Student Senate

Minutes 11.04.08


Tuesday November 4th, 2008

6:30 p.m. Galloway Parlor

I. Call to Order 

II. Special Business

  • Jim Wiltgen (Dean of Students):
    • Last week he sent out the notice before Ghost Roast. Thanks to the student body for adhering to that! We had a very successful event. Thanks to the Martin men too. They did a very good job! A special thanks to A-Train and John Christie who walked all across campus to check for cups.
    • Also thanks to the UCA support banner signers! It really meant a lot. UCA Students even gave us hugs! We’re really proud of all of you.
  • Elections were today for SoCo FS and Huntington reps and Senior Senator. Congratulations to:
    FS: BJ Fogleman
    Huntington: Becky Flynn
    Senior Senator: Thomas Smith           

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • Lydia says that dining services is trying to convince German Club not to do Fall of the Wall Day “because it has lost its luster.” She would like senate to support German Club to keep it up.
  • Galloway only has two washers and two dryers. The pair upstairs has been hit or miss when working. Call the washer/dryer repair (see number above the machines); BJ will also get physical plant to check it out.
  • How much money would it be to get quarter machines in the laundry rooms? It looks like all we have is the coin machine in the sun porch right now, which closes at 1 or 2 a.m. We’ll check on that.
  • Martin:
    • Black mold keeps coming back through the paint
    • Still haven’t got trash cans on 1st floor.
    • Recycling in the lobby?
  • Couch: Doors and missing trash can. Lauren and Lydia have not had any response from Physical Plant STILL. There is going to be a weekly meeting with physical plant soon
  • Galloway door alarms keeps sounding too.
  • Problems with visible cross walk signs in various places around campus such as past FS and when you are crossing by White House towards College View…
  • Yearbooks: how do people who are abroad get them? If they want to reserve one, have them e-mail Fraser and we’ll keep them in the Senate Office. How do seniors who have graduated get their yearbooks? They get it mailed to them; they just need to let us know they want them before they leave!
  • The water stains in Mills St. apartments are said to be cleaned with soap?
  • Public Safety found a key card glitch. Becca apologizes for the slow coming of KHDX DJ access
  • Heat and water showers in the WAC pool get cold super quick—Mac will pass this on to the WAC advisory board. 

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

  • Execs met with Sam Nichols yesterday and Sam wants to start ups a weekly/every 2 weeks meeting with students in order to relay information to and from the students about internet problems and etc—CRL (Council on Residence Life) will be set back up with Mac as the head.
    • Network Access Control with 2 things: virus policy and patching system. (35% of student body probably has a virus)
    • With this new program, wireless gaming/authenticating will be available too! This will be added one building at a time.
    • Check out Bradford for more info.
  • Free virus protection software from IT website is available!
  • 40 days to finals is happening NOW! Participate and be eligible for prizes. 

V. Committee Reports

  • Media Committee with Fraser Holmes           
    • Profile comes out on Friday!
    • EVERYONE needs to fill out sex survey 
  • Multicultural Development Committee with Ashley Easter
    • International week is NEXT week, Wed-Sat!
      Wed. Hump Night/Movie Night showing: “Everything is Eliminated” in the Burrow
      Friday: Talent Show!!!
      Saturday: Food Bizarre in Hulen or Burrow—featuring foods around the world! 
  • Social Committee with Jake Eddington  
    • Trivia night on November 6: How much do you know about Hendrix??? Burrow at 9:00 p.m. Prizes include free drinks and popcorn for free movie night AND passes to the SoCo 54 Boom Boom room!
    • SoCo 54 is Saturday Nov. 22! We’ll have FREE 32 oz. cups to give you. 
  • Volunteer Action Committee with Larnie Campbell
    • VAC committee dinner is this Saturday, so no Service Saturday event.
    • T-shirts are in are they are REALLY AWESOME! Props to Heather Wilson 
  • Campus Kitty with Alex Graddy-Reed       
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Wendell Cathcart and Katherine Roehm
    • Still working on large scale composting project
    • Still talking with Burrow for green containers
    • Green Team at Watch Party! Go see them TONIGHT. Free food! Catering! Yeah! 
  • Academic Policy with Samantha Bode
    • Meeting this week! Thursday.
    • Can we get evaluation forms for adjunct/visiting professors? Yes! These are on the way. 
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Samantha Bode and Jayce Hafner
    • Jayce is back!!!
    • Janet Boozer with the highway commitment: it is on. We’ll be cleaning our adopted part of the highway November 15th at 10:00 a.m.! She says we should probably do it 4 times a year.
    • Constitutional review committee is still in progress 
  • Finance Committee with Alex Graddy-Reed
    • Closing accounts of inactive groups:
      • Students for Responsible Drinking
      • Rugby
      • Journalism Club
      • Model UN
      • CAMO
      • Cricket Club
      • Hendrix Society of Animal Friends
      • HAWG
      • Art Club
      • Franklin Society
      • Anime Club
      • Hendrix Knitting Circle
      • If your organizations would like to make any comments about their ledger’s standing they should e-mail Alex at immediately
    • Discretionary Proposals and Recommendations:
      • Hendrix Slam: $150.00
      • Martin Hall: $1050.00 for Ghost Roast + T-shirt loan of  $2040.23
      • SLIC: $300 for movie night + $2185 for Salsa concert
        ALL has been approved. Congratulations!!! 
  • Communications Committee with Kristi Vo
    • Meeting in Galloway right now. Cool! A little hard to hear everyone, but it sure is comfortable. Next time we’ll try Couch or Veasey for our next rotational meeting before the semester ends.
    • Congratulations to Thomas Smith. We can now order our T-shirts! You’ll be seeing them in a few weeks. 
  • Committee on Committees with Nick Balée
    • Meeting Sunday at 4 or 5.  
  • Executive Committee with BJ Fogleman
    • Changes to the constitution:
      • Eco House and Language House can now run for senator (Houses Senator)
      • 3 senators from the apartments:
        • 1 from FS/Mills St Senator
        • 1 from Huntington/Clifton St
        • 1 from The Village residences
      • APPROVED.
    • BJ is going to talk with Rick Sublett about the parking prices that doubled (used to be 40 for decals, now are 80) 

