Student Senate

Minutes 12.01.09


Tuesday December 1st, 2009

6:00 p.m. Hulen Ballroom

I. Call to Order


II. Special Business

  • Elf Roast is on Friday, Dec 4. Get your wrist bands starting tomorrow and have a good time!

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • Why don’t we decorate the dorms and buildings with outside Christmas lights? There is no policy we know of that prohibits this. But some people are Jewish and affiliated with other religions or no religion.
  • Someone’s bike was confiscated by Public Safety because they parked in a trip hazard zone outside of Axciom and their bike lock was cut. Have a conversation with Public Safety about bike parking policies. There is currently talk about bike tags/bike registration for fall of the next year. Any concerns with this should be forwarded to Ken who will talk with Public Safety.
  • Tell your constituents that bike racks are the safest place to park your bike. If your bike goes missing, check with Public Safety.
  • IT concern: how visible is our e-mail, what we browse, etc.? IT is not staffed enough to be patrolling your e-mail unless there is some illegal business going on. IT has the right to see your e-mail though. Computing policies are in the handbook if you have further concerns.
  • Harmonic passageway: how much will it cost? The consultant two weeks ago was just trying to help us plan; we have not heard any figure estimates. There is concern with the priorities of Hendrix College seeing how we may be spending a lot of money sprucing up a tunnel whereas 10 people were let go last year from employment with Hendrix. This tunnel, however, may be the senior gift which gathers donations that go toward the senior gift. Alumni and many others are excited about it and it is very likely that the senior class can make it happen without college funds.
  • There is a huge endowment that is dedicated to the flowers on campus.

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

  • Quiddich—there is a single student who constantly e-mails Taylor Kidd about this. Please encourage other to e-mail him if they want this sport on campus.

