Student Senate

Minutes 10.28.08


Tuesday October 28th, 2008

6:30 p.m. Mills Library

I. Call to Order 

II. Special Business

  • Pass a resolution of support for UCA and send a letter to their students. We’ll see what Mac had in mind
  • Karla speaks for the board of trustees and shows us what they have planned for our college: athletics master plan with women’s lacrosse and football! Here is where they are in their thinking, kind of architectural plans in place, and etc.
    • Men’s and women’s tennis (Mabee center is being removed eventually and will cost $100,000; so we’ll need new indoor tennis courts somewhere) + women’s lacrosse + men’s football
    • Student Life and Technology Center cost $26 million. Looks great!
    • Hoping to have new residence halls within 3 or 4 years, a Welcome Center, Buhler renovation, and a bookstore!
    • Planning process for athletics: a year and half ago Alden & Associates guided plans in meetings with athletic directors and etc.
    • Goals: women’s lacrosse in 2010-2011; continued support for tennis by replacing the indoor tennis courts and centralizing tennis facilities; support football which requires locker rooms, athletic training, additional fitness center, field and bleachers for practice and/or games; maintain overall commitment to multi-purpose recreational facilities that support all these goals for both athletes and rest of Hendrix community
    • Track, field hockey, and lacrosse complex + soccer field + softball + baseball fireld all behind the WAC, including parking lots
    • 6 outdoor lighted tennis courts + 4 indoor tennis courts + the football field closer to Seibenmorgan but still behind the WAC over by the baseball field.
    • Offices, training room, and etc. at the sports complex building. Even new rooms for judo and etc.!
    • Full facility cost: $12.5 million
    • Proposed facilities expenditures come from outside of capital campaign. Realistically, we probably won’t start football by 2010. But that’s the goal!
    • If lacrosse and football in 2010-2011: hire head football coach (spring 2009), hire head women’s lacrosse coach (spring 2009), begin building football field/locker rooms/training facilities (spring 2009); if we wait for football until 2010 and still go ahead with women’s lacrosse, timeline will be much different and football would be able to fully compete in SCAC in 2010.
  • Tuition dollars, an increase for diversity, strengthen opportunities already on campus, offer more for students… these are all interests of these plans. Current commitments are where they are (such as their current priorities, current building progress, etc.) to fund academic pursuits.            

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • In Mills St (The Corner) apartments: problem with the walls since water stains them.
  • Larnie is sending out a mass e-mail about this Service Saturday
  • No recycling outside Front St? Yes there are. Look on the sides!
  • Physical plant has still not responded to Couch’s work orders. No trash can still, something is up with the doors.
  • Shooting at UCA: it wasn’t sent in H Alert. No, it wasn’t an immediate threat, but it was so close to home. Derek’s roommate was even on UCA campus earlier that day using the library! Can the administration look back over the policies and maybe incorporate putting such an issue on H Alert? Karla speaks and says yes!
  • If any group tries to schedule something on the Master Calendar, you cannot schedule against them. There is an entire week in November that cannot have any other events scheduled because of them (they put it on campus hold). Can we change this? Talk to people who are holding the campus for this so the master calendar people can make it work.
  • Do we have a public safety liaison? KHDX wants card access for studio. Even the chairs can’t get in. Becca has been writing Rick Sublett. You’ve got to talk with Tonya for key access who will then contact PSafe for your access. Becca did this. Karla is on it.
  • Feb. 17: all television is going Digital! Governments is offering coupons for these, but students are not eligible for coupons since Hendrix is an institution; going to see if we can get only the apartments residents access to these or else they’ll have to have it mailed to an address off campus.
  • Front Street resident was concerned about the recent safety issues and wants indoor chain locks on the doors? Or can the individual students do it on their own and not get fined?
  • Ghost Roast is the Friday, shirts are $15, and wrist bands are available for free! It is going to be outside in the brick pit with 2 DJs. Rain location (and if it is too cold) is Hulen. Karla asks students to be cautious on Halloween and make responsible decisions. Off-duty Conway police will be here and will be asked to have heightened awareness for non-Hendrix students. Be patient with those additional questions that may come your way when everyone is dressed up. Remember the context and be careful!
  • Did BJ talk to Cloyd about cancelling Ghost Roast? No… just a rumor. Cloyd actually brought it up in response to the damages in Martin. Toga was even threatened in the past for the same reasons.
  • Bolt cutting for bikes?! One Hendrix student (Rachel) has had 2 bikes stolen. “Why has Hendrix became Gotham City overnight?!” –Chance. “The-forget-about-it lock” exists and is pretty intense. Lauren’s boyfriend Tyler purchased it for 80 bucks, and it seems to be working great! Public Safety does patrols and everything, but we will see what we can do. 

