Student Senate

Minutes 9.16.08


Tuesday September 16, 2008

6:30 p.m. Mills Library

I. Call to Order

II. Special Business

  • Elections are complete! Results
    • Freshman Class Senator: LaRonda Mitchell
    • Galloway Hall Senator: Reena Badyal
    • Raney Hall SoCo Rep: Janelle Bisell
    • Galloway Hall SoCo Rep: Roxy Reyes
    • Houses SoCo Rep: Blake Burkert
    • Off Campus SoCo Rep: Katelyn Parker
  • Change of next week’s Senate meeting to 5:00 pm, lasting only an hour because of the Senior Meeting!                                                 

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • Thanks Chris Carr for having the pool table fixed! It will be renovated NEXT Tuesday. Yeah!
  • Huntington Apartments do not have fire extinguishers? Jim will take care of that.
  • No bike rack in front of Fausett? No, but there are some on the side, next to the benches. Check them out!
  • Library is too cold! BRRRRRR… But hey! It is cold mainly because of the computer lab, but we’ll see if we can warm up the rest of the building for you!
  • Another bike rack in front of Martin?
  • Pianos out of tune in most of the residence halls… BJ will talk to someone in the music department to handle that.
  • Hendrix Corner (Mills Street) parking lot: untagged cars (like the kids from UCA) take up the road parking spots, so tell PSAFE (Public Safety) and they will tow if the untagged car has been sitting there for more than a day or so!
  • Move the drink area (vending machines and coffee machine) in the 24-hour area of the library please!
  • Awnings or screen doors for the Front Street apartments please! Hurricane weather, or even just rainy weather, will wet your furniture or whatever is near your doorway!
  • Researchers in the library: books are outdated! Journal access is poor (especially for non-science students).
  • Fraser volunteers to be a liaison to the library!
  • Composts behind Front Street in white buckets! Go check them out. Only vegetables. NO MEAT.
  • Mills Street (The Corner) recycling: bins will be delivered, and they’ll need to be moved to the street every Sunday night, so take it there!
  • JUDO: mats are too big, which is the storage issue (NOT that they are ugly). Looking into getting smaller ones.

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

  • Couch trash can is on the way!
  • Meal plans for off-campus students (5- and 10-mean plans): if you want to buy lunch or dinner on Sunday or lunch on Saturday, there is a discount for you! Nick will double check on that as it is apparently a lie? The follow up with Rob Young will be reported next week.
    • Meal plans are a bit ambiguous. Is there another solution since you pay for all those meals, but some of them you will miss? E-mail Nick with your concerns.
  • Mac is working on the boundaries to the beach volleyball court.

