Student Senate

Minutes 09.21.2010

Tuesday September 16, 2010

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dining Room

Student Life and Technology Center

I. Call to Order


II. Special Business

o   WELCOME TAYLOR – Freshmen Senator.


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

o   Glass Bottle – couple broken behind Murphy house. This is NOT GOOD! Your mother doesn’t live on this campus to make decisions for you or to clean up after you! This campus is our home. Lets keep it nice and clean! (:

o   Can we see what is going on with the email lists? IT liaison will address it. Karla reports that we have this problem every Fall. This is nothing to be alarmed about. IT will be contacted but keep your pants on…the problem will be fixed. Also for IT, can we get some Statistical packages for OTC? Please and Thank you.

o   Air-conditioning in Art Building B please please! Art majors need the space to work and the air conditioning has not been properly working or turned off at night - in either case, IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED! Lydia is going to contact the Art Faculty to see what we can do! (:

o   Cross walk going to Art building is not really safe. Jim and Karla’s response: the roads among Hendrix are not Hendrix owned. We have been trying for years to get a legit crosswalk between Public Safety and Huntington. However, they will be looking into it for you.

o   To address the concern about Vending machines in the Library: Vending machine is a dining service – Ruairi Fox will be handling that! (:

o   Composting at Mills street. There is a composting site is behind the garden behind the Public Safety. It is not that far off a walk.

o   Follow up: looking into New York Times –  they can not be delivered to individual apts. It will be at the post office.

o   Paul Depre looked into the Wall Street Journal and you can order that online for less than $2 a week. They are delivered to your mail box and you can even access it 24/7 online! THAT IS A PRETTY SWWEEEEEEET DEAL! Thanks PAUL!

o   Group in the WAC concern from last week – After careful investigation, Karla announced that they are apart of the sunshine membership within the WAC.

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

o   Breakfast ISSUE – Taylor Kidd met with Mike Floyd and here is the deal. It has always been that the hot breakfast closed at 8:30 and out of the kindness of the cafeteria’s heart – which is mighty big – they would keep the food out until it was gone or until 9:30. The reason they started taking it up was because students complained when the roles were out. They will be keeping it out until 9:00 but now later. Next time students (including me), lets be a little more understanding towards the caf ladies and gentlemen and be grateful that they get up that early just so we can have food.

o   WAC and the tents:  there some issues with some logistical stuff going on. They will be discussing and getting back to us.


V. Committee Reports


  • Financial Committee with Alexander Jones

o   Outdoors Club – 3 TENTS!

§  Storage – maybe in the student activities storage area upstairs.

§  But things have a tendency to walk away and Ozark Outdoors has some cheaper tents. But they will last a while and it has a lifetime warranty.

§  New organization so we need to give them a shot.

§  Motion to approve – Approved, 2 opposing.

o   FCA

§  Annual event and it is always good fun!

§  For the cups and plates – we are going to direct them towards the ECC!

§  FCA is trying to grow the organization! YAY!

§  Motion to approve $380: APPROVED, no opposing.

o   Newspapers

§  In the future, we are going to sort this to the media committee because the Exec feels that the Profile should handle this!

§  Rose Thompson was the first to bring this proposal however the Execs revised it to take the log cabin out and change some of the dates. It cut some of the costs down.

§  The newspapers are a great thing to have in the mornings.

§  Motion to approved $1424: APPROVED, no opposing


§  WE ARE compensating Murphy tables that Murphy has already bought some more tables.

§  Issues against with the property damage because the property was already in bad condition, we should not set a president for funding damage equipment, and who is to say that they were broken by Hendrix students. HOWever, we are a community here and Murphy House is apart of our community. They give back to us and it is all about peer responsibility.

§  There is some controversial subject in the fact that some senators want to fund but some do not want too. There was a lot of discussion tonight about it.

§  And we are communicating with Murphy house with a prevention plan for next year, and any event coming up.

§  There were chairs broken this weekend, but it is not our responsibility because it was not linked to a sponsored event on campus and there is no recollection of when they chairs were broken.

§  Motion to pass in full: APPORVED, two opposing.


  •  Committee on Student Affairs: Dean Wiltgen and Karla C. Carney-Hall, PhD

o   FRIDAY NIGHT: we had some problems with guests at Hendrix. Usually when we have problems they are attributed toward guests. At an event Sponsored by Martin. When the 9 guests were asked to leave, they were angered and injured FOUR of OUR Hendrix peers.

§  Our response: we are working with Conway police department and Res Life and Public Safety to identify the nine guests.

§  We want the students to press charges. And if the students are from another institution, the Dean will be engaging the other school to help out with this problem

§  WE need to WATCH OUT for our peers. Call public safety!!!!!! 501.450.7711

§  Events that are not registered full events, it is tricky. Because there are not as much security team to help out.


o   SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTTEE – GRACE POTTER AND THE NOCTURNALS!!! You need to get a ticket from the bookstore, but it is FREE! In the Worsham October 8th.

o   Martin Hall Council wants to talk about their concerns – please call Public Safety


  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily and Katherine

o   Campout this weekend – IT WAS LOOOOOTS OF FUN

o   Glass recycling started! We need glass Representatives!!!!!!!!! WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!


