Student Senate

Minutes 04.20.2010


Tuesday April 13, 2010

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dining Room

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

·      Desh

o   Concerned about the Troubadour reduction in budget

·      Linh

o   Housing issue – what is the break down? Girls and boys

o   Dean Jim will address this in his section

·      Julie

o   Bicycle registration – fees? NONE

§  Constituent thinks it won’t reduce left HOWEVER it would help with recovery

·      Hunter

o   Pecan shells outside of martin

§  Can we have some?

·      Jenny

o   Soda machines in the library

·      Almas

o   Several complaints about parking in village

·      VZ will be giving the loan back this week

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

·      Cigarette buds – JULIE will be meeting with Physical Plant and John Omolo this Friday

V. Committee Reports

  • Committee on Awesomeness Dean Wiltgen

o   Reminders


o   Board of Trustees

§  Will be here on the May 6th and 7th


§  Twitter/Facebook

§  Dean has been receiving complaints – because students are disrespecting other students on twitter.

§  Please Think TWICE before you do something. Once it is up there, you can’t take it back. People see it whether you think so or not!


§  YESTERDAY was the last day of housing

·      @ Hendrix we work to be at 100% occupancy

·      WE know that every year we will run out of housing.

o   Because some people will not return

·      Neighborhood of 20 people didn’t get a home for next year but everybody will HAVE A HOME FOR NEXT YEAR.

·      Allowed another 10 people off-campus.

·      See John Omolo if you have any questions!

  • Financial Committee with Alexander Jones


o   VOTE Budget Results

§  Total $430,463.13 in allocations which assumes 1400 people at school next year

§  Discretionary fund = $75,000.00 – this will be decreasing with appeals

§  This is FINCOM recommendation 

·      We were looking for itemized lists for exactly what the organizations wanted to do.

o   What we cut may have not been unreasonable

o   $20 for refreshments

o   $70 for hotel room caps

o   $20 donation for trips

·      Now Clubs will get to speak to the amount recommended and appeal it.

o   Bike Revolution – BEHIND BUHLER

§  Appealing the cut on the hours of the bike shop

·      Bike Revolution feels this will hinder the students getting the bikes fixed

·      Wouldn’t be able to service as fast and as many students.

·      We would be able to concentrate on checking out bikes more

·      Work-study?

o   This is not an option any more.

o   This would take from other departments

·      These hours are from a survey of last semester

·      To keep the new bikes that discretionary just bought for the bike revolution.

·      If cut Saturdays – add to budget $3712

§  Correction on rollover

·      Balance in account is actually $392.82

§  $3465.95 – increase of allocation.

·      ACCEPTED!


§  This is what Derek Cash had to say:

Dear Hendrix Student Senate,

I am sending this message because of what I feel is an unfortunate decision by FinCom in regard to the student organization, Phi Beta Lambda.

Phi Beta Lambda, or PBL, is an organization that I have been a part of since my Freshman year at Hendrix College.  It is an organization that seeks to prepare students for their post-college careers. Though many PBL activities work to enhance members knowledge of business, economics, and entrepreneurial issues, the workshops, conferences, and competitive events the organization sponsors are invaluable tools for any student trying to prepare for grad school or future employment. In this way, it is unique organization on campus. No other student organization sponsored by the Senate has as its primary purpose supplementing the education of its members and preparing them for their future careers.

You will hear this evening from Jared King. Jared competed at the Arkansas State PBL conference in the event “Digital Video Production.” He placed first in his event, earning an invitation to compete at the national conference this July. Each year, Hendrix has at least one student that earns this honor, and previous Senates have kindly provided the funding necessary for us to send them to compete at nationals. I was fortunate enough to receive funding last year to attend the national conference in Anaheim, California, where I participated in a Public Speaking competition against students from some of the best colleges and universities across the US. I placed in the top 15 in the nation.

I tell you this, because I hope it illustrates that this is not simply an amazing opportunity for the students that earn the right to attend, but because it is also good for our college. These conferences are attended by representatives from some of the most selective graduate schools in the country, and every student that we have attend these conferences and perform well in their event helps to raise our college’s profile amongst these schools.

