Student Senate

Minutes 4.22.08


Tuesday April 22, 2008

6:30 p.m. Mills Library

I. Call to Order 

II. Special Business

  • Will Green asked senators Derek Cash, Corey Nesbit and Annie French, as well as Lara Assaf and Dylan Moore to be part of the ad hoc Constitutional Review Committee, and they said yes. If you know any other interested students or have suggestions, contact Will Green (!                                                

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • Vending machine for the “paper munchies” to be placed in the library/computer lab maybe?
  • Lights in Fausett and Ellis to be replaced with fluorescent bulbs to be more energy conservational. Lydia will ask Physical Plant about it!
  • Corey’s constituents asked if they would sell cigarettes in the Burrow, the Bookstore, or perhaps get a vending machine for them. However, there was an anti-smoking bill that came up in the past, so we’ll see what happens. BJ is going to ask around and see what’s up.
  • Since we have a lot of money left in discretionary, one of Mac’s constituents asked why not put more card readers on doors that don’t have them? Essentially, all we can do is keep asking for it (not keep breaking them to be replaced).
  • Off-campus meal plans (10- and 5-meal plans do not include meals on weekends) have had complaints. Also, vegan desserts? Fruity Pebbles? The Dining Service Liaison will get on it!

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports 

V. Committee Reports 

  • Multicultural Development Committee with Ronni Laizure
    • The investor who came to speak was a great success. Thanks guys!

  • Social Committee with Lin Poff
    • Wednesday, April 23 at 8:30 p.m. in the Burrow: Comedians, Kyle and Tommy, will be here! Get ready for a good laugh before finals.
    • Thursday, April 24 at 9:00 p.m. in the Burrow: the LAST Trivia Night of the year! Come out to test your brainy skills.
    • Monday, April 28 (LAST DAY OF CLASSES) at 8:30 p.m., SoCo is co-hosting a walk-in movie night with Hendrix Bike Revolution showing The Triplets of Bellville and Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion!
  • Volunteer Action Committee with Larnie Campbell
    • Meeting at the bell at 1:00 p.m. for Earth Day Service Saturday! 
  • Media Committee with Fraser Holmes           
    • The following positions have been approved:
    • Profile Editor: Jordan Frazin
    • Profile Co-Editors: Hannah Sintek and Bernice McMillan
    • Troubadour Co-Editors: Connie Yue and Melanie Morse
    • KHDX: Becca Mayeux (Station Manager) and Alexander Jones (Program Director)
    • Aonian Editor: Missy Moore
    • Aonian Associate Editor: Joseph Hayden 
  • Council on Residence Life with Bob Fureigh
    • Bob officially resigns because he is tired of not getting any responses from the dorms. It’s been fun! Find someone who wants to do this job in the fall.

  • Campus Kitty with Alex Graddy-Reed
    • Campus Kitty Week will be collaborating with Alumni Weekend during April 3-11. This will be Campus Kitty’s 60th anniversary! 
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Wendell Cathcart and Katherine Roehm 
  • Academic Policy with Samantha Bode
    • Asking for Ultimate Frisbee as a PA credit is under siege. Any other suggestions or concerns, let Sam know! Library extended hours were never confirmed in full… sorry! However, they will indeed be extended during finals week. More info coming soon! 
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Jayce Hafner and Samantha Bode
    • Jayce wrote up a couple of the applications for the internships and they are well on their way! 
  • Finance Committee with Alex Graddy-Reed
    • Financial Allocations for 2008-2009: organizations were allocated a certain percent of the amount of money they requested based on their circumstances, amount of money already in their account, and their plans. After being approved, this leaves $37,495 for fall 2008. We’re expecting an increase due to an increase in student population though.
    • International Club Request $300 for a trip to Hot Springs on April 26th to visit the downtown area that has historic bath houses and the Wax Museum. They will also visit Magic Springs and Crystal Fall, which will be at the expense of the students. The requested amount of money is strictly for transportation. APPROVED: $300!
    • UNITY Request $608.07 for the reimbursement for their trip that they took March 14-16 for a few students to attend the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference on behalf of Hendrix College and UNITY. They are also in the process of developing a new scholarship (as they made a Commitment to Action in order to attend the conference) for students that are human rights activists, particularly GBLTQ rights. APPROVED: $608.07!
    • ECC Hendrix Glass Recycling Request $1275 to reimburse the 15 weeks of gas and work for 5 of the vehicles (each student will receive $255), and 5 weeks of gas and work for 2 of the vehicles (each student will receive $75). APPROVED: $1275!
    • APPROVED $1130 for Slam IQ! Now Slam’s Spring Allocation is bumped up to $6120, and discretionary will be at $37,495 for fall.
    • Kevin Watford is asking that Senate reconsider allocating $375 for Future Investors Stock Market Game, which will teach students a skill that is not taught at Hendrix. 20 people are currently engaged in this game. $175 was allocated for next year, but $500 was requested to pay for prizes. FinCom decided not to give the full $500 because they believed it was too much for 20 students. Kevin doesn’t see it as just a game. He sees it as teaching students a skill. However, students don’t get paid for going to school or for playing a game. Nick motions to uphold FinCom’s decision, Becca seconds, all were in favor, and the motion passed.
    • Larnie Campbell said VAC was not allocated $350 for office supplies and publicity. They wanted more for advertising and publicity. She’ll have to come back to discretionary and submit another proposal. Becca motions to uphold FinCom’s decision, and it passes. BJ said we (SENATE) will purchase two rolls of butcher paper for any and all organizations to use for publicity in the fall.
    • Brandon Stegall requested SBC (Students for Black Culture) be allocated an extra $1000 for several reasons, and it passes!
    • For further question or concerns, talk with Alex! 
  • Communications Committee with Kristi Vo
    • The weather was not compatible for town crier this past Friday, but Sam Jackson is willing to do the job this Friday! Come to the brick pit between 12:00 and 12:10 on Friday to listen to this incredible man yell out the announcements! 
  • Committee on Committees with Nick Balée
    • Since Hannah Sintek is not an athlete, so Mac is an alternate for Athletic Advisory Board.
    • Jacob Williams will not be here in the spring, so he is going to be replaced. Lara Assaf is going abroad. Thus, these appointments need to be reconsidered for Student Life. 
  • Executive Committee with BJ Fogleman
    • Recognizing Casey Eddings for Welcome Week Chair! Casey talked with several people and he appointed Tiffany Lofland as Vice Chair of Publicity; also, Kelsey Parker, Drew Tillis, and Cole Smith will be at large members on the committee. All have been approved!

 VI. Unfinished Business

  • Jesse Brandenburg approved to be Vice Chair of Contracts for Shirttails Serenade!
  • Assistance to the Shirttails Chair (basically a secretary): two people applied, Tara Coghlan and Katherine Hunter, both freshmen in Veasey. After debate and discussion, Tara Coghlan was approved as Shirttails Chair Assistant.
  • Appointed and Approved Shirttails positions after much debate and discussion:
    Vice Chair of Shirttails Choreography—Bethany Edwards
    Co-Chairs of Shirttails Serenade Committee—Corey Nesbit and Ken Yang

VII. New Business

  • Lydia will be speaking with Physical Plant about problem areas around campus when it rains/floods. Have other problems that need to go to Physical Plant? Talk with Lydia! (
  • Until next year, guys. Take care and have a safe and fun summer!  

VIII. Adjournment until August 26th 2008

Clean up:  Couch, Martin, Hardin, Raney