Student Senate

Minutes 10.14.08


Tuesday October 14th, 2008

6:30 p.m. Mills Library

I. Call to Order 

II. Special Business

  • Senate Road Clean Up November 15th!!! Senate adopted part of the highway (a portion Harkrider) a couple years back, and we feel like we should pay our respects and take care of what we adopted, along with having a senate bonding experience! Intentional date. Check your calendars.
  • Will Green announced his resignation from his senate position due to “unforeseen personal and academic circumstance.” If you would like to meet with him to find out exactly why, feel free to contact him.                                                 

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • Trash cans for Martin: may take a while! Sorry guys.
  • Instead of big heavy metal ash trays, why not get a plastic ash tray receptacle where you just drop your cig in and go? BJ will look into it.
  • New Houses have a brand new hall council! Cool.
  • Couch Hall door… the left side something is wrong… goes to physical plant!
  • Martin vs. administration: Martin has not seen any evidence of damages, cameras will go up if damages don’t decrease, Martin doesn’t feel that their voice is being heard...
    JIM: Martin spoke with Martin hall council on Monday and they talked about damages, upcoming events, etc. Before Jim was able to get the chance to look into some of their concerns, there was a controversial conversation…
    Around $10,000 worth of damages done in Martin Hall. Not all was made by Martin residents, you’re right.
    Don’t just put your hands up and say, “Hey, what do you want us to do about it?” –NOT a good response.
    Engage everybody to take ownership of the building. Not just Martin boys… EVERYONE! Don’t treat it like a crap hole. Over the weekend, Martin did a great job; it was in great shape. Communication is indeed going on, and students may feel like they are being targeted, but no matter who did it, things still have to be repaired. We can help, but students need to really care about it and not treat it like, again, a “crap hole.”
    If you can challenge Martin to have no more damages for the rest of the semester or something… we can work to get you other items! Make a wish-list of 5 items to improve Martin Hall?
    Money into resources instead of into fixing things.
    A Martin resident took responsibility of the vending machine damages, and that’s what we need—people taking responsibility. Care of Martin being more extensive is also needed. Good intentions. Let’s do it together. Help us figure out when things get broken or whatnot (instead of us just finding out ourselves) and we can work together to fix it.
    E-mail Jim Wilgten, Karla Carney-Hall, or your very own senate if you have any more concerns on this issue.
    Hey, we are in fact being heard—just be careful with what you say!
  • People want mozzarella cheese sticks out at dinner in the cafe instead of just at lunch. People still want the juice on all day too.
  • Piano in Raney is way out of tune.
  • Slush machine in the burrow? Possibility!
  • More chocolate ice cream, please!
  • Loyd Ryan and co. will speak with Bike Revolution to purchase the “right” kind of racks, and hey! We now have 11 new bike racks going to be placed at Fausett, Couch, Hardin, Martin, Raney Building, Galloway, Bailey Library, Acxiom, Mills, DW Reynolds, and Front Street Apartments. Make sure to lock up your bikes—there have been a lots of thefts!
  • Half fire extinguishers have been placed at Huntington, other half will be put by the end of the week!
  • Loyd Ryan about Couch trash can: Trash can was removed, found, and put back, so it should be there!
  • Screen doors for the apartments are still being pursued.
  • WAC advisory board meeting is next week!
  • Nick has asked if we can move his committee meeting to the beginning, and it was done. 