Because of the timing of the Arkansas State PBL conference, we do not know which students qualify to attend until late in the spring semester. Thus, we request funding for these conference well over a year in advance in our budget proposals. In the years in which the Student Senate chose not to allocate funding for this event in our budget (as the previous Senate did), we are forced to request funds from discretionary at the end of the school year.  Though the Senate has always been willing to provide this funding, the balance of the discretionary fund has  been such they were unable to provide the full amount needed, placing significant financial burden on our members.

I am asking you to vote to fully fund the discretionary request from Hendrix PBL, so that Jared King may be allowed to compete at the PBL national conference.

Additionally, I am appealing the decision of FinCom to allocate PBL only $400 for the 2010-2011 school year.  This allows our organization the funds to host one event on campus during the year, and no money for our state or national conference.  I am asking that PBL be allocated $5473.56. This amount will allow us to send 6 members to the PBL national conference in 2011. Though ultimately 6 members  may not qualify, next year’s FinCom would adjust our budget accordingly.

I realize that we are asking for a significant sum of money. But I truly believe PBL is one of the most important and underutilized assets  Hendrix students have in preparing for grad school.  As a Senate, we’ve already been asked to fund a great deal of on-campus events. And while it’s important that we provide the funds for concerts and parties for the campus to enjoy, I would question the priorities of a Senate that would place events of a strictly entertainment nature over promoting the expansion of educational opportunities for members of the student body. Thank you.

§  Response by Fincom!

·      We cut this because it was a lot of money for a couple of people

§  The new number that they are asking for now for a conference in Orlando for 5 people to go.

·      $5473.56

§  STAY THE SAME as fincom recommended

o   Troubadour

§  WE can’t rely on any discretionary at all.

§  We are asking for more because price of ink went up.

§  It will have to be $42284.60 total – production cost of book for one – quarter color with 750 copies

§  By the way this year troubadour will come out the first week of school next year

§  What is the concrete number?

·      750 books

·      They usually give them all the way…yay!

§  This includes COLOR!!!

§  They are going to try fundraising this year

·      This a pilot year for the fundraising

·      But we shouldn’t rely on this

§  Fincom does want troubadour to do well


§  The staff is trying to make the troubadour intriguing.

§  Fund quarter of color, if the pilot is successful, troubadour would keep the fundraised money to go to the next year’s color in the book.

§  Motion to increase proposal to $5781.35

§  $42,204.60


§  Fundraising account?

·      This is what Fincom thought was going on: Money from senate account to fundraising account.

·      Turns out that fundraising money into the senate account – but this is a separate issue for FINCOM to look into.

·      Fundraising account

o   Is fundraising and it pays for welcome dinner, tournament here, t-shirts

·      Now with the miscommunication of the rollover $6358.40

o   MOTION TO Increase for the rollover – ACCEPTED

§  Decided to fund

·      All tournament bids, gas, gifts for hosts, first aid kits

·      No funding for hotels

o   Not itemized enough – come back to discretionary when you know the number and how much exactly! J



  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily and Katherine

o   LAST WEEK of energy competition

§  Tomorrow – Talk about Algae

§  Thursday – Project Pericles about Energy

·      “Making Tough Decisions: Are We Morally Obligated to Create a Sustainable Campus?”, will be facilitated by Dan Gibbens-Rickman

§  Earth Day This Friday

·      SLTC 3-7

  • Media Committee with Taylor Adams

o   Profile comes out on April 22

o   Aonian comes on April 29th

§  Murphy house reading April 29th at 4:30 p.m.

o   Media committee

§  Contract meeting next week

o   Finish hiring process for Profile Managing Editor

§  Katie Cason


o   THAT’S ALL FOLKS – congratulations Taylor! Thanks for a Great YEAR!

  • Multicultural Development Committee with Molly Miller

o   Trip to MEMPHIS!!!

