Student Senate

Minutes 2.19.2008


Tuesday February 5, 2008

6:30 p.m. Mills Library


I. Call to Order


II. Special Business

·         Calendar changes are being voted on tomorrow at the faculty meeting.  Would you rather have an extra week tagged onto Christmas break and graduate a week later or keep it as is?   Senate informally voted for the shorter Christmas break.

·         Board of Trustees voted to build the Student Life and Technology Building.


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • Jamie Jennings with Chicken and Apology
    • Campus Kitty Chair Applications were due DURING the week of Campus Kitty, so people most qualified to run for the positions are too busy during the Campus Kitty Week.
    • Problem during the 40 days of Lent where Catholic Juniors would ask that Chicken Tenders on Friday be moved to another day during the week.
      • Dylan Moore will have to speak to the Cafeteria ladies.
  • Krysti’s constituents want juice too
  • Cache’s constituents wanted to know what happened to the smoking thing?  It died.
  • Ping-Pong issue:  They had tables coming in and wouldn’t pay for anymore, but they are getting their tables.  That was confusing.
  • New Pool Sticks in the Burrow – EMAIL STUDENT ACTIVITIES


IV. Departmental Liaison Reports


V. Committee Reports


  • Multicultural Development Committee with James Murray
    • Confirmation – Nigerian ambassador to Canada will speak at Hendrix, hopefully in April
    • EHET Week – renamed… March 3-6.  Named Diversity, Acceptance, and Openness.
  • Social Committee with Sam Jackson
    • Formal was on Saturday. 
    • Saturday in the Burrow “What a Hot American Summer” at 10 p.m.
  • Media Committee with Megan Wooley
  • Council on Residence Life with Robert Fureigh
  • Campus Kitty with Hina Mehta
    • Vagina Monologues on hold (was supposed to be March 1st)…
    • Ask parents if they got mail hand-out.
    • Looking for ushers, costume designers, and something else.  If you help, you get a free seat up front.  Email Megan Wooley
    • Buy an ad in the program for Miss Hendrix?  Email Megan Wooley
    • To donate food and clothes, etc. email Jen Imbro
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Maggie McKinney
    • Conference about Religion, Sustainability, and Food.  April 4-6 (this is RLC and VAC)
    • Tomorrow at 4 in Mills, reaching out to people.
    • Hendrix Earth Day Celebration after the weekend of the 22nd in April.
      • Saturday will be an exhibition open to the community.  Have tables about how to recycle, probably going to have some recycled crafts.
      • Trash demonstration that week.
      • Couple of panels.
    • Glass recycling available in every dorm.
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with BJ Fogleman and Katie Pearce
  • Finance Committee with Samantha Bode
    • Habitat for Humanity proposal for a trip to Laredo, TX: Accepted, $1997.22
    • Next week: RLC, Campus Kitty, and Martin proposals
  • Communications Committee with Lin Poff000
    • No report
  • Committee on Committees with Shlok Vaidya
    • Working on transition stuff.
  • Academic Policy with Katie Pearce
    • Adjunct Professors need evaluations?  Opinions? 
  • Executive Committee with Will Green
    • Filing opens tonight at 7 PM for all positions, filing is open until next Tuesday at 7 PM, debates are Sunday, March 2, and elections are Tuesday, March 4.  Email Amanda Brooks to file for a position.
    • Joint Shirttail/Student Life Committee has written a proposal to go before the faculty in April.



VI. Unfinished Business

  • Cabinets
    • Amendment to the Proposed Changes for the Elections Document, 2007-2008:  Amendment was to open an Application Process for the Position of Treasurer the same time as filing.  The President must pick and endorse one of the candidates.  Senate must approve the candidate in the same manner as outlined in the Proposed Changes.
    • The Amended Proposed Changes was ACCEPTED.


VII. New Business

  • Filing Is Open!


VIII. Adjournment until February 26, 2008


Clean up:  Martin, Hardin, Couch