Student Senate

Minutes 09.14.2010

Tuesday September 14, 2010

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dining Room

Student Life and Technology Center

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

·      The chairs in the Pecan Court are kind of gone….messed up?

o   If you use them, please put them back

·      NewYork Times? DeeDee is not very keen to bringing them over. But Karla is going to work on it. No physical deliveries by the actual companies because Hendrix is treated as one big entity.

·      Breakfast? What is going on? It was served until 9:30 but not anymore?? OH NOOOO!

·      Where did the tents go in WAC? – we will work on it. Apparently they were all student activities

·      Why are there “high school” students in the WAC this morning???? It is busy enough with students coming back into the Wac, so what is the deal? We do sell public passes but we do have a maximum that we give out, but Karla is not really sure what that was. She will check! GO Karla!!!

·      Library – can we have dvds outside of the desk? Please!

·      WAC hours? Opens late and closes early. Wish the WAC would acknowledge the sports practice

o   Biggest issue when they have made the attempted to move them around, but the cost-benefit analysis is preferential to other times. Thanks Jacob Porter for your concern!!

·      Styrofoam cups in the library – not environmental friendly.

·      What HAPPENED TO STRAWBERRY YOGURT!!!!!????????????

·      Cottage Cheese in the morning please!

·      Picking up cigs around campus as community service.

·      Committee on Public Shaming! – this a committee built by front street for the cleanliness of front street. Please stop breaking bottles around front street.

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

·      Physical Plant – placed two additional racks outside of SLTC. We are going to inventory of racks and maybe rearrange.

V. Committee Reports

  • Elections Committee with Katherine Hunter
    • Move to accept – APPROVED! – no opposing.
  • Social Committee with Will Philips 
    • FAUX RUSH WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Tomorrow is LIP SYNC!!!!!!!!
  • Financial Committee with Alexander Jones
      • Campus Kitty Request
      • Fincom recommended to pay for it.
      • Motion to accept – APPROVED, no opposing.
  •  Committee on Student Affairs: Dean Wiltgen and Karla C. Carney-Hall, PhD
    • Foam party – we are closing the sltc, card access. If you are in the foam pit, it is not appropriate to come into the sltc.
    • NO CUP EVENT for foam party!
    • Several requests from Trustees and students about Hendrix’s smoking policy. This committee would only be a discussion group for the smoking policy. Direct questions to Karla.
    • College’s Smoking Policy – no interior space smoking and 25 feet from the buildings.
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily and Katherine
    • Ecofest on Saturday. It went well!!!
    • Glass recycling meeting
      • We decided to drive to Maumelle, we already drive there anyways.
      • Maumelle recycles it!
      • If you want to be a glass representative, select us KNOW!
      • Key to the yellow wagon.
    • Cups and Plates rental system in place. Contact Emily and Katherine.
    • Campout this weekend
      • ECC business night: Friday
      • Just camping: Saturday
  • Media Committee with Hannah Sintek
    • All is well in media world – first committee meeting this Friday!!!
    • Aonian did hiring over the weekend. WE will know soon.
    • Profile is coming out the 30th, and it will also be on the web.
  • Multicultural Development Committee with Molly Miller
    • Two things coming up
    • September 17th 7 to 9 : Mariachi Night. Free Mexican Food and typical Mariachi music!!!
    • Block Party October 2: 4 to 6! IT is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!
      • If anybody is interested in playing, let us know.
  • Campus Kitty
    • Applications are available now! By the post office and in the library and email Sabrina for an application
    • 5K is the September 25th! It is going to be $12 and you get a t-shirt! Starts at 3pm. There are prizes.
  • Volunteer Action Committee with Michaela Fraser
    • We are finally all set up! All positions are filled! YAY! Selling t-shirts on Thursday and Friday!
    • September 23rd: Conway Symphony Orchestra Kickoff at the Village!!!!!
    • BLOCK PARTY – we will be volunteering.
  • Academic Policy with Ruanda McFerren
    • Dr Entzminger – statement about the Presidential Medal.
      • Moved to approved – APPROVED, no opposing
    • Time to revaluate Maymester! Lydia and Ruanda will be working on this.
    • In the next couple of weeks, we are going to take suggestions about Buhler. YAY!
    • EDUCATOR – its going to be our last year. Sad moment.
    • If you have a problem with that professor, talk to the department chair or the area chairs!
    • Why Dr Zhao left three weeks early? We can’t force anybody to work.
    • Why doesn’t diploma state our actual Interdisplinary major instead of Interdisplinary?
    • Next Thursday meeting – send concerns
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Taylor and Ruanda
    • Either – October 23rd with senate retreat or this Saturday!
    • OCTOBER 23rd!  - highway pick up! YAY!!!!!!!!!
    • Houses and APT council? We are getting on it.
    • Still working on senate internships!
    • Murphy patio furniture – will be taken care next week
    • We are going to work on that $20,000 that we found!
  • Communications Committee with Emily Jones
    • Senator Megan Childress will be making the suggestion box within the next week!
    • T-shirts are being worked on!
  • Committee on Committees with Torey Hayward
    • Met this week and we figured out we didn’t have a Peer Board.
    • Moved into executive section. Voted to approve in exec section – APPROVED, no opposing.
    • Out of exec session.
    • Feedback service for students! We are working out all the kinks.
    • Retreat – October 23rd. Meet at 1 and then we will have dinner at Karla’s house.
  • Executive Committee with Lydia Nash
    • Language for our campus locations! We have a lot of donors that gave a lot of money for our facilities. Please use better language.
    • Two veges, no pork

VII. New Business

·      Motion to confirm mistake announced earlier – APPROVED, no opposing.

VIII. Adjournment

·      Motion to adjourn – APPROVED, no opposing


Request for Discretionary Funds

Prepared by: Ruairi Fox


Budget Breakdown: 

            T-Shirt Loan: 140 shirts @ 6.50/ea = $910



Organization Name:  Campus Kitty


Requesting:  $910


For:  Campus Kitty 5k Fun Run


When & Where will this Event Occur:  September 25th. Starting at the WAC and going on a track through/around campus ending up back at the WAC.


Master Calendar Confirmation:  Yes


Event Details: The 5k Fun Run is the first Campus Kitty event of the year. This year, it is occurring during family weekend, and we have already had roughly 50 people sign up to participate. All proceeds go to benefit a local charity. Last year, the proceeds from the run went to benefit Bethlehem House.





Paige Spivey


Shelby Howlett


Jack Finney


Blake Tierney


Eva Harpst

Village D

Sara Prince

Village C

Jeffrey Schmidt


Kelsey Loraditch


Jennifer Smith


David Garza

Front St

Alexander Jones


Gabriel Breshears


Jonathan Howard


Adelia Shiffraw



Desire Brown


Brie Ross


Jack Finney


Sarah Pearce


Anvesh Kompelli


Eva Harpst


Gabriel Breshears


Cara Roadarmel


Adelia Shiffraw



Taylor Phoumivong




Presented by Ruanda McFerren on behalf of Dr. Entzminger for Senate Approval


            Each year the College recognizes the graduating senior who best exemplifies the Hendrix motto “Unto the whole person” by designating her/him the recipient of the President’s Medal. The President’s Medal is awarded at the Honors Convocation, and the recipient carries the banner at Commencement.

            The recipient of the President’s Medal is chosen through a selection process led by the Provost, who conveys a recommendation to the President of the College. The President designates the recipient.

            Criteria considered in the selection process include, but are not limited to, accomplishments in the following areas:

o   Academics

o   Extracurricular Activities

o   Leadership

o   Odyssey Projects

o   Service

o   Competition for distinguished scholarships.