Student Senate

Minutes 11.30.2010

Graciously done by Ruanda McFerren 


Tuesday November 30, 2010

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dining Room

Student Life and Technology Center

I. Call to Order


II. Special Business

I.               Dee Dee Allen, bookstore manager/ the Fabulous Bookstore Lady!

a.     Textbook Rental will be available next semester since our bookstore is ran through Barnes and Noble.  About 150 out of the 550 to 600 titles will be available.

                                                        i.     Rents will be about half of what it costs to buy a book.  Rental quantity is limited.   You can order rental books online from the bookstore website.  If you rent a text book from the Barnes and Noble website, you can return it to the bookstore. You return the book at the end of the semester, you will get email reminders.  If you do not return the book, your credit card account will be charged.  If the book is returned damaged, you are charged full price for them. 

                                                      ii.     You can access your required texts lists from Campus Web

b.     See Dee Dee for further questions.

II.             Sam Nichols- Hendrix Information Technology 

a.      Paper Usage--- The amount of waste paper and toner usage seems to be increased this year, so IT wanted to calculate how much these resources are utilized.  According to the PaperCut software,151,000 pages were printed in about 22 days, that is lot and is really not environmentally friendly.  Sam wants to work with ECC to reduce the amount of printing.  This research was not done to prompt a switch to paying to print. 

·      Suggestion to switch to having all printers automatically set to duplex and you have to opt out to print single sided.  This has not worked in the past because several faculty members did not want to accept double-sided papers.

b.      Bandwidth--- Upgraded from about 10 meg, last year went to 70 meg, which is what we currently have.  We have the capability to “burst” to 100 meg during high usage times.  High usage starts at about 6 pm and goes until about 2 am.  We usually never fall below about 20 meg usage.  IT has investigated a number of options to fix the problem .  This is difficult because regardless of how much we increase, it will undoubtedly be used.  Also, 100 meg is the limit that most of our current hardware can handle, so this would cause additional problems with further upgrades. Compared to the 12 schools in the ACS, we are about 4th or 5th, so the Hendrix internet is ok compared to the other schools.

·      When you use an Ethernet cord, you have up to 100 meg.  When you are on wireless you have 54 meg, but that is shared among all of the people on the wireless network.  So wireless should not be your primary internet source, buy an Ethernet cord.

·      Problem of “bandwidth hogs.”  There are ways to run programs that allow you to take more bandwidth than one computer necessarily needs.  IT hasn’t looked into this/ doesn’t track the internet usage of individual IP addresses, but it is a violation of the college’s computer use policy.  This means that if you are caught, you would be blocked from the Hendrix Network.

c.      Email if you have a question.  Do not assume that they know about the problem.


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

a.     Huntington recycling cans still haven’t been brought back

b.     Lights in the 24 hour library carrels- Andrew is putting in a work order

c.     Extending Murphy House hours during finals

d.     Staplers are still needed in computer labs


IV. Departmental Liaison Reports


V. Committee Reports


  • Financial Committee with Alexander Jones
  • No report.


  •  Committee on Everything Awesome:
    • Dean Jim Wiltgen and Karla Carney-Hall
    • Elf Roast is Friday in Worsham, no cups will be permitted.  Dean is sending an email tomorrow
    • The “Subterranean Rainbow” will not be the name of our underpass to the WAC.  Start thinking of suggestions for the name.  A committee will decide on the final name.  It will be late December or early January, at the earliest, before the tunnel is finally finished and the artwork is installed.


  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily and Katherine
    • 7pm DW 13. April Amborse talking about sustainable building.
    • This Saturday at 11 am, meet at the bell to go to shopping at Heifer and Ten Thousand Villages.  This is a chance to do some environmentally Christmas shopping!
    • Apartments, turn in a copy of your November bill by Dec 6th for energy comp.  Send to,  or box 3199



  • Media Committee with Hannah Sintek
    • The Profle comes out Thursday the 9th.  It is 40 pages!  This is the 4th one for the semester, they are doing 3 next semester.
    • Aonian submission deadline is tomorrow
    • Hannah is talking to KHDX to find out results of survey


  • Multicultural Development Committee with Molly Miller
    • Going to the civil rights museum on December 4, 20 spots available, leaving at 9am.  Email if interested


  • Campus Kitty with Sabrina Bowles
    • Holiday Bazzar is 10 a.m.-6 p.m. on December 7th.  ZaZas and lots of other vendors will be there.  A percentage of the profits go to CK. You should do some Christmas shopping there and help out local charities
    • That night will be the faculty /staff holiday variety show.  It will be $2 to get in.


  • Social Committee with Will Phillips 
    • Next Monday, the 6th, is free movie night.  Negotiations on time and showings are still taking place.  No limit on the number of students that can go.
    • Dean congrats SoCo on SoCo54.  Job well done! 


  • Volunteer Action Committee with  Michaela Fraser
    • Turkey project for Thanksgiving was a success. 
    • Lots going on this week.  Friday going to Ida Burns to help the counselor organize, leaving the bell at 2.  Sat and Sun, helping salvation army ring bell. 
    • On the 6th, baby sitting faculty /staff children during the faculty holiday party
    • Cooking dinner at Bethlehem house on December 8th


  • Academic Policy with Ruanda McFerren
    • Evaluating minors, some do not explicitly require that upper level courses be taken.
    • New minors that have been approved are neuroscience and business. 
    • The business department is working on expanding/ improving.  They want to offer certificates in specific areas, such as Non-profit management.


  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Taylor and Ruanda
    • Met to discuss possible ideas for the $20,000.  We talked about using part of the funds for something “fun,” such as a game for the game room.
    • Send ideas for how to spend the money to either Ruanda or Taylor

  • Communications Committee with Emily Jones
    • Our tech cluster is decorated!  Thanks to Dr. Carney-Hall for spear-heading the idea to decorate the SLTC.


  • Committee on Committees with Torey Hayward
    • People should start thinking about filing for Shirttails Chair and Welcome Week chair.  These positions will open early second semester. 


  • Executive Committee with Lydia Nash
    • Smoking survey closed.  53% of the student body took the survery, thanks everyone who participated!!!!
    • Our terms are almost over, we only have about a month left in second semester.  Start thinking about running for next year!


VII. New Business

·      Try to send your notes out sooner, especially since organizations use senate as a way to publicize events

·      Julie Wagner going abroad next semester.  Adelia Sciffraw will be the proxy for the remainder of the term

·      ACS is starting a battery recycling project for next semester, so don’t throw them out

·      Idea for the $20,000 from the Dean.  A zip car, rent a car by the hour.


VIII. Adjournment