Student Senate

Minutes 04.06.2010

Tuesday April 6, 2010

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dining Room

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

·      Covered Bike Racks – it is the process of creating and installing one behind Buhler.

o   They are in the works. Project for $20,000 maybe??? idea for thought

o   If you ever have an idea or concept you should ask facilities to be on board with it. And it usually gets done.

·      Friday Night Dinners???

o   Vegetarians don’t have enough options.

§  More than just salads please.

·      Why students can’t double in mills st and village?

o   Good option for people to have.

o   Jim will be looking into it.

·      Carpet and linoleum question from last time and Junior Representative reported CARPET – 80% of students said

o   But carpet doesn’t wear well and students if ruined will be billed.

o   Students with allergies would have more choices.

o   Plan was to look at it when they have to replace in the apts.

o   Front st/Mills response – one for each side of carpet and no carpet.

§  Make sure to report the wear and tear in the apts when you check in next year so you won’t be charged.

·      Francis Bowen presents an unconstitutional concern about the Soco Publicity Chair held by Emily Jones. IN Section II, C. As she hold Secretary in Senate.

o   Unconstitutional because they are both paid.

o   This has to do with COC.

o   The spirit of the rule.

o   Following the letter of the law, it is unconstitutional according to the latest addition.


o   Decision: The appointment of Emily Jones is unconstitutional. Someone can not hold two paid positions on senate

o   CoC would like to recommend Francis Bowen as Publicity Chair on SOCO

·      CAMPUS kitty. Students are concerned about the status of Campus Kitty. Caelan O’Sullivan was asked to come but could not come.

o   Concerns:

§  Concert – wasn’t very well attended and senate spent a lot of money on it.

·      KDHX generously gives the concert to campus kitty

o   Two side of publicity.

o   Those didn’t coincide – miscommunications.

o   Low Turn out – weather, we can only make the Band/artist play for an allocated amount of time.

§  Low turn-outs aren’t really encouraging for artists to play longer.

·      Campus Kitty should be responsible for the campus kitty

§  Early Cancellation of Events

§  Frustration and confusion about timing and where all if it is going down.


o   Response from Ruairi Fox

§  Rush for publicity.

·      More planning earlier, it probably would have been fixed.

o   Chair should be held responsible for coming to all senate meetings

§  This is problematic

§  As chair of committee you should be here to report

o   How is campus kitty’s contribution coming?

§  Still on track however the weekend wasn’t a success.

o   Caelan was asked to come to the meeting.

§  But she had something to do.

o   When the chair does come, it does make us more excited about it. Dean Jim contribution.

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

·      Physical Plant – compost issue. Probably thrown away because not clearly mark. You can put one back out there and Julie has let them know. AND if you want to put a compost pile out there: MARK IT AND LET JULIE WAGNER KNOW!

o   Bike rack- definitely a possibility but have to wait for next year’s budget.

·      P-safe

o   Pool and fire pit in Front Street.

§  City regulations may prevent it, BUT ANDREW CHESSER IS ON IT! Don’t Worry.

§  This is the response from Public Safety verbatim:


        An outdoor pool would be a tremendous liability to the college and cannot be permitted in an area that could be secured and/or monitored at all times. There would be too much potential for neighborhood children to access an unsupervised pool.

        An open fire pit would be a liability as well and city regulations would not allow it to be used without a permit and never allows fires after sunset

                       PUBLIC SAFETY

V. Committee Report

  • Campus Kitty with Caelan O’Sullivan
      • Homeless vigil went really really well
      • Get Really Excited about MS HENDRIX because Jake Eddington is in it and the set design is awesome.
    • April 7, 2010: Martin/VZ Auction @ 6pm
      • Free entry; donations for henna
    • April 8, 2010: SOCO Singing Bee
      • $3
    • April 9, 2010: Red Light Revue  @ 8pm in Butler Plaza; Worsham
      • $5 entry fee
    • April 10, 2010: Miss Hendrix @ 8pm
      • $15 for students/$18 for guests
      • Jungle Boogie after Miss Hendrix in Worsham
      • Tickets go on sale THIS FRIDAY AT 4 IN THE STAPLES LOBBY

