUPPPORT!

VII. New Business

  • · Medical amnesty policy. LETS TALK ABOUT IT!
  • · Lets keep our campus clean!

VIII. Adjournment


Request for Discretionary Funds

Prepared by:

Budget Breakdown: (Attach a line-item budget with each expense of the event)

Organization Name: KHDX

Requesting: 500$

For: F.C.C. License Renewal Fine

When & Where will this Event Occur: N/A

Master Calendar Confirmation: N/A

Event Details: N/A

Request for Discretionary Funds

Prepared by: William Haden Chomphosy

Budget Breakdown: Total Request: $3953.00

135 5Ultimate brand jerseys: $2412.00

Printing of Numbers and Names from 5Ultimate: $1541.00

Organization Name: Hendrix Ultimate Frisbee

For: Team Jerseys

When & Where will this Event Occur: N/A; The team will use these jerseys for tournaments throughout the remainder of this school year and into the next school year.

Master Calendar Confirmation: N/A

Event Details: Jerseys are an essential part of any serious sport team. Both our men’s and women’s teams participate in the South Central Division, and travel to an average of eight tournaments around the region every school year. Although Hendrix Ultimate Frisbee is a club team, we practice three to four times a week, with no off season. As a team and a student organization, we are proud of the fact that we are able to foster an inclusive community atmosphere, maintain a competitive level of play against other college teams, and even host our own annual tournament (The Hendrix Ultimate Experience). Hendrix Ultimate Frisbee will send three teams to the South Central Conference Tournament in April 2011. We believe that jerseys offer an irreplaceable sense of team unity and professionalism for our players.

Both orange and white jerseys are necessary because in tournament situations, teams must be prepared to “go white” if the opposing team’s jerseys are of the same color. We chose to order 5Ultimate jerseys this year for their quality and team discount ($18 per jersey, as opposed to the normal price of $25 per jersey). Conveniently, 5Ultimate also offers in-house screen printing that amounted to $11.50 per jersey.

The Hendrix Ultimate Frisbee Council is requesting discretionary funding to cover the price of team jerseys. The 2010-2011 school year has brought out the largest number of players that our team has ever supported. As a result, costs for traveling to tournaments have exceeded our initial expectations. We now have the amount people that demand another separate men’s team in order for members to be able to receive an appropriate amount of playing time at tournaments. This growth has stretched the budget considerably.

Thank you for your continued support of Hendrix Ultimate Frisbee. Please contact President Aymie Manning ( or Treasurer William Haden Chomphosy ( for additional information or questions.