  • Media Committee with Hannah Sintek

o   Finagling is open for student at large members for the media committee.

o   Profile is out on SEPTEMBER 30th and there will be a release party next to the kitchen in the SLTC!


  • Multicultural Development Committee with Molly Miller

o   Meeting was on Thursday

o   WHITE KIDS LOVE HIP HOP September 29th Worsham

o   Marachi night was great!

o   BLOCK PARTY on the 2nd of OCTOBER

§  Balloon art and balloon animals by unity

o   Habitat for Humanity: competitive lincoln log cabin building

o   Amnesty International: letter writing, petitions

o   International Club

o   SLIC: face painting

o   SBC: bounce castle


  • Campus Kitty with Sabrina Bowles

o   TSHIRTS ARE IN for the 5k! it is this Saturday at the WAC at 3p.m. It is $12 for participation.

o   Working on giving out money from last year!


  • Social Committee with Will Philips 

o   Foam party was GREAT GREAT GREAT!

o   NEXT event is musical showcase this Saturday at 8! Bring out your families. It will be held on the patio outside the SLTC

o   There is a lost and found for the missing clothing from foam party.


  • Volunteer Action Committee with Michaela Fraser

o   We are having great turnout for everything!!!!!


o   Harvest Fest is October 28th! Come on out!


  • Academic Policy with Ruanda McFerren


o   Ask constituents to email me with concerns or comments that I may bring up at Thursday's AP mtg. 


  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Taylor and Ruanda

·       Had a mtg on Sunday, it went well.  For the apartment councils, we are going to try to have execs in place before fall break.  Shortly after fall break, we want to have elections for the whole council.  Hopefully the first event will take place before Thanksgiving.

·       We hope the apt council and the events that they plan will be an opportunity to bring together the apt dwellers that are so scattered across campus/ keep them connected to campus.

·       We will meet with the execs for the apts and the house council to work on getting constitutions drafted, this will probably take place after fall break.   

·       Still working on getting the internship stuff prepared.

o   -Next mtg will be on the 27th at 9:30 pm

  • Communications Committee with Emily Jones

o   Tshirt

o   Sign for office hours and for meetings.

o   Box should be around soon.

  • Committee on Committees with Torey Hayward


  • Executive Committee with Lydia Nash

o   MAKE SURE YOU EMAIL LAYMAN! Bruce that is.

o   Policy with exclusive clubs. We are trying to figure out our stances. As execs we don’t want to recognize clubs that are exclusive. Not cool.


VII. New Business

o   Tomorrow night – “LETS TALK ABOUT IT”. It is about sexual assault and we should all attend at 8 tomorrow night.

o   Recycle bins in the burrow.


VIII. Adjournment


                 Request for Discretionary Funds

Prepared by: Fellowship of Christian Athletes- Erin McKinney


Budget Breakdown:  See attached line-item budget breakdown


Organization Name:  Fellowship of Christian Athletes


Requesting:  $450


For:  Annual Family Weekend Beach Volleyball Blast


When & Where will this Event Occur:  Saturday, September 25 from 10am-5pm at the sand volleyball court behind the WAC


Master Calendar Confirmation:  yes


Event Details:  Fellowship of Christian Athletes is sponsoring our annual Beach Volleyball Blast that takes place on the Saturday of Family Weekend.  We have a 4v4 beach volleyball tournament and serve lunch.  Lunch this year will be a cookout, serving hamburgers, hotdogs, and chips.  Typically, approximately 200 people attend this event.



Line-Item Budget Breakdown


Event:  Family Weekend Beach Volleyball Blast

Expected Date:  September 25, 2010

Expected Cost:  $391

            Food:                          $406

            Hot dogs                        $60.00

            Hot dog buns                        $13.00

            Hamburgers                        $150.00

            Hamburger Buns            $22.00

            Chips                                    $35.00

            Drinks                                    $20.00

            Cups                                    $12.00

            Ketchup                        $8.00           

            Mustard                        $6.00

            Relish                                    $3.00

            Lettuce                        $10.00

            Mayonnaise                        $8.00

            Tomatoes                        $8.00

            Cheese                        $10.00

            Pickles                        $4.00

            Plates                                    $16.00

            Napkins                        $6.00
            Charcoal                        $10.00
            Lighter Fluid                        $5.00

            Total:                          $406



Proposal for Newspapers to Be Made Available in the Cafeteria:


Last year, Hendrix Student Senate provided funding for 12 copies of the New York Times and 10 copies of the Arkansas Gazette to be delivered to the cafeteria everyday. The students, faculty, and cafeteria staff enjoyed reading these publications while in the cafeteria, and returned them to the stand to be re-used as they left. In addition to the continuation of this program with these two paper, I propose that this year the cafeteria also receive 5 copies of Conway's local paper, the Log Cabin Democrat. Hendrix College is a part of the Conway community, and I believe it is critically important to stay up-to-date on local issues and support the local newspaper. I am requesting $2455.00 for 5 subscriptions of the Log Cabin Democrat, 10 subscriptions of the Arkansas Gazette, and 12 subscriptions of the New York Times.