  • Financial Committee with Alexander Jones
    • Galloway
      • Requesting $400.00 (Loan)
      • Since they are only for Galloway girls only, Fin Com suggests that we reject the shirts and get the money on the front total
      • Cut out the middle man and do it themselves
    • Soco
      • Requesting $1,500.00
      • FINCOM Amended it down to $1200 and the rest will be covered in the spring allocation
      • Motion to Accept Fincom’s rec. ACCEPTED
    • Martin Hall
      • Requesting $832.71 (Loan)
      • Promised to be returned to by April 22
      • Fincom’s recommendation to FUND IN FULL
    • VZ Luau
      • Requesting $2,500.00
      • FINCOM REC:
      • Basically we are just asking for not even half of it would cost for the t-shirt.
      • VZ got them selves in the bind banking on initial request through FINCOM.
      • Whole event relies on the t-shirt sells
      • Senate bail out is a problem.
        • Education needs to HAPPEN
      • VZ understands they have messed up.
      • PAY BACK BY APRIL 24th
      • Accountability with loans is a different issue that we will tackle separately
      • APPROVED!
    • FinCom Document Revisions
      • Brendan Stigall served on fincom – it was helpful for the committee and but not in the document so we want to change it – to keep an at large member’s opinion
        • We want to change this and have an at large member
      • Self-audit in organizations for accountability in each semesters.
      • APPROVED
  • Committee on Awesomeness Dean Wiltgen
    • End housing for rising juniors
    • Rising sophomores next week
      • No apartments available for next year.
    • Good feed back about process
    • Biggest complain – not getting what they want.
    • Off-campus is linked to projection of new freshmen class
    • Students can still turn in applications for off-campus
      • Prefer not to have sophomores off campus.
    • National Sexual Assault MONTH
      • Next year we want to be more involved in that program
      • April 25th.
      • Best in Show Prize = $500
      • A SIX YEAR OLD CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU!!! ASK THE DEAN – his daughter does it all the time!!!
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Dan Gibbens-Rickman
    • Energy competition in April 23rd
    • People get points by showing up from the Dorms.
    • Earth day April 23rd 3-7 pm
      • COME OUT

  • Media Committee with Taylor Adams
    • Next profile comes out April 22nd in the morning.
    • Troubadour
      • Progress made in the year, because senate has had a bad taste in the mouth because of the price and quality. HERE ARE SOME ISSUES ADDRESSED.
        • Facebook is something we don’t have control over. Doesn’t function the same way the yearbook does. Different ballpark
        • We have it for an archival document
          • We use it in everything. Researchers and writers use it to do articles
        • Valuable to the school
        • Other schools are cutting down but they don’t apply to us because we are a smaller school
        • It is a Public Relations TOOL.
        • Budget Request at the beginning was $5000
        • Found a way to cut cost but it will take a couple of years to put in place.
  • Multicultural Development Committee with Molly Miller
    • Rwanda Remembrance Week starts tomorrow.
      • Come and support.

  • Social Committee with Will Philips 
    • Refunds for all wrist bands – that is all through the student activities office
      • Ends on April 17th
    • Singing BEE             - THIS THURSDAY!
      • Campus kitty event.
    • SOCO LOCO April 17th 2-6
  • Volunteer Action Committee with Emily Uhar
    • Service Saturday – look in Hendrix today for it.
  • Academic Policy with Ruanda McFerren
    • Meeting Thursday
      • What are you Mad about academics at HENDRIX?
        • Email Ruanda
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Taylor and Ruanda
    • Issue Tracker?
      • A software that tracks a problem from time reported and follows it all the way through.
      • Issues in senate.
      • Executives thought this would be a good idea. Record and issues would be dealt with.
    • Senate Blog?
  • Communications Committee with Emily Jones
    • Twitter
      • Hdxsenate YAY!
    • Senate Board
      • Donzo! Go by and see it!
      • Put names with faces. If you didn’t already know whom everybody is on this small campus.
  • Committee on Committees with Torey Hayward
    • All the committees we sent out – recommendations email to TOREY
    • COC will meet and get those recommendations for the senate
    • Ask the constituents to send any important/qualifying information with their name
    • Open Filing For Campus kitty chair
      • Thursday April 8th
      • Close April 15th
      • Interviews will be held on Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th
    • Open Filing for first and second vice chair
      • Open April 15th
      • Close April 22nd
      • Interview April 24th and 25th

  • Executive Committee with Lydia Nash
    • Maymester – registration ends tomorrow
      • Classes that only have one student in it, will be dropped. At least two to make
    • Transferred Funds for discretionary
    • Retreat
      • Looking at other schools to get involved
      • Other schools are interested.
      • Early next semester.