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports 

  • Committee on Committees with Nick Balée
    • Xochitl Garcia has been appointed for the SoCo Music and Dance Exec position! APPROVED!
  • Media Committee with Fraser Holmes           
    • Yearbooks will be out TOMORROW!
    • Programming for KHDX will be running after fall break, starting Monday!
    • Profile came out on Friday. There was an article that was not exactly appropriate… Fraser apologizes on behalf of the Profile: Sorry if it offended anybody.
    • FEEDBACK! Letters to the editor. Tell the profile kids what you think! 
  • Multicultural Development Committee with Ashley Easter
    • Ronni is here! Just for this meeting though until next semester. Check out the proposals! 
  • Social Committee with Jake Eddington
    • Jake is the new SoCo chair and had his first meeting with the entire committee this past Sunday. He’s looking forward to a “really excellent fun year!”
    • NACA is this week! Leaving Thurday for Tulsa and will be coming back on Sunday.
    • Friday, October 24: Walk-in movie showing Pineapple Express and Studio 54!!! Get ready for SoCo 54!
    • SoCo 54 is November 22
  • Volunteer Action Committee with Larnie Campbell
    • No events coming up since no one will be here this Saturday
    • Last weekend at Natural State Expo: SO much fun, volunteers were complimented beaucoup! Thanks for all your help. 
  • Campus Kitty with Alex Graddy-Reed
    • Kitty Runs Wild! Saturday, October 25. 2.5 mile run/walk all around campus. Snacks included in registration cost Win the race/baller outfits=prizes!
    • Sign-ups all week after fall break. Registration is $5 to just run/walk, $10 to register AND receive a shirt. If you sign up the day of the race, it will be $10 to register and $15 for registration + T-shirt
    • Mud run in LR is in the morning, so you’ll still be able to come! 
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Wendell Cathcart and Katherine Roehm
    • Big coal rally is this Saturday at 1:00 p.m.! Holler at Wendell or Katherine for more info
    • Raney—glass recycling is coming your way soon!  
  • Academic Policy with Samantha Bode
    • Gender studies concerns and other concerns will be brought up at the next academic policy meeting. Yeah!
      Education department is really ridiculous? They have things due during the break, classes overlapping other classes, projects like crazy… Prof Rupert is on it.
    • Send more concerns to Sam! 
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Jayce Hafner and Samantha Bode
    • Donna Clemmons in the office of the president wants a student intern! Applications will probably be out in December sometime. Keep your eyes and ears open! 
  • Finance Committee with Alex Graddy-Reed
    • ECC: $137.20 for expansion of glass recycling… APPROVED: $137.20!
    • MDC: $1125 (updated total from what is below) for Block Party. Musicians were baller—word from Larnie. APPROVED: $1125.00!
    • MDC: National Association of College Activities (NACA) request of $1765. They want to send Ronni, three students who are also a part of SBC, SLIC, and other smaller cultural organizations, and Kesha, the advisor. NACA will offer the crew training and creation of multicultural leaders. “A lot of us don’t really have a lot of experience in campus programming, and this will really help” says Ronni. This goes past benefiting just MDC. Since Ronni lives in Tulsa, where NACA is located this year, 2 girls can stay at her place, which will cut down hotel costs. Since they already registered, they can only be refunded half. APPROVED: **** revised amount TBA by Alex soon!
    • FinCom met on Monday and made changes/additions to their document. If passed, time used by FinCom in general senate meetings will be cut down dramatically since all of the proposals will be FULLY discussed within FinCom meetings weekly, and their decision will come to the entire senate for approval. Other procedures/policies have been altered in the document. Holler at Alex for more info or see the attachment she sent you earlier! APPROVED: revisions to FinCom document.
    • Word from BJ to all organizations: people end up spending money anyway, even though we didn’t fund them the first time around. There are reasons we don’t fund things. You can’t just come back after you already spent the money you don’t have.  
  • Communications Committee with Kristi Vo
    • Check out Section V of the Bylaws. Useful information! I have attached it in case you don’t want to look for it on the website. Just send out your notes in a timely fashion… and don’t forget to send them to me as well. Attendance is an issue too. If you can’t be at a meeting, contact me (if it’s a general meeting) or contact the committee chair for committee meetings (obviously). Be sure to find a replacement. Awesome!
    • The 1st rotational meeting went well! If you have any suggestions, comments, etc., let me know! The next one will be sometime next month. I’ll keep you posted!
    • T-shirts are on the way. 
  • Executive Committee with BJ Fogleman
    • Hey! Students outside the Hendrix campus see the Profile too. Yes, the makers made a mistake, but it is being worked on.
    • SLTC (Student Life and Technology Center) will be complete in 65 weeks-ish (13 months). Should be ready by the time we get back in Spring of ’10!
    • Sound and Logistics may be taken out of SoCo and made into its own standing committee of senate!

VII. New Business

  • Constitutional Review Committee will be headed by Jayce now! 

