Student Senate

Minutes 10.19.2010

Tuesday October 19, 2010

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dining Room

Student Life and Technology Center

I. Call to Order


II. Special Business


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

·      Almas: Zaza’s music being toooo loud. Email April Jackson with any complaints.

·      Torey: don’t use tape in bullentin boards and don’t cover up any

·      Ruanda: reflecting mirrors for the tunnel!

·      Taylor: more recycle bins in the library – Emily  Uhar is on it.

·      Journeys question??? Can there be a

·      Breakfast response – more breakfast response than lunch.

·      Sidewalks to and from the sltc….kind of weird. We will try to address that.

·      Food suggestion box? Can we have it back.

·      And talk to the people in the cafeteria if you have suggestions. They are nice ladies and gentlemen.

·      Chainsaw issues? So apparently art students are working late with chainsaws into the morning hours. First please be do this some other time. People are trying to sleep and it is probably not safe for people to be using that kind of machinery that late. Be careful. Senate loves you.


IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

·      Library – implementing stapler. IT’s problem. We forwarded on. We are waiting to hear back.


V. Committee Reports


  • Financial Committee with Alexander Jones
    • Profile
      • New number $118.17 after striking the elements of style by half because we found cheaper versions.
      • Approved by all.
    • Amnesty
      • Fincom voted down
      • Motion to reject – Approved to reject, 4 opposing.
    • Tea
      • Fincom flet that is wat not a wise use of students fund;
      • It is quite an expense for per person.
      • It would give what was bought by student activity given to outside Hendrix people.
      • Motion to reject. Approved to reject – 3 abstintions.


  •  Committee on Everything Awesome, :
    • Dean Jim “Laughs a lot” Wiltgen
    • Karla “Really broke the candy jar but wont admit it” Carney-Hall
      • Student Afffairs Employment MONTH
      • Ghost Roast! Plan for the night. WE are going to setup tables around the campus. You will have to have your id and friends will have to have wristband and id’s to get on this campus. This is going to be labor intensive but we are wanting to make this a safe HENDRIX event. Guest wristbands will be available by the libaray and between hardin and fausette. Markham lot and Couch/Martin lot will be blocked off. It is a cup event. Make sure you have your wristband and ids with you at ALL TIMES.
      • BIG THANKS FOR FUNDING THE STUDENT RIGHTS TRIP. It was a great trip and everybody brought back ideas that will improve the campus. YAY (: We are hoping it will an annual event. The March Continues trip was great.


  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily and Katherine
    • Free Store: 3:30 to 5:30 TUESDAYS!!!! Come out.
    • Tie Dying TOMORROW!!!!! Will begin our Energy Competition. 2:30 – 5:30. In pecan court by the old burrow.
    • Hike 10a.m. on Saturday! With the Philosophy Club! Meet at the bell. Bring a car.
    • Weekly meeting this Thursday! At 6!!!


  • Media Committee with Hannah Sintek
    • All is going well in the media world.
    • Aonian is starting to talk
    • Next profile is going to be out OCTOBER 28, 2010
    • KHDX is going well. Tune in and listen to them. They are great! (:


  • Multicultural Development Committee with Molly Miller
    • Meeting on Thursday!
    • Hopefully doing Harvestfest.
    • Working with Dean Wiltgen to make a panel on the March Continues trip.


  • Campus Kitty with Sabrina
    • Meeting tonight at 8.
    • Dates before may not be correct. We are working on them now.


  • Social Committee with Will Phillips 
    • SOCO 54: November 20th.
    • GET READY!!!!!!


  • Volunteer Action Committee with Michaela Fraser
    • Saturday: Arkansas Rice Depot 8am at the bell and be back by 12:45! Plus SNACKS
    • Harvestfest next week!
    • Candy drive is going on!!!!!! BRING YO CANDY.


  • Academic Policy with Ruanda McFerren
    • Seniors do applications for graduation. 
    • If any questions, go to the registar.
    • Ap meeting Thursday! Send me complaints.


  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Taylor and Ruanda


    • Senate Clean-up!
    • Kristi vo wanted to announce SENIOR NIGHT! At ZAZA Saturday night! There will be specials on drinks and food! Come out and have a great time! (:
    • Elections are Thursday for Apt Exec Council.
    • At large members filings will open tonight! Filing closes next Monday!
    • Update on gift: several ideas from the library. Keep those wheels turning.

  • Communications Committee with Emily Jones
    • Decorating proposals! Lets decorate the SLTC for the winter holidays!
    • RETREAT Drivers


  • Committee on Committees with Torey Hayward
    • No report. Sending times for meeting!
    • RETREAT Saturday!!!!!!!!!!


  • Executive Committee with Lydia Nash
    • Talked to bruce – have not taken picture yet! 7:20, after meeting to take pictures.
    • Rental system in bookstore!!!! Next semester.
    • Buying tickets for the UCA vs. Hendrix games.


VII. New Business


VIII. Adjournment

·      Motion to adjournment by Black Whicker (senator Chesser)




       Request for Discretionary Funds

Prepared by: Linh Hong Chuong


Budget Breakdown: 

Mizusashi (ceramic fresh-water container): $110.00
Higashibon (lacquer tray for tea service): $28.00
Matcha (tea): 100g $119.00
Higashi (sweets): $78.00
Kai Chawan (ceramic tea bowls) x 10: $220.00
Kaishi (paper for tea sweets): $12.00
Tatami (bamboo mat): $360.00
Shikishi (calligraphy panels with 4 principals of tea-for shrine): $86.00
Shiki (lacquered wooden board used for utensils): $39.00
Hana-Ire (ceramic ikebana/flower vase): $51.00

Sub-total $1,103.00
Shipping 10%: $111.00
Tax 10%: $111.00

TOTAL: $1,325.00


Organization Name:  Hendrix Tea Society

Requesting:  $1,325.00

For:  Japanese Tea Ceremonies (Chanoyu)

When & Where will this Event Occur: Nov 14 and 21 at the home of Markus Bergman and Shin Yu Pai*

Master Calendar Confirmation:  No**

Event Details:

Purpose: The purpose of this event is to allow students the opportunity to explore the culture of tea in Japan, the role of tea ceremonies in Buddhism, and to provide a calm, leisurely environment for refined socialization and contemplation.

This is also one of a series of events this semester aiming to increase awareness of Buddhism and to gauge student interest for future work/reference. (The other two events being an event with a visiting Tibetan geshe [Buddhist scholar] and an introduction to meditation event.) 

Size: Tea ceremonies operate best in small group settings, due to the intimacy of interaction between host and guests. In order to maximize the number of students who can be involved, we will hold multiple tea ceremonies. We can serve 40 individuals in groups of 5 through 8 one-hour sessions (4 per day, 2 days).  Guests will be required to RSVP for this event, due to the limited number of place seatings.

Cost comparison:

To give a general idea, a “corporate tea ceremony” at Shofuso, which serves 5 people maximum, costs $700.00.

Considering we are doing 5-8 tea ceremonies, this event is extremely cost-efficient. Normally, an honorary is paid to the tea master. Because Mr. Bergman and Ms. Pai have offered to donate their time, labor and expertise, we request that the utensils be donated to them as a gift after the event has concluded. In addition, if this event is successful and we plan to do tea ceremonies in subsequent years, these tea ceremonies supplies can be reused.

Transportation/Location: The Tea Society will provide transportation to the location for all the people who sign up through carpooling or walking together (5-7 minute drive and 30-minute walk). We are not doing the event on campus because the environment is important to the ceremony (we need the right atmosphere and aesthetics, a nearby kitchen and no steps/stairs) and after evaluating various possibilities on campus including Galloway Parlor and the STLC meeting rooms we determined that their home was the best location.

Additional Information:

**Many of the materials must be purchased directly from Japan, so there is a 3-4 week shipping time frame. We can do these events in mid-November, but it is dependent upon Senate funding us in a timely fashion.


Markus Bergman has studied and practiced Japanese tea (chanoyu) since 1995.
His teachers have included Shoshana Cooper, Ulrich Haas, Glenn Pereira, and Gary Cadwallader. From 1999-2000, Mr. Bergman studied at the Urasenke Foundation’s Midorikai in Kyoto, where he studied Japanese language, tea, and aesthetics. He has attended numerous tea retreats at Sunrise Springs sponsored by the New Mexico tea group. He has assisted with tea gatherings in Japan, Hawaii, Boston, and Wimberley, TX. Mr. Bergman is a graduate of Naropa University, a Buddhist university founded on contemplative principles by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. His Masters degree is from the New England School of Acupuncture.

Shin Yu Pai has studied and practiced Japanese tea (chanoyu) since 1998. Her teachers have included Shoshana Cooper, Hiromi Weiner, and Sensei Ikka Nakashima. She has assisted with tea ceremonies in Chicago and Wimberley, TX.
She is a Tibetan Buddhist in the karma-kagyu lineage and attended Naropa University. Her Masters degree is from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
She is Associate Director of the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation at Hendrix College.

Importance of the utensils: tea is an aesthetic practice that is conducted with very refined utensils and implements hand-crafted by artists. There are traditions of tea-bowl makers and lineages of woodcarvers, in addition to tea families. The implements are important to the ceremony – they are referred to as “dogu” and there is part of the ceremony that reflects upon these materials and objects, where stories emerge about lineages and craft and an appreciation of these objects occurs. The idea, as with the tea, is of picturing everyone who goes into planting, growing, harvesting, and processing the tea to arrive at the experience within the present moment.





The Profile List of Expenses for Discretionary Funds (September)

Digital Camera Charger for Nikon D70s


Shipping and Handling


The Elements of Style


The Elements of Style


The Elements of Style


Sony Digital Voice Recorder


2 GB USB Flash Drive


2 GB USB Flash Drive


2 GB USB Flash Drive


2 GB USB Flash Drive









Southern Regional Conference

Itemized Budget Request

per person



Conference Fees:



club funds

Gas Reimbursement:

club funds



x five students