VI. Unfinished Business

o   Dean Jim checked into web – complete redesigned for webpage

VII. New Business

VIII. Adjournment



     Soco – APPROVED

Request for Discretionary Funds

Prepared by:


Budget Breakdown:  (Attach a line-item budget with each expense of the event)


Organization Name:  SoCo


Requesting:  $1500


For:  Formal Back-pay


When & Where will this Event Occur:  Done


Master Calendar Confirmation:  N/A


Event Details:


We requested money a few weeks ago under the condition that we didn’t know the actual account balance at the time- now we know it.

Galloway – DENIED

Request for Discretionary Funds

Prepared by: Galloway Hall Council (Linh C.)


Budget Breakdown:         25 shirts at $15 per shirt = $375

                                           Shipping and Handling Costs = $25

                 TOTAL LOAN REQUESTED ($375+25) = $400


Organization Name:  Galloway Hall Council


Requesting: $400


For: The ladies of Galloway.


When & Where will this Event Occur: N/A

Master Calendar Confirmation:  N/A

Event Details: N/A

MARTIN – Approved

Martin Hall Toga TShirt Loan Request 2010



Total: 152 tshirts

Small x 65

Medium x 40

Large x 35

XLarge x 10

XX Large x 2


AllPrint Quote: $1232.71

Less $400.00

Total request: $832.71

VZ LUAU – Approved

Request for Discretionary Loan

Prepared by Claire Hyatt and Ashley Scorsone

Name of organization(s)/office: Veasey Hall Council

Contact name: Mary Claire Hyatt

Phone number: 1-(501)-580-3002

E-mail address:

Name of event: Veasey Luau

Event date & time: April 24, 2010 from 5pm-11pm

Event location: Veasey Beach

General description of the event including purpose: Luau is overlooked by Veasey Hall Council. It will be a backyard BBQ themed dinner, open to all Hendrix students, faculty ect. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for the community to come together and congregate. It will also provide a free meal on a night that the cafeteria is closed.

We have $1,017.82 in the Veasey Account. The t-shirts for Luau cost $2,075. We already ordered the t-shirts and we rely on a profit from the t-shirts to pay for Luau. We are asking $1,058 loan from Senate to pay for the t-shirts. This money will only be used to pay for the t-shirts. The loan will be paid back in full by April 24, 2010.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________Proposed Revision to Financial Committee Document

revisions are in italics – APPROVED

Finance Committee

(Appendix to the Hendrix College Student Senate Bylaws)



The Finance Committee is a Student Senate Committee whose primary responsibility is to recommend the annual allocation of the Student Activity Fund among eligible student organizations efficiently. A secondary responsibility is to recommend, uphold, and carry out the guidelines and conditions under which the Student Activity Fund is allocated on behalf of the Student Senate.




The standing Finance Committee shall have thirteen (13) members who shall take office after the Spring Senate Elections.

1.Five (5) of these positions shall be filled by Student Association Members, selected by the Senate Executive Committee, who shall only serve as voting members of the committee during Spring Allocations.  After Spring Allocations are completed the duties of the Student Association members are fulfilled, and the Finance Committee membership is reduced in number by these five (5) positions.

2.One (1) of these positions shall be filled by a Student Association Member, selected by the Senate Executive Committee, who shall serve as a permanent voting member of Finance Committee.

3.Six (6) voting members of Senate, selected by the Senate Executive Committee.

4.The President of the Senate

5.The Treasurer of the Senate shall serve as chair of the Finance Committee and shall only vote to create a majority.


All motions must be passed with a majority of the voting membership of the committee, with the treasurer voting only to create a majority. The committee may choose non-voting faculty and/or staff consultants to serve as needed, as well as consult Senate Committee chairs, as needed.


Attendance and Replacement:


The attendance policy will be as outlined in the Senate Bylaws.




The Finance Committee shall be governed by this document and the Bylaws of the Student Senate.

1.Retreat: The Treasurer will arrange and preside over a retreat for the Finance Committee members, which will take place before the Orientation Workshop. The purpose of the retreat will be to familiarize the members with the factors affecting allocations, to develop a comprehensive doctrine for the distribution of the student activity fee, and to establish the structure of the budget hearings. Attendance is required.