VII. New Business

  • Elf Roast is happening.
  • People keep asking why we are expanding so quickly (re: athletic programs).
  • Someone wants an arcade in the Village? 

VIII. Adjournment until November 11th, 2008

Clean up:  Veasey, Raney Galloway 

Discretionary Proposals for November 4th, 2008 with Financial Committee Recommendations 

Financial Committee Recommends Funding in full of $150

1.) Organization: Hendrix Slam Requesting: $150
For: Entry Fee into Arkansas Grand Slam
When/Where: November 7th and November 8th in Hot Springs, AR
Not Applicable to Master Calendar
Event Detail: On November 7th and 8th, the top poets from Arkansas and the surrounding regions will gather for the Arkansas grand slam, the largest slam poetry event in Arkansas. Hendrix slam would like to send three poets to compete, at a cost of $50 per individual.
Who is this event targeting/expected number of participants: N/A
Requested funding in the spring? No
Additional Comments: We will be covering our own gas and staying at a friend’s houses in order to minimize the cost to just the entry fee of $50 each.

Financial Committee Recommends Funding $1,050 & loan for t-shirts of $2,040.23
2.) Organization: Martin Hall Council
Requesting: $3,840.23 [2,040.23 is loan]
For: Ghost Roast
When/Where: October 31, 2008 in the Brick Pit or Hulen
Master Calendar: Yes
Budget Breakdown:
$900 for 6 Police Officers
$600 for D.J.
$300 for Water/Refreshments
$2,040.23 for Shirts to be paid back
Who is this event targeting/Expected number of participants: Open to entire campus and guests with wristbands, expecting 1,000 participants
Requested in the Spring? N/A

Financial Committee Recommends Funding $300
3.) Organization: SLIC
Requesting: $320
For: Hump Night Movie of Amores Perros
When/Where: The Burrow, Wednesday Nov. 5th, 6:30 – 9:45
Master Calendar Confirmation: Yes
Budget Breakdown:
Movie Rights: $300
(3) bags Chips, (2) bottles Salsa, (5) Liters Soda: $20
Event Details: We would like to show the movie Amores Perros as well as offer some drinks, chips, and salsa. Brief description of movie: The film is constructed from three distinct stories linked by a car accident in Mexico City that brings the characters briefly together. Famous actor Gael Bernal stars in the movie (From Y Tu Mama Tambien and The Motorcycle Diaries)
Who is this event targeting/Expected number of participants: Expect 30-50 students, Targeting students on Wednesday night before going to the Martin Hall Pancake Cookout later in the night (9:30ish). We gave Martin Hall the permission to have their event later that night.
Did you request funding for this event in the spring? If so, how much was funded? We were not funded for the movie night. We were recommended to go to discretionary

