Student Senate

Minutes 03.30.2010


Tuesday March 30, 2010

6:30 p.m. Mills Library

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

o   Roberts Rules of Order

o   Handout and presentation by Alexander Jones

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

·      Like a bike rack outside SLTC near student activities suite

·      Dishwasher in Cook doesn’t work!!

·      When formal money refunds come out?

o   Student Activities will take care of it

o   Next couple of weeks

·      STOP GLUING AND TAPING NOTES TO FRONT STREET DOORS – it is screwing up doors. Slip it under the door

·      STAFF CONCERN – want to know about different flooring for Front Street and Huntington.

o   What do we think about this? Yay or no for carpet? Let your Senator know!  

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

·      Andrew – how to contact public safety

o   Walk over!

V. Committee Reports

o   Financial Committee with Alexander Jones

o   Hendrix Ultimate:  $1350.00

§  Fin Com recommends to fund in FULL.

·       Not in the budget because they never know how many are going to participate 

·      PASSED

o   Discretionary: about $23,387 left with $20,000

o   After Ultimate - $3387

o   Veasey Hall  (Luau on VZ BEACH)

§  Fin Com recommendation for $1706.00

§  Big discussion over money because we are getting so low.

§  $311

§  Fund food today and not the decorations.

§  $1166 for Food

§  What do we want to fund?

·      Fund just whole hog?

o   Just fund the whole. All of the food.

o   $723

o   Motioned – ACCEPTED

o   Remainder of proposal stays on the table.

o   EXEC FUND BALANCE:$3601.41 

§  And have not taken out Big Pulse

o   Spring Allocation coming up – REFERENCE email

o   All organizations need to attend Budget Meeting April 6th at 8:30 p.m.

o   Total Discretionary: $2614.85 within senate after giving Ultimate and VZ the money

o   (Committee on Awesomeness) Dean Wiltgen

o   Housing – Super and Senior night was last night

§  Rising Juniors next Monday – April 5th

§  Rising Sophomores next next Monday – April 12th

·      In the WORSHAM

·      Come with your roommate at the time to which your highest draw number corresponds.

o   President Cloyd is SICK! Sad moment. How long out? – We are not sure, a couple of weeks. No worries he is fine.

§  Ellis Aronld acting in his placeo   Environmental Concerns Committee with Dan Gibbens-Rickman

o   Energy Competition – more signs should invading your life.

§  Weekly give out: glow in the dark condoms and florescent light bulbs.

o   Not doing anything for CK WEEK

o   Good turn out for SIGN Making YAY!

o   Exciting new – met with sustainability committee and getting ready a list for sustainability suggestion for Cloyd.

o   Media Committee with Taylor Adams

o   Troubador – next week.


§  Troubador Editor - COURTNEY JOHNSON (best editor in the last five years – her current work) accepted

§  Associate Editor of Troubador – ASHLEY SCORSONE (great this last year!) accepted

§  Aonian Editor – COLLEN MAYO (highly suggested)  accepted

§  Associate Editor of Aonian - JOHNNY ENGLISH accepted

§  KHDX station manager – TIM WALLEN accepted

§  Program Director of KHDX – Knox Shelton accepted

§  Profile Editor – BERNICE MCMILLAN accepted

§  Profile Associate Editor – CLAIRE BURNS accepted

§  Managing Editor of Profile - extend filing for a week! To make sure we have fair playing field until next Tuesday

·      Motion accepted

o   Multicultural Development Committee with Molly Miller

o   Eric Blake, who is a comedian, for Campus Kitty Week. His performance will be at 8:00 PM on Monday, April 5th in Mills

o   Social Committee with Will Phillips

o   CK WEEK – Singing Bee

o   Soco Loco April 17th: 2-6 p..m

§  Hippo – huge water slide

§  Sky diving simulation

§  Alumni week can they come – we are figuring that out.

o   Volunteer Action Committee with Emily Uhar

o   Meeting at Bell 9:45 to socialize with elderly

o   Back by noon

o   Attendance – 5 to 25 usually

o   COME ALL!!!

o   Still selling Hendrix for Haiti shirts – contact Emily Uhar

o   Campus Kitty with Caelan O’Sullivan

o   Finally here!!!! Come out and give your money. It’s for a good cause.

o   STARTS Friday and runs through the following Saturday

o   Events everyday

o   GET THEM!!!