2.Orientation: After the Finance Committee retreat the Treasurer will conduct an Orientation Workshop for all student organizations. All organizations who wish to request funding from the Finance Committee must send at least one (1) representative to this workshop which will take place at least one (1) week before the Budget Hearings convene. The Treasurer, who is responsible for determining the date, time, and location, will preside over this workshop. At this workshop the Treasurer will issue a standard budget-proposal form and familiarize the organizations with procedure and deadline for constructing and submitting their budgets; the Treasurer shall familiarize the organizations with the doctrine followed by the Finance Committee. The Director of the Office of Student Activities shall supply the Treasurer with an updated list of registered clubs/organizations who are eligible (formally recognized and approved by the Committee on Student Life) to request funds from the Finance Committee. If an organization is unable to be represented at this workshop, they must contact the treasurer in advance to make other arrangements; if the organization does not attend the workshop and does not make other arrangements, the organization is ineligible to request funding during the Spring Allocations.


3.Budget Hearings: After the budget submission deadline, the Treasurer shall assign each organization a specific hearing date and time. These hearings must be completed before the last day of classes for the Spring semester. Before the hearings convene, the Treasurer shall provide the Finance Committee members with copies of all submitted budgets for review. No more than two representatives from each organization will present a line-item budget proposal (as previously submitted) to the Finance Committee for consideration during the budget hearings. An organization shall separately list each expenditure along with its cost and a brief description in the budget. The budget must be organized by priority of expenditures, which are to be listed with their approximate dates. The Finance Committee shall approve funding for line-item budgets; if a specific line-item is decided to be inconsistent with the ideological concerns of the Finance Committee, it may be removed from the budget. The Finance Committee shall approve each budget by a majority of the voting membership.


4.Senate Approval: The Treasurer shall present each organization with a copy of its tentative recommended budget after the close of the budget hearings; the tentative recommended budget shall be accompanied by a disclaimer that notes the budget is subject to possible revision by the Student Senate before final approval. The Finance Committee shall be required to submit all of its funding recommendations to the Student Senate for approval. The Treasurer will present each organization with a copy of its final budget after the Senate approval process is completed.


5.Notification and Review: At the beginning of the school year, the Treasurer shall send written notification to each organization reminding the organization of their obligation to spend Activity Fund monies with integrity and responsibility. The notification should also remind organizations that the Treasurer will monitor the organization’s account record monthly.  If the Treasurer determines any transaction to severely deviate from an organization’s submitted budget, the transaction in question shall be published in the Treasurer’s report to Senate once a month.  The Treasurer and the Finance Committee shall formally review the ledgers of all funded organizations by December.  The Treasurer and the Finance Committee shall additionally require that each organization receiving funding from the Student Activity Fee submit a self-audit each semester that will assist the Finance Committee in this review process.  The purpose of this review shall be to determine whether each organization’s spending practices during the Fall Semester have been in line with the Finance Committee’s expectations.  If the review finds severe deviations from the line-item budget approved by the Finance Committee and Senate, they will be noted by the Treasurer and will be considered during the next budget hearings and/or funding request.


6.New Organizations: The Finance Committee may hear requests, at any time during the school year for funding for that fiscal year, from a new student group provided that organization has been formally recognized and approved by the Committee on Student Life.


7.Inactive Accounts: The Finance Committee shall review all inactive accounts at least once every years. All accounts that belong to sufficiently inactive organizations shall be closed and the monies returned to the Discretionary Fund.


8.Continuity and Transition Concerns: Aside from merely following the transition entailed in the bylaws, The Treasurer of the Finance Committee ought to create and maintain a rigorous vitae of committee activities and concrete recommendations for the future.


Funding Breakdown:

The Business Office of the College shall be the depository of the Student Activity Fund. The Student Activity Fund is the total of the present Student Activity Fee money, plus any other income not specified as activity fee money. The Senate Treasurer and Finance Committee are responsible for recommending the allocation of monies from the Student Activity Fund. By virtue of its special knowledge and unique position in relation to the Student Activity Fee, it may be expected that the Finance Committee shall, from time to time, make recommendations to the Student Senate to alter the amount of the fee.


The following mechanisms shall be utilized to ensure the effective and efficient operation of the Senate and its subcommittees in their financial affairs.


