Student Senate

Minutes 04.13.2010


Tuesday April 13, 2010

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dining Room

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

·      Junior Rep

o   Carpet and Linoleum

§  Overwhelming response from the juniors – WE SHOULD HAVE LINOLEUM

o   Vending Machine in the Library?

§  Talk to Dining Services and Bailey Library will be asked what they can do.

·      Front St./ Mills St. Rep

o   Want linoleum

o   Physical plant student workers can pick up cigarette buds depositories

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

V. Committee Reports

  • Financial Committee with Alexander Jones

o   $2542.72 in discretionary

o   Senate execute $3300.01

o   Habitat for Humanity

§  $475.08 is the recommended amount from fincom.

§  They will be asked in spring allocation to plan this a little better.

§  Usually reimbursement is $0.55 a mile, and they are not asking for that.


o   ECC

§  Fincom recommendation is to fund everything but advertisement

§  $200.00

o   Classics Club

§  Classics are actually going to contribute to $350.00

§  Total to amended down to $350.00, recommended by fincom



  • Committee on Awesomeness Dean Wiltgen

o   Campus PD

§  Cable station G4

·      Conway channel 37

·      They asked Conway chief police signed a contract with CAMPUS PD to ride around with the cops

·      You do have rights.

·      You do not have to be in the TV. You can say no.

·      They do not have right access to campus.

·      Be smart about what you are doing, make good decisions about what you are doing!!!!!

§  It is on the LOG Check it out. And see what is up.

§  Dean advises to decline interviewing.

o   Red BRICK Film Festival

§  April 23rd is the DUE DATE

§  SO EASY!!!!

§  $1500 in prizes J

o   ETC – name CHANGE!!!

§  Donor giving us some MONEY

o   Campus Care

§  Take care of our campus. This is our campus – take pride. 

§  Thanks to the Martin Hall for helping clean up Martin…

§  Make sure if in an organization – ORDER TRASH CANS

o   Housing

§  We need to make an adjustment. Gender needs not matching

§  Probably going to let more people off campus.

·      Rolling experience

o   We let off and we reject at first. Then we wait on the number for incoming freshmen and retaining all the current students, and then we let more people off!

o   You can still turn in off campus forms.

§  But you will be in the wait list.

o   Projective size of freshmen class is 400.  Fyi.

§  Some people will be on the waitlist, but don’t worry YOU WILL HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE! J

·      Surprise living place, what could be more fun?!!!!

o   In the midst of energy competition, ending on April 23rd on Earth Day! – celebration in front of SLTC

o   This wednesday the 13th Who KIlled the Electric Car will be shown in Worsham at 7

o   This Thursday the 14th screen-printing organic tote bags will be in fro of the SLTC at 7

o   Next Wed the 21st in DW at 7 there will be 2 speakers: current student Matt Youngblood on algae and its energy producing qualities, and a Hendrix alum on other alternative energy sources.

  • Media Committee with Taylor Adams

o   IN MIDST of hiring managing editor for profile

  • Multicultural Development Committee with Molly Miller

o   Done for the year with our events

§  MAY 1st- Trip with International Students in Memphis, Civil Rights Museum

§  Open to allllll students

  • Campus Kitty with Caelan O’Sullivan

o   Raised $67,000

o   Thank you!!!

o   Distributing to Charities next week

§  $26,000

o   Issues that the Dean Has:

§  Body paint damage

·      Clean it or Campus Kitty will be charged for that.

§  Campus Kitty office – need to return key

  • Social Committee with Will Philips  

o   Soco Loco Dos – LAST EVENT

o   On Lawn of the Village

o   2-6 pm

o   Please do not touch the non-blown up HIPPO, because WE have to pay for damages

  • Volunteer Action Committee with Emily Uhar

o   Approaching our Awareness WEEK: HOMELESSNESS

o   Homeless Awareness Week

§  Monday, April 19th: 3 formerly homeless individuals speak about their life. 7:30 in Mills A

§  Tuesday April 20th: Cedar Bottom Boys and letter writing campaign.  Bring canned food or new underwear to donate!   8-10 PM in Worsham

§  Thursday April 22: Skid Row Documentary.  7 PM in Mills B

o   Service Saturday COMING UP: WATCH OUT!

  • Academic Policy with Ruanda McFerren

o   Maymester – 61 students registered

§  Deposits past due

§  Maymester is in the budget for next year but they might drop it

§  No plans for scholarships for Maymester, you can use pell grant

o   Faculty Appreciation day April 30th – ONLY ENGLISH MAJOR

o   Psych department is realllllly over crowded.

§  Don’t know how to solve this problem yet

o   Conduct council

§  Faculty dropped from 6 to 4

§  Students are still 4

o   Course Descriptions

§  Now on campus web

o   GPA to graduate: 2.0 accumulative in and out of major

o   More advertisement for Maymester might help the number.

o   More core classes in the Maymester might help the number too!

  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Taylor and Ruanda

o   Highway Pick up

o   Alumni Weekend is this WEEKEND

§  200 to 300 people on campus.

§  Senate Office will be open all weekend for the alum to stop by and talk to us.

§  ALUM Soccer Game this Saturday at 2 o’clock

  • Communications Committee with Emily Jones

o   Senate Notes need to be on time.

§  Saturday by noon!!

