Student Senate

Minutes 10.9.2007



Tuesday October 9, 2007

6:30 p.m. Mills Library


I. Call to Order


II. Special Business


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

  • Dylan with the A-Frame
    • The new Dean will be moving in to A-Frame Apartments and will live there temporarily.
  • Jacob Williams about Shirttails:
    • Try to organize a forum for both students and teachers with a facilitator who is neither a student nor a teacher (Dr. Larson recommended).
    • This way, faculty with problems will be forced to present them publicly and defend their opinions, as well as students in the vice versa role!


IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

  • Lights in Martin Hall Circle had some illumination from Grove lighting…
    • Shelby is going to push getting more lighting there.
  • Will Green talked to Nurse Donna and Karl Lenser
    • Lenser will get back with us and Donna gives notes.


V. Committee Reports


  • Multicultural Development Committee with James Murray
    • November 1, MISS speaker
  • Social Committee with Sam Jackson
    • October 25, 2007 – Trivia Night in Burrow
    • October 27, 2007 – Dark Side of Oz Walk-In Movie (in Brick Pit)
      • Another walk-in movie another night:  vote ON the website (link)
    • SoCo54 is November 3, 2007
    • SoCo speakers (2) being sold for $150 per speaker
  • Media Committee with Megan Wooley
    • Aonian applications are out.
  • Council on Residence Life with Robert Fureigh
    • Beer and Chicken – Tuesday, October 23, 2007.  Chicken and wings and root beer and movie When A Man Loves A Woman
    • Bob is trying to get clipboards on the backs of stalls still
  • Campus Kitty with Hina Mehta
    • 5k run went off well and raised three times more than the haunted house last year.
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Maggie McKinney
    • Dylan represented ECC tonight – “no report”
  • Academic Policy with Katie Pearce
    • Presented idea of contracts to faculty and mostly they were not impressed or on-board.
    • Sexual harassment was also a topic of discussion
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with BJ Fogleman and Katie Pearce
    • Contracts
      • The line “Any injury must be examined by a medical professional before he/she is allowed to practice” was added to the Choreographer Contract.
      • The line “Choreographers should encourage students to rely on other first-year students for extra practice” was cut from the Choreographer Contract.
      • The line “Any injury must be examined by a medical professional before he/she is allowed to practice” was added to the Hall Council Contract.
      • The line “I realize that I may communicate to any official such as a Residence Life member (RA), a Dean, or any faculty member” was added to the Student Contract.
      • The line “Signing this contract means I understand my rights concerning participation in Shirttails” was NOT added.  The motion failed.
      • Perhaps add stretching requirement (Shlok liked it)
      • The contracts were all tabled and will be discussed next week.
  • Finance Committee with Samantha Bode
    • Discretionary Proposals
      • Martin Hall – $825 granted
      • No money was granted to Ben Lownik
  • Communications Committee with Lin Poff
    • Shirts have been designed and ordered:  regular red t-shirts with the design on front and back as decided last meeting.  (Wilbur’s face like a badge on the front with “A HENDRIX TRADITION” underneath it, and the Senate cup designs on the back with the accompanying phrases.)
  • Committee on Committees with Shlok Vaidya
    • Desire to split Welcome Week Committee and Shirttails Committee; came to a vote to give CoC the ability to work on this.  Motion passed.
  • Executive Committee with Will Green
    • Shirttails
      • Student Life Committee – staff, faculty, and students will compose a new committee that will overlook the Shirttails issue.  A vote will come together in February.
        • Tonya, Rosemary, J.J. Whitney, Brook Owen
        • Ann Muse, Amanda Moore, Mr. (Daniel?) Wayland
        • Jayce Hafner, Bob Fureigh, Jamie Jennings

VI. Unfinished Business

  • Senate Blasts!
    • Senators receive Odyssey Credit for their work – Estes, Balee, Ritchey
    • Student run Academic Integrity Board – Fogleman, Balee, Wheeler, Pearce
    • Include Senate in student organization approval process – Vaidya, CoC
    • Student on the Board of Trustees – Pote, Eddings, Green
    • Reimbursement Policy – Bode, FinCom
    • Shirttails Hearings – Moore, Hafner
    • Rewards System – Hughes, Vaidya
    • City Liaison Ramp up – Poff, ComCom
    • Alumni Relations – Poff, ComCom
    • Visitation Policy – Green
    • Decorum – Moore
  • Shelby’s responses to last week’s issues:
    • All but one said keep Shirttails.
    • Smoking?  Enforce the current system or no ban needed at all.
    • Everyone responded positively to biodegradable cups.


VII. New Business


VIII. Adjournment until October 16, 2007

Clean up:  Veasey, Galloway, Raney