Student Senate

Minutes 10.23.2007


Tuesday October 23, 2007

6:30 p.m. Mills Library


I. Call to Order


II. Special Business

·         Chief Sublett speaking on drug awareness

o       Showed up late.

o       Class Y felony is 10-40-life in prison. Selling drugs – cocaine, heroin, medicinal fall under this category. There was an instance of a large amount of drugs on campus. This is against campus policy. The drugs are seized and sent to cops, and they do what they have to do. Public safety does not initiate entry of any room. There is no widespread problem.

o       Public Safety was called on Front Street due to a breakin. They surrounded the apartment, chased down a suspect, and called the cops. Suspect was arrested.

o       He broke in through an unlocked window. BE VIGILIANT. BE PREPARED.

o       If you have any questions, concerns or have seen something shady, feel free to contact Chief Sublett. They’re working hard and they’re there for you.


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

·         Library concern with BJ

o       Librarians are loud in the morning. Pote said that it is absurd to tell a librarian to shut up. BJ will send off an email asking nicely.

·         Specialty sandwiches and salads with Ellie

o       Long salad line in caf. Asking for separate lines again for salads and real food. Dylan will get back to us.

o       He’ll also check in on breakfast getting done earlier.

·         Tim Pote

o       Resigning. His letter says “hereby resign” but we took that to mean after two weeks. Junior class senator elections to be held ASAP. Was told he has done a good job.



IV. Departmental Liaison Reports


V. Committee Reports


  • Multicultural Development Committee with James Murray
    • Nov 1, 4-5PM in the Burrow .
    • Nov 14, speaker Jennifer Pettite on diversity @ 7PM.
  • Social Committee with Sam Jackson
    • Trivia Night was on Thursday. Saturday was movie. SoCo54 this Saturday.


  • Media Committee with Megan Wooley
    • No reportàmeeting soon though
  • Council on Residence Life with Robert Fureigh
    • Chicken and Beer was Tuesday.
    • Clipboard problems are done. After a year.
  • Campus Kitty with Hina Mehta
    • Theme but she can’t tell us.
    • Any organization looking to host an event should contact her. 3/21 to 3/28
    • Shelby is the Chair of the Subcommittee on Senate Campus Kitty Event Affairs
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Maggie McKinney
    • Bike workshop pushed back to 31 @ 2:30-5 in Brick Pit.
    • Drivers for recycling would be great.
  • Academic Policy with Katie Pearce
    • Phased retirement still cool or not?
    • Happy that Shirttails is being tackled.
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with BJ Fogleman and Katie Pearce
  • Finance Committee with Samantha Bode
    • Clubs have money but haven’t used it for a year.
    • Phi Betta Kappa, Totem, SLICK, College Republicans, full list with Sam Bode.
  • Communications Committee with Lin Poff
    • Email Lin with your shirt sizes.
  • Committee on Committees with Shlok Vaidya
    • Meeting Monday @ 7
  • Executive Committee with Will Green
    • Think about what concessions must be made with Shirttails.
    • Getting rid of some of the parking on the deadly girls side of campus.
    • Physical Plant would like us to go over there in person if they don’t respond to emails or calls.


VI. Unfinished Business

            Lunch thing on Friday with Board of Trustees.

            Email Dylan with retreat tiemes that you can make.


VII. New Business


VIII. Adjournment until October 30, 2007

Clean up:  Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior