Student Senate

Minutes 09.28.2010

Tuesday September 28, 2010

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dining Room

Student Life and Technology Center

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

·      Front Street Creepers? Residents are concerned with unknown people creeping around their living space. CALL PUBLIC SAFETY

·      Why do people in the apartments still have to pay into washing services if they bring their own washer?  EVERYONE ON CAMPUS HAS THE ABILITY, YOU DON’T HAVE TO USE IT, BUT YOU HAVE THE OPTION. IT IS A SHARED COST, NOT AN INDIVIDUAL SERVICE.

·      More bike racks outside the sltc?????? COMING

·      Why do people have to pay to use the copier and not pay to print? ITS FOR ANYONE. IT’S A COMMUNITY PRINTER. IT& LIBRARY LAISION SHOULD ASK

·      The Village People aren’t the only ones getting into the Village. This is not usual. Can we have this checked out please? Thank you, Almas.

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

·      Looking at the hours, but it is probably not going to change sorry for the WAC! 

·      Wipes for WAC are coming! YAY!

V. Committee Reports

o   Financial Committee with Alexander Jones

o   No fincom proposals. WHAT? No one WANTS MONIE$???

o    Committee on Student Affairs: Dean Wiltgen and Karla C. Carney-Hall, PhD

o   Civil Rights Weekend over the Fall Break Weekend. PUT MORE HERE!

o   Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily and Katherine

o   No report. Meeting Thursday in sltc 105 @ 7.

o   Media Committee with Hannah Sintek

o   Troubador:

o   Filing is open for the business manager position. The Business Manager is responsible for reaching out to the on and off-campus community to acquire advertisements. No previous yearbook experience is required but is welcomed. Student must have a car and must be able to travel around Conway. Deadline to apply is Wednesday, October 6th. Please send a resume and cover letter to

o   If you still want to pick up your yearbook for last year, do so during the office hours listed on the Troubador office door.  There’s 20+ per week, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

o   KHDX:

o   Radio Shows have started this week.

o   Thursday September 30th from 11-1am local DJ's Wolf-E-Wolf and Sleek will be spinning a 2 hour set. This will be a regular event on Thursdays in lieu of regular KHDX programming that is probably going to happen once a month.

o   KHDX website now up! Stream at Website shows schedule, as well as what is playing on the radio. DJ's are now able to sign in to the website and maintain a blog for their radio show as well as log their songs for their shows.

o   The Aonian:

o   Staff is hired, 21 people in all.  No money spent yet.

o   The Profile:

o   First issue of the year is coming out on September 30, this Thursday.  The Profile is hosting a release party in the room across from the SLTC kitchen at 7 pm, and they’ll be having Whole Hog barbeque.  The website for the online edition is the, and the online edition will also be launching on the 30th.

o   Multicultural Development Committee with Molly Miller

o   -MDC is having a general interest meeting on Thursday, September 30th at 6:00 PM. Location TBD.

o   --SBC and Student Activities are hosting "Why White Kids Love Hip-Hop" on Wednesday, September 29th at 8:00 PM in Worsham.        

o   --BLOCK PARTY is on Saturday, October 2nd from 4-6 PM in the Spencer Lot next to the IT building. There will be free food from Smokehouse BBQ, live music by Swamp Bird, and lots of fun activities!

o   --UNITY is hosting its annual "Coming Out Week" from October 4th-October 9th.

o   Campus Kitty with Sabrina

·      The Fun Run was very successful! We had over 80 people sign up to race, mostly families. Everyone seemed to have a great time!

o   Committee choices: I am meeting with execs this week to look through applications and make decisions about how to conduct an interview process for any competitive positions that we may have. I've had several people express interest to me after applications were due. Since there wasn't a lot of notice for the application deadline and I think it would be valuable to have the best committee possible, I will still accept those who did not meet the deadline. Email me for more info.


o   Social Committee with Will Philips 

o   Musical Showcase went well, Next event is Drive in movie, details to come next week!

o   Volunteer Action Committee with Michaela Fraser

o   We had two successful events last week!  This week we are helping out with Conway ArtFest, contact Maia Yang.  On Oct 9 we will be working at the Faulkner County Library Book Sale, contact Jenna Gottschalk for more details.

o   Academic Policy with Ruanda McFerren

o   In the process of searching for a replacement to educator.  There is an informational meeting on Thursday at 4:15 in Mills C, you should go

o   The faculty is in the process of evaluating Odyssey.  They want to determine if it is actually doing what they want it to and find ways to make it more effective

o   The school is currently in the process of switching to a more holistic system of advising.  The hope is that the new system will be better able to guide students throughout their time at Hendrix.

o   Maymester survey will probably be sent out next week.

o   Talked about ways to help people with post graduation opportunities and service work.

o   Send Ruanda academic type concern

o   Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Taylor and Ruanda

o   Met on Monday (yesterday). 

o   Apt Council:  We would like to have the execs in place before fall break.  The execs will be president, vp, secretary/ publicity rep, and a treasurer.  We want to have all of the other members shortly after fall break.  The other members will consist of 2 reps for Front St, 2 reps for Hendrix Corner, 2 reps for Huntington/ Clifton/ A-frame, 1 rep for village c and 1 rep for village d.  We want them to have their first event before thanksgiving.

o   Open filing for Apt council execs.  Email Ruanda if you have any questions about the apt council.

§  Motion to open filing: APPROVED, no opposing.

§  Filing closes next Tuesday!!!!

o   Communications Committee with Emily Jones

o   SENATE NOTES ARE DUE ON THE SATURDAY FOLLOWING THE MEETING @ 12. Please get them in on time. I do keep track.

o   T-shirts. Trying to find the best price. They will be revealed within the Retreat.

o   THE BOOOOOOX! By Megan Childress! (: It’s finally in!

o   Committee on Committees with Torey Hayward

o   No report

o   Executive Committee with Lydia Nash

o   Rough Schedule of the Retreat Next week! Highway clean up is the morning of.

VII. New Business

VIII. Adjournment

·      Motion to adjourn – APPROVED, no opposing.




Beacon Community Project


Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Central Arkansas


Conway Boys and Girls Club


CASA - 20th Judicial District


Conway Cradle Care


Conway Interfaith Clinic


Daily Bread


Faulkner County Literacy Council


Bethlehem House


Haven House


Humane Society of Faulkner Co.


Pine Street Free Clinic


Soul Food Cafe


Stewpot Soup Kitchen and Clothing Closet


Women’s Shelter of Central Arkansas


Community Service Inc.


The Safe Place