o   All excess passes - $35, start to sell tomorrow at lunch and dinner and goes through next Friday ( for passes and event sign up )

o   Wristband for concert - $5 for students, $7or8 for non-students

§  You can get them at concert

§  NO CUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

§  Rain location: Worsham

o   Miss Hendrix tickets go on sale @4 on April 9th.  RIGHT BESIDE FOUNTAIN/STAPLES

o  Here is a list of what is going on:

o   April 2, 2010: KHDX Spring Concert @ 8pm in the Brick Pit

§  $5 for students, $10 for guests

o   April 3, 2010: Campus Kitty Tailgate @ 11am behind Front Street

·      Casino Night @ 6pm in Worsham

o   $10 for Tournament; $3 for fashion show and other games; donations for face painting

o   April 4, 2010: Videogaming  @ 7pm in Worsham and 8 technology clusters

·      Surprise Movie Night @ 7pm in Worsham

o   $2 entry fee

o   April 5, 2010: MDC Comedian @ 7pm in Mills B for $2

·      Homeless Vigil @ 11 am in Grass Area between SLTC/ HULEN until @ 11 am next day

o   April 6, 2010: Open Mic Night @ 7pm Mills B

§  $2 entry fee

o   April 7, 2010: Martin/VZ Auction @ 6pm

§  Free entry; donations for henna

o   April 8, 2010: SOCO Singing Bee

§  $3 entry fee

o   April 9, 2010: Red Light Revue  @ 8pm in Bulter Plaza; Worsham

§  $5 entry fee

o   April 10, 2010: Miss Hendrix @ 8pm

§  $15 for students/$18 for guests

·      Jungle Boogie after Miss Hendrix in Worsham

o   Academic Policy with Ruanda McFerren

o   No AP meeting

o   Next AP meeting a week from Thursday

o   Email Ruanda with concerns:

o   Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Taylor and Ruanda!


o   Highway clean up: May 1st maybe

o   Communications Committee with Emily Jones

o   Notes

§  Make a distinction between questions and what is actually being said


o   BIG BOARD – TALK WITH DEAN where to put it in the SLTC

o   Theme Ideas – get back to me.

o   Committee on Committees with Torey Hayward (Lydia)

o   Nothing this week!

o   Filing for Chair of Campus Kitty comes out the week after campus Kitty.

o   Executive Committee with Lydia Nash

o   Link for student senate home page

o   Next week – committee appointments – college jurisdictional council

§  PUT IN Notes and ask if anyone wants these positions.

§  WE want to have a fair playing field.

§  WE nominate, WE ratify

§  Here is what the appointments are:

The Student Life Committee: three (3) students and one (1) alternate

                                                                      This committee discusses proposals for new clubs and other issues relating to Student Life.

The Enrollment & Financial Aid Committee: two (2) students and one (1) alternate

                                                                      This is straightforward.

The Curriculum Committee: three (3) students and one (1) alternate

                                                                      This is the committee that votes on accepting new class proposals and changes to majors.

The International/Intercultural Committee: two (2) students and one (1) alternate

The Diversity Concerns Committee: two (2) students and one (1) alternate

                                                                      This committee addresses issues pertaining to diversity on campus and expanding it.

The Committee on Information & Instructional        Resources: two (2) students and one (1) alternate

The Teacher Education Committee: one (1) student

The Athletic Advisory Committee: two (2) students and one (1) alternate

This committee meets with Danny Powell to discuss issues with athletics and the WAC.

VI. Unfinished Business

o   CK interviews: look at committee on committee

VII. New Business


o   Motion to Allow Bernice McMillan to move up in position to replace Daniel Wiek

§  She will not receive more salary


VIII. Adjournment

Clean up: Everyone



Request for Discretionary Funding

Prepared by Claire Hyatt and Ashley Scorsone

Name of organization(s)/office: Veasey Hall Council

Contact name: Mary Claire Hyatt
Phone number: 1-(501)-580-3002
E-mail address:
Name of event: Veasey Luau
Event date & time: April 24, 2010 from 5pm-11pm
Event location: Veasey Beach
General description of the event including purpose: Luau is overlooked by Veasey Hall Council. It will be a backyard BBQ themed dinner, open to all Hendrix students, faculty etc. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for the community to come together and congregate. It will also provide a free meal on a night that the cafeteria is closed.
Anticipated budget for event (please attach a budget breakdown to application): Veasey Hall Council anticipates the entire event to cost $2,811.
We are only asking for $2,500. This is the only event that Veasey Hall Council has asked for discretionary funding from Senate.  A total budget breakdown is attached to the proposal application.
Advertising and promotion plans: We plan to make a banner to advertise outside of the cafeteria. We also plan to make flyers and hang them around campus (i.e. the SLTC, Bailey Library, and the Residents Halls).
Drinks Total: $465 $40
Backyard Paradise: 501-329-5511
 Snow cone machine = $75 per day
 Syrups and cups included
 Frozen slush machine = $150 each per day = $300
Two machines
 Flavors included in price
 One flavor per machine (pina colada, margarita)
 Ice $2 per bag = $40
 Water $1 per gallon need 10 =$10

