Student Senate

Minutes 03.02.2010


Tuesday February 2, 2009

6:30 p.m. In one of those new SLTC Cafeteria side-rooms.

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

  1. New and old Senators take 10 minutes to talk.

                        -Discuss responsibilities and ask/answer any questions

  1. Ms. Pres reiterates the responsibilities of senators (sending notes, etc.)
    1. Senators need to be here or proxy.
    2. Sending out notes: email list tomorrow and Lydia will send it out.
    3. Need to be out by Saturday after meeting.
    4. CC Emily Jones
    5. Confirming Cabinet Members – Taylor Kidd and Emily Jones

                                               i.     Ruairi – motioned and second

                                             ii.     ACCEPTED

    1. Introductions
  1. Dean Wiltgen: not speaking.
  2. Dinner and Bowling
    1. Lunch: 12-2
    2. Michelangelo’s
    3. Meet martin circle. Carpool
  3. Senior Rep?
    1. Appoint at large – not voting, voice senior concerns
    2. Motion to Appoint Cache Carter as at large Senior Rep ACCEPTED
  4. Senior Senator – Derek Cash
    1. Let him choose proxy.

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

·      Hall Councils tuning pianos – Music Department to do that.

·      Tonya Hale has contact that does the burrow piano.

·      GALLOWAY in peculiar is “beyond tuning”

·      Tonya hale will look into it.

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

·      Ruairi (Café) Mike Floyd meeting

o   More availability with fresh fruit – working on it

o   More healthy choices – dietitians are available if you want to talk

o   Hard to meet needs -

o   Maybe we could get Cod

o   Four spots silverware is available

o   Chicken strips – new setup doesn’t allow for two lines

o   Extending Meal Time – not really need time to set up

o   Dean JIM – silverware could be moved to the end of the process.

§  New area to open up for two card swipers.


·      WAC – Christina Cole (Karl Lenser)

·      P safe- Andrew Chesser

·      I T – Paul Depre (Sam Nicols)

·      Physical Plant- Julie Wagner (Loyd Bryan)

·      Library – Emily Uhar ( Amanda Moore)

V. Committee Reports

o   (Committee on Awesomeness) Dr. Carney-Hall and Dean Wiltgen

1.     Incident behind library

§  Over the weekend. UCA student and a bike person stopped and asked for money. VERY SERIOUS. Bike person may have been here before – so if you see anybody suspicious call psafe. Walk in pairs. The person has not been identified. African American Male.

§  If you see anything strange, let PSAFE know. We have a lot of eyes around here, lets us them.


o   Social Committee with Jake Eddington

1.     We have

§  Sham roast with girl talk Friday opens at 9:30, girl talk starts at 10:30

·      Get hours for WRISTBANDS

§  Coffee House on Saturday

·      Interested in performing Email Lydia (

§  SOCO LOCO on April 17th

§  Refunds for FORMAL – business office is working on it.

§  DEAN JIM: challenges – if weather goes bad there will be a limit on people in mabee, but it doesn’t look like bad weather so far. J

§  Campus Kitty event in the works

o   Environmental Concerns Committee with Dan Gibbens-Rickman

1.     Saturday – Petit Jean, bell at 12:45 and be back before 5

2.     On Radar:

§  Energy competition immediately following Spring Break

·      Between dorms

·      Monitor energy use of dorms

·      PRIZES??

§  Working around CK

§  Leads up to earth day on 24th April  (tentatively)

§  Organization/Hall wants to team up on an event, contact Dan Gibbens-Rickman

3.     FLUSHING TOLIETS – there will be signs to instruct how to use properly

4.     Waste Subcommittee meetings – trying to get recommendations ready

o   Media Committee with Taylor Adams

1.     Next week – Tuesday march 9th for senate paid positions and chairs opens for filing.

2.     The profile next issue released March 10th

3.     CK promotional issue that will come out right before CK week

4.     Aonian – April 29th – Murphy house event to accompany

§  Switched printers to more environmentally friendly in little rock

o   Multicultural Development Committee with Molly Miller

1.     March 22-26: Diversity Openness and Awareness WEEK coming up

§  Monday – Unity            

§  Tuesday – Speaker Omlawno: “I can’t believed you asked that”

§  Wednesday – Comedian

§  Thursday – International Club hosting International Dance Event

§  Friday – Slam Poetry Group

2.     Campus Kitty still in works

o   Volunteer Action Committee with Emily Uhar

1.     Service Saturday: working at Faulkner County Book Sell meet at 10 am at bell

2.     Hendrix for Haiti Tshirts and donations raised $961 split between Red Cross and Doctors without borders

3.     Canned Food Drive:  March 4-12  - boxes in dorms

o   Campus Kitty with Caelan O’Sullivan

1.     Vagina Monologues with Alpha Psi will be performed March 8.  Contact Brett Carr for more info. AT 7pm

2.     Campus Kitty week April 2nd-10th: GET EXCITED

3.     Parent mail outs going out this week

o   Academic Policy with Ruanda McFerren

1.     No report but any academic concerns

o   Student and Academic Concerns Committee Ruanda McFerren and Taylor Kidd

1.     General senate things that need to be done.

2.     Organize senate highway pick up.

3.     Student Internships

o   Financial Committee with John Christi/Lydia Nash (for today)

o   Communications Committee with Emily Jones

1.     Working on senate wall and website transp.

o   Committee on Committees with Torey Hayward

1.     Appoints have been made

2.     Nominating Daniel Williams – ACCEPTED

3.     Sub Chairs for SOCO open

o   Executive Committee with Lydia Nash

1.     Extra $20,000 discussion tabled for next meeting

VI. Unfinished Business

VII. New Business

VIII. Adjournment

            8:26 p.m.

