Student Senate

Minutes 9.23.08


Tuesday September 23rd, 2008

5:00 p.m. Mills Library

I. Call to Order 

II. Special Business                                                 

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • Chicken finger meal? Why are prices going up? Nick will take care of it.
  • French House and Eco House will receive e-mails from the Houses Rep (Mac).
  • Why don’t the computers in the computer lab have the Hendrix site for the homepage? All that pop up stuff is just an internet explorer ordeal. Just exit out and hit home, and you’ll get to the Hendrix site!
  • Sidewalks between the library and girls’ dorms? Not quite sure what this constituent is concerned about. Be more specific!
  • Cook residents can’t get into Cook? Public Safety will be contacted.
  • Business Office requires a deposit slip, which is just a waste of paper. Alex is going to look into this issue.
  • Couch: hot water has been out! Fixed now, but is getting shut off again on Thursday… sorry Couchies.  =\
  • Natural Awakenings: Healthy Living FREE magazine. Pick one up today!
  • Becca Leonard resigns from her exec SoCo position. Filing is now open for Music and Dance Exec position. Tim Pote is sitting in as an extra advisor while Rachel Kincannon still serves as interim chair
  • Curriculum chair still needs someone to fill positions!
  • 1st Swim meet this Friday! 4:15 at the WAC pool. Come support your swim/diving team!
  • Family Weekend is this weekend! Check out the calendar of events online.
  • BO BURNHAM comes WEDNESDAY (Sept 24)! 8:30 p.m. in the Burrow.  

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

  • Library: computer lab is a SUPER cold, but the library is SUPER large building. Since there is a huge amount of paper inside, humidity must be maintained through cold temperatures. Amanda will talk with physical plant about this.
  • Coffee machine is where it is because water is a component of coffee and tea, and there is a water source where it is. Vending machine is probably on its way in the 24-hour area though! 
  • Britt said there are a lot of opportunities and research databases that students just don’t utilize. Before you think our library is inadequate, talk with a librarian and they can help you!
  • We will have someone contact Rob Young to see what is going to happen with the new space behind the soccer field, just to keep the senate and student body updated. Mac will serve on the WAC advisory board to help relations between the student body and the WAC. The lines for the sand volleyball court are up! yay! 

V. Committee Reports

  • Media Committee with Fraser Holmes             
  • Multicultural Development Committee with Ronni Laizure 
    • MDC Block Party: October 4 from 4-7 in the field across from IT, in front of Stella. Catering from Blackwoods, and a band from Tulsa! If you want to have a table there for your organization, contact Ronnie! 
  • Social Committee with Rachel Kincannon 
    • Musical Showcase: Saturday at 8:00 p.m. in Hulen! Family friendly event, so bring everyone! Coffee and refreshments will be available for self-serve.
    • October 1st: Hump Night at 8:30 in the Burrow. 2 bands: Bear Colony and Costa!
    • Calendar of events are up on the Master Calendar. Check it out!
    • Budget is now fully balanced. Thanks Alex!
    • Rough start, but we are now on the right track!  
  • Volunteer Action Committee with Larnie Campbell
    • Menifee Tutoring kick off yesterday was great! Tutoring will resume on Mondays: meet at the Altus Bell at 6:00 pm! 
  • Campus Kitty with Alex Graddy-Reed
    • Apps due this Friday! Sign up for an interview time at the Senate Wall. 
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Wendell Cathcart and Katherine Roehm
    • 22 people went to the retreat! Very successful. E-mails are welcome if you want counseling on what environmentally friendly supplies you can use for events!  
  • Academic Policy with Samantha Bode
    • Meeting on Thursday!
    • Separating sociology and anthropology meeting?
    • Business majors want a separate calculus course for just business majors. 
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Jayce Hafner and Samantha Bode
    • Student Intern Apps out through Sept 29. Get one. Tell your friends. Great opportunity! For more info, contact Jayce. 
  • Finance Committee with Alex Graddy-Reed 
    • UNITY: $2500 to bring Athens Boys’ Choir, a transgender performance artist from Athens, GA to Hendrix as part of UNITY/feminist club’s Transgender Awareness Week. The performance will be on January 28 as a Hump Night event. Nick motions to postpone voting for this proposal for next week when a member of UNITY can speak for them.
    • SOCO: $1500 for Exec Retreat at Camp Winnamocka (overnight in Fort Jackson). This will be really helpful for the new exec committee (6 members plus Chris Carr and Tonya Hale = 8). Exec retreats are in the SoCo constitution, but normally take place during the summer. They need team building and bonding, and this will be a healthy experience for all. Past execs/chairs will attend and talk. APPROVED: $1500.00!
    • Senate: our computer crashed! It has been fixed and refixed, and it finally died. “The last thing our computer did was research it’s replacement.” –BJ. We want a Dell Studio Hybrid, which is a green computer that uses half the energy, works just as well as any other computer, and will be a great tool for future senate offices. APPROVED: $1700.00! 
  • Communications Committee with Kristi Vo
    • Senate photo shoot NEXT Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.! Put on that beautiful smile. Dress nice.  
  • Committee on Committees with Nick Balée
    • SoCo Chair and Music and Dance positions are open. Filing closes Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. E-mail Nick Balee for more info.
    • Curriculum Committee is open. Check it out at the website for more info on this committee! 
  • Executive Committee with BJ Fogleman
    • We cannot change meal plans in mid-semester. 5- and 10- meal plans will be about $20 more so you can eat on the weekends (starting next semester)! The students need to vote on it, so the plan will be presented to the college. Becca has a concern about number of meals if this increase in payment is executed that we will discuss later.
    • Senate goals:
      • Diversify student participation in all aspects of the college
      • Increase communication between students and policy makers
      • Increase fiscal responsibilities of student organizations
      • Increase sustainability awareness and environmentally sustainable practices on campus
      • Become more connected to the Conway community
      • Better communication between Senate, Standing Committees, and advisors
      • If you want to add to this list of goals, let us know!
    • Nick has volunteered to attend the Conway City Council meetings and be our City Liaison!

VII. New Business

  • Huntington will get fire extinguishers! 

VIII. Adjournment until September 30th, 2008


Clean up:  Couch, Martin, Veasey