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

  • Mac: 40 days to Finals is going on at the WAC. Starts tomorrow! We want everyone to participate in intramural sports.
  • Physical plant is against screen doors and awnings. Peep holes on the back doors cost too much—look out your back window from the kitchen. Just don’t open your back door.
  • Turning off the sprinklers when it rains—it’s under automatic system. Costs money to change it.
  • If you want to get something done, put your work order in early.  

V. Committee Reports

  • Media Committee with Fraser Holmes           
    • Yearbooks came out today!!!
    • Profile is going to send out a survey asking about what people think/feel about the sex column.
    • KHDX started broadcasting! Listen in from 8-9 p.m. for Fraser’s show. Tune in anytime! 
  • Multicultural Development Committee with Ashley Easter
    • International Week is Nov. 13-16. Spring planning is in progress!  
  • Social Committee with Jake Eddington  
    • Trivia night: Thursday, November 6 at 9:00 p.m.! Theme: how much do you know about Hendrix? Prizes include passes for the Boom Boom (Special VIP) room.
    • SoCo 54 is Saturday, Nov. 22! This will be a dry event, no cups. Sorry! You can still have fun. Even you 21-year olds.  
  • Volunteer Action Committee with Larnie Campbell
    • Look out for that e-mail. Holler at Larnie if you have any questions. 
  • Campus Kitty with Alex Graddy-Reed     
    • The fun run/walk was great this past weekend!
    • Go to the Buhler Haunted House
    • Holiday Bizarre in December 
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Wendell Cathcart and Katherine Roehm
    • Now recycling plastics 1-7!
    • Large scale composted possibilities for Hendrix!
    • Green Team event during Election Watch Party next Tuesday 
  • Academic Policy with Samantha Bode
    • AP meeting happened! Gender studies was brought up, but the requirements aren’t really there. The faculty laughed at Sam and told her to read the catalog, which actually has nothing for gender studies and basically just said it is being worked on?
    • Soci/Anthro will not be split, despite rumors. Sorry!
    • Students, please take the Student Surveys/Evaluations seriously. This is your chance to get things changed and alert the departments that things need to be changed.
    • Talk with your prof, take it to the department head, and also alert Sam if you think it should be a W2 or have other concerns/suggestions  
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Samantha Bode 
  • Finance Committee with Alex Graddy-Reed
    • SHARP and PEEPS: FinCom wants to fund it in full. PASSED: $1450!!! 
  • Communications Committee with Kristi Vo
    • T-shirts will be ordered once we get a new Senior Senator 
  • Committee on Committees with Nick Balée 
  • Executive Committee with BJ Fogleman
    • Splitting the apartment reps is under way.
    • Be careful this weekend. 

VII. New Business

VIII. Adjournment until November 4th, 2008

Clean up:  Freshman, Sophomore, Junior  






Request for Discertionary Funds



Budget Breakdown: Attach a line-item budget with each expense of the event

Organization Name:





Requesting: $ 1450


For:  "Does HIV Look Like Me?" Program





When and Where will this Event Occur:





November 20th, Reeves Recital Hall






Master Calendar Confirmation:







Event Details:








To bring the "Does HIV Look Like Me?" campaign to Hendrix.  The campaign educates the general public and shows young people living with HIV or AIDS that they are not alone.

It is proud to accomplish both of these goals and allows the viewer to see the similarities and differences of those living with HIV around the world.




Produced by Hope's Voice International, the leading HIV education organization.  The

campaign features videoes created by those living with HIV to fight misconceptions and voice their individual stories.


































Who this event is targeting and expected number of participants:

General event open and targeted to all students.  100+ participants expected to attend.




























Did you request funding for this event in the spring? If so how much was funded:










Any Additional Comments:







The program gives 2 free tickets to a Carnival Cruise.  If proposal is accepted, the tickets

will be given towards the Campus Kitty Auction