  • Committee on Committees with Torey Hayward

o   Coc will be holding interview for Campus Kitty chair this weekend

§  Filing closes on Thursday

o   1st (deals with committee first hand) and 2nd vice chair – deals with Ms Hendrix

§  Filing opens this Thursday

§  Email torey for an application.

o   Email committee recommendation - ASAP

§  Committee on academic advising

§  Committee on academic assessment

o   Committee Chairs get your By- Laws to TOREY BEFORE FRIDAY

  • Executive Committee with Lydia Nash

o   Student Life Committee Meeting

§  Expunging records for students

·      New policy in process of being established

o   Proposal was to change

§  Keep the violations on file for only 3 years after graduation

§  Discern between major and minor violation

·      Minor violation – expunged upon graduation

·      Major violation – keep for 3 year time period

§  Registering Bikes

·      Starting next year – bikes will have to be registered

o   To protect Psafe and you

§  Big reason – recovery of stolen bikes

§  Parking in Village next year

·      One parking space per apartment, including triples

·      There will be designated spots for unloading and loading issues.

·      Panera Bread, ZAZA’s pizza, Bookstore on steroids

o   Open by tentatively August 1, 2010

·      Road Construction

o   Tunnel ready by August 1

§  Restart the traffic appeals committee- yeah!

o    Decorum of senate

§  Whatever our opinions are, lets be respectful 

§  They are our peers


§  Concerns: accounting practices, leadership, etc.

§  Caelan was asked to show up tonight and did not show up.

§  Suggestion: FULL AUDIT of Campus Kitty

§  Rumors that have been about Campus Kitty is within the culture of the Campus Kitty

§  No one can locate a Constitution – this is problematic

·      WE will be asking the old chair for constitution, to hopefully retrieve one.

§  Organizations have standards with getting physical donations, and Campus Kitty needs to set up standards.

§  CK is accountable to the students. This is a student organization.

§  We need a gross amount. Monetary value + Physical donation value – expenses = gross amount. Keeping everything transparent

§  They are legally bound to show information

§  Congratulations!

§  Audit moved to FINCOM – APPROVED


VI. Unfinished Business

VII. New Business

·      Recommended SPSF and Stata programs in technology center

·      GPA requirement for chairs/appointed and paid positions on senate

VIII. Adjournment 


Classics Club and Martin Hall Present Toga Feast


Food Contracted to Culinary Club: $650.00

The Culinary Club will be making enough food for 250 people.  The menu includes gyros, baklava, hummus, fresh vegetables, bread, grapes, and olives.

Drinks:  $100.00

These will be water bottles and assorted sodas bought from WalMart.

Cups, Plates, Etc. : $100.00

Purchased from WalMart.

Total needed: $850.00

Classics Club contribution: $250.00

Total Request: $600.00

Request for Discretionary Funds

Prepared by: Dillon Blankenship 

Budget Breakdown:  (Attach a line-item budget with each expense of the event)

4 musicians                            $25 each x 4 = $100

3 Callers                        $25 each x 3 = $75

Snacks/Water            $25

Advertising                        $10

Organization Name:  ECC

Requesting:                          $210

For:  May Day Contra Dance

When & Where will this Event Occur

Saturday, May 1st; 7:30pm-10:00pm in Worsham Hall

Master Calendar Confirmation:  DONE

Event Details:

Contra is a very organic traditional dance. Dances are very popular in the eastern United States, most notably in Appalachia. Some colleges in that region host weekly dances that are major social events for students. These dances also integrate the surrounding community into campus life. This event is being held in conjunction with the Little Rock-based Arkansas Country Dance Society, which hosts weekly dances – Contra and English styles. The ACDS will be bringing callers and regular dancers to help beginners at Hendrix. Also, five experienced Hendrix students will organize a pre-dance beginners’ workshop. ACDS usually pays musicians and callers by charging a $5 admission, but we want this to be a free event for the student body and community.

Dear Hendrix Senators,

My name is Jose Bautista; I am currently the Treasurer of the Hendrix Habitat for Humanity Chapter. Today, I am writing to clarify the petition for funds for the Habitat for Humanity spring break trip to New Orleans. 

As you know, the Hendrix Habitat for Humanity Chapter volunteered in New Orleans from March 13, through March 20, 2010. During this time our students volunteered from 9:00 am through 5:00 pm, with a break around 12:00pm. Today, the Hendrix Habitat for Humanity is requesting the amount of $525.00. I will explain in detail how we came up with this amount. 

In order to transport 24 Hendrix students, we had to use 7 vehicles. The following is the total amount that each driver paid during the trip.

Trevor’s Total = 180.94    Blake’s Total = 174.00

Matt’s Total =180.30 John’s Total = 287.57 

Caitlin’s Total =286.65     Molly’s Total =119.21 

Heejun Woo = 146.48 

The total amount of money spent on gas = 1,375.08

 Our club funds are 1,300.00 however we can not utilize all of it because we need it to fund two Habitat for Humanity activities for the rest of the year and before the next Academic year. 

First, our club needs $300.00 to complete the care package program offered at the beginning of next year. This activity is planned before the school year begins. Therefore, it is necessary to have some money set aside since we you guys will not be here to approve discretionary funds.

Secondly, our club needs $150.00 to pay for the expenses to build in North Little Rock. We plan to volunteer at least twice before the end of the year. We need this money to pay for gas and for lunch for those students that volunteer.

 Therefore $300.00 +$150.00 = $450.00, if we subtract this funds necessary to complete the rest of the club’s program from the club’s current funds ($1,300.00 - $450.00 = $850.00) we get 850.00 that we are able to allocate toward paying for gas.

 Hence, if you subtract    1,375.08 (gas for the trip)

      850.00 (money Habitat can contribute)

                  =                                                        =

The total is        $ 525. 08  

Habitat for Humanity requests the amount of $ 525.00 to reimburse the drivers who paid for gas during the trip. If you have any question please contact me anytime at I am ready to answer any questions or concerns. Thank you for your time. P.S. we have receipts to prove the money spent on gas.




Classic Club