        2 Liters of Soda $2 each need 20 = $40
Decorations Total: approx $815 $415
Oriental Trading
        Cocktail umbrellas $5 per 144 = $10
        Table top tiki bar hut = $40
                investment for future Luaus
        Gift Cups 400 for $400
        Lays $30 for 100 need 4 = $120
        Centerpieces 5 at $5 each = $25
        Table Skirts 6 at $15 each = $90
        Nets 7 at $4 each = $28
        Tiki Torch 3 for $10 x 4 = $40
        Banner = $2
        Garland 4 x 10 = $40
        Umbrellas $4 need 5 boxes = $20
Mechanics Total: $200 $85.00
Light and sound system plus SoCo worker = $200

Food Total: $1,306   $1,166
                Salt $2 need 4 = $8
                Whipped cream $2 need 10 = $20
        Fruit Trays 15 at $13 each = $195
        Vegetable Trays 10 at $10 each = $100
        Cookies 15 for $3 = $45
                15 for $2 = $30
        Chips $3 each need 15 = $45
        Whole Hog Catering
                Pulled pork at $8.99 per lb need 20lbs = $180
                Pulled chicken at 9.99 per lb need 30lbs = $300
                Potato Salad at 26.99 per gallon need 3 = $81
                Baked Beans at 26.99 per gallon need 3 = $81
                Coleslaw at 26.99 per gallon need 3 = $81
                Mayo $3 for 32 oz need 2 = $6
                Ketchup $3 for 64 oz need 1 = $3
                Mustard $2 for 1 = $2
                Pickles $3 per jar need 6 = $18
                Lettuce $3 for 3 stalks need 5 = $15
                Onions $2 for 3 lbs need 2 = $4
                Tomatoes $3 per lb need 4 = $12
                Straws $2 a box need 5 = $10
                Plates $4 for 150 need 4 = $16
                Forks 48 for $3 need 9 = $27
                Knives 48 for $3 need 9 = $27
Cumulative TOTAL: $2,811

Adjusted Total = $40 + $415 + $85 + $1,166 = $1,706.00

$1,706.00 - $311.00 = $1,395.00, FinCom’s recommendation

-        Treasurer Alexander Jones

We are only asking for $2,500. The $311 difference will be paid out of Veasey Hall Council budget.


­­­­­­­Ultimate Frisbee Proposal – ACCEPTED

Request for Discretionary Funds

Prepared by: Rose Thomson

Budget Breakdown:  Total Request: $1350.00

45 UPA Memberships at $30 each: $1350.00

Organization Name:  Hendrix Ultimate Frisbee

For:  Ultimate Players Association College Memberships

When & Where will this Event Occur:  N/A; Every player attending Ozarks Sectionals tournament must have a UPA membership in order to participate.

Master Calendar Confirmation:  N/A

Event Details: Every year, Student Senate’s discretionary funding has allowed the Hendrix Ultimate Frisbee team to compete in the year’s culminating and most important tournament in our division: the Ozark Sectionals (This year being held in St. Louis, Missouri on April 10 and 11). In order to participate in this tournament, teams are required to register their players with the Ultimate Players Association, a not-for-profit organization that acts as the governing body for the sport of Ultimate in the United States. This year, Hendrix Ultimate is sending three teams to compete in sectionals: one women’s team of 15 players, and two men’s teams consisting of 18 and 12 players.

Although Hendrix Ultimate Frisbee is a club team, we practice three to four times a week, with no off season. As a team and a student organization, we are proud of the fact that we are able to foster an inclusive community atmosphere, maintain a competitive level of play against other college teams, and even host our own annual tournament (The Hendrix Ultimate Experience).

Thank you for your continued support of Hendrix Ultimate Frisbee. Please contact Treasurer Rose Thomson ( or President Meagan Kreps ( for additional information or questions.

How your senators voted?

Everybody Voted YES on all motions.