Student Senate

Minutes 3.17.09


Tuesday March 17, 2009
6:30 p.m. The Burrow

I. Call to Order 

III. Special Business

Ruari: nominations for welcome Week Committee.

Marissa Carter

Manny Lopez

Tailor Kid

Megan McCaghey

Nominations pass           

IV. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • No updates regarding the parking circle
  • Sushi requested in the cafeteria 

V. Departmental Liaison Report

  • WAC Forum was a success! 

VI. Committee Reports 

  • Elections Commission
    • Met last night
      • We can’t vote on Village Apt. Senator (since no one’s living there), so this will be postponed until the fall.
      • The commission needs a voting extension of Raney, VZ, Clifton/Huntington and Gway because no one filed for them until today.
      • We will have to change Facebook rule so that FB can be used in campaigning. 
      • Motion to change the FB rule passes.
      • Motion to extend filing for Raney, VZ and Gway and Clifton/Huntington passes 
  • Shirttails Committee with Ken Yang
    • Nominations named
      • Brittany Reynolds as Vice Chair of Choreography
      • Vice-Chair of Contracts: Grace Cumpian
      • Assistants to the Chairs: Matt Giaglio and Torey Hayward
      • Choreographers
        • Hardin: Dominique Kellybrew and Lauren Fletcher
        • Martin: JD Recobs and Josh Riley
        • Galloway: Caitlin Mulkern and Federica Gill
        • Couch: Nick Rodriguez and Allyson Curry
        • Raney: Alice Cawley and Lexy Byrne
        • VZ: Hannah Hudspeth,  Jessica Lin and Molly Robbins 
  • Annie says: Ken’s Deadline is April 12th to tape and submit dances. But the timing is bad for this. There are events during this time that conflict such as Miss Hendrix. So we want to push the deadline back .
  • Karla: last year, we waited too long to approve the dances. The 12th allows us to see tapes before finals. We could probably push back the deadline a few extra days.
  • Annie: my choreographers need the deadline pushed back more like months rather than days….
  • Karla: we decided last spring that Ken’s current schedule would be the expectation. It’s ok if the choreographers have 95% of the dance ready, we realize that they may change a little over the summer. We’re not rigid about small changes in the dance.   
  • Media Committee with Fraser Holmes
    • IF you have dorm life pictures (except from Couch) or stories (that are not lewd) send them to 
    • Yearbook is talking to a new publishing co. 
  • Multicultural Development Committee with Ronni Laizure
    • Full week of DAO next week (diversity openness and acceptance week)
    • Monday: Owen Smith in burrow
    • Tuesday: Documentary about Nobel Peace Prize Winner
    • Wednesday:  Jay Brannan in Burrow
    • Thursday : socially offensive behavior discussion
    • MDC is in Collaboration with Hardin for Hardstock. They will have lots of tables and booths from all organizations. Contact Hardin council or Ronnie if you want to help
    • MDC will be soliciting comments and questions for our discussion in sunporch and will be wearing stickers! 
  • Social Committee with Jake Eddington 
    • Current TV Trivia in Burrow at 6:30 a week from this Thursday. Start watching NOW to prepare! That’s right
    • Deas Veil music group coming on April 1 
  • Volunteer Action Committee with Larnie Campbell
    • This Saturday: Faulkner Co. Library Service Saturday to help with book sale. Meet at altus bell at 10AM. It’s gonna be sweet.
    • A great service opportunity every week is Miracle League;  it’s a Baseball League for kids with disabilities in Little Rock. Pro baseball players come at the end of the season too.  Email Jen Imbro if you’re interested. Holla!
    • They’ll be selling T-Shirts next week in the sunporch
    • VAC is now meeting at 6 on Sunday, dinner is provided in Miller Office
    • If you want service hours for Odyssey, come to the meeting and service Saturdays. 
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Wendell Cathcart and Katherine Roehm
    • Possible Earth Day Celebration
    • They’re making tote bags with groovy prints on them. Contact Katherine or Wendell if you want to help with designs 
  • Committee on Residence Life with Mac Barnes
    • Draw numbers come out tomorrow
    • Off campus applicants should find out tomorrow
    • BTW: Village Apt’s are NOT loft apt.’s!!!
    • Mac met with Sam Nichols and IT wants to implement a Res Net which makes the internet faster in Res Halls and probably Apt’s.  Mac will meet CRL and will meet with IT again and talk about implementing the system . Gamers might not like this, but it will make the internet faster. 
  • Campus Kitty with Alex Graddy-Reed     
    • Passes went out and they’re beginning to come back. The must be postmarked by the 24th and they’ll also be on sale in the sun porch
    • Martin/ VZ auction, poker tourney with Dean Wiltgen, and sand volleyball sign ups coming soon in sunporch
    •  3-11 April CK week
      • Opener  for the band is Free Soul 
  • Academic Policy with Samantha Bode 
  • Extension of Mills hours: cut back originally because of vandalism. If we promise to treat the facilities well they will reconsider the early closing.
  • Maymester classes may be cut and people may be shifted to new classes. There is a possibility that you’ll get some money back if you don’t get your first choice of class
  • AP is working on Passages: more info to come soon!
  • Because we’re increasing student numbers, we’re running out of study space. They talked about the possibility that you could study extra hours in the building where your major is centered, but this is unlikely.
  • Might extend hours in Mills until 2 AM. Ground Chalk in carpets and feces on bathroom walls made them close it. This next chance is a one shot deal, so we can’t mess it up this time.
  • Pre Registration for Maymester is over, but there’s still the opportunity do the regular registration. 
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Samantha Bode and Jayce Hafner
    • CRC on Thursday 
  • Financial Committee with Alex Graddy-Reed 
  • Campus Kitty for after party. Fin Comm recommends to fund in full. It passes.
  • Elections Event: Meet and Greet elections event. Probably on Sunday at 8 PM. Catering from Blackwoods. Requesting $1750. It passes.
  • Online Voting Fin Comm recommends to fund in full  It passes.
  • We have $30,000 in discretionary. We MUST SPEND LOTS OF MONEY NOW!!! WOOOO! 
  • Communications Committee with Kristi Vo
  • Committee on Committees with Will Green
  • Executive Committee with BJ Fogleman
    • Transition week after next. Next week, election Tues. Following Saturday is the senate retreat on campus. Week after is transition meeting. Both Senates will be there. 

VII. Unfinished Business

  • One person wants to do elections commission. Mac needs someone to sign up from Senate to help him with elections commission.
  • MDC and SOCO elections aren’t until after Senate elections finish 

VIII. New Business 

VIX. Adjournment until March 24th, 2009 

Clean up: Galloway, Veasey, Raney