The Log Cabin Democrat
The subscription fee for the Log Cabin Democrat is $9.50 per month. For the total school year the cost per subscription (nine months, Monday through Saturday) is $85.50.  For 5 subscriptions, the total cost for the whole year is $427.50

The Arkansas Gazette CALL

The Gazette's discount for student subscriptions is $126.00 (per subscription) for nine months, excluding fall, Christmas, and spring breaks. For 10 subscriptions, the total cost for the school year is $1260.00

The New York Times

The New York Times cost $32.00 per semester (Monday through Friday), which is more than 50% off the news-stand price. For 12 subscriptions, the total cost for both semesters of this school year is $768.00.

5 orders of a 9 month subscription to the Log Cabin Democrat:  $427.50

10 orders of a 9 month subscription to the Arkansas Gazette: $1260.00

12 orders of a 9 month subscription to the New York Times:  $768.00

Total:  $2,455.00



Access to various news sources is a necessity for creating an informed public that is capable of becoming involved in complex decisions facing society.  Although there are copies of these papers in the library, very few students actually go to the library with the intention of reading the paper.  We feel by giving students ready access to the papers every single day by placing the papers in the cafeteria, students will be more likely to read.  Furthermore, having newspapers at hand will encourage students to discuss other news issues once the articles have been read in Table Talk. By purchasing papers through the school, students can receive the discounted rate and share the papers amongst themselves, reducing the total number of papers students would otherwise need to purchase.


A well-rounded education is necessary for an active citizenry and we feel by offering papers this continues the liberal arts understanding of educating “unto the whole person.”  Free papers are common at most other liberal arts colleges, and has been instituted for the past two school years at Hendrix.  The program has been a success; on any given day, all copies of The Gazette and the New York Times were in circulation by lunchtime. Hopefully, the availability of daily news will help make class discussions more meaningful by giving students a greater understanding of current events. Secondly, many students feel that apathy towards greater social concerns is a major problem on Hendrix campus; by giving people readier access to information on what is going on outside of our “bubble,” a greater sense of social urgency will be created.  Also, many feel that the city of Conway is a cultural void.  The Log Cabin Democrat will hopefully dispel some of this notion, but also will encourage students to become active outside of the strict confines of campus.  Very few students actually know what is going on within Conway, and hopefully by making people aware of important events, people will be able to expand their education.


We understand that a subscription to this many papers consumes a fair portion of paper. However, we believe by making the papers available, students will become more concerned with environmental issues and change their habits in the long run—thus more than compensating for the initial investment.  Papers will be recycled at the end of the day. As alluded to above, by sharing papers amongst students and staff, the total number of papers that are already purchased can be reduced through sharing.



Last year, it was arranged with the couriers of the Arkansas Gazette and the New York Times to deliver to the racks in the cafeteria.  Above the racks will be a sign asking for people to return the papers to the rack once they have finished reading the papers.  The program has been enthusiastically approved by the cafeteria personal. Employees of the respective papers will deliver the Gazette and the Log Cabin before 8:00am, and with the New York Times, though no later than 9:00am. The papers will be suspended during times when students are on break.  With the exception of the NYT, the papers will be delivered on the weekends.  The subscriptions can change in the future, with either more papers being added (pending the demand by the student body) or additional news sources to avoid a biased presentation of the news.  The current choices for papers have been made due to their dealing with local issues (the Log Cabin and the Gazette) and their high quality of reporting, as well as the convenience for delivery. With Senate approval of funding, this program can start next week.

Proposal arranged by Rose Thomson





Request for Discretionary Funds

Prepared by: Senate Exec


Budget Breakdown:  (Attach a line-item budget with each expense of the event)


Organization Name:  Student Senate


Requesting:  1,095           


For:  3 Murphy Tables at $365/table


When & Where will this Event Occur:  N/a           


Master Calendar Confirmation:  N/a           


Event Details:  


At Shirttails 4 tables were broken by students standing on them.  After much discussion, we feel that reimbursing Murphy for 3 of these tables is appropriate. 

Request for Discretionary Funds

Budget Breakdown:

·      Three - Kelty Yellowstone four person tent (Lifetime Warrenty) - $120

Organization Name: Outdoor Club

Requesting: Tents

For: When we go camping we have the proper equipment that we will take care of and always have on hand. The WAC tents will be used if more tents are needed, but they are not always reliable to be able to check out or even there at all.

When & Where will this Event Occur: All year at any camping adventure and these tents will last a long time because they are a good investment.

Master Calendar Confirmation: N/A

Event Details: We will look into storing the tents if we can get them