V. Committee Reports

  • Committee on Awesomeness with Dr. Carney-Hall and Dean Wiltgen
    • SLTC functional/transition business:
      -There will be a designated place for posters and signs to be put up—there will be lots of bulletin board and other places to post
      -There is a sunporch equivalent! You can reserve space on the sunporch if you want to make sure you have a table since there will only be 8 tables. Check with the master calendar if you need to reserve. It will still function under a first come first serve basis like it has though too.
      -Reservations will work the same way for any room/space through the master calendar
      -The exterior balconies will be a nice place for a vinyl banner you may want to post for publicity
      -Balcony porches have outdoor seating—but there will be NO SMOKING since it is part of the building. You are welcome to eat, hang out, or whatever though!
      -Student Programming Area (SPA; AKA Worsham Programming Hall) is strictly for student activities—we promise there will be no weddings there. The SPA is two rooms in one. If your group is smaller you may want to reserve just half. If your group is larger than 80 you may need to go down to the Worsham space.
      -The Burrow in the SLTC is much different that our old Burrow. It is a great space for gathering and hanging out—it is not a good place for programming since there is no stage or screen.
      -The game room is loaded with 2 pool tables, air hockey, chess, checkers, FOOSBALL, and you may check out equipment at the desk there (i.e. playstation controllers, etc.).
      -Cafeteria: let’s talk after we have lunch there on Thursday. It is possible to have programming in the main dining hall. What is not possible is removing the furniture or moving it around. No dances, sorry. A small stage, a movie, etc. are possible.
      -January 17: SLTC will be open! No services or programs there until the 17th. NO ACCESS until then. It is the first LEED certified building on campus! Tell your friends. It is silver level LEED certified. Baller. Check out the LEED website. SLTC page has a link. LEED is an example of committing to our green values. Waterless urinals, 30% reduction of electricity use, the roof is special, more natural daylight, lots of good stuff!
      -CUBBY HOLES for backpacks.
      -What about the space we have? The Hulen Ballroom, dining area, burrow will all be a dark unused space. The bookstore will still be open though. This space will probably be torn down and be used for residential space in the future.
      -Access will be controlled after hours. Process still under the works.
      -Electronic message boards that will be feeding announcements from Hendrix Today and the Master Calendar; also open for students to submit publicity and etc.
      -For more info on the SLTC and what it will offer, check out the website. It is quite phenomenal and we are excited!
      -Give Dr. Hardin a word of appreciation/gratitude since she had a large hand in getting us this building.
  • Committee on Committees with Ken Yang
    • Interviews for Welcome Week and Shirttails Chair
      -Ruairi Fox: Welcome Week Chair. APPROVED with acclamation!
      -JD Recobs: Shirttails Chair. APPROVED with acclamation!
      -Holler at Ken and the rest of CoC if you want details on their decision.
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Dan Gibbens-Rickman and Maya Lemon
    • Maya is taking a leave of absence next semester. Maya wishes that the paid vice chair position be refilled. CoC normally handles paid positions.
    • Need volunteers for Nature Conservancy: leaving bell at 9:30 and will return before 5. Check out the upcoming announcements about it so you know what to wear/bring.
    • For your dorm position situation, Jake suggested doing an interview process like Campus Kitty does.
    • A motion has been made to
  • Media Committee with Taylor Adams
    • Profile comes out Dec. 8: the last one of the semester!
    • By the next meeting, Media will be clear on how much extra money they found in their account.
    • One media committee member is leaving for Afghanistan next semester. Position will open up next semester.
    • Informally, the Profile is looking for a new publisher.
  • Multicultural Development Committee with Molly Miller
    • DAO Week planning. Looking for a more environmentally friendly way to do DE-Stereotype Me event. If you have ideas, holler at Molly.
  • Social Committee with Jake Eddington
    • No complaints so far about SoCo 54 that happened two weeks ago! It was a HUGE success. Guest policy worked out really well.
    • Constituent concern about wrist bands being put on student: suggestion to just show student ID. Sorry, wristbands is the most efficient system. We did it like we did this time where wristbands were put on the student since non-students had the wristbands specifically for Hendrix students in the past (there were two types of wristbands for Ghost Roast); some Hendrix students were just giving their wristbands away. Wristband policy will stand as is but adjustments will be made as needed.
    • One more event this semester: FREE Movie night! Monday, Dec 7. 210 tickets.
    • Tomorrow is the very last Hump Night event in the Burrow, ever. Comedian Eric O’Shea at 8:30 pm!
  • Volunteer Action Committee with  Emily Uhar
    • Service Saturday Humane Society Thrift Store meet at bell at 10 AM
    • Monday: Hendrix Faculty and Staff holiday party; VAC will be babysitting in Mills 304!
    • Filing for Galloway and Apartments rep. You don’t have to live there, you will just be responsible for advertising there.
  • Campus Kitty with Caelan O’Sullivan
    • Holiday Bazaar on Reading Day setting up at 9 cleaning up at 6; outside vendors will be there!
    • Only KHDX has signed up so far to have a table. Participation is lacking. Tell your constituents to get involved! Only 15% of the profits go to CK and you can keep the rest.
    • Campus Kitty week coming up. Clothes and goods to be located to local charities! Charities will be chosen tonight.
  • Academic Policy with BJ Fogleman
    • Any academic policy concerns, holler at BJ or Chance. Last meeting on Thursday!
    • High five to students on representing their view about +/-.
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Mac Barnes and BJ Fogleman
  • Financial Committee with John Christie
    • FinCom will be on break until next semester, but any requests are encouraged to still be sent and they will get to it first thing next semester.
    • Ken suggested funding at most $150 or so for food (like chips and salsa; nothing extravagant) for events since we always have several thousand dollars extra at the end of the semester.
    • Encourage discretionary proposals to keep coming.
    • Rollover is a concern for seniors who help pay for it. However, Taylor Kidd sees this as a sort of investment in the Hendrix community. Every student pays the activity fee and not all students attend every event anyhow.
    • One reason why we may have so much money this year is because many of the organizations have been very budget oriented. Extra money is a good thing! Hey, we also have a hundred new students.
  • Communications Committee with Kristi Vo
  • Executive Committee with Chance McDermott
    • Chance is pleased with how this semester went and hopes you were too. High five. We still have next semester so if there is anything you feel like we need to have done, let’s do it!
    • Finals is coming up. Stay healthy. And have a great break!

VI. Unfinished Business

  • Housing Recommendation. Motion to accept the Cohort model. PASSES!


VII. New Business


VIII. Adjournment


Clean up: Everyone