Student Senate

Minutes 3.4.2008


Tuesday March 4, 2008

6:30 p.m. Mills Library


I. Call to Order


II. Special Business


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • Emails about the library hours were in favor of getting more hours, especially during Finals Week and study-time.
  • ECC is working closely with the Sierra Club, fighting the proposed building of brand new coal-powered plants in Arkansas.
    • Motion to endorse the petition they are working on.  Senate APPROVED the motion and therefore endorses the petition.
  • Announcement from BJ about VAC:  going
    • Money from the Donations (going to save Darfur) earned from bracelets last year and this past week will go to the Hunger site.   No service day this Saturday; stay tuned for more to come.


IV. Departmental Liaison Reports


V. Committee Reports


  • Multicultural Development Committee with James Murray
  • Social Committee with Sam Jackson
    • Movie was supposed to be on Thursday, but it didn’t happen because of miscommunication.  Trying to find another time to show No Country for Old Men.  (After spring break)
  • Media Committee with Megan Wooley
    • Newspaper comes out Friday
    • KHDX is working on getting the bands here.  Of Montreal and Snowglobe.
    • Megan Wooley is now the pseudo-editor of LAST YEAR’S yearbook, so hopefully she’s getting it all done and edited with something to show and say “complete” before Spring break.
  • Council on Residence Life with Robert Fureigh
  • Campus Kitty with Hina Mehta
    • Doing sign-ups this week for… and Mud Volleyball.  Sign up!
    • Ultimate Kitty Pass (all events plus t-shirt) - $35
    • Semi-Ultimate Kitty Pass (not really called this, but it doesn’t come with the t-shirt) - $30
    • Theme of Campus Kitty:  “I Dream of Kitty” (an ARABIAN theme)
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Maggie McKinney
    • People signing these petitions to stop these coal-powered plants.
    • Saturday the 15th in Little Rock is a concert (6 local bands).  For those still around in town and interested in catching a ride, ECC is pretty much organizing a carpooling plan.
    • Upcoming rally probably as soon as more comes of the petition.
    • LOTS and lots and lots of petitions were signed today.  Four slots on each page and 20 or 25 pages were brought and signed today… I’m no math major, but that means more than 25 people signed up.  Probably around 80-100.
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with BJ Fogleman and Katie Pearce
    • Put notes together for successor, so give them something to look at and explain what goes down!
  • Finance Committee with Samantha Bode
    • KHDX requested $20,000 for Spring Concert – APPROVED $20,000
    • ResLife requested $1,700 – Motion to approve was then moved to table this proposal for the review of the new Senate.
    • WAC requested $300 – motion to deny the proposal passed.  Hopefully Sam can tell Karl in a nice way and say that the next Senate might be a little more open and willing to work.
      • Shelby abstains “all the time.”
    • Hendrix Culinary Club – the summary of EVERYTHING they are going to buy was $17 over the $700 allotted to them.
  • Communications Committee with Lin Poff
  • Committee on Committees with Shlok Vaidya
    • Meeting time needed for Du Amiche to meet with the new/old Senate to go over some procedures and stuff.  Proposed time is get there around 5:30 and be there ordering by 6:00, and it looks like a majority of people can be there. 
  • Academic Policy with Katie Pearce
    • Emails about library hours should be forwarded to Katie Pearce, please.  Her meeting is on Thursday, so please be prompt with responses.
  • Executive Committee with Will Green
    • Elections Commission will be here soon.
    • Legislations was passed and approved for the candidates of the Treasurer to meet THURSDAY with the outgoing Exec members and the New Senate members.
    • Special thanks and goodbye from the Senate President… we got a sweet change machine.
      • Amazing finance committee with new structuring and CoC work was fantastic.
    • Election results:
      • Senior Senator – Will Green
      • Junior Senator – Chance McDermott
      • Sophomore Senator – Derek Cash
      • Raney Hall Senator – Ruanda McFerren
      • Veasey Hall Senator – Annie French
      • Martin Hall Senator – Corey Nesbit
      • Hardin Hall Senator – Jacob Kauffman
      • Couch – Lauren Rushdi (by default?)
      • Houses Senator – Mac Barnes
      • Apartments Senator – Lydia Nash
      • Off-campus – Becca Mayeaux
      • President – BJ Fogleman
      • Academic Policy – Sam Bode
      • Vice President – Nick Balèe (sorry, the accent is the wrong way)



VI. Unfinished Business

  • Senate retreat – finally warming up weather around here… Nick and Dylan were thinking about a transition/senate retreat a weekend or two after spring break.  Kinda got a resounding “no” because of campus kitty week… maybe we’ll just let the new Senate handle it?


VII. New Business


VIII. Adjournment until after spring break


Clean up:  EVERYONE