Financial Committee Recommends Funding in full for $2,185
4.) Organization: SLIC
Requesting: $2,185
For: Salsa Concert: Rica Obsesion
Total Projected Amount to host event: $3185
Amount Budgeted by SLIC: $1000
When and Where will this Event Occur: Hulen Ballroom, Feb. 7th Saturday, 8-10pm
Master Calendar Confirmation: Yes, Reservation Number: 20081007-008
Event Details:
            SLIC would like to host a Salsa Concert, which would include a live 9-piece salsa band. The ballroom will have a “fiesta” theme. We reserved the ballroom all day, although the event will run from 8-10 pm.
            The event will also serve refreshments including chips, salsa, virgin margaritas, and other cultural related foods and snacks. We have permission from the cafeteria staff to rent their margarita machines since the event is in Hulen and the machines can be transferred over there easily.
            Since it will still be cold in February, the event will be in Hulen Ballroom. The theme will be Dress To Impress, since traditional Salsa clubs usually require formal attire. The ballroom will be set up as a part dance floor area and a part refreshment/ table area with chairs for people to sit.
            SLIC has been hosting Salsa lessons once a month throughout the semester in order to get people excited about the concert in the spring. We already paid Andrea Morell (Hendrix’s Dance Team Coach and Salsa instructor) $150 for the entire year to help with the Salsa program of our club. We do not have a confirmation from her yet due to the amount of time between now and the event, but we hope that she will be willing to attend and bring some of her dance colleagues to help liven up the dance floor during the concert. We will be offering four lessons between now and February, two more this semester and two next semester before the dance.
            The band, Rica Obsession, is a well-known band from Chicago. They are willing to come to Conway and perform two 45-minute sets for us and they gave a decent price since they know that we are a college. They have a big following in the Chicago area and they are a traditional 9-piece band. Traditional Salsa bands have a minimum requirement of 9 players, but bands this big are not easy to come by, so it is fortunate that we have been able to get such a low price for this concert from them.
            We have all of the equipment needed for the concert since we obtained the bands specifications for equipment. We have also been in contact with John Martin, Social Committees Sound Sub-Chair, and he has called the band’s manager concerning equipment so that there will be no misunderstandings when writing the budget and hosting the event.
            The event will only be open to Hendrix students and staff and staff spouses. There will be no cups given out specific to SLIC, just the refreshments provided with the food. We had a meeting with Dean Wiltgen on Friday, October 24th, as well as being in contact with Rick Sublett of Public Safety, concerning the security requirements for this event. Both feel that with no outside guests being invited minimum security arrangements will be needed.
            Since SLIC has not been very active until this year we would like the chance to make this a major event to get our name around campus for hosting sizable, cultural, events. We will be selling t-shirts prior to, as well as at, the event in the sun porch. We would also like to have a raffle and announce the winner between the two sets, the raffle tickets would be sold for $1 and donate all of the proceeds of the raffle to Campus Kitty; we would request that the money go towards minorities or the Hispanic community. The winner of the raffle would receive a formal Latin dinner for 10 in the Murphy House; cooked by the members of SLIC and possibly the professors of the Spanish department.
            This event has been in the planning for quite some time and since we are requesting such an amount of money we want to assure Senate that it will be handled responsibly. SLIC has spoken this over with the members and there are enough workers to help run, set-up, and tear down the event successfully.

Who is this event targeting and expected number of participants:
            This event targets all Hendrix students, faculty, and staff, as well as the spouses of any of these groups. We have a reservation for 300 guests, though we are only expecting 100 to 150. We plan to publicize this all of January with mail box slips, flyers, table talk, Hendrix today, posters, and t-shirt sales. We understand that we are coming back in the middle of January and that this is not much time to get this event publicized, but we assure Senate that this event will be very well known by the time it occurs. Most of the publicity work will already be done prior to arrival back at Hendrix from Christmas break; to minimize the miscommunication in the club when we return.

Did you request funding for this event in the spring? If so, how much was funded?
            We had $1320 budgeted to us by Senate in the spring of 2008; this is above what was already in the account of $842, giving us a total starting off the year of $2162. The events that we have already budgeted to host this semester include MDC Block Party table (at $80), a Spanish Faculty dinner on November 14th (at $150), Spanish Movie night in the Media Center (no cost), showing of Motorcycle Diaries in the Burrow (SIP Grant), and the salsa dance lessons (at $150, for the year). We were budgeted by Senate $300 for t-shirts last spring and we hope, but cannot guarantee, that the sale of these will give us any extra cash in our budget. We have planned for the spring semester an immersion weekend, piñata week, and one more faculty dinner, as well as any hump night and Friday night events that are requested by MDC and Student Activities.

Any additional comments:
            We understand that we requested money for this event in the spring and that it looks like it was not budgeted, but SLIC did have a remaining balance from previous years due to it’s inactivity. We hope that Senate will let us host this amazing cultural opportunity for the Hendrix Campus. Senate was particularly excited and enthusiastic about this event with last springs budgeting and was very clear that we should come back for discretionary funding to host this event. 

Breakdown of Costs:
Food and Catering: $ 200
INCLUDES: Sodas, chips, salsa, margarita mix, Daiquiri mix, queso, bowls, plates, spoons, and napkins; as well as Margarita/ Daiquiri Machine.
Margarita/ Daiquiri Machine (at $80) [According to Debbie Dusek (Cafeteria Staff) it costs $40 to fill the machine once. When the machine is filled, depending on the cup size, it serves between 40-50 people. We plan to only fill the machines twice.]
Sound Equipment: $65
4 Hours of Service for sound equipment set up, plus the $25 fee from Social Committee.

Decorations: $180 (all prices from


Fiesta Cascade Center Pieces



Fiesta Banner



Mexican Sign Cut Outs



Happy Fiesta Cut Out



Fiesta Chili Pepper Garland



Bags of Chili Pepper Confetti



Fiesta Table Covers



Fiesta Streamers



Bags of Lime Balloons (dozen in each bag)



Foil Cactus Silhouetts


-- Shipping (roughly $12)                               

Total: $120

Band and Accommodations: $2800.00

This price includes Rica Obsesion (9-piece band) to perform 2-45 minute sets and travel expenses.