V. Committee Reports

  • Multicultural Development Committee with Ronni Laizure
    • Block Party on October 4th! Will request funding next week. 
  • Social Committee with Lin Poff
    • Martin Hall wins Faux Rush Week!
    • Musical Showcase: Saturday, Sept 27 (Family Weekend) at 8:00 pm in the Hulen Ballroom! Calling all musicians/performers! Contact Becca Leonard.
    • Lin Poff reveals that he made a mistake this past weekend with the No-Foam Party event that he takes all the blame for.
      • Background: Foam Party or not? We tried to make it work, and even lovely Dean Wiltgen gladly let us bump up the time, but it was officially cancelled later due to the risk it would bring to the students. Lin still tried to make it happen despite the cancellation.
      • He directly apologizes to Senate, the SoCo advisor Chris Carr, Dean Jim Wiltgen, the entire SoCo committee and the student body at large and hopes that those affiliated with SoCo will not be affected in a negative manner.
      • He announces his resignation and believes it is the best decision. He still loves SoCo, but the position as chair is not for him anymore. If you have any concerns about the situation, he welcomes you to talk with him.
      • Senate accepts the apology. Yes, Lin did abuse his power, and ours (Senate’s). Is there a motion to reject the resignation? Yes! If the rejection fails, BJ suggests that a senior committee member steps up and takes chair position until CoC can appoint another chair.
      • Lin says it is better for him personally and the committee that he is NOT SoCo Chair. The motion is rejected, and Lin’s resignation is accepted. CoC will open up an investigation of the issue so Senate knows that nothing like this will reoccur.
      • Rachel Kincannon is the interim chair while CoC investigates. Becca announces that she will probably resign from her SoCo exec position as well, but not until after the investigation.
  • Volunteer Action Committee with Larnie Campbell
    • Thursday, Sept 18: VAC Kick-off event in Mills A at 7:00 pm. FREE FOOD! Come and listen to Larnie tell you all about volunteer opportunities.
    • Menifee Tutoring at 6:00 pm on the 22nd. Meet at Altus bell!
  • Media Committee with Fraser Holmes           
    • Want to be a DJ? DJ meeting NEXT Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 7:00 p.m. in Mills B.
    • Profile came out on Friday! The release party had a great turnout, and this first issue was great! High five, team! We are supposed to release once a month. Is this appropriate? Profile will meet and officialize (yes, I said officialize!) something about number of issues soon.
    • Fraser is looking at the having the release of the ’06-’07 yearbooks NOW since some kids are nagging.
    • IBTC (Investigative Body for the Troubadour Crisis) briefing sometime next week.
    • 8 people who did not pick up their OK Go t-shirts can pick them up at tomorrow night’s meeting.
    • Mac wants the Media Committee report to be at the beginning of the agenda because he likes to hear Fraser talk. 
  • Campus Kitty with Alex Graddy-Reed
    • 75 people have taken applications already! Yay! Remember, they are due on the 26th of September. Interview sign-ups will be posted on the 22nd. Any questions? Contact Alex! The application will also be on the senate website. Check it out!
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Wendell Cathcart and Katherine Roehm
    • Thursday, Sept 18: field trip to Hope, AR to attend a hearing and speak out against coal power in AR. We have lots of info that we can hand out to you in the sunporch!
    • ECC Retreat is this weekend for sure. Sign-ups due by Wednesday for anyone interested in joining ECC.
    • Glass recycling progress: it will be back in business hopefully by the end of this month.
  • Academic Policy with Samantha Bode
    • Last AP meeting was this past Thursday, and everyone was very receptive about Frisbee as a PA credit! Instructor/oversight for attendance is needed. Frisbee kids: get your contact info to Sam and she’s got you covered.
    • All athletes can now get odyssey credit too! Just FYI.
    • Can we get a Calculus for Business Majors class?
    • Any questions about majors, minors, scheduling, etc… contact Sam!
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Jayce Hafner and Samantha Bode
    • Student Internships have several offices on board, but they need one more to open up the application process! Coming SOON.
    • Alumni office wants a senate blurb to add to their alumni newsletter.
  • Finance Committee with Alex Graddy-Reed
    • Psychology Club requests $300.00 for the annual Halloween Movie. Memento as a Hump Night Event on Wednesday, October 29th. PASSED: $300.00!!!
    • Change of committee membership: Jayce is out and Lydia is in!
    • T-Shirt policy has been made and is in effect now: if you want to do a fundraising t-shirt (selling shirts), we will fund it initially and you will have to pay us back what we gave you! Like a loan. If you want committee shirts, we’ll pay 75% percent of it if we approve.
  • Communications Committee with Kristi Vo
    • T-shirts? Hoodies? We’re on it! High five Mac and Jacob for the design idea.
    • Welcome Town Crier: Mike McAllister!
    • Table Talk Senate Minute insert for further communication!
    • KHDX senate rundown will be sent to Becca Mayeux for the DJs to have something to talk about each week.
    • The first rotational meeting: OCTOBER 7 at 6:30 IN THE BURROW! Get dressed. Get hungry. Get your senate on.
  • Committee on Committees with Nick Balée
    • Open up filing for a new chair of the Social Committee? Perhaps it is too soon. How about you investigate before filing is opened. There is no rush to fill the chair, so filing is opened up tonight for two weeks (filing ends at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 30). Watch for Nick’s e-mail!
    •  Nick moves to suspend the Bylaws that say committees need 48 hour notice of meetings in order for CoC to meet asap.
    • There is a position opening for Curriculum Committee!
  • Executive Committee with BJ Fogleman
    • Student Life Committee (SLC) report: met today! PEEPs (Peer Educating and Event Planning) is an official organization needs a faculty member to oversee the committee.
    • Dr. Sanders is the new chair of SLC. Shirttails responses from this year were positive overall. Things should run smoothly this spring!
    • Mike McAllister was a wonderful town crier and is willing to do it every week! We agreed to pay him $10 per week. Thanks Mike!
    • Apartments are growing and may be a bit much for one senator, so more representation is needed! Splitting the apartment reps with 2 for apartments.
    • Mold and mildew issue: if you think your place has it, do not hesitate to report it. Or at least ask someone to make sure of what it is. It is indeed a health issue, so contact physical plant asap! It has been said that they respond quicker if you call. Public Safety & Maintenance emergency & after hours numbers (501) 450-7711; office (501) 450-1348; e-mail contacts for general info and customer support. More info:
    • Jim: Design of a new resident hall coming soon! Will need senate feedback when the time comes. But apartments and all the new housing is made for the “life-after-college” transition. Mold and mildew will come to its demise!
  • MOTION TO ADJOURN (it’s already  8:15 p.m.!)

VI. Unfinished Business

VII. New Business

VIII. Adjournment until September 23th, 2008

Clean up:  Sophomore, Junior, Senior