1. Discretionary Fund: The Finance Committee, by assessing historical precedent and its own determination of exigency and necessity, shall determine an amount of money to be called the Discretionary Fund. The money set aside in this fund shall be used in case of fiscal emergencies among the recognized student organizations and for other purposes designated by the Finance Committee. Financial Committee will discuss proposals for Discretionary Funds weekly and make a decision on allocation that must be approved by a majority of the voting membership of the Finance Committee.  The Treasurer will then present these recommendations to Senate who must approve the Finance Committee’s allocation recommendation. The Treasurer will notify the sponsoring organization of Financial Committee’s recommendation, and if they wish they may send a representative to the Senate meeting to counter or support Financial Committee’s decision before the vote of the Senate.  Discretionary requests must be submitted, in the style of the generic request form available online, to the Treasurer before 5:00 pm on Sunday to be discussed by Financial Committee and confirmed at Tuesday’s Senate meeting. If proposals are not in the standards required they would not be discussed.  The Finance Committee shall reevaluate and make recommendations to Student Senate regarding the designated amount of the discretionary fund every year.


2.Salary Fund: The total amount paid as salary for elected and appointed positions as outlined in the Senate Bylaws will be designated during the Spring Budget hearings as the Salary Fund. Payments to these positions shall be withdrawn from this fund. The Finance Committee shall reevaluate and make recommendations to the Student Senate regarding the salaries outlined in the Senate Bylaws at least once every four years, beginning with the year 2000.


3.Senate Fund: The Student Senate shall maintain an account for their own expenses containing an amount of money to be requested by the Co-Chairs of the Student and Academic Concerns Committee.


4.Remainder: After the above designations have been filled, the remainder of the Student Activity Fee shall be allocated as outlined in this document by the Finance Committee, with approval by Senate.


5.Rollover: All remaining funds in the accounts that received an allocation from the Finance Committee shall be rolled over into those accounts the next year. Accounts that are insufficient of funds at fiscal year end will be deducted that amount from the following year’s allocation.


6.Funding Guidelines: Financial Committee shall make recommendations on budgets and requests for Discretionary funding on a case-by-case basis but while following certain guidelines as stated:

a. Publicity Supplies: until the end of the academic year 2008-2009, basic publicity supplies will not be funded.  Certain supplies are available from the Senate office to any student organization.  If an organization can demonstrate why a more complex publicity supply is needed, they may present their case to Senate.  After the academic year 2008-2009, Financial Committee will create a Publicity Fund to serve Senate’s standing committees.  All other student organizations may come to Senate with specific detailed requests. 

b. T-Shirts: If an organization wishes to make t-shirts for a fundraiser, Senate will loan the cost of production to the organization, but the loan must be repaid once sales occur.  If an organization wishes to produce t-shirts for a committee only, Senate will pay for 75% of the cost of production if the cost is deemed reasonable. 

c. Trips or Conferences: For all trips or conferences attended by student organizations, a personal contribution of twenty dollars to the cost of attendance plus the cost of food not covered by the registration fee is required.  In addition there is a hotel cap of eighty dollars per room per night with four people to a room.   

d. Renting of Sound Equipment and Labor from Social Committee: All organizations that wish to use Senate’s sound equipment that is maintained by Social Committee must pay a $25 rental fee, to be deposited into the equipment account, to maintain the equipment.  In addition, all organizations that rent the sound equipment must pay the Director of Sound and Logistics $10/hour to work the event.  Social Committee is exempt from both of these fees. 

e. Food: Food may be requested as a cost to an event but is not a guarantee.  If food is a crucial element to the event it is likely to be funded.  If however an organization is requesting the cost of food because they think it is likely to draw people to their event, it is not likely to be funded.  All areas in between are at the discretion of Financial Committee. 



Amendments to this document shall be subject to the approval of a majority of the Student Senate.


Last Revised: 10/14/08



















11-12: Alexander Jones

1-2pm: Ruanda McFerren

4-5: Lydia Nash


9-10am: Taylor Kidd

10-11am: Emily Jones

11-12: Torey Hayward


11-12: Alexander Jones

3-4pm: Ruanda McFerren


9-10am: Taylor Kidd

10-11am: Emily Jones and Lydia Nash

11-12: Torey Hayward

Come out and see us in the Senate Office!!!

Have a great week all! Go out and support Campus Kitty!!