VIII. Adjournment until September October 21st, 2008


Clean up:  Apartments, Houses, Off-Campus


ECC, $137.20, Glass Recycling Expansion

To purchase 17 medium size bins, 3 large bins and 3 cans of spray paint from Walmart it will cost $137.20.  The medium size bins are 5.23 each, the large ones are 8.87, and the paint is 2.97.  A 10% sales tax is also included.  That should cover all the areas the glass program needs to extend into.

MDC, NACA Conference, $1230

The NACA Conference is regarded as a beneficial experience for all student programming leaders in terms of exposure to large-scale programming information and location of new performers and groups directed at college programming at an affordable price. MDC’s programming, aimed at diversity-related topics, seeks new acts that address such issues as multiculturalism in new and entertaining ways that will engage the student body as a whole, not just those of multicultural backgrounds. In order to absorb the full experience of the conference, we must have adequate representation to deal with simultaneously planned sessions and performances. At least four MDC members, all of whom also represent smaller cultural groups on campus, should be able to attend, as well as our advisor Kesha Baoua. We anticipate the total cost of attendance at NACA, including two hotel rooms for the duration of the conference, to be $1765. Our allotted budget for the conference is $435, and member contributions at $20 per person are $100. Therefore, we request Senate discretionary funding in the amount of $1230.


Cost of registration for 5 members

$165 x 5 = $825

Two hotel rooms for 3 nights

$130 x 2 = $260 x 3 = $780, plus tax about $940

Total cost of NACA


MDC budgeting and Member Contributions

Allotted NACA funding


Member contribution for 5 members


Total MDC contribution


Requested Senate Discretionary Funding Aid

Total cost of NACA


Total MDC contribution


Requested Senate funding



With MDC programming that relies heavily on student body interest for success, MDC is constantly seeking acts and programs that appeal to the larger student body while still addressing our multicultural concerns. We hope to represent not only the majority population of the Hendrix community but also the vibrant, vocal population that deserves equal respect to their interests. By funding increased MDC programming at NACA, Senate can continue to support MDC’s search for events that can deal with difficult issues in an appealing and entertaining way.




                                    MDC, $1,143, Block Party

            The annual MDC Block Party is one of many MDC functions that aim at reaching beyond the Hendrix community and into the local population. This year, MDC’s Block Party enjoyed nearly 500 guests, many of whom were from outside of Hendrix and who stayed for the entire three-hour length of the party. Cultural organizations SPEAC, SLIC, SBC, International Club, Hendrix Humanists Association, and the MISS Office sponsored booths that wrote names in other languages, tie-dyed shirts, painted faces, and featured games and prizes. By all accounts, the Block Party was hugely successful, with two great performers, a Conway Police presence, and free food for all who came.


            MDC was originally allocated $1,500 for this event. By thrifty spending, we were able to cut the cost of this event down to $2,643.From Senate discretionary funding we request $1,143 to cover the difference between what was allocated and what was actually spent on producing this successful party. Below is a breakdown of the specific costs MDC incurred:




750 pieces of chicken and 250 chicken strips from Walmart


12 gallons of beans and coleslaw from KFC


50 baked potatoes from Wendy’s


Contracting fees for Sam and the Stylees


Contracting fees for Trevor Fabry and Phillip Howard


SoCo sound equipment rental and labor fees


Drinks from Savers


Cups, plates, spoons from Walmart


Dipping sauces/condiments, napkins, tablecloths from Walmart


Cost of copying flyers posted at churches, schools, library, etc


Cost of materials for posters placed at intersections nearby


Cost of hotel rooms for Sam and the Stylees


Total costs incurred by MDC




            MDC programming is faced with the difficult task of addressing difficult and nebulous concepts like diversity or multiculturalism while still being fun and appealing to the student body at large. It is important to us that our events reach beyond simply throwing a party and accomplish something greater for the community. Through the Block Party, we expose Hendrix’s commitment to diversity and the wealth of cultures represented on our campus to the rest of Conway. Block Party is the beginning of what will be a successful year’s worth of valuable events and programs. With a limited budget and a fairly young executive board, MDC has a lot of challenges ahead of us in the coming year. We hope that Senate will aid in our development and continue to support us in representing diversity on our campus and to the larger community.