§  More details to come

  • Campus Kitty with Caelan O’Sullivan

o   Distributed can goods – half went to Bethlehem House and other half Soul Food Missions

  • Social Committee with Will Philips 


o   Thank you for filling out our survey

o   Holding elections for positions next September

  • Volunteer Action Committee with Emily Uhar

o   thursday, 7 pm: skid row documentary in Mills B. this is a documentary about Skid Row: a 50-square block area in downtown LA where an average of 90,000 (!!) homeless and vagrant people live on any given night.  It's more than just a place- it's a way of life, a mind set, the last resort for those who have given up on society and, in many cases, themselves.  Watch as Pras Michel of the Fugees goes undercover for nine days and documents life on Skid Row.

o   service saturday: fun run and community day festival in enola arkansas.  meet at the bell at 8:15 am, back around noon.

o   vac shirts and hendrix for haiti shirts are still being sold.  contact me for more info.

questions? contact

  • Academic Policy with Ruanda McFerren

o   Ap meeting this week BUT WE DON’T have to go

o   Any concerns – send them to her

  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Taylor and Ruanda

o   No report

  • Communications Committee with Emily Jones

o   No report – think about Senate Themes!

  • Committee on Committees with Torey Hayward

o   JD Recobs committee for Shirttails

§  3 vice chairs John Martin, Sarah Ghidina, Torey Hayward

§  Chair of Choreography- Desh Deepak

§  Chair of Contracts- Sairah Siddique


o   Campus Kitty Chair

§  Nomination - Sabrina Bowles


§  Student Facility Committees

Academic Assessment-

Mika Smith


Student Life-

Mary-Alice Chiarito

Lauren Whitmore

Anna Ragni

Domingo Galdos-Alternate


Curriculum Committee-

Elizabeth Scott

Gabe Breshears

Rachel Robbins

Sairah Siddique-Alternate


Teacher Education-

Anna Godwin


Enrollment and Financial Aid-

Sairah Siddique

Sam Guillon

Hunter Owen- Alternate


Academic Advising-

Hunter Owen


International/ Intercultural-

Laura Turvey

Safari Sibomana

Gabe Breshears-Alternate


Diversity Concerns-

Shelby Howlett

Linh Chung

Laura Turvey-Alternate


Athletic Advisor-

James Hanson

Jenny Grant

Anna Roane- Alternate


Information + Instructional Resources

Strick Edwards

Grace Dubiskas

Chase Campbell- Alternate


o   Three More Committee

§  6 students for Academic Integrity Committee

§  5 students for Jurisdictional Board

§  2 students for Engaged Learning Committee


o   Chairs of committees MEETING THIS SUNDAY

o   Appeal process is coming, maybe a grade requirement

o   CK – coc role in investigating. Interviewing members of CK with the intent of avoiding problems for next year

o   1st and 2nd vice chairs for CK is still open, that closes Thursday

  • Executive Committee with Lydia Nash

o   Tell constituents that senior committee will be selected by Lydia

§  Rising seniors – who organize banquet, senior gift, senior meeting, and predictions

§  Election commissioner – Who is INTERESTED?????

§  Changing by laws on the amount of proxies you may have

VI. Unfinished Business

VII. New Business

·      Toad suck daze is coming UP!!!!!!!!!!

·      Shorty who works in the burrow wants us to know that a REALLY COOL BUS WILL BE COMING TO SEE US TOMORROW NIGHT! COME BY. MARTIN CIRCLE AT 7:30

VIII. Adjournment

Budget Allocations – this number represents the allocation that will be given out to the organizations that turned in a budget proposal. This is the right number including all of the above appeals and the decrease in discretionary.


Money allocated

Alpha Epsilon Delta


Alpha Psi Omega


Amnesty International




Art Club


Asian Culture Club




Beekeeping Club


Campus Kitty


Catholic Campus Ministry


Chess Club


Club Tennis


Culinary Club


Discretionary Fund






Feminist Club


Filmmakers Society


Galloway Hall Council


Garden Club


Habitat for Humanity


Hendrix Bicycle Revolution


Hendrix Biological Society


Hendrix College Aquarists


Hendrix Film Society


Hendrix Homebrewing Society


Hendrix Table Tennis Club


Hendrix Tea Society




International Club


Italian Club




Martin Hall Council




Outdoors Club


Phi Beta Lambda


Philosophy Club




Religious Life Council












Social Committee


The Profile




Ultimate Frisbee






Veasey Hall Council


Welcome Week


Young Americans for Liberty


Young Democrats








1435 Projected Students


$65,603.07 Projected Discretionary













Ultimate Frisbee



Spring Allocations



Campus Kitty Chair



Committee Appointments



Shirttail Committee



Profile Managing Editor