Clean up: Everyone

Discretionary Proposals Decisions

  1. SOCO

a.     Requesting 11710.00

b.     To get girl talk we need to spend a little more.

c.     ALLOCATED $8000

  1. RLC

a.     Make a Joyful Noise

                                               i.     Requesting $ 1585 – bringing different and fun performers.

                                             ii.     Sweatshirts are hospitable. T-shirts can be used?

1.     Don’t fund sweatshirts it would be $ 1505

2.     Hendrix T-shirt: $1545 – THIS IS ACCEPTED

b.     T Shirts

                                               i.     $695.18 t-shirt LOAN ACCEPTED


a.     Cannons would be willing to loan out.

b.     Find used paper to go in cannon

c.     Vinyl banners – gifting the soco to soco



a.     We didn’t come to senate at all in spring allocations.

b.     Different organizations are helping us out, but we still need some help.

c.     Last fall we requested, but that is all.

d.     Where is the Operating Budget?

                                               i.     Remainder of the budget will go to other “things” for the week

e.     800 shirts is A LOT

                                               i.     We donated left over of last years but we did sell 800 last year

                                             ii.     What about t-shirt Loan?

1.     But this is the buck of the money we raise.

2.     CK will still be making money.

a.     Counter – giving money in the activity fees for t-shirts and then sell the t-shirts back to the students

3.     CK IS suppose to be a self sustaining organizations and only acts for the after party

4.     Get donations for the OUTSIDE!

5.     TABLED!!!

Discretionary Proposals

Martin Hall presents Sham Roast with SoCo and KHDX guest GirlTalk

Discretionary Request

Total: $935.0


Banners:  $485.00

            Two banners, one with the SoCo logo and one with the Martin shield, to be used as stage accessories.  Both qualify as investment pieces and are reusable.   Martin will be giving the SoCo banner to SoCo following the event.


Streamer Cannons: $450.00

            These are two handheld confetti/streamer cannons that will be purchased and can be reused.  They operate using the same principals as SoCo’s confetti cannon from SoCo 54.  They are more manageable and do not require the use of an external helium tank.  These represent an investment piece for Martin Hall.  In addition, Martin Hall has every intention of willingly sharing said cannons with other organization should they request them.



Request for Discretionary Funds

Prepared by: Ruairi Fox


Budget Breakdown: 

            550 Traditional T-Shirts: $4100

            250 Specialty Shirts: $2000

            1400 Campus Mail Promotional Items: $650

            500 Event Passes: $20

            500 Cups: $500

            Colored paper for Various Fliers: $75



Organization Name:  Campus Kitty


Requesting:  $7345


For:  Campus Kitty Week


When & Where will this Event Occur:  Various Locations around Campus


Master Calendar Confirmation:  Yes


Event Details: Campus Kitty Week




Request for Discretionary Funds

Prepared by:


Budget Breakdown:  (Attach a line-item budget with each expense of the event)


Organization Name:  Social Committee


Requesting:  $11,710.00




$600 – DJ King

$2500 – Tragikly White


Girl Talk:

$4400 – Production Costs (Sound Logic)

$3460 – Stage (Rock City)

$750 – Miscellaneous (Hotel, hospitality, show items, generator)



When & Where will this Event Occur:  THIS Friday, March 5, 2010

                                                                        In the Brick Pit


Master Calendar Confirmation:  Yes


Event Details:

For Discretionary Funds

Prepared by:  Takayla Ames


Budget Breakdown:  (Attach a line-item budget with each expense of the event)


Organization Name:  Religious Life Council


Requesting:  $1585


For:              Make a Joyful Noise, with special guest Hassan


When & Where will this Event Occur:  Wednesday, March 31st from 8-10


Master Calendar Confirmation:  Yes. Both Tonya Hale and Lynette Long have approved it for a Hump Night Event.


Event Details: RLC had hosted Make A Joyful Noise before. We plan to have multiple musical acts representing several different religious traditions. Most of them will be student/faculty acts. But as a finale we want to bring in Hassan – which is why we need funding. Hassan has performed at Hendrix before several years ago; the event went very well. Hassan is a beat boxer and this year is also planning to bring along his friend who will perform an interpretive dance to his music.

Hassan’s Fee - $800


Round trip plane tickets x 2 - $530


Hendrix Sweatshirts -$80


Dinner for Hassan Wednesday night-$60


Rent to stay at the Murphy House -$75


 Gas to pick them up from the airport -$40


Total: $1585


*Note: Hassan worked with us on his fee since we are a college club. Because of this we feel the least we can do is make their stay as accommodating as possible. The RLC President will take them out to dinner before they are to perform (at the Market Place) and present them each a Hendrix sweatshirt as a gift (from the Bookstore).  Even with these expenses we are saving money.  RLC feels that  these amenities will build a strong relationship with Hassan for future years/performances.

Request for Discretionary Funds

Prepared by:  Takayla Ames


Budget Breakdown:  (Attach a line-item budget with each expense of the event)


Organization Name:  Religious Life Council


Requesting:  $695.18


For:              T-Shirts


When & Where will this Event Occur:  N/A


Master Calendar Confirmation